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  1. Was in jest good friend. More of a respect thing towards a player that really carries that team.
  2. I graduated from UCF so I'm just trolling lol
  3. Holy cow this young man has been on a mission! To me he deserves to be mentioned in the same breath of Ford, Lawson, Nick as far as destructive force on defense. I feel like he should be discussed so much more and even nationally. This kid has jumped onto the scene and plays with such a nasty intensity every play. It's horrendous just how much he is pulled from behind. Where do you guys rank him amongst recent star Auburn defenders?
  4. We'll see a different team two weeks from now.
  5. UCF deserves the 4th spot Anyone can fight me over it #GoKnights #ThisIsWhyThePlayoffsWereIntroduced
  6. Mullen putting together an audition tape this year for his next team. Poor Dak never had this solid of a team at Moo State.
  7. This might be my favorite thing I've seen tonight. I hope he's doing well. Side note: if tonight's Auburn team plays tonight's Alabama we have another W to add.
  8. Malik Willis's pass was pretty funny too
  9. As someone who had called for Gus' head Is his job still in danger?
  10. I have two. One was from the stupidity of Georgia not checking out of an idiotic blitz pattern. Why in the world would you bring two people off the edge when there's a trio set on the wide side of the field and no receivers on the other side? That Ryan Davis touchdown was like calling a screen at the perfect time in Madden. Satisfying and easy. The second was probably when they had like 10 players on the line of scrimmage and still let us get a monstrous sack. Pure dominance at the LOS.
  11. The SEC champions will ALWAYS be in the playoffs unless they have 3 losses. I'll put down a lifetime guarantee bet on this with naming rights to my first born.
  12. We still have our trap game against Louisiana Monroe...they're a wiley bunch
  13. I have one concern getting too confident for Bama. We were definitely blessed by some football God tonight. Fumbles, penalties, everything seemed to fall our way. The defensive line played like the devil possessed their bodies and wanted the soul of Fromm!
  14. I have to say this was most definitely a CL called offense though.
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