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  1. your problem is not the coach but the man that hired him it tells me a lot about you.
  2. why? is it because he is ignoring you, or because he doesn't care what you think? tell me...
  3. Auburn takes PR hits daily we are not liked.
  4. what is so problematic is that we have fans too stupid to not figure out that everybody media wise is making money off of Auburn stupidity, they know we want to be loved on so bad and they will never do it because they don't want us interfering with their media darling, so, they just continue to keep us dysfunction to the point we run off the one real coach we have had in decades.. because they know that this hire is different and the $hit they tried to pull in February should tell ALL Auburn fans we have an in house problem not a coach problem and that is what they are use too..
  5. NIKE is the answer!!! all the school you just mention has better gear then we do, if you don't think that matters then I got some beach front property in Arizona I will sell you for a $1.00, our uniforms look like hand me downs or low budget, look good play good. I thought it was said by BT that under armor was hurting us in recruiting.
  6. that's the over all problem( RIGHT THERE) we need bats.. plain and simple, I just can't understand why we struggle to find enough of them come on Butch need some reel bad..
  7. beak, I agree, you touched on half of the problems I had with Gus. In my opinion he's the worst at least in my lifetime, and I can add much more as to what made him the worst coach in AU history, do I hate him no, but I don't have anything good to say about him, I guess 8 years was too long and it was time for him to go.
  8. he was the worst coach to ever dawn the sidelines in Auburn history.........
  9. So Saban did the same thing over there and everything was good and the rest is history. In hind sight than he wouldn't have made it over on the plains with his hells bell my way or the highway?
  10. if!!! we suffer from terrible baggage.. that seems to stick to Auburn like mole through out a house, we need positivity not constant bickering of opinions although everyone has one some are just not good.
  11. Unfortunately the media read these boards and take one poster comment and turn it into a majority, and we look bad Perceptionally and it works against Auburn.
  12. He is a TURD! this board is full of them, they have been treating true Auburn fans like the FBI break down a threat from a group of malcontents, light a match and watch it burn from within.
  13. it's alright to bash and constantly say negative things toward Auburn football program by fans in which it get's aired in the media, and then can't understand why we aren't reaching your expectations. Here is what we are good at, doing our dirty business on the front porch while our rivals are doing there's in the backyard, and we wonder why x isn't happening..
  14. swinging for the fence huh! Auburn is not a place where someone with integrity wants to be, these Auburn boards are full of teenage he said she said, you should be glad we have someone of Allen Greene professionalism and ability to represent and be an ambassador for Auburn University, your mad he hasn't trip himself up to be fired, and you seem to have an axe to grind with the man. I believe I know why, and I'll hang up and listen..
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