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  1. WOW!! you do know that is a racist statement, so all athletes go to a school for one reason huh??
  2. Seth left because of #10 Gus put up with it because he knew why Seth was pissed.
  3. Gus is not prepared!! those guys did what they did own there own..
  4. Gus should have been shown the door after the LSU game in 2017 just on comment alone,( it's not the end of the world) it is fans like you that help put Auburn in it's current state..
  5. Gus was the worst head coach to walk the sidelines at Auburn......... everyone associated with Auburn is at fault for this debacle..
  6. Harsin/bobo need to take a page from Lane Kiffin and move Bo to the SLOT rec like he did with Plumlee at ole miss.
  7. how is that insane.. the book don't lie Barrett/Frazier/Franklin/Willis/Burns/Wallace all had very very short leashes, can you not see the trend here? there are a lot of upset fans that didn't like what they saw on Saturday especially given the last two years, there are plenty of fans bases out there that would say the same thing that they are great but Auburn has changed the politics that I am seeing is not good for the program long term.
  8. what was Bo when he stepped foot on campus??? was he not GREEN.
  9. I am at the point where Auburn has become the Alabama of old with how the quarterback situation is playing out with a certain group. Harsin will end up having a situation similar to Gus with the departure of Malik Willis if not careful. D Davis comes to Auburn with a lot of prestige, if your stats are better than Kyler Murry coming out of high school that is big, remind me where Murry was taken in the draft, there is to much emphasis being given to a certain QB. The blame have seem to have shifted to the WR and trust me the o-line is not yet out of the water for their fair share of blame, it's
  10. nike?!?! look Auburn has 2 of it's biggest star athletes with life time contract with nike and one of it's biggest alum on the board at nike this is a no brainer and a slam dunk deal, what has hurt Auburn to me is we do not know how to market ourselves. I would see if we could get apple along with nike to help us with making us a huge brand, you could have apple and nike logo on all the big 3 sports arena how about the apple lounge or apple recruiting lounge or center. Under Armour has done absolutely nothing for Auburn and it's brand, we can't purchase half the apparel that we see the coaches
  11. GA, you may as well get ready to get on board or find another team to root for because it's going to happen Allen and Harsin and Bruce will sign off on nike. By the way, just come on out and tell us why you really dislike Nike?
  12. that's bad to, where have that gotten us look at the current deal???
  13. that is why we can't get out of our own way to busy worrying about Bama, that is just to much back woods thinking for me, trying to do things the Auburn way and where have that gotten us?
  14. I sure hope when the under armour contract is up we go to nike , the schools in the SEC that are endorse by nike, there uniforms are just far and away better then ours from a design stand point and shoe/cleats included. We on the other hand, still have Russell Athletics with just the two u's on the jersey, please AD Green get us away and out of this junk.
  15. where I'm going is this, every year we have 1-3 players get drafted in the NFL that none of us would expect to be drafted due to our lack of success and player underwhelming performance due to poor coaching and development and scheme. Lets go deeper, look at how many players exited this program due to coach clown playing favorites, tired of the poor excuses. Auburn has recruited well, once they get on campus the head man fail them and this fan base due to being in over his head and paranoid.
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