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  1. anyone who would sabotage their own school and football program like what should be tared and feathered. so im glad ( i guess) they focused on the buyout.
  2. i understand. that is what im saying. if leath's plan was to "make gus an offer so bad he just walks away", leeeth did a TERRIBLE job. the offer wasn't that bad. thats why i have a hard time believing that to be the case. but i understand there is incompetence at ever leave.
  3. I don't beleive that. it wasn't THAT bad of a deal if the choice is whats reported or to be unemployed (by Auburn). if this is true about leethe, he is an idiot and a slimeball and should be fired as he doesn't live up to the "Auburn Creed". after that bad of a season, it seems totally justifiable to me for the school to ask for a contract renegotiation based on performance. if the coach is open great, if not you can either live with it or fire him. but none of that needs to be public.
  4. next headline: Gus fired but will remain on staff to serve as his own interim head coach.
  5. that might make some sense. if you want to stay and make changes you have to agree to reduce your buyout and then any changes you want to make for your staff much come out of that buyout or your personal salary.
  6. keeping his hands out of this it looks like.
  7. i really can't imagine anything being worse for our recruiting class than watch us play this year. and honestly what does it matter. Gus has not done ANYTHING with the top recruits we have currently.
  8. this im less concerned about honestly. I think we know Gus. he isn;t going to figure out how to program build all the sudden. id be fine just getting rid of him and rolling the dice with an up and comer until there is someone else available. i know that probably sounds dumb, but id be much better failing, trying someone new, than failing with Gus. fear of failing on a new coach shouldn't scare Auburn into keeping a failing coach.
  9. to me, it sounds like more and more the PTB want it to be known that "Auburn" wants Gus gone. maybe meetings have be held with someone, maybe not, it doens't matter. the important thing to them is for it to be known "Auburn" is looking at other people. my guess is the logic there is that Gus would not feel wanted or know that no matter what, he is gone after next year a a minimum and he might choose to leave on his own. I know, I know, the free money he will give up. i think it is a huge risk, but it seems like that is more likely what is going on here than Bob stoops wants to come coach here.
  10. Maybe we are getting trolled, but it ain’t by the reporters. ::sniffs air:: ::smells jimmy sexton’s cologne::
  11. not sure i agree here. the thing about passing is if you don't get it on 1st, you can pass again on second and third if you need to.
  12. is this a dream list or a realistic list? if we are dreaming id want Saban. we have about as much chance to get him as Franklin.
  13. you lane kiffin people can't be serious. can't be. do yall know anything about him pre bama OC?
  14. don't even know why Bob Stoops, Franklin, and Cristobal are even on this list. Stoops can probably go back to OU whenever he wants. Franklin and Cristobal aren't leaving their schools. both those jobs are much more appealing than Auburn is right now.
  15. nick marshall might be the best zone read qb ever. i watch old videos from 2013 where i know he is keeping the ball and i still can't tell he has it.