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  1. yeah, OL needs to be next. hope Morris can help kodi with route trees and develop a quicker passing game.
  2. agree. let others talk about how difficult our schedule is. i don't really care. i watch the games and i see us lose winnable games against these "tough" teams. would it be worse if they were less "tough" losing to uf this year was much more of a sting than losing to tenn last year. change my mind.
  3. they threw up a stat that said auburn hasn't had 2 int tds in 20 years. thats not right, right?
  4. this. you don't quit a job unless you already have another lined up. there is no reason to fire gus unless we have the next guy locked up and ready to roll and i would hope the next guy would be a known quantity, but at this point i would just about rather have anyone else at the helm. i think giving steele a shot would be fine.
  5. its probably just me, but it seems like anytime we find success with a play or type of play we move away from it, never to try it again. i really don't understand that at all.
  6. i think the wheels are really going to come off next year. totally new green defense. totally new green oline and no real top caliber talent on the oline. going to be rough.
  7. in 2012 our main qb had 53% completion rate and we had a 1000 yard rusher. we do not anyone even sniffing 1k yards rushing this year.
  8. i reject the notion that we had a mediocre defense in 2010. i guess statistically it was, but we were a top rushing defense and when people say defense wins championships they are mostly talking about being able to stop the run which that 2010 team did very well.
  9. yes, but the way our defense is playing we only need to be moderately good on offense to be winning. thats the hardest part to swallow. if we had 40% of bama or lsu's offese we would be 9-0. this offense has been not far off of the 2012 offense.
  10. i have asked this before, but would any of our offensive coaching staff be hired at any other D1 schools? aside from gus, and maybe our oline coach, i wonder.
  11. i hope he comes either way, but ill happily give him up for a new HC.
  12. i don;t know fifty. i never said my opinion trumps anyone elses. i just completely disagree with hearbstreet on his assesment that we are running the same offense.
  13. yes, NM is the best read option qb who has played the game to date. i still go back and watch videos of him on plays where i know the outcome already and i still can't tell who has the ball.