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  1. I too have some concern, but if you go back and read the original quote from Cameron, he is writing him off stating let him fail with his Boise coaches. My take is let him do it his way with the guys he wants and let’s see if he succeeds or fails.
  2. I’m not guaranteeing he turns it around, I just don’t see the point in writing him off 13months into his tenure. If things aren’t improving this time next year I’d say the seat would be warm and I’ve always thought year 3 must show solid results and improvement year to year.
  3. Or heaven forbid he might succeed with his guys
  4. I might be more upset losing Zac than Mason if true. I think he’s had a hand in a lot of the late success in recruiting
  5. Now they changed the post to say Brian Mason for ST. Lol. What a typo that must’ve been
  6. Football scoop reporting it 🤷🏽‍♂️
  7. I’m not buying every rumor that flies through until I see proof. Mason leaving would cause concern for me just because I think we need stability to build. Many here have been against Harsins Boise boys but I’m about ready to see him just bring in all his guys and do it his way to see some stability in staff.
  8. Maybe he was in Stillwater recruiting.
  9. I thought some of this was being corrected when Harsin was hired.
  10. This move would be the first thing to have me truly concerned that Harsin isn’t gonna get it done here.
  11. Eh, I see what your saying. But I’d rather results make the decision of retention over relationships. I’m just not a big fan of politics in any form. Lol
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