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  1. Troy vs. USA

    While they look bad, it's not over. They can score quickly at times.
  2. Troy vs. USA

    They haven't been great on O this year, although listening to the commentary you would think they average 50pts a game. But they should be able to run against this D. Got to get more physical up front.
  3. Troy vs. USA

    Trust me, they're a lot better than they're playing. However, USA came to play a rivalry game and the Trojans are asleep right now.
  4. Oregon State coach out

    I never will understand what Nebraska was thinking hiring Riley or Anderson leaving wisky for Oregon State
  5. LSU kickoff set 2:30 CBS

    I was hoping night game. I'm in my buddy's wedding at 5. Ugh!!!
  6. Chip calling games like this...

    Notre Dame isn't probably the most consistently overrated team in college football. They are no where near the same caliber opponent as Clemson. Now, that said, a win is a win and a loss is a loss. UGA is undefeated and we have a loss. My point was just that I don't believe they are a great team and a very beatable opponent.
  7. Chip calling games like this...

    I'm still not convinced Georgia is a great team. They are without a doubt better than past couple years but beating up on vandy, Mizzou and Ms St and a 1pt victory over Notre Dame is absolutely no more impressive than our current resume.
  8. Louisville at NC State

    It wasn't his fault the RB didn't get carries. I saw at least 3 blatant drops, perfectly thrown balls, hit receiver in the hands and just flat out dropped them. Also he throws on the run a lot because he has to run for his life. The UL OL is bad in pass pro and run game. Now he did have a few errant throws but when he had the opportunity to set his feet he was on the money. FTR, I'm not a big LJ fan. It just seemed evident to me last night he's a great player on a very average team. Put him on a good team and he would be lethal.
  9. Louisville at NC State

    Jackson is still a great player, but he's pretty much all Louisville has. Give him a couple decent receivers and he'd be taking home another Heisman trophy in Dec.
  10. They do make outstanding burgers and fries.
  11. Officially OFF of the fire Malzahn hit squad

    I should have known you were Lee Corso all along.
  12. 2018 4* RB Asa Martin Commits to AU!!!

    But he only averaged 10yds a carry on the other 5, slacker
  13. Hey Coach - Disturbing

    I'm going to put my opinion out on this now. I read this all the time about people not graduating from the university they root for and how graduates look down on them. Well, I am one of those, and I'm frankly tired of that song. I began my college career at UAH then moved to Troy when my father was ill and needed me back home. However, I have been an Auburn fan for as long as I can remember even though no one in my family holds a degree from that university. Our family allegiance stems from the agriculture background of the school and I believe is a perfectly fine reason to pull for them. My father frequently attended events at Auburn about ag purchased bulls at the bull tests and we still use the vet school and extension offices now. It really frustrates me how many of you look down on some of us who still have a love for the school but for whatever reason didn't have the opportunity to attend. WDE! PS, I realize this is a little off the topic but I saw a couple of comments about graduating from the university and it lit my fuse this morning.
  14. The Official Meltdown Thread

  15. Hurricane Irma - Clemson game

    11 on the road is usually better than at home. However, I selfishly hope it stays a night game because I've made plans for Saturday I can't change and would miss it if not a night game.