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  1. So we've waisted 3 years hoping and praying that this kid works out, it is not fair to the team and the coach who is under pressure to play this this kid because of fans and booster wanting this kid to play come hell or high water because of his last name. We all think we have the answers to what plaque Auburn and the answer is simple stop meddling and stay out of the way and let the coaches coach and play the BEST players..
  2. But all of the calls that seem to go Auburn way is not against the big boys of this league, UK,AR, Mizzou, miss schools we seem to get them.
  3. you would think after getting embarrassed by them last year... that's all we saw from the spring into fall camp was the highlight film on espn/sec network how they dominated our line. this should be REDEMPTION TIME BABY!!!!11
  4. That was hog wash, just because our team came out flat against a team that our guys thought that they could just show up and win and they poop the bed doesn't mean we are a bad football team, especially after coming off one of the biggest game thus far on the road that we should have won or put ourselves in position to win it, and now state is the #4 team in the country.. come cublic and ginger give me a break! is Auburn void of some talent yes but they are not as bad as they made us out to be..
  5. Ok DAG, you win,Gus is not at fault for yesterday $hit show, but a win is a win. Gus is no longer the head coach at Auburn, but, I love our new HEAD COACH!!! and i am willing to see the process through. WAR EAGLE!
  6. Dude, we all want Auburn to dominate the opponent, but, sometimes that is not the case, tip your hat to Ga state. Auburn could have very well been in the same boat as Minnesota yesterday, maybe Harsin should have taken a page from Saban and had one of those press conference to send a message to his team to get them focus and motivated... I understand what you are crying about, so, what is your expectation of this staff in year 1?
  7. coaches coach and player play but I'm not going to piss in my pants because we look lethargic, so, what are Clemson fans saying now, FSU, and on and on having some patience will go a long way in helping you cope.
  8. Do you want to seriously compare the mountain west to the SEC we are sandwich in between the 2 biggest giants right now in this league and country, so, base on what Harsin has inherited compared to Avalos is night and day one is a first time coach!! so, I can see some struggles from Avalos, but, Harsin has a total rebuilding job and by the way one coach took over from a coach who was fired and the other one was from a coach who left his program. my point is that the stain from our previous coach has to be clean and scrubbed out before we can start to catch up to our rivals and to be competitiv
  9. you need to decide if you want to turn in your Auburn fan card or grow a set and be patient, as some has stated, Saban lost to ULM in his first year, Kirby has built a monster over in Athens, guess what Auburn did? allowed a in over his head coach to stay here to long while those guy's built monster programs and we are complaining about why we are were we're at.
  10. WRONG!!! Gus is to blame along with this fan base for allowing GUSTVA to STAY here to LONG, these players are undeveloped that's why we see them get man handle at times, our weight room had crime seen tape at the door. GUS made out of Auburn with more money then wells fargo and why? who's fault was that? our recruiting has suffered under him and the powers that be tried to hide it with guess what $$$$$ and we see the results of winning or let's just say beating Saban!! but nothing to show for it. Harsin will get this team and program where it needs to be but a PROCESS is needed and a complete
  11. BO has had 3 FREAKING YEARS????? for the love of you know what man..
  12. Did you not see some deep balls thrown by BO in the first 2 games? he just can not do it in games that matter?!?!
  13. You could be more wrong, have you ever heard of frustration? Seth was in a offensive system that was not wide receiver friendly, and a QB that couldn't get him the ball accurately consistently. Seth has been the target of a lot of Auburn fans because he showed his frustration on the field in which it appeared to be directed toward the fan favorite player.
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