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  1. I’m sure this has already been addressed, but I cannot believe the commentators either joked or really believed the “Ride for Rod” was for Rod Gilmore. I really want an apology during the game.
  2. Anyone else baffled that Gus hasn’t taken a timeout? You’d think it might help with thinking of a better play to run...
  3. Kudos to the Auburn girl screaming when MSU is on offense. You the real MVP.
  4. What an amazing player. And as you will see @Momma Worm, true Auburn fans are loyal despite the losses. WDE, loved Worm’s fight today!
  5. Idk I think I’ve seen worse... D has been on the field the entire quarter. They’re exhausted and I’m not surprised they’re making mistakes. O needs to step up.
  6. Attempting to watch via shaky WiFi on the train from Bordeaux to Paris! War Damn Eagle from France everyone!
  7. LOL to be honest, now I'd rather be in the Hare.
  8. I will be in Paris for the game... anyone have any suggestions for watching the game internationally? I could always convert a bunch of Parisians in a bar to Auburn fans.
  9. Jeff Holland is amazing, and perhaps better than Carl was when he played at Auburn, but Carl's talent in the NFL can't be denied. He has been nasty for the Bengals. 4.5 sacks this season and 7 combined tackles for a rookie. He certainly plays like he's pissed about his draft selection. That said, love me some Sensei Mud.
  10. This. I understand those who think SW should be benched, but he does not deserve all the blame.
  11. Rod Bramblett made a comment that it's almost like they want to make it to third down to eat up the clock and then pass...
  12. ... Our tight end situation is horrible.
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