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  1. Gowebb11

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    The fact that our coaches didn’t know is ridiculous. But I can’t let go of the fact that in SEC football, a mom is contacting the coach about playing time instead of the player, especially in mid-season. That’s equally ridiculous.
  2. Gowebb11

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    Your second scenario is exactly what I heard Skip Hotlz predict while he was coaching at LaTech. Several years ago, he predicted the Group of 5 would soon be once farm systems for the Power 5. Seems to be headed there.
  3. Gowebb11

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    Free agency is already here. It is becoming more and more like the Wild West. Coaches coming and going, players coming and going, players driving Escalades and entire families being moved across country, and selective enforcement of the number of coaches and staff members. Grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.
  4. Gowebb11

    Locker room dissension

    I was convinced Gus had lost the team, and I too wondered about the health of our locker room and team chemistry. The positive events of the past couple of weeks show that I was almost certainly wrong. I hope we can sustain the recent momentum into spring and the offseason. That said, I have been saying for some time that AU deserves better than Crepea and Marcello as beat writers. They lack professionalism. The good news for me, is that after the Cam saga, I decreased my reading and talk show listening about 90%. I quit watching SEC Network talk shows, never listen to Finebaum, and only watch ESPN Gameday to read the funny signs. I just turn on the TV at kickoff time. I’ve enjoyed CFB a lot more since then.
  5. I do not think we need to pursue T.J. Gus has 4 scholarship QBs on the roster, all 4 recruited and signed by him. Two of them, JG and BN, he has been recruiting since they were in the 10th grade. He has been granted a contract extension, taken back play calling and OC duties, and has a roster of QBs he selected. He needs to have at least one of them ready to succeed next year, or he needs to be fired.
  6. I watched about half of Buffalo’s bowl game, which is a very small sample size. Physically, T.J. is quite the specimen. Very large man with a cannon of an arm and very athletic. I was not impressed by the way he carried himself though. Seemed to stay frustrated at teammates and a lot of eye rolling when things broke down. This is before I had any idea he was transferring. Again, a very small sample size of a mans football career and maybe my perception was wrong.
  7. Gowebb11


    Agreed. I really believe he hurt himself more than helping by leaving HS a year early.
  8. Gowebb11

    article: noah cain on tigerland

    It was reported on another site Cain had us no better than 3rd. I believe we are going to be very happy with DJ Williams.
  9. Gowebb11

    Gatewood in only

    I’m going to reserve judgement on all of our QBs until they’ve had another spring and fall to develop, then play in a game as the starter with he full compliment of talent around them. I’m not writing any of them off based on late game mop up duty, when they’ve only had a handful of snaps. I love MW as a runner, JGs all round athleticism, and I still think Cord Sandberg could be a special talent. Throw in Nix as one of the nations top high school QBs, and we have 4 with great potential. Whoever it is, is going to have an improved O-line, a solid core of RBs, and some excellent WRs. Beat the Ducks, and WDE!
  10. Gowebb11

    Oregon - 1st game of 2019 season

    Mario Cristabol is one of the best at that.
  11. Gowebb11

    2019 O Line Recruiting

    The year by year rundown you provided is frightening in terms of our staff’s ability to think strategically. Recruiting numbers should be planned out at least 2 years in advance but it’s like our staff plans only for the here and now. Thus, over reliance on grad transfers. If I were ADAG, I would hold a meeting with our current coaching staff and point stuff like this out. It is part of the ‘CEO’stuff that Gus dislikes so much, but it’s basic management 101.
  12. Gowebb11

    New approach in bowl preparation

    I’m in ‘Show me’ mode on our level of prep. I was let down last season, after hearing Gus and our players talk about how fired up and ready they were. A win in this bowl and a good offensive showing would help shift some of the negativity back to some optimism.
  13. Okay, so substitute ‘a lot of our time’ for ‘all of our time’. Point still stands that we will have 2019 and 2020 to work on instead of just 2020.
  14. Taking it a step further, the schools that locked down most of their signees yesterday, can devote full time and attention to next years class, getting a jump on us as we spend all of our time trying to close out this year’s class. It’s a cycle we are in that we really need to get out of.
  15. Gowebb11


    I agree that we are very predictable, but really most teams are. UGA and LSU aren’t running complicated plays or schemes, but if you run what you run with better talent than you’re lined up across, it usually works. Gus’s plays worked against UAT and UGA last year because of Kerryon and a competent line.