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  1. No
  2. Let's just go ahead and win the SEC tourney and head to the dance. One can dream right?
  3. I would have liked to have seen that back door play they missed to Heron earlier again with Dunans making the cut.
  4. No biggie. I understand what you mean. No doubt there are questionable calls on nearly every game it seems. And unfortunately many times it does have an effect on the eventual outcome. War. Eagle!
  5. Fair enough.
  6. To be fair that wasn't unlucky. It was collapses of our own doing. I hope Harper is taking notes, he has the potential to be Frazier like.
  7. Me too! That's one thing I look forward to with Lindsey is the use of more versatile players, hopefully. Also hope he continues to use Cox as a blocker and pass catcher. I'd love to see us line up in a pistol type set with Cox and Pettway in the backfield, a TE and 2. WR. Then keep all those guys on the field throughout a drive utilizing both our power running game and spread it out passing.
  8. Only because Tuesday's gone
  9. @bigbird will like this
  10. That T he called late was on a player leaving the floor who was still on the Auburn end when he said whatever be did to get the T.
  11. Thanks for the reply. I count 23 not including Manning. Only thing o can figure out is maybe they aren't counting our jucos.
  12. Anyone know why ESPN shows us with 21 commits? Do we not have 23?
  13. But but but...he looks like a goober.
  14. I would probably bump OL up to 4 or 5.