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  1. Players were in position to make plays and didn't. Coach job is to get them in the right position to succeed. Dean was sometimes beaten because he's the last of a dying breed of actually using "bump" in the term bump and run.
  2. Again my point is about the the locker room reportedly being on the brink. Yes when working with people from different walks of life u will have disagreements and fights. But that wasn't the common, normal theme given by the media when discussing this team , the players and the locker room.
  3. About loving AU and playing for each other. Every message given by returning players mentioned loving AU and playing with their teammates. And yes using ur brain would connect the two points made by them then and now.
  4. My point was the messages given by the players announcing their return for senior seasons matched what was said by players to the media. I've seen players on the past with no draft projections leave because of what was happening in the locker room.
  5. Kids run to the draft for far less reasons. What these kids are saying about returning to AU matches up to what they were saying when asked about the locker room chaos. With not being in the know we as fans can only go off the kids direct words and actions. This shows me it wasn't what was reported.
  6. Why not bring something different to the QB room to increase the competition level in there? Right now the only REAL separation is knowledge of the playbook, not talent or experience.
  7. The first clip was used by Gus last year but instead of pitching it was a quick pass to R Davis. SEC network had film breakdown on how AU adjusted the zone read for Stidham
  8. That's the best summarizing of this oline I relation to Stidham's glaring weakness all season. I noticed this from the Clemson game last year thru this year. Watching the dline instead of paying and check downs. Premature scrambling but still taking sacks outside of the tackle box. I think with quality depth this oline can exceed expectations.
  9. So being HARDCORE fans you don't find it uneasy not knowing what the other QBs bring to the table? But it's known that the HC who recruited and work with these kids tried to get one Grad Transfer (KB) and had his eye on another (KT). I'll let his actions show me what's in that QB room not the HARDCORE fans.
  10. Sometimes just looking at what's there let's them know their chances at winning the job. Does anyone at AU as of now scare u if u were a grad transfer?
  11. You always bring in good talent to raise the competition in any position room. Just don't promise the young man the job, create a true open competition. If Bo, Malik or the others win then that's the QB for 2019. I'm sure Gus knows he needs to win now so I doubt if he'll settle on a TRUE FRESHMAN QB to play a major part of his future. Unless that TRUE FRESHMAN QB won a very good open competition. I think the Jackson kid adds to the talent level in that position room.
  12. The only legit times are in the NFL combine
  13. Buffalo threw the ball more than they ran. Gus would treat him like Nick's first year with 20 or less passes a game. But I didn't see anything to totally dismiss the kid. Just don't promise him the job even tho he's a grad transfer
  14. Watch a couple of games highlights. Throws good slant routes and deep balls. That's Gus's route tree basically. Runs a 4.5 forty at 6'7 245lbs. Threw 8 picks 26 TDs but 3 picks came in one game.
  15. Have u discussed the grad transfer Tyree Jackson outta Buffalo. If not what are ur thoughts about him on the field?