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  1. And T-Rob’s D is giving up about 10 more points a game than we are.
  2. I would only add that message board negativity is not unique to Auburn. There are 130 FBS schools and on any given day, about 120 of them are negative and want their coach fired. I would advise my son like this: assume football ends for you tomorrow, where do you want to live and go to school the next 4 years, and don’t make any decisions from strangers on a message board.
  3. Gowebb11

    Serious discussion

    FWIW, Bryant vs Bama in the Nat’l Championship game: 18/36 50% completion, 124 yards, 3.4 yds per attempt, and 2 picks. His stats against ranked teams are consistently average.
  4. Gowebb11

    Serious discussion

    As a fan myself, what I’m trying to say to other fans, is keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll keep getting what you’re getting. Bring in a transfer QB and every few years you’ll get lucky and have a big season. Or, do what Clemson did and restructure your culture and have detailed strategic plans for recruiting, player development, facilities, and coaching approach. That’s what Dabo and their AD have done there, and look at the results. Clemson was led by Tommy Bowden for 10 years, and they failed to win 10 or more games all 10 years. While they weren’t nearly as inconsistent as AU, they were known for ‘Clemsoning’, failing on the big stage when games mattered the most. They consistently underperformed against expectations and talent. Dabo came in, built a solid foundation and his 4th year won 10 games. Since they have have won 10 or more in 7 straight seasons and have been completely dominant that past 5. Now they are recognized as a dominant national power, while we finish in the bottom half of the SEC West more often than the upper half. It can be done at AU, but our decision makers have to build it strategically on the right foundation.
  5. Gowebb11

    Serious discussion

    I’m ready for Auburn to get right at every level, and quit seeking quick fixes. From our University Pres., to the AD’s office, to our coaching staff, the cycle of inconsistency has gone on for too long. I wish KB well if he comes, but I would prefer more permanent solutions to our issues.
  6. Gowebb11

    Secondary school

    Agreed. There’s always been a question about whether or not Leach would be able to do what he does in the SEC. I’m not sure either way. But given the mess we have, at least it would be more entertaining to listen to him than Gus. If we are doomed to mediocrity for a while, it would be much more palatable with a live wire like Leach at the podium.
  7. Gowebb11

    Tiger Talk

    There’s no doubt. 🍺
  8. Gowebb11

    Tiger Talk

    There’s not doubt. We are going to get the tight end involved more in the future. We had a great practice.
  9. Gowebb11

    RB Dominos

    The irony is just a few years ago we struggled to recruit WRs because of our passing game, or lack thereof. Now we’re loaded at WR, but after putting several RBs in the league, and 9 straight years of 1000 yard rushers, we have to wait for other schools to fill their needs to see who we have left to choose from.
  10. Gowebb11

    Secondary school

    Great thread. I don’t have a team as much as a conference. I really enjoy watching PAC12 games. They have great athletes, have very few plays reviewed, use less timeouts, and just play faster. SEC games are way too slow with way too many interruptions. Also, the announcers don’t talk about Bama all day. Plus the cheerleaders are much above average. 😂
  11. Gowebb11

    Monday or Tuesday after the IB

    I always appreciate positive approaches. But a famous coach once said (I think it was Bill Parcells) “You are what your record says you are.” For very one of the plays referenced above, there is one that could’ve gone the other way. Example: if Darrel Williams doesn’t get a fingertip on a pas on UWs last drive, we lose that game. Our rivals our dominating us and pulling away in talent. Gus has had 6 years, and underperformed in 4. Time for him to go.
  12. Gowebb11

    Leath on Malzahn

    He may not have been involved with the details of the contract, but notice he stayed and collected his paycheck several months after announcing his resignation. If he had walked earlier, we might could’ve had a new AD in place in time to review and impact the process. Either way, it is another poorly handled mess to be cleaned up.
  13. Gowebb11

    Leath on Malzahn

    Agreed. It is long overdue for college football to get these contracts better balanced. Incentives should work both ways. Do XYZ well, and these bonuses and perks come your way. Fail to do these things (ie, losing record in the conference 2 years in a row) and a huge chunk of your buyout disappears. Right now all of these contracts are favoring the coach and agent. It’s an unsustainable business model and is ruining CFB.
  14. Gowebb11

    Leath on Malzahn

    I’m not a fan of last years contract, but I’m fairness to Leath, he didn’t sign up to manage yet another AU football coaching debacle. He’s a leader of a major university, and seems to be doing that part of his job pretty well. To me, it’s yet another JJ legacy, and now Greene’s issue to fix. I’m really ready for AU to be ran like a premier organization and not like a dysfunctional county DMV office.
  15. Gowebb11

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    I think it’s both. But I respect your opinion since you follow it more closely than I do. I would encourage you to read Rob Pate’s article on 247. He touches in depth on both parts of the equation. He makes some great points.