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  1. FWIW, I think what Gus does with his backup QBs is criminal negligence. But I try to keep these things as positive as possible.
  2. I thought I covered that with this: Was glad to see Joey Gatewood get some authentic playing time, even though he was only afforded one passing opportunity. Do I need to put it in plainer terms?
  3. From Eagle5.... I wouldn't say JR and I "pull punches" in our analysis of the Auburn Tigers heading into WEEK THREE of the college football season . . . The Auburn Tigers are sitting pretty at 2-0, 8th in the nation, or are they? Ah, such is the glorious reality of college football, right? Is that spectacular glass of Cabernet half FULL? Or are my eyes fooling me, and it’s half EMPTY in merely week two of the 2019 college football season? Metaphorically, speaking, that is ... Join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean for analysis of exactly where the Auburn Tigers sit week three of the college football season, with arguably the best defense in the SEC, yet an offense which has Auburn fans frustrated and befuddled given that this is head coach Gus Malzahn’s seventh season. Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS
  4. Just an opinion, of course, but I think we have "average" talent on the OL. We are (at least in the run game) playing "below average" (for the SEC) right now. I have no desire to bash anyone, but I'd say the answer to your question is pretty obvious. I thought last year's OL play would likely result in a new OL coach, even though we played pretty well late in the season. Apparently Gus believes JB is doing a good job. I don't get a vote, but if I did, I'd be a "nay".
  5. This was a long ways from a "pretty" game, although it wouldn't fall into the "ugly win" category, either. I reserve that title for those where we were clearly out-played but somehow ended up with the win. I put this one more in the "didn't look good" box but as any Tennessee fan will tell you, it could have been a lot worse ... Let's hope the old axiom, "The biggest improvement is from week one to week two" is wrong in this case. While the defense played well most of the time, the offense seemed to take a step backward. I like to focus these columns on the positives as much as possible but there are not as many opportunities for that as I'd like. In any case, here are some of the Things I Think I Saw..... The problems with the clock to start the game were unfortunate, and made it difficult for the Auburn offense to get into any kind of rhythm/flow. There was basically an official's timeout after every play on the first series. That may seem like a small thing but it does cause problems. Bo Nix's heroics at the end of last week's Oregon game probably raised expectations for his play unfairly. He was definitely not sharp this week, missing some throws, and leaving the pocket prematurely a few times. I still expect great things from Bo, but we are definitely going to have to endure some growing pains with him. Was good to see Joey Gatewood get some playing time, although I do wish it had been a good bit more. Was disappointing that with a comfortable lead and only a few minutes left, Gus didn't allow JG to throw, even in a series where AU was second and 16. From his play, Joey obviously needs more game experience and a chance to build his game. Hopefully before anyone reading this gets impatient, I'll touch on the offensive line. I did not see any improvement at all from last week. Pass protection was actually worse, and run-blocking, especially in the first half, was downright poor. Yes, Tulane was stuffing the box. That doesn't necessarily mean the offense can't get three yards. "Movement" is your friend on the offensive side of the ball, and we are getting very little of it. If defensive players are being driven off the ball, even if the defensive players outnumber the blockers in the box, there is usually some room to make plays. Not always, but often. Coach Cadillac is likely finding out why coaches seem to age so quickly, with our running backs often missing the occasional hole, and Boobee Whitlow putting the ball on the ground three times. It's amazing how many times a twenty-year-old will fail to do what you told him, even if he really would like to. Boobee was downright sloppy with the ball and it would not surprise me to see his role reduced this week. Looked to me like Tega regressed this week in his pass protection. With his physical abilities, he should be one of the top left tackles in college football by now. His performance this week was disappointing. Marlon Davidson had a big game this week. Despite Auburn almost exclusively only rushing four, Marlon had several QB hurries and was definitely a factor. Derrick Brown played well, despite drawing a double-team most of the game. Nick Coe has not been much of a factor in the two games to date. I expected more from him, and still do. Kaleb Kim had the highest pass-pro grade among the offensive linemen. Good thing, as his run-blocking on Tulane's 340-lb. nose tackle was not good. I thought Noah Igbinoghene played really well. His growth as a corner since moving to defense a year ago has been really impressive. Roger McCreary is really coming along. He made some great plays in this game, both in coverage and on run plays. He is going to be a force in the secondary if he continues to improve. I've heard that the injury to Seth Williams is not believed to be serious. Don't know the veracity of that report and it looked serious to me when it happened ... Didn't like the cheap shot to the head on Will Hastings. It was intentional, and egregious. I gave Spencer Nigh kudos last week for his 9-yard pass reception on Auburn's winning drive. This week, I'm taking back my kudos based on his blocking from the H-back position. Poor technique, and not-great effort almost always yield a bad result. I am