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  1. It’s happening at the high school level now, with players opting out and transferring. I can’t imagine being a coach and trying to foster a ‘team first’ culture at any level now.
  2. That’s a slippery slope in my opinion. If that’s his reputation, what does it say about AU and Harsin for hiring him?
  3. This is strange. I’ve heard Friend be referred to as a top notch recruiter for years now.
  4. Anders Carlson: why am I not getting to play as much as I used too?
  5. Agree. Gus actually connected well with recruits and I believe CBH will too.
  6. I wonder how Finebaum rated Gus’s charm and charisma. 😅 Seriously, I agree that CBH doesn’t have an electric personality but I think he has a lot of charisma as a leader.
  7. How well did this evidence work for NC State when they got sent home from the CWS?
  8. I remember a different version. Texas flaunted their Longhorn network and tried to extort TAMU and the rest of the Big 12 into being their servants. TAMU gave them the middle finger, came to the SEC and increased their national relevance. Now UT is floundering. TAMU plays an SEC West schedule and shouldn’t play Texas, who plays a pathetic Big 12 schedule. In my opinion that’s not pathetic, it’s smart and good business.
  9. I can relate. We had some shots given in Desert Storm and it wasn’t a real democratic process. 😅
  10. They’ve been doing that for years already. Except it was cars and jewelry instead of a million bucks. Now we (or certainly Texas or TAMU with their money) can say come here and start and make a million bucks or go to Bama and make a million on the bench.
  11. Some very well documented activities and traits of college football players: Obesity, unprotected sex, drinking, smoking pot, ramming your head into a moving 300 pound target, squatting 500 pounds, benching 400 pounds, running sprints in 90 degree weather, taking excessive amounts of protein, being shot up with all kinds of pain killers in the medical tents, etc, etc, etc. All of the above implies all kind of risks, short and long term. Example: diabetes, STDs, concussion, CTE, heart failure, renal failure, herniated disc, etc. Seems to me a scientifically studied vaccine might not be the
  12. Nobody knows for sure. Bama, Clemson, OSU, UGA, and Oklahoma are reeling off 12 win seasons and Playoff appearances at crazy rates. How can they get richer? This could resurrect programs like Miami and Oregon (Nike) into national players again. It could also elevate the super rich like TAMU, Texas, USC, UCLA, and Michigan. AU needs to get real creative real fast.
  13. This is true and it will change the game. On the other hand, it really doesn’t give Bama an advantage in this regard: They are already at a ceiling for recruiting and have been for years. The pitch of “come here, win natty and make millions in the NFL” has been trumping everyone else anyway. Creative use of the NIL might actually put other teams on a more level playing field.
  14. Some might argue that the move to hire Harsin and not Steele was an Alpha move by our AD, and everyone not falling into line is the problem.
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