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  1. That’s a rough draw, but maybe they keep playing with a chip on their shoulder
  2. This may not be a popular choice but give me KT Harrell. One of my favorites and he kept me watching when the team wasn’t worth it at times.
  3. Ticky tack foul call on Dunbar then they just looking to get Bruce
  4. #0 getting away with everything on both ends of the floor
  5. Wow, just caught up on the last 3 pages of this thread and I’m exhausted
  6. Great movie if you like a lot of dumb with your funny.
  7. I thought you were an Emma fan. And you haven’t seen Superbad??
  8. He’s like lee ziemba with his false starts
  9. Josh Moon for AD! Or better yet President..... of the university, not the country, that would be absurd.
  10. I say Muschamp. In fact, I believe USCe will win the east after stunning UGA
  11. @Momma Worm nice to meet you at A-day, tell Worm thanks for the autograph for my nephew! War Eagle!