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  1. HarrisBoy334

    Coaching Staff Approval Ratings

    Did I miss something?? When did AU fall out the playoff race??When did AU fall out the top 25?? When did Gus take his foot off the gas again?? I must've been on Mars after the game Saturday because I missed all of these failures that lead to articles like these.
  2. HarrisBoy334

    Whitlow and Shivers

    Boobie and Worm are extreme change of pace backs. Kam and Asa are basically used the same . That third RB won't get much work because those few chances will be split between the two of them. Miller will be transferring eventually.
  3. HarrisBoy334

    Whitlow and Shivers

    14 of 42 passing isn't exactly a budding star.
  4. HarrisBoy334


    Just watched that forced fumble in the red zone. If Coe would've laid on their QB that may have been a TD if not a very long run....smh. Honestly I thought that missed opportunity was gonna play a factor. Glad it didn't!
  5. HarrisBoy334

    At the end of the day

    With Sal, Nate, McClain and now Seth AU should do a jump ball fade at least once every red zone visit. I was baffled on this last year also.
  6. HarrisBoy334


    LMAO.... classic
  7. HarrisBoy334

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 1

    Actually the ball was under thrown. Swartz was a step or two in front of him. Swartz (spelling) will be a serious weapon for AU.
  8. HarrisBoy334

    2018 Fall Camp - Scrimmage 1

  9. HarrisBoy334

    2018 3* CB/S Joseph Foucha

    He's aggressive with good ball skills on both sides of the ball. A ball hawk and a head hunter with decent speed and a knack of making guys miss. I think his strength is at either safety spot.
  10. HarrisBoy334

    Woodson New Coach

    I don't think playing the player instead of the ball is taught as the primary technique like it was before Steele. Its used by some players more than others and I think its a confidence/comfortable situation. Both Davis boys had the speed and confidence to mostly play the ball. Dinson and Dean were more prone to play the player. Dean/Dinson are long and strong but wrs were able to get behind them so watching the wr hands and eyes was their "go to".
  11. HarrisBoy334

    Holland going pro

    Fully agree!
  12. HarrisBoy334

    2018 4* DT Coynis Miller commits to AU!!!!

    GA has like 31 seniors if Im not mistaken. If I am mistaken they still have alot of seniors leaving. Easy to sell competition for early playing time. AU is young so depending on which juniors they keep AU is finally RELOADING instead of REBUILDING which is always a good thing. Kids are getting coached up here. Isn't that what the fans always wanted?
  13. Very electric, I can see him getting on the field early....special teams definitely. May take the same route Trey Mason and KJ took with being special team stars first while also getting meaningful carries. This kid is rare, Noel Devine talent.
  14. HarrisBoy334

    2018 3* JuCo CB Benjie Franklin

    The kid is very talented, his film and stats reflects that. He has quick feet, finishes the WRs routes, high points the ball and blitzes off the edge. In press man he never bails, he mirrors the WRs while watching the qb and ball. This was Revis's claim to fame before injuries slowed him up. I hope AU can pick him up, he will be a starter when the season starts. I think DB coach Brown will enjoy working with him.
  15. HarrisBoy334

    A-Day post game thread (merged threads)

    Four passes to TEs, both got two each. Harris caught two and Sal caught a slant. The second to Sal in the end zone should've been picked.