certainly no "expert" on the passing game. Even so, it bothers me that I am unable to understand the passing game portion of the Auburn offense. There does not appear to be any kind of rhythm or flow, and not much of one route or pattern setting up another. Punt coverage was a problem once again. This week, Auburn seemed to have people hustling down the field, but they couldn't tackle anybody when they got there. I expect Gus to have Sippos kick the ball higher and shorter, to force fair catches and eliminate the returns. I was impressed with the play of Auburn's young linebackers after a shaky start early in last week's game. I felt like that group as a whole regressed this week, with poor run fits and missed tackles. Freshman Owen Pappoe was impressive last week; this week he looked like a true freshman is expected to look. Bo Nix was not helped by his receivers this week. Eli Stove, Kam Martin, and Harold Joiner all dropped catchable passes. There exists in the coaching ranks a condition known as being "right-handed," wherein a coach will call plays to his right more than to his left. I've wondered if Gus has that condition, as a significant majority of our plays, especially running plays, go to the right. With Tega and Harrell on the left, one would think we would go there more often. Still time to make changes and improvements before SEC play begins in two weeks. Hopefully the offense can get off to a faster start this week vs Kent State, and backups can get more playing time and game experience. I realize a lot of Auburn people are discouraged but the fact is, Tulane is not bad and has some good players and excellent coaches. I think we all wish we'd "looked better", so we had some confidence in the offense. Maybe some of that will come this week. If not, the defense seems to be good and still improving ... a lot of games can be won by being great on that side of the ball. War Eagle!! Photo Credit: @AUPHOTO
  6. Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS
  7. Do you write off some of the bad play/execution to first game/on the road jitters or what? The Delta from OU Dominating to AU Dominating the OL and DL: What did you see as the factor? Physicality? Adjustments? Jitters/Confidence? I'd attribute the difference to a couple of things. One is, AU was in better physical condition. Oregon was struggling with fatigue, cramps, etc., while Auburn was able to keep going, especially on the offensive and defensive lines. Another is adjustments, especially defensively. Oregon's early plan was to attack outside the tackles.....Our young linebackers had some poor run-fits early that really hurt us vs the run. Those got corrected, and after that, Oregon struggled to run the ball effectively. Lots of Oregon's early plays were RPOs, and Herbert's reads said "throw", which he did quickly and effectively, thus somewhat neutralizing Auburn's DL. Lastly, several AU defensive linemen were playing multiple positions early (Brown, Coe, Davidson), and there were some mis-alignments that also hurt. Once all that got fixed/corrected, Auburn's superior DL took over.
  8. From Eagle5...... DEEP cut by Coach and I on the different angles of this Labor Day weekend HEADLINER rematching Auburn and Oregon! Coach John Ray and I have been hard at work hitting the REFRESH button on our Auburn Football All-Access podcast, and brother, you simply MUST check it out - the Auburn vs Oregon preview analysis show is UP at iTunes! Since I know you'll ask, let me spill the beans on our Oh-so-delicious new podcast Intro (and Outro) voice . . . That's the uber talented American actress, Annie Einan, whom yours truly was able to engage to provide a fantastic, sultry mezzo-alto voice to wrap around the already EPIC Auburn Football brand! As always, go to iTunes to subscribe and never miss our podast HERE:
  9. Auburn Football All-Access Podcast, Episode 188, January 1, 2019 There is always a danger in reading too much, or alternatively, too little into a dominating Bowl win in terms of what it may portend for the following football season. For example, the 2003 Auburn Tigers ended that disappointing season with an impressive 28-14 Music City Bowl win over Wisconsin, and in 2004, ran the table undefeated, though spurned from the BCS “mythical” National Championship game. But as many or more Bowl game wins – or losses – prove to be irrelevant to the following season’s fortunes. Join show cohosts Coach John Ray and Doug Dean for the discussion, in this the first show of the New Year! Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS
  10. Join us as Doug Dean and I discuss Gus, the state of the program, and recruiting. The show is posted at the link below and on War Eagle Sports Radio..... Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS
  11. Sorting out the mess: How secure is Gus Malzahn as Auburn head coach? In the wake of a frankly embarrassing 7-5 regular season which included blowout "Amen Corner" losses to archrivals Georgia and Alabama, Auburn head coach Gus Malzahn has arguably his lowest level of fan base support since 2013. The lack of confidence in Malzahn is by all evidence not limited to rabid Auburn fans, but is pervasive among Auburn power brokers who reportedly have worked to press Auburn president Stephen Leath and AD Allen Greene to find a way to move on from the Malzahn era immediately. Join Coach John Ray and Doug Dean for the discussion as Bowl season is upon us! Podcast: Play in new window | Download Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS
  12. Not to drag this thread into another dimension, but a small addendum to my original comment: "Fairly" does NOT include Steve Shaw and the "replay officials" sequestered in the Birmingham viper pit for their weekly bama watch party.
  13. Gotta be coaching.....they don't get better without it. Can't really understand why it took as long as it did. Hope a lot of it carries over to next year.