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  1. At the highest levels of every major sport, measurables matter. A lot. The greatest example of that for me was a much maligned linebacker we had just a few years ago, who was 6 feet tall, but whose arms were those of a a person 5'9". He could bench press 400 pounds and was a high school tackling machine, but a bust for us. I zeroed in on him every play for the Miss State game his senior year and it was sad. They would send someone out to block him and all they had to do was extend their arms and hold the center mass of his jersey and because of his short arms, he was helpless to shed blocks. His effort was great, but physics won every time. We are recruiting at a high level, just not high enough to consistently compete with Bama right now Example: Bama signs a 4 star safety who is 6'2" and 210 out of high school. He has the wingspan of a guy 6'3 and runs a 4.4 forty . We sign a 4 star safety who is 6' and 175 out of high school. He has a wingspan of a guy 5'11" and runs a 4.5 forty. Over the course of four years and an 85 man roster, little things add up.
  2. On a positive note, I can't remember when AU has had this many solid OL options when factoring talent, depth, and experience. Several of our 'next' 5 could start at other SEC Schools. It comes at the perfect time, because I want Mr Stidham to finish games with a clean uniform. Now if we can create a similar dilemma in our secondary.
  3. It's kind of personal for me I guess. When Lou Holtz threw an AU helmet across the set because Gene Chizik was turning down their interview request, I lost a lot of respect for them. If that had been a Notre Dame or Bama helmet, he would have been fired. Back on topic, It will be a true test of ESPNs leadership to see if they can remake themselves to thrive under very different conditions than existed years ago.
  4. I realize a lot of their issues are around more customers cutting the cable, but I also think there is some ESPN fatigue. I don't think ESPN is going under, but like many great organizations I believe they have strayed from their original business model. They we built on 24/7 sports events, intermingled with Sportscenter updates and highlights. They slowly morphed into 24/7 talking heads, intermingled with occasional sporting events. Lately they have even moved into some politically based themes. If I want to spend my time listening to guys sitting around arguing with each other or pushing some kind of agenda, I have about twenty channels to to choose from. They need to return to broadcasting sporting events and delivering highlights and updates.
  5. On topic, I think Martin is a perfect fit for this offense and I am increasingly liking our chances. Off topic, I am as excited about the potential of Jordyn Peters as any recruit in this past years class.
  6. On paper the OM offense is dangerous, but they still have an ineffective running game. They are also going to be down on talent and depth on defense, with a new DC. They will be able to strike quickly, but that catches up with you when you keep putting a shaky defense on the field.
  7. I'm a big fan of Steele and the stability he has brought. I believe we could improve upon last years performance as players have more time in the system. Our defensive line could be one of the leagues best in my opinion. Need to tackle better at LB and improve at rushing the passer.
  8. In fairness, GT was 124th in passing yards this year while we were 109th. Just having fun with this one. I know all of that is going to change big time in 2017. (And I would like to have Mr Jackson on the Plains)
  9. CCL's innovation, coupled with the wisdom and experience of Borges should create a very formidable offense. And we have the talent at all positions to exploit the whole playbook. Coach Steele's defense should be rock solid again and we have the best kicker in college football. Can't wait for kickoff! WDE
  10. We do seem to have a lot of guys that 'almost commit' this time of year.
  11. BOOM, Post of the year. WDE
  12. I quit watching the talking head shows for sports, including ESPN several years ago. That includes Gameday and Finebaum. I simultaneously quit listening to politics on talk radio. I can't begin to explain how much happier and more positive I have been.
  13. As a football fan, I am eager for this great player to be with the team in the fall. As a dad to two teenage sons, I pray that whatever is keeping KD from football is resolved soon with great peace, health, and happiness for him. The latter is much more important.
  14. KR should be Braden Smith. Who would want to hit that head on?
  15. Good article. First, kudos to BT for protecting Casey until he's fully healthy. Regarding today's pitchers, I believe they are becoming too big and tight. The baseball throwing motion is very unnatural as is. Couple that with kids arms being ground down in youth leagues, and pitchers who are thicker than linebackers used to be, and bad things are bound to happen. Just my opinion.