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  1. Just when we’d begun to worry about the fact that new Head Coach Bryan Harsin seemed to be moving at an uncomfortably slow pace in assembling a staff, he has proven those worries to be unfounded. Personally, I’ve enjoyed the fact that, unlike the “search” for a head coach, the hiring of staff has been subject to very little speculation and media coverage. While we all want to know what’s going on, and would love a bombshell announcement of a complete staff replete with highly successful and widely respected coaches, that’s not really practical. What IS practical is assembling a group of coac
  2. Tim, watching Game One, I felt like the WR group was gonna be a strength of the team, with some experienced guys and some very capable newcomers. I have been a little disappointed with the progress since then. The blocking effort has actually been pretty stellar, but the route-running and actual receiving has been more spotty than I expected, and the newbies have apparently dropped out of the plan. I can certainly understand some hesitation about playing the rookies (like Capers) against uga, in only the second game, but how else are they going to contribute and improve their skills? Bottom l
  3. About the running backs: I agree about Shivers. Love the kid, but he's not built to be a feature back. Don't know what the deal was with MAR. Hopefully we will get to see him one day. The guy I'm excited about is Bigsby. His timing was a little off, but he's much quicker and faster than I thought. If he is the worker he's reported to be, we will see a ton of him before the season is over.
  4. I was (obviously) impressed with Seth on the fifty-fifty balls, but thought he might have had a couple he didn't get. I'm high on Schwartz, Stove, and even young Capers, but Bo seems to get fixated on Seth at times. Hopefully that will work itself out. I thought our DL started out way too tentative. Whether that was due to UK's OL being good, inexperience, butterflies, or what, I don't know. But I thought the guys I mentioned came on quite a bit later in the game. Kentucky's OL actually began to wear down (IMO). And the DL play after UK had a first down inside the two was actually prett
  5. Auburn Tiger fans, please enjoy a Christmas (and New Year's Day bowl) edition of the AU Football All-Access Podcast..... The stocking stuffers include favorite Christmas movies, the very exciting hire of Offensive Coordinator Chad Morris, a peek at the Early Signing Day haul of Auburn football recruits, the overall Auburn football vibe, and more. https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podca...uid=http://auburnfootballallaccess.com/?p=460 http://traffic.libsyn.com/auburnallaccess/AUFAA_Podcast_Episode_210_Christmas_Edition_12.24.2019.mp3 Podcast: Play in new window | Download
  6. I felt like Jones put the ball ON his receiver. The fact that Harris wasn’t ready for it was caused by a huge rush from Big Kat Bryant, not by anything Jones did wrong. Just an opinion.
  7. First a little reminder: This thing is so-named because of the fact that it's virtually impossible to see everything on a play or series of plays without watching over and over and over. Being unwilling to invest that much time, I just watch the game, make little mental notes, and then jot down what I THINK I saw. So, if you saw it differently, that's fine; you may well have seen it correctly and I did not. Auburn just beat Alabama for the second time in the past three games. Not many programs can say that. Yes, Alabama was without their outstanding quarterback. That's truly unfortunat
  8. Dude!  I love your game analysis.  What happened?  Did you stop or am I missing something?

  9. I went to Recon School at Pendleton (and Coronado). Loved it out there!
  10. Small world! We may have actually "met" in 68, if you were working out of DaNang. We kept you guys pretty busy down around Thong Duc Special Forces camp in May of '68. Rough times then.
  11. Semper Fi! 1st Bn, 7th Marines, and 1st Recon Bn, 1968-69.
  12. @KolchakAU85, congrats. You will not be forced to read any more of my unqualified input on this forum. In fact, you will not be ABLE to read any. I hope this pleases you. Please feel free to replace my input with your own. It’s all yours.
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