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  1. Ok. Thanks.
  2. I'm missing something. I thought top 8 hosted supers.
  3. Oh boy, Mikey not gonna like this.
  4. No big deal.
  5. Which is it 6-4 or 6-3?
  6. So, recruited as received rather than safety I assume from article?
  7. This is why I quit watching. If I want political garbage I'll turn on CNN. Sportcenter is now 10% highlights and 90% talking heads. No thanks.
  8. I wondered why our press nearly disappeared midway through the year. Seemed we did a lot of pressing early in the year then just stopped all together somewhere around the northeast roadtrip. I assumed Pearl didn't trust the youth against better competition. Would really like to see us use press more next year.
  9. Not sure I know what any of those words mean...
  10. Forgot about Howard in my post, but not in my thought I was trying to relay. The importance of a good leadoff cannot be measured.
  11. I've been thinking this same thing for a few weeks now. I may not follow as closely as many here though, so I was hesitant to say as much. Just seems to be a little something missing offensively. (Something like Carasone maybe.)
  12. Let's just go ahead and win the SEC tourney and head to the dance. One can dream right?
  13. I would have liked to have seen that back door play they missed to Heron earlier again with Dunans making the cut.