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  1. Auburn Football All-Access Podcast Episode 146 is posted on iTunes, and is available via War Eagle Sports Radio and various podcast apps including Podcast Addict and Cast Box. Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS
  2. Thanks, Ox! How'd the app work for you?
  3. It's there (WESR). You can also get it ( and tons of other podcasts) by installing the Podcast Addict app on whatever kind of phone you use.
  4. is up on iTunes as we kick off the 2017 football season. @Eagle5 and I take a quick look at some of the big-picture stuff a couple of days before practice begins. Catch the show here Should be up I guess by tomorrow or Mon at latest at War Eagle Sports Radio if you're a Droid user. Hope you enjoy it!
  5. I'm no secondary guy, but I think most of what people are impressed with in Monday is exceptional length. Advertised as 6-3, he does look to be over 6 feet, and that's as a junior in high school. He's also pretty physical, though not quite the "brutal hitter" he describes himself as. Coverage-wise, he is really raw, but has the tools there to be refined. Excellent instincts vs the run, and a better tackler than most. Fuqua has been more of a wide receiver than a DB, but he's a little quicker than Monday, smaller, and not as physical. He's got good wheels, so he can probably play wherever he's needed, but he appears to consider himself more of an offensive guy. Saw very few plays of him on defense, and he was adequate but not special there. Just opinions based on ten minutes of tape, so take it for what it's worth.
  6. Al Borges new Offensive Analyst

    Different coaches use their analysts in different ways. If you think Saban had NINE guys in the press box for the 2015 Iron Bowl so they could "analyze", you should probably re-think that. The truth is, the job description is pretty vague, and like most such things, there are those who push the boundaries and those who don't. I'd be surprised if Borges does any "coaching" at all, but I would think his input both before and after games and even scrimmages is highly valued and seriously considered. I am genuinely hopeful that he will be a huge help to Chip Lindsey before, during, and after game days.
  7. Al Borges new Offensive Analyst

    You could certainly be right, but I just don't see Al replacing Chip down the road. The game is constantly changing, and as one gets older, what we "believe in" may not be as legit as it once was. There is, of course, the occasional exception where experience is valued over youth, but offensive football is rarely one of those. Bottom line, I don't think Al is in line for a big time OC job at this point in his career. But that's just an unfounded opinion, and for his sake, I hope it's wrong.
  8. Al Borges new Offensive Analyst

    You never know, of course, but I don't think Chip is going anywhere any time soon. And if he does, no, probably not. Like most business things these days, it's an accepted "fact" that old, experienced guy's know nothing, and all the really smart guys are young and on the cutting edge. Right or wrong, that's how it is.
  9. Al Borges new Offensive Analyst

    The real value of an "analyst" lies in not only their knowledge, but in how much their input is valued/used. Al will have nothing to prove, and no agenda. The last analyst that Gus really "used" was Chip Lindsey in 2013. I expect Al to be the next in the "used" category. He is one of the better "in the press box" guy's I've seen, and I expect him to be a contributor both in game planning and in in-game tactical adjustments. The addition of Al Borges to the football staff is a genuine "big deal". I'm excited about it.
  10. Al Borges new Offensive Analyst

    Great, great get! Al will be a huge resource for both Lindsey and Gus! This one will make a difference.
  11. is posted on iTunes and War Eagle Sports Radio. Hope you enjoy it!
  12. You Don’t Know Takeo

    LOL! I thought about it, but unfortunately, there wasn't a lot to see, typical of a spring scrimmage. I didn't pay much attention to the line play on either side, as the teams were seriously mis-matched in terms of talent, and there was a fair amount of experimentation going on. Like everyone else, I was impressed with Stidham and Willis, although both have things to correct....Willis obviously more than Stidham....but both are extremely capable. In more of a "conjecture" vein, I also think Sean White will be better in this offense than he was in the Malzahn/Lashlee version. Bottom line, I'm not convinced we can't win with any one of the top three quarterbacks. There will likely be some shakeup on the OL once the grad transfers get on the field, and those changes could change the look of that group significantly. I was mostly pleased with the play of some of the young guys on the back end, glad to see that, as we really need to develop some depth back there. First group across the board is talented and even reasonably experienced, but depth is a problem for now. Don't see how anyone could not be pleased with the improvement in the overall passing game, from some of the routes that were run, to the play of the wide receivers, and (with a few exceptions) the play of the quarterbacks. As it was indeed a spring scrimmage, what we got to see was very limited, and rightfully so, with a new coordinator on offense and a formidable opponent coming up early in the schedule. Like any fan, I'm prone to conjecture, speculation, and even "extrapolation", and I *think* I saw some exciting stuff in Lindsey's plan. Some pass routes we haven't run before, and some "variety" in the way of option routes, crossing routes, rub routes, and easy reads for the quarterbacks. Obviously, some of that is guesswork on my part, so take it FWIW. Defense was vanilla, and although there is an abundance of talent/potential on that side, the teams were not equal, the players knew that, and I don't think there was much to be gleaned from the defensive play due to the "rules" and the circumstances. Bottom line, given that it's April, I'm pretty happy with where we are. Almost all the pieces are in place, and the opportunity is there for a special season. Whether that comes to fruition or not depends on how much the players and coaches invest between now and September. I like the fact that we generally "looked good" at A-Day, as that will encourage the investment.
  13. You Don’t Know Takeo

    I got the book a couple of weeks ago, and enjoyed it very much. Not a typical "football book", it's more about what drove those NFL greats to be great. Outstanding insight into just who each of those guys is/was. Takeo shows a real talent for getting down to the nuts and bolts of what made those guys drive themselves and how each willed himself to greatness.
  14. If you go to War Eagle Sports Radio, they have an android app you can download for free.