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  1. I’m fasttimes, and I approve of this message.
  2. imagine my disappointment.
  3. I saw the post from that guy to JMR (it think). am i missing some history between those two? the comment was douche bag level for sure, but it seesm i have read way worse on this board.
  4. i can't tell that you have made a coherent point. what is your point exactly?
  5. Two points I’ll make. 1) winning is what everyone wants. But it’s very hard to win them all. So there will be losses. HOW those loses come and WHY those losses come makes all the difference. 2) fear of new failure should not scare us off from making a change when the cure situation is NOT getting us to where we want to be. If you have goals, and those goals are what you want, but you are not reaching them, you change your approach. Can’t let fear of striking out keeping you from swinging.
  6. Did you even read your own OP?
  7. agree. also, he suprised me a few times by not hard charging and picking up some first downs. at least 3 i can remember. Nix had a bad game. i still think he is going to be a great QB, but the coach has to give him a break when its going THAT badly.
  8. perhaps give the passer a break and see if the other passer on the team can complete them? it was obvious by the end of the 1st hour and a half long quarter, Nix was having a bad game.
  9. i get the feeling they win by 20.
  10. they did. and when we got in the red zone......3 straight passes.
  11. also, where was the jets sweep, the end around, the fake end around, the wheel route, the wildcat ? all those plays we have run 3-4 times per game and had sucess with. im sure i missed one, but there seemed to be a decision NOT to run plays which worked for us so far.
  12. Bo was due for a bad game. kid has been playing amazingly well, imo, for a TF. regarding the play calling, we got into the redzone in mid to late 3rd quarter. 3-4 running plays and one long pass got us down there. all 3 plays in the redzone were pass plays. why?
  13. I found it interesting on that drive mid to late 3rd quarter where we ran whittlow for about 3 first downs (best gains of the day) then hit Williams to get into the res zone, instead of going back to the run which was working, he called 3 pass pays that ultimately lead to the pick in the endzone. was absolutely maddening.
  14. The wild card is florida’s Offense. No idea if they are good or not. i know they have the best defense we have faced. Does nix have the touch down on the long ball? Can our oline give him enough time to thow it? we’ll see Saturday
  15. you have to think, its going to click for him on the long balls soon, and when it does everything else is going to open up. seems like Nix getting touch on those deep throws is the missing piece right now.