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  1. Just a guess, CR, but sometimes when a coach gets a little "down" on a player, the player doesn't handle it very well. I'm not saying Garner is wrong at all, but some guys need positive reinforcement, and when you're not doing much right, it's tough for a coach to come up with anything positive. Moultry is just going to have to "take coaching", and get better. Then he'll get what he needs from his coach.
  2. That's a pretty open-ended question, Corch. I thought Stidham was a little better this week, possibly helped by the chance to throw the ball between the hash marks for a change. I have been pretty disappointed overall with his "reaction" to pressure, whether real or imagined. I will say, I don't think his reactions are out of fear of getting hit, but rather out of fear of a bad play. Unfortunately, his reactions have in some cases created WORSE than sacks or losses. I thought he was better this week, although the protection was also better, so who knows? I do think at least part of the problem has been the extreme predictability of our offense, and the fact that there have been very limited "complimentary" routes in our passing game, half-field reads assigned, and even one-defender reads at times.
  3. TT, I have never been to one of Gus' practices, so I don't really know what J.B. does, or how he does it. To your point about trying different things with offensive linemen, I'll just "state the obvious": Every kid is different. What works with one may or may not work with another. One of the keys to success is knowing your players. Not just their strengths and weaknesses, but what makes them tick. It's really hard for me to understand how nearly ALL of our offensive linemen struggle with drop-back pass protection. To be fair, it is NOT easy to teach a guy to be a dominant drive-blocker AND a skilled dropback guy. But people do get it done. Takes time (NOT YEARS!) and lots of attention to detail. Nobody wants to hear this, but IMO our inability to pass protect is very likely more about what is being taught than it is about some mysterious "virus" that has infected every one of our linemen and rendered them universally unable to perform that function.
  4. You better believe Coach and I pulled no punches, and you can well imagine where we stand on the state of affairs with Coach Gus Malzahn. I'd say "enjoy", but that doesn't quite ring true in this case. E5 Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 180, October 18, 2018 Coach Gus Malzahn on Perilously Thin Ice Objectively, sixth year Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn has gotten himself in an extremely treacherous position in terms of his job security going forward. While that may sound odd to the casual observer given Malzahn’s agent Jimmy Sexton leveraging an insane $32 million buyout last December, the ardent support of both the Auburn fan base and power brokers is evaporating. Against this backdrop of desperation, Auburn heads to Oxford to take on an Ole Miss team that can light up the scoreboard, yet struggle to stop almost any offense. The outcome could make the coming bye week seem like the longest two weeks in memory with the Texas A&M Aggies coming to Jordan-Hare on November 3rd. Go HERE for iTunes: Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS
  5. Auburn looks to find offense on the road in StarkVegas Although the Auburn Tigers sit in the enviable position of a lofty #8 national ranking despite the loss to LSU, there is still a frustrating vibe among Auburn fans because of an offense that is largely anemic five games in. And conventional wisdom is that going on the road for a night game with a stout Mississippi State defense, with cowbells clanging, would not be the Rx for a cure on offense. Join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean as they break down this Auburn team, and what it will take to deliver what would be State’s third consecutive loss, and a big win which could help the Tigers get things rolling offensively. Should be up at War Eagle Sports Radio by the morning or sooner, and go to iTunes HERE for the show: Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS
  6. Well, that is one way to put it. 😁
  7. I don't think there is much "switching around" to be done, assuming Driscoll and Tega are able to play this week. Of the three guys who came in late last week, only Ashley looked like he has a chance of being effective. I think (barring injuries) we will go the rest of the way with the group that started the Southern Miss game.
  8. Enjoy the analysis of Auburn's offensive woes, and the required "fixes," including a call to the legendary Foy Student Center Information Line for the ANSWER to how to get the offense rolling (20:40 mark, doesn't that "Auburn girl" class just ring like a bell?)! Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 177, September 25, 2018 Missing Link: The Auburn Offense It's treacherous and often "bad karma" to complain about any 34-3 decisive win against an SEC opponent. But nonetheless, Auburn fans are rightly confused and frustrated that despite fielding a terrific defense, and explosive special teams, the offense simply has not found an identity and SEC caliber production as yet. Join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean for the analysis! Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS
  9. I agree with some of that, but the statement that “Stidham is actually better than last year” is pretty silly.
  10. LMAO!! You guys are a tough crowd! I didn’t say the OL played well. I said they “improved”. I looked at each individual. Brahms was an improvement. Tega has definitely improved. Driscoll was “ok”. I saw Horton make a few plays, which is more than he has done so far this season. Harrell was a little better, but still not acceptable. Someone asked why Ashley isn’t playing at all. I don’t know, but his coach says he “just isn’t there yet”, whatever that means. I thought Troxell might get a look at guard this week, but guess not.