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  1. I don't doubt that played a role. I just think there is a bigger picture to look at and acknowledge. We are winning 7-8 games a year and producing 4 or 5 draft picks a year. Bama is competing for national titles and churning 5 or 6 1st and 2d round draft picks a year. A recruiter can only do so much. Winning big consistently and putting guys in the league wins the day. T Will can help in Mobile but he can help more after a series of big seasons and NFL drafts
  2. This isn't a Kodi issue. Bama is on an unprecedented run of dominance. Auburn is on a run of inconsistent mediocrity. Saban has a staff of relentless recruiters. We have a staff of solid recruiters. AU better start winning more games and recruiting with more intensity because Saban is going to keep on keeping on.
  3. I love that our coach and AD are providing theses forums for our players. It helps foster a great environment and a strong culture. Regarding Mr. Riggins, he was one of many players at AU during my time there who demonstrated excellent character and made great lives for themselves beyond football. I had the pleasure of going to class with players like Tommie Agee, Alvin Briggs, and Ron Middleton. Those guys represented AU well, on and off the field. They are high caliber men and I hope this program puts as many as possible in front of our current players.
  4. It's hard to believe we've created an entire industry based on speculation of where kids might play football, but we've sure done it.
  5. I know it's probably a misperception on my part, but it seems rare for a top tier recruit to say AU is recruiting him the hardest.
  6. All this talk of looming Championships is sexy, but we need to prove we can win more than 7-8 games and beat UGA and Bama first. Whether our QB is Cam or JS or Fields, Gus has a lot to prove and needs to start winning big this year. Then he needs to rinse and repeat next year. WDE
  7. I understand your anger, but look at if differently. Nothing Coach Dye or anyone else can say about Auburn can take away the love and pride I feel for my alma mater. We have a great tradition in every sense. But when it comes to winning more games, having more SEC and National Titles, and being a more recognizable brand nationwide, Dye is correct. That doesn't mean we cannot have, or have not had great success in football. We have more football tradition than Ole Miss and Mississippi State. That is fact. It doesn't mean they don't have great traditions of their own. The thing about the whole discussion is that tradition is based on history. The thing for AU to focus on is creating a more powerful present and future. WDE.
  8. Two things. One, This is all true. Two, it highlights the problems with our football program the past few years: Inconsistent and chaotic. We can only hope this is the year we move past it all and begin a long run of consistently strong seasons. Can't wait for August.
  9. Weygand was a talent, for sure. I played against him in high school (though not very well) and he was deceptively fast.
  10. Teams best player and team leader walks away from the team. The level of drama and head scratching mystery in AU athletics is ridiculous.
  11. Coach Dye turned East Carolina into a winner when they had abysmal resources. Then he went to Wyoming and won. Then he inherited an AU program on probation and mired in an 8 game Iron Bowl losing streak. He proceeded to win one third of the SEC Championships during his 12 year tenure, winning 6 Iron Bowls including 4 in a row. Along the way he coached a Heisman winner and had a winning record against Bobby Bowden. So, yeah he could coach. As far as keeping his mouth shut, I would agree with you if he told a lie. He didn't. When he spoke of tradition he wasn't referring to school pride or Tiger Walk or the pregame Eagle flight. He was referring to games won and Championships won. Bama is way ahead of us in both. That fact doesn't diminish my love for Auburn or pride in my school in any way. Being an Auburn fan is way bigger than that. War Eagle!
  12. He's right about the tradition part. And he is right about competing against them. We are 9-8 vs Bama this century, and dead even since Dye arrived or Bear retired. Tubs was 7-3 vs them, and Saban is 7-3 vs us. We compete with them quite well over the past 4 decades. They are enjoying their greatest run and we've played for two National Championships during it. We will be back on top again, and soon. WDE!
  13. Great points. As hard as it may be to believe, Auburn is 9-8 versus the tide this century, and pretty much dead even since Dye arrived. An easier path for AU greatness is to stop losing ridiculous games to UGA and teams from Mississippi and Arkansas. Do that and we will be a regular contender in the vaulted SEC West.
  14. Maybe we aren't getting more elite RB talent because we aren't competing at an elite level. Consistently making the playoffs and playing for national and conference titles is a lot more intriguing for most kids than 7 and 8 win seasons. AU needs a championship contention season, followed by another, followed by another. Gus has the roster, now he needs to deliver. WDE!
  15. I respect that perspective, and I know this is an issue that all of us have strong opinions on. My perspective is twofold. First, having to sit out a year is penalty enough for his choice to leave. Second, coaches should be held to the same standard they expect of teenagers. They break commitments to kids and schools all the time, usually without any penalty at all. Just my opinion.