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  1. Your analysis is a good one. However, one additional thing to consider is how many of those are eventually good enough to play in the NFL. According to an NFL site I checked, LSU as 47 players in the NFL compared to our 34. That's about a 33% difference in their favor. Both teams have plenty of talent. The biggest difference I see is LSU averages 3 losses a year to our 5. Pat Dye preached a simple concept. To win championships you have to win the games you're supposed to win and split the rest. Auburn is losing 1-2 games a year they are supposed to win. (UGA comes to mind) 2017 is a good time to start a great run!
  2. More problematic, the other team's Defensive analyst are well aware of these tendencies as well.
  3. It is part of our never-ending super double secret drama that must be an ongoing story in AU football every year.
  4. Well stated Ellitor. If Kodi were our only recruiter I would be concerned but we have a staff of excellent recruiters for him to learn from and I'm sure he will be a quick study.
  5. 3-0 SEC start huge, against the Gators even more so. Way to represent, AU Baseball!
  6. Amazing work by Stat Tiger as usual. I would be interested to know how we stand with those stats versus ranked teams as opposed to unranked teams. We put up stellar numbers,vs the likes of Arky State, Arky, and MSU, not so much vs Clem, UGA, LSU, UAT. It's obviously more challenging to put up big numbers against top teams. It just seems like our offenses have struggled versus top DCs like Venables, Aranda, and Pruitt, 2013 being an obvious exception. I feel we can break that trend this season. WDE
  7. Exactly right. Between depth charts,coaching changes, coordinator/lead recruiter changes a lot happens year to year. Fortunately BN has a dad in the know to provide the right guidance. WDE.
  8. Not being an insider, I have no idea what did or didn't happen in Mobile. But if a rookie SEC coach was assigned as our lead recruiter in an area as important as Mobile, I have to question the wisdom of our head coach in that decision.
  9. War Eagle AU-24. I've enjoyed the exchange of perspectives.
  10. I hope you are right and Gus is an incredible developer of QBs. In the 5 games versus Clemson, TAMU, LSU, UGA, and Bama we scored a total of 4 TDs. We are going to need more than that if we are going to contend for the SEC West. I'll gladly trade recorded setting QBs and 5 loss seasons for stability at QB and title contention.
  11. My adventures were limited to running out of gas in my piece of crap '74 Mustang and duct taping my trailer windows in Gentilly every winter. Who knew transporting unconscious bodies in your trunk was an option?
  12. This whole thread makes me feel like I had such a boring Auburn experience.
  13. Good points,all. Note my original post specified "in this league". I'm not impressed by Conference USA or Sunbelt records. Chris Todd put up good numbers for an 8-5 team as has Sean. They are good QBs, Newton and Marshall competed for championships because they were able to overcome some of the shortcomings many of us believe exists in our scheme and play calling. You and I may see things differently, but hopefully we agree that this is a good time to hand the reins to CCL and get back to playing for titles. WDE
  14. Let's be the first University start a GoFundMe site for Stadium Renovations. 💰💰💰
  15. You're right, and our offense continued to be far less than the Malzahn offenses of Newton and Marshall. My point is QBs in that system will continue to be limited until we become less predictable and use all of our athletes. . I believe CCL will do that if Gus steps back and lets him. WDE