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  1. That’s a great thought but it’s entirely possible Mario will be playing into mid January.
  2. Steele would succeed as the AU head coach. The quality of our defense, in scheme, execution, and recruiting would continue. He is one of the most respected football coaches in the nation. He would hire a very competent offensive staff and stay out of their way. An effective OC and O line coach is all that would (and needs to) change for us to elevate our program. There are other capable candidates, but Steele could and would get it done if chosen.
  3. I would hope that’s the case. I like Fleck, I’m just being devils advocate on how many things have to be considered beyond just who’s a good candidate.
  4. Most of Flecks guys cut their teeth at places like Akron, UTEP, Maine, Western Michigan and have likely never been to Auburn or even an SEC game in their life. I’m just trying to contrast that to retaining all of our defensive staff and bringing in an offensive staff that is selected by a HC who has almost 40 years of networking in the Deep South. Chizik had significant ties to southeast and Auburn. Fleck has none that I’m aware of. Everything is pure speculation for all of us right now, but I hope if we make a move we dig deep into the details like the staff and their backgrounds. Cristobal would be a guy who could probably bring in a more SEC like staff.
  5. Ok. I respect that opinion. New HCs almost always bring most of their current staff. How are you with these guys making up the majority of our staff next year?
  6. We hired Chizik immediately after his 5-19 record. Steele is over 20 years removed from Baylor, and they weren’t set up for success like they are now. One of the great criticisms of hiring Orgeron at LSU (over Tom Herman) was his horrible record at Ole Miss. Coaches mature over time. KS would thrive at AU.
  7. An instant benefit would be his coaching network and willingness to hire the best and most accomplished, not yes men.
  8. I would be much more confident with him running the whole show. He’s much more engaging in interviews and would be more charismatic with the boosters and media. He is secure and confident enough (and well-connected enough) to hire people with stronger resumes and accolades than his, and will put them in a position to do their jobs and succeed. We don't have any of that right now.
  9. I agree with you. This time last year, I was in the ‘it can get worse’ mindset. Now I’ve shifted to this perspective: are there available coaches who could win 8 or more games with this roster and defense? I can think of quite a few guys who absolutely could.
  10. Gus’s offense has certain keys that totally give away running plays. Thats why Jeremy Pruitt spent last years game running up and down the UTenn sidelines yelling out to his defense what was coming, and UGAs safeties were sprinting full speed to the LOS on certain plays. That, and an Oline more on par with the Sunbelt than the SEC makes it almost impossible to run against top SEC teams.
  11. Don’t worry. I’m sure our super charismatic o line coach, being aware of our desperate need for stud recruits, has worked tirelessly to form a tight relationship with JC and his family and will reel him back in. 🤕
  12. Most recruits are much more concerned with the latest songs dropped by their favorite artists or swimsuit pics of some ladies on Instagram than they are football message boards. In fact, I would be concerned about a recruit spending their weekend scanning any free message board, especially one called AUFamily. 😅
  13. Bo is not going anywhere, but our HC needs to. Last night was more proof of why. Bo was at his best vs Oregon late in the game when we went to a hurry up mode. It allows him to be an athlete and make plays. Same for the UF and LSU games, We moved the ball late when we turned Bo loose to make plays. Last night’s 4th quarter was the latest example of that. Lesson: offense works best when Bo can work fast and improvise. Gus is not capable of learning that.
  14. We fans have had enough of the incompetent showings, and Gus looks like he’s on the verge of a nervous breakdown on the sidelines. Not good for either side and parting ways is the only out. At this stage, I really feel like we will be doing Gus a favor by firing him. For me it has moved from a want, to a duty.
  15. Other site said he Whitlow was dressed and not wearing a knee brace.