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  1. I’m assuming Simmons on left, then Zac, facility trainer, chf, lac. Who is the guy far right?
  2. That’s 3 things our D could definitely use more of, impact plays.
  3. Maybe signing day will be fun to follow once again
  4. Don’t understand this setup at all. Plenty of options for other facilities.
  5. Please don’t pollute the recruiting forum with the coach love/hate nonsense
  6. I just thought that Wisconsin Dayton game was low scoring. Wow
  7. Definitely not who I want either but what stoops has done at Kentucky is nothing to sneeze at.
  8. When did Farva from Super Troopers get a scholly?
  9. Word for word what I tried to tell one of my buddies last night.
  10. Some need to become familiar with the song “Jumper”
  11. Thanks for the play by play. Enjoy reading these threads for games I cannot watch in all sports.
  12. I like the motto “serve and believe” he continuously pushes.
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