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  1. Caption This

    "You got to Auburn too? No way man that's awesome" - JS "Dude, it's me Will Hastings! You don't recognize me?" - WH "You're not Will, Will wears a helmet not a paper hat. Jeez, I bet that thing doesn't even protect you from head trauma." - JS
  2. Jarrett Stidham to be named Auburn's Starting QB

    What! He's the starter?! I thought it would be Kodi Burns returning to action! I bet there's a JuCo kid sitting on the bench somewhere waiting to throw up some stats in one quarter! I kid...I kid...
  3. There's just too many factors. Frazier got "shook" as the kids say and never recovered. Jeremy only played well in back up roles with no pressure. Nick Marshall had a cannon for an arm but a floppy disk running the targeting computer. Cam was excellent. Todd was a miracle project. Sean White was boned by poor play calling, a non-adaptive offense, and deficiencies around him. Sean should have been running a pro-style offense with short to medium high percentage passes with real route trees and utilizing check downs. Instead, Gus has acted like he doesn't know how to use a non Cam-Newton like qb. Can't run and throw far? Sorry, Gus is confused.
  4. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    Boy did he make the best out of that half game he played in garbage time. This kid rode a lucky break to an Auburn degree and national exposure
  5. Mark My Word 2017

    Nah, Kerryon Johnson comes out in the wildcat first play. Just to troll us all.
  6. Mark My Word 2017

    Mark my words, Alabama will lose four games this season Mark my words, Sean White will have to start one game for an odd reason. He will exceed expectations and give us a dominate win. Then he'll proceed back to the bench. Mark my words, Carlson will get snubbed for the fourth straight year. Mark my words, we will embarrass LSU and Georgia by 14+ points. Mark my words: FSU, Auburn, Oklahoma State, Stanford, and Penn State will be the winners of the Power 5 conferences. USF will go undefeated and the playoff committee will have to let them in just for them to get smoke by the #1 team in FSU. As the #2 and #3 Auburn and Penn State duke it out and we remind their coach what SEC football is like. Auburn vs FSU rematch and we avenge a game that still physically disgusts me to think about.
  7. AU Gear

    When I saw AU gear my first thought was "oh boy orange facemasks!" This is some really nice stuff though!
  8. scrimmage updates?

    I'm a UCF alum...a man can dream 😋
  9. scrimmage updates?

    Agreed wholeheartedly. Just, if I were him, at this point in my career I would go to more of a low pressure conference where I could be THE guy. Someone like Oklahoma, Stanford, and many ACC teams would be fortunate to have him. Love the dude and I'll always pull for him. He just can't push it far enough down field for our offense.
  10. I respect old man Pat Dye. Really, I do. But his opinion on our teams these past few years are about as valuable as my janitor Greg's. Good discussion material but nothing to throw money at. Now, if he wants to be "unattached" and bring back some $5 handshakes our recruiting class could really use it this year...😂 I kid I kid
  11. **Official 2017 "Nip Watch"**

    Momma always told me that God loved Auburn and sunsets were proof!
  12. scrimmage updates?

    This is where people lose interest in coach interviews. There isn't an Auburn fan in this country who doesn't know Stidham will be the starter. What ever happened to Woody Barrett? Glad to hear Willis is doing well. I wish Sean would transfer to somewhere that would use his skill set correctly and where his size wouldn't matter. He would thrive in UCF's conference or even at Troy/UAB/USA anywhere smaller but still division 1.
  13. AU as head coach U

    While I largely agree with you, Alabama's recent coaching history outside of Saban is atrocious.
  14. Early MVP's of Fall Camp

    How is Cannella phonetically spelled? I'm excited to hear that we might finally use a tight end correctly!
  15. National top 50 RB units per Athlon

    Alabama dial it back a notch.with their overrated running backs. 1,037 yards behind that O-line is pathetic. There have been very few Alabama backfields that I would take over Auburn backfields of the same year. Penn State justification seems shakey at best FSU having a bunch of players who haven't done anything yet doesn't add up to much for me. LSU is even more underrated running back wise than us. Guise is a monster.