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  1. Men vs. South Carolina

    Team saw #1 seed and let it go straight their head. Team that is playing right now doesn't even deserve to be in dance.
  2. Men Vs. Ole Miss

    Auburn is thinking about its #22 ranking is what is happening
  3. AU vs Temple Game Thread

    Team is panicking. It was a good effort, but I think this one is over.
  4. Score Prediction- Georgia

    IMHO We play like we did against Clemson and LSU (2nd half): UGLY: 30 Aubarn: 14 We play up to the talent level that this team has and is capable of: Auburn: 31 UGLY: 24
  5. Auburn vs Texas AM Predictions

    Auburn 3 TAMU 2 TAMU sacks Stidham on the first series of the game for a safety. Auburn kicks a FG as time expires to win the game.
  6. AU @ TAMU set for 11 AM

    I feel it could benefit us more if the crowd is sleepy, but considering the run of success TAMU is on right now, I could see them being motivated, even if it is an early kickoff. We just gotta hope the boys show up with the same fire.
  7. Kyle Davis (update) There ya go.
  8. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    Thoroughly convinced every time the wildcat is the play call, Gus is making that call.
  9. ***Auburn vs. Ole Miss -- Game Thread***

    Have we subbed out the entire defense for backups?
  10. ***FINAL: Auburn 24 Mercer 10***

    Hmm, pretty sloppy game. couldve been a blow out had we not turned it over 5 times. gonna have to step it up if we wanna be successful down the road. WDE
  11. I should probably know this but I don't off the top of my head. What is Auburn's current War Eagle's breed and name? Wasn't sure where else to put this topic, sorry!
  12. Sorry, I was editing it a little
  13. Men vs. Georgia - Game thread

    Just so everyone is aware, this loss will not be on the refs, but on the poor play down the stretch by our team.
  14. Mercer Post Game

    Where's foundation eagle?