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  1. I don’t mean anything personal by my statement, just find it quite silly sometimes conversations are constantly tried to be pointed back on topic while others have 10page side track with absolutely nothing to do with original topic. And certainly don’t want to see fifty, who is trying to bring relevant content, feel chastised for doing so.
  2. Man don’t get down on yourself for trying to add content. I mean there is one thread with nothing but burger nonsense. At least the articles you bring add actual substance to the board.
  3. Is this something that happens commonly? A men’s assistant moving to women’s? Would be interesting imo
  4. Maybe it’s time for a shave. 🤷🏽‍♂️
  5. Maybe vandy doesn’t but Kentucky dang sure does when it comes to LBs. it’s early and I’m sure there are plenty of prospects that haven’t yet been fully evaluated by sites, especially with all the restrictions Covid has brought.
  6. As soon as I saw this I thought “poor zeek” lol
  7. Looks like you were on to something
  8. Cooper missing extended minutes
  9. When was last time we shot well at vandy? Seems we always struggle shooting there
  10. I knew he’d had Covid. The bald thing just really threw me
  11. Unrelated question but not worth a topic. Watch bama v sc waiting for our game. When did frank Martin go bald? I mean no disrespect or anything, has he had cancer or something?
  12. Especially considering the derailment was minor compared to many around here lately. Lol.
  13. I’m all of those things minus grandpa. I’m 33 but I’ve been called old fashioned. Lol
  14. Thanks, as I figured would happen I feel stupid now that I couldn’t remember who it was.
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