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  1. Well, Hunter continues to impress. At this point I’m starting to believe he needs about equal touches with Tank(I think Worm needs a few more too). Proud to rep Hunter as my crush and very glad this staff found this gem.
  2. We win coin toss, defer to 2nd half. Onside kick. 1st play: play action post to JJ for TD. Auburn wins 73-3
  3. Man I know I’m probably in the minority but I honestly think based on what I’ve seen he should be getting equal reps with tank. Haven’t been on much today to brag on my dude because of all the unnecessary doom and gloom. But he definitely deserves recognition for his efforts. Thanks for posting this.
  4. Disappointed in a loss. There were mistakes in several aspects. But if anyone doesn’t see the difference in this team vs the past few years your either blind, not paying attention or simply a Gus loyalist.
  5. Was wondering about this the other day. What happened to him?
  6. I’m not sure talk of pulling it out and sticky buns are allowed by this forums rules. Not to mention creamery
  7. I think it’s fair to assume Auburn will average 30-40 carries a game. Let’s say 35. I don’t think this staff will run tank into the ground but use 2-3 backs with tank obviously still being the feature. 3 weeks ago I would’ve said tank 20, worm 10, hunter 5 per game on average. Now, I believe those last 2 could be swapped. If hunter gets 10 carries per the next 10 games, and if his per carry comes back down to earth somewhere around 5 yds, that would give him roughly 750 for the year which I would say would definitely have him in contention for the award.
  8. That’d be me! I said he’d have a solid season somewhat under the radar. Guess I was wrong. I try to brag on him when I can but I’m not a tweeter, tagger and all that fun stuff. Simple country boy. Lol
  9. Well I can see already I’m gonna need a bigger stick to keep all y’all beat back off my man. Hunter can tote the rock
  10. Tank better tighten up. My man Jarquez “bowling ball” Hunter coming for that starter spot
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