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  1. I have this same issue. I’ve concluded my old phone can’t load that much content as is on page one and 24 with all the recruit profiles.
  2. That is what I’m saying it’s not the same as playing on another teams home court
  3. Neutral is not the same as on the road
  4. Some 16s probably are but idk if you can make that a blanket statement. Your point is fair, I just believe Bruce figures this thing out before the dance
  5. Maybe they did. Maybe Auburn loses first round. Maybe they win it all. There is usually some kick involved in March. Not playing well again on the road tonight. I’m just sick of all the negativity by all our “fans” lately
  6. It’s a bit silly to think struggling on the road against quality sec opponents equals losing to 16 seed
  7. Good news is all the other top 6 teams suck too since they can’t dominate on the road either
  8. I don’t like how we lost either. I’ll admit I haven’t read every post. My post about spoiled fans is directed at the ones stating we’re exiting the tourney early, our guards suck, etc. I’m not pleased with todays result but doesn’t change my opinion that this is a good team that can make a deep run.
  9. I’m responding to this not as an attack on you but because you responded to my earlier post. I’ve watched nearly every televised game of AU basketball for the last 15 years. This is the best team we’ve put on the court in that time by a wide margin. We had a great final 4 run because we got hot at the right time but this team beats that one 7-8 out of 10 games. If you don’t think it’s hard to win on the road in the SEC you just aren’t paying attention, and yes many of our new found bandwagon fans are very spoiled. Again, not assuming you to be bandwagon. But the “spoiled” statement still rings very true.
  10. I’m so annoyed with the takes proclaiming Auburn sucks at basketball so we’re even
  11. Some of you have gotten so spoiled. This has been a poor game. We’ve had a few other poor games recently. But my goodness, one of if not the best team in program history and y’all acting like we couldn’t beat Troy.
  12. What’s happened to our drive and dish O? When we were on the winning streak that was unstoppable
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