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  1. This whole fiasco is so entertaining. All we need now is commentary from funny guys like Spurrier and Leach to add flavor to the discussion.
  2. His size, versatility, and style of play look like a hybrid of Rob Pate and Will Herring. I think he’s an early special team contributor and an excellent player for us in a couple of years.
  3. This kind of garbage tarnishes Nick’s legacy in my opinion. He built his brand on players being bought and had Emmett in place to protect it all. Now he’s crying like a baby because the system is no longer rigged in his favor. And of course not one ‘journalist’ will dare bring that up. TAMU should start circulating the stories and tweets from T Town Menswear, the USC Dodge Charger thread, and DJ Fluker’s “yeah, I got paid at Bama” tweet. The material to retort with is endless.
  4. I never saw that clip. Wow. The other one to look up for Bo was vs Georgia Tech. About 4 guys have the angle on him and he just blows by them.
  5. Brooks and Cribbs and Andrews in the same backfield with tear away jerseys was so fun to watch.
  6. Agreed. Most baseball announcers in todays game talk way too much and too often. I find myself increasingly muting them.
  7. @ZeekIs JJ Evans still on the team? I see him listed on depth charts but never hear anything about him otherwise. Agree 100% on Friend. He seems to have a solid rep as a recruiter everywhere he’s been until AU. He should give back some of his pay or something.
  8. I’m fine with UA gear in general. But the Auburn selection is pretty slim and hard to find from a fans perspective.
  9. Also interesting that Big Kat, Truesdell, and Newkirk went undrafted as well. Player development over the past few seasons has been bad. It’s hard to be a consistent winner and to sell a program with that kind of reputation.
  10. The difference is at least Vandy can just blame recruiting. Our previous staff was bringing in top 10 classes and failing to develop them. Pitiful.
  11. Conceptually accurate, but wages and CBAs are for employees and at least for now the players aren’t employees. Yet another aspect of the NIL that is problematic. It’s a poorly thought out mess and I’m not sure how it gets better anytime soon.
  12. Excellent all round team. Gonzalez needs to be on the short list for major pitching awards.
  13. Our staff needs to make some quick and memorable impact in these visits the next few weeks.
  14. Bingo. Our rivals routinely bring in 4-5 each year. Gus would bring in 1-2, then 1-2, then hit JUCO for some 270 pounders. It has put us in a hole that’s hard to dig out of.
  15. Disclaimer: I know it’s just a spring game. But Geriner played like a guy who has been very well coached in high school and has a high football IQ. He has a very high ceiling in my opinion. Ashford looked like a playmaker, capable of giving a defense a lot to prepare for. Finley did not look improved from last fall. He and Calzada better show a lot this summer or Ashford and Geriner will pass them on the depth chart come fall.
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