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  1. That is a fair and admirable stance on your part, in my opinion. The OJ trial taught me that these types of trials produce an amazing number of twists and turns and are unpredictable. Plea bargains come into play as well.
  2. All this speculation and opinion makes for good reading. Thankfully this will ultimately be decided by a judge, lawyers, and jury and not a message board.
  3. I stand corrected and apologize that I have mis-represented your point.
  4. Ok, procedure not policy. I would love to have a police officer explain how having a knee in someone’s neck while that person is prone helps get them to their feet.
  5. If someone is choking you out, and I’m sitting on your legs am I not aiding? Not quibbling with you, but I think a good lawyer has plenty to work with.
  6. That’s interesting, and needs to change in my opinion. I would be curious to know if they have that policy in place for all situations and crimes or just some? Is the misdemeanor arrest for shoplifting treated the same as a felony arrest for armed robbery and is that technique applied uniformly whether or not the suspect is resisting? I hope all of these policies get reviewed as a result of this tragedy.
  7. If you were on the jury and these charges stand, would you vote to acquit due to the technicalities you’re pointing out?
  8. Sadly, I think we know what would’ve happened if a black person in the crowd had tried to stop it. It would’ve been forceful and ugly.
  9. Kneeling in silence is not aggressive. Strapping a semi-automatic rifle to your back and parading around a state Capitol on the other hand might be construed as that. The difference in how our citizenry and media portray those different scenarios: Race. Period.
  10. Colin Kaepernick tried to calmly and peacefully speak to our nation, and his career was destroyed for it. There are way too many people who aren’t interested in listening, much less understanding.
  11. My opinion was the the protests themselves might not have happened, or happened to a lesser extent if an arrest happened sooner. Just my opinion. Once something that big ignites, there is little that can be done to rein it in.
  12. The chaos and destruction of the past few days would likely have been avoided if the officer would’ve been arrested within hours of the crime. But “officials” told us we had to have “all of the information” and “wait until a thorough investigation” had occurred. Yet a protester was arrested immediately last night for attempted murder for allegedly throwing a Molotov cocktail at cops. There truly is a huge double standard a and hypocrisy in our justice system and it’s beyond time to change it.
  13. Poorly worded on my part. I just don't believe we need as many degrees and caveats for murder. I would prefer a smaller menu for the purposes of charges.
  14. Absolutely in a court of law. Unfortunately, there’s no difference to the guy murdered. I wish our courts saw it a little more clearly.
  15. Agreed. I’ve been on the other side of this argument until the past few years. There are certainly good cops, but there are a lot more bad seeds than we like to believe. A few days ago in our local Kroger, a small woman was being arrested for apparently shoplifting. She was no threat to anyone and not resisting in any way. There were 4 deputies present and three cars all with sirens flashing. They they could have walked her to a patrol car in 30 seconds but kept her handcuffed inside the store for about 20 minutes. Overkill at its finest.