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  1. Just me or did it feel like a bammer homer wrote that update?
  2. Long snapper. 😀
  3. Ok. It's just different types of athleticism. I think most would agree that Shaq was pretty athletic but that doesn't mean he could have played WR or safety at LSU. Tim Hudson probably wouldn't have been a very good small forward, yet he was considered to be athletic and versatile in college baseball. The point I was trying to make was that JG's skill set appears could translate well at several positions. JJ on the other hand wasn't really cut out for another spot on the field.
  4. Fair enough. Let's hope he sticks with the good guys and makes all SEC whichever position he may play! WDE.
  5. Not disputing you that people said that about JJ, I simply don't remember him being considered as athletic as we've heard about JG. And you're absolutely right, if he is set on playing QB it won't matter how good of a TE or safety or whatever he could be.
  6. Cole, I understand what you're saying in general, but I don't remotely compare JG to JJ. If JG were to struggle to the point he is passed up by Nix, I would think JG would transition well into another position with his athleticism.
  7. The lady announcer is clueless that she has to tag with the ball. Can't use glove if ball isn't in it.
  8. I've asked @bigbird, and he said my chances are 50/50 with her
  9. Ok. Thanks.
  10. I'm missing something. I thought top 8 hosted supers.
  11. Oh boy, Mikey not gonna like this.
  12. No big deal.
  13. Which is it 6-4 or 6-3?
  14. So, recruited as received rather than safety I assume from article?
  15. This is why I quit watching. If I want political garbage I'll turn on CNN. Sportcenter is now 10% highlights and 90% talking heads. No thanks.