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  1. I think it will have a huge impact on the players as well. They thrive on the energy and emotion of the CFB setting. I feel like it will be like watching A-Day for fans, and playing in an A-Day game for the players. As bad as I want the season to happen, I’m not sure it will be near the same product. I hope I am wrong. A terrible thing for fans, players, and students.
  2. I’ve tried to watch MLB and NBA with no fans. I figured I was so starved for sports I could do it. But I can’t. The safety risk isn’t worth it and turning on the Iron Bowl, or any other game and seeing an mostly empty stadium with cardboard cutouts and sound effects just wouldn’t work for me. I hope they roll it all back to the winter.
  3. I agree with your sentiments. But based on what is happening with MLB, and players opting out of the NFL, CFB this fall is looking bleaker and bleaker.
  4. The 2017 Iron Bowl play where Kerryon injured his shoulder. We would’ve beaten UGA (twice in one year) won an SEC title and made the playoffs.
  5. Auburn consistently plays some of the toughest schedules in the nation. We don’t need to play UNC this year. Let’s let Bama play them and they can swap their BYU game with us.
  6. That has always been the case for many therapies. Physicians find success with products based their anecdotal experiences. But without well designed, well-controlled, statistically sound prospective trials it is impossible to determine causation and correlation, and safety for specific sub groups of patients. Is the success greater or lesser in young vs old, healthy kidneys vs failing kidneys, cardiac healthy vs cardiac disease, racial and gender groups, diabetics vs non diabetics, etc... What is the correct dose and duration of therapy to cause cure vs harm? Legitimate well done and statistically sound trials take months to plan and design, months to recruit for, and months to accurately compile, analyze, and report out the data. I believe what the FDA is doing right now is the right thing: balancing the sense of urgency for creating therapies, while not endorsing wrong products for wrong patients. I’m happy that your friends have had some success for patients, but the FDA cannot risk endorsing a therapy for hundreds of thousands (maybe millions) of patients based on a few or even hundreds of retrospective anecdotal cases.
  7. Strategies and protocols are only as good as they are consistently executed. More testing vs less testing, masks vs no masks, isolation vs herd immunity. It doesn’t matter when you are as divided as our populous is. Nations who have had the best success vs COVID have come together as a society and complied with scientific approaches. While we were making runs on toilet paper and guns. I’m convinced we cannot and will not reach a consensus on a unified strategy to combat this virus and will have this chaos to deal with for a long time. Very sad.
  8. None of us really do. But my perspective is that somewhere between freedoms/rights and mandates is civility. Just doing something because it’s good for the common community. And I really appreciate your medical perspective @DAG I represent a different side of health care and share the frustration of people creating horrible health situations for themselves with bad choices. It illuminates a lot about personal responsibility.
  9. Amen. We still have a lot of people who don’t bother to cover their mouth when they cough or sneeze. Or wash their hands when they use the restroom.
  10. I’m not sure on the recruiting Backstory, but I know Stallings was setting a new tone at Bama and Spurrier was heating up at Florida. Also, I remember after a couple of tough losses in 91 and 92 Dye talking about how much talent he had but how young it was. He may have been right as TB came in and reeled off 20 straight wins with that roster.
  11. I remember the hype around that class when we signed them. Great haul indeed. I always considered Courtney Taylor an enigma in a good way. Nothing about his measurables really stood out but he consistently made great plays and often in the biggest moments.
  12. You have nothing t apologize for in my opinion, and I’m very sorry about what happened to you. Now, to the issue you raised: I’m glad the church does a lot of good and provides a lot of services. And I strongly supported their tax exempt status several years ago. But as I came to know the depth of wealth the Catholic churches are sitting on (I took a trip to the Vatican) and as the Joel Osteen’s and Paula White’s of the world live in mansions and zip around in private jets, its harder and harder to justify the tax breaks or to explain the need for a government handout.
  13. I get that Jimbo is deservedly not well-liked, but this is ridiculous. Players at Bama cruise around in Escalades and Range Rovers and entire families are relocated cross country while parents get jobs and houses. Same system cropping up at UGA and UT. Nothing to see there. But TAMU gets probation for practices running long and incidental recruit contact? Silly.
  14. Lectron Williams and Harry Mose come I mind. I think both of them could’ve had outstanding careers.
  15. Tons of pics with those 2 predators smiling ear to ear with not one, but two US Presidents. “Show me who you’re with, and I’ll show you who you are.” Shameful.