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  1. A-Day post game thread (merged threads)

    Four passes to TEs, both got two each. Harris caught two and Sal caught a slant. The second to Sal in the end zone should've been picked.
  2. A-Day post game thread (merged threads)

    Yes, he was breaking and slipping outta tackles on the regular. A couple of timely sacks would've affected the game greatly.
  3. All things Malik Willis (Merged)

    I agree. I felt like they wasted alot of garbage time opportunities during the winning streak to get JFIII throws in game situations. Instead they ran him left and right....smh. Running was never his issue but the ball was dropped for chances to put passes on film and correcting him at practice.
  4. All things Malik Willis (Merged)

    I agree. Alot of people didn't want Stidham because they put all faith in Woody without watching him play or practice in college. Now (for now at least) it looks like he won't be 3rd on the depth chart. Its not the first scrimmage, its the first full scrimmage in Jordan Hare. The coaches got more previous info on players than what was shared Saturday. So who knows, Woody may be challenging Stidham. But Im very happy AU got Stidham and Malik.
  5. offense is 'gonna sling it'

    I think SW is a serviceable runner. He can move well enough to shorten or move the chains at key times if scrambling, (no designed runs). He can't take hits, gotta slide or get out of bounds. Thats ok tho alot of running qbs can't take hits, RGIII comes to mind.
  6. offense is 'gonna sling it'

    Im an Aaron Rodgers guy, a pocket passer with wheels. Teams worry so much about him being surgical that they forget he was once a 4.6- 4.7 runner (if not faster) until he starts running. Then the pressure is really applied to the defense. I would rather Stidham/SW run in spurts when protection breaks down instead of consistent designed runs and zone reads.
  7. offense is 'gonna sling it'

    SW was clearly the better qb of last year's bunch. But I still wonder why did it take so long to name him the starter? That decision wasn't really made until after the Clemson game. What were the coaches looking for to gain confidence in SW? I simply didn't see the competition he had to separate himself from.
  8. offense is 'gonna sling it'

    And after AU lost it's starting qb. Defense held up against everything but a talented scrambling Mayfield. But back to 'slinging it".
  9. offense is 'gonna sling it'

    I agree with that definition but its not always applied that way. Most, including some coaches and commentators, use it to describe run/pass totals and usage in a game.
  10. offense is 'gonna sling it'

    I fully agree my man!
  11. offense is 'gonna sling it'

    Yep, the game Nick Marshall really opened up AUs passing was against A&M. But this team hopefully can win if they leaned heavily on either run or pass. Im a Pats fan and seeing them design game plans, attacking differently week to week is refreshing. I want that for AU.
  12. offense is 'gonna sling it'

    Why not be a team who designs game plans week to week? If the opponent is top 10 against the run but 25th against the pass then why run a balanced offense? Yeah use the run to keep them honest but passing the ball should trump running attempts. Hopefully this offense can attack every team's defense accordingly exploiting weaknesses. No issues with 35-40 pass attempts in a game if necessary to achieve game plan.
  13. Chip Lindsey new OC

    From what I read his offenses are balanced. Gus only threw 20+ percent of the time. AU needs to pass more to back the safeties up so the run game can really explode.
  14. Chip Lindsey new OC

    If Saban hired him the question would then be why did Gus let him get away? He's a proven qb coach and OC who isn't afraid to throw it. Isn't that what AU needed? Or is it people just wanted Gus gone regardless?
  15. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    Who said they had history of using this method of traininig. Maybe he read about these kids mailing it in at workouts and wanted to change the culture in an extreme way. There's no limit on how far to push a kid but u gotta monitor that kid to make sure ur not pushing them too far. These kids had to piss cherry cola for the coaches to realize they may have taken it tooooo far.