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  1. My post was in response to a question about J’Marion Gooch (UT O line signee) who played high school ball at a small private school in Seymour Tennessee called The King’s Academy.
  2. FWIW, his high school plays really weak competition and they’ve had several recent recruits out of there look great physically, but really struggle to compete at the collegiate level.
  3. He’s in the transfer portal. We certainly haven’t recruited as well as our big rivals, but I wonder how much of our issue at o line has been due to Gus’s offense. It became so predictable I can see where it would make it impossible to block well when the defense knows exactly what you’re doing. Can’t wait for spring ball to see what the new staff thinks as they install their scheme.
  4. On defense, Leota from Northwestern is a great pickup as well in my opinion.
  5. If I’ve learned nothing else about Coach Harsin, I’ve learned that he has extremely high standards of what excellence looks like. If him and Coach Mason want this kid, it’s because they see something special about him. It is refreshing to have a staff this proactive and certain in their evaluations and offers. War Eagle 🦅
  6. Not good news but I’m much more confident in this staff’s ability to navigate the terms more successfully than our previous staff.
  7. Great news. Exciting to see the early impact of our new staff on recruiting. Next step is some early commitments to add to the momentum. War Eagle 🦅
  8. But will he throw to the tight ends? 😎
  9. Shough has 3 years of eligibility, which makes him even more appealing.
  10. Auburn vs. Arizona in 1977. We won 21-10. We ate at a meat and 3 buffet by Toomer’s Corner, then walked over to Jordan-Hare to buy tickets from scalpers for $10 a piece. Key players then were William Andrew, Joe Cribbs, James Brooks, ‘Fast Freddie’ Smith, and James McKinney. The QB ‘battle’ that year was between John Crane and Charlie Trotman. Good times. War Eagle 🦅
  11. Simply put, the political correctness has far exceeded any sense of rationale limits. As a society, we have decided we want to remain in constant conflict with everyone about everything. We are a sick lot.
  12. A tough year indeed my Auburn friend. My heart aches for you and your family. I can feel the love and pride you have for your Bonus parents and wife. Prayers for peace and comfort for you and them.
  13. Byron Cowart too. He was indeed a great recruiter. Hope Eason is too.
  14. Loving me some Coach Harsin and Coach Williams. Getting after it, from coast to coast!
  15. I’ve been waiting for some time for that word, ‘Relentless’ to be associated with our recruiters. So happy to see it recognized by recruits now. What makes this true about Auburn compared to other schools?
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