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  1. Read a past article where a veteran player was asked about Charles development and his reply was the kid was having a hard time but was working hard. He also spoke on how he was in the same position and had to keep working and learning before RG played him and that everyone were trying to help keep his head up. I can't remember the veteran player's name.
  2. Tutt will be a STUD for AU for the next couple of years.....BANK THAT!
  3. I WHOLEHEARTEDLY AGREE! Gus said that the TEAM had to help Bo with their play. That's offense, defense and special teams. I enjoy Bo's interviews because he always say "we" when answering a question about him. That's a TEAM PLAYER and LEADER.
  4. I only want Gus to not wait until after the LSU game to not play scared and conservative, (That's when he gets shook and keeps his foot on the gas for 6 - 7 games straight). Start the season as if LSU just put a 40 burger on him in a game 5.
  5. Difference with Cam is we saw him running over COLLEGE players at Florida and Blinn. So what AU players were saying in the summer and spring about Cam were knowns not unknowns. The reporters asked the players about JGs play and they went to his running ability. I would've preferred them bragging on his accuracy while knowing he was a special athlete also.
  6. I've heard Baker Mayfield comparisons. Live by the three, die by the That's the reason I think JG will get the start then lose the start before the season is done. Once Bo only takes what the defense gives him.
  7. If the Oline is performing as advertised then either QB chosen will be game managers making wide open throws after play action move defensive players around. Averaging 15 - 20 passes a least early on.
  8. Also I thought coaches offered from camp performances against kids from all classes?
  9. Honestly I've always preferred QBs who extended plays and ran from forced scrambles with their speed than designed runs, Aaron Rodgers is the perfect example. He torches teams so much they forget he can run....until he's running. If Gatewood and Nix could play like that theywould STRESS a defense wayyyy more.
  10. Cam was trucking cats at Florida and Blinn, he knew what Cam could do. I think Chizik held Cam back trying to make him what he wasn't and that was a passing QB who ran on occasions.
  11. So risking him getting hit low by a LB or getting fell on by DTs wouldn't make u flinch as a coach. I feel ya but hey I guess it's safer to run against that defense. U can work on when to give or keep the ball with an orange jersey on him. He'll feel and smellthose big bodies swarming and attacking everything around three inches of
  12. Don't know where u got that point from? Going live involves everything but MY point is I would have more confidence in my mostly running QB if he could make all the right decisions and throws.... running wouldn't be what I focus on at practice
  13. The QB ability to run is suppose to be 'extra' meat on the bone, not the bone. Would rather know he can make the throws then can effectively run if need be. If Bo can make ALL the throws at an elite level but runs just well enough to to have to be accounted for then I would ride with that.
  14. The best example isn't JJ but Stidham. Would've known before the Clemson game once rattled he watches the rush not his check downs.