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  1. I agree. But we don’t have both. We lack the assassins mentality. I’m tired of hearing recruits en masse refer to their recruiter from UAT, UGA, and Bama as ‘all business’ and ‘relentless’ while referring to the AU recruiter as a ‘cool guy’ and a ‘chill dude’. We need more alpha on the recruiting trail. All in my humble opinion.
  2. According to this quote from my post, it seems we are more on the same page than not: “We need a new coach and new staff that replaces our “family vibe” culture with a “relentless pursuit of excellence” culture. Keep doing what we’re doing and we’ll keep getting the results we’re getting. I believe we can do better, much better. ”
  3. I’m speaking to a much bigger point. I’m very aware that we’ve had success with JUCOs and transfers. I’m also aware that the top teams were are trying to contend with aren’t nearly as reliant on them as we are. I’m further aware that we’ve gone more than 30 years without back to back 10 win seasons. There’s no consistency in our program because it is not built on a sound foundation. It is being run in a patchwork fashion and we’re scratching our head wondering why we’re getting patchwork results. It sounds like you don’t believe we can compete on the recruiting front with the big dogs. I belie
  4. I wish Gus would be forbidden from recruiting any transfers or JUCOs for the next couple of years. I’m tired of him patching together a team year after year. Him and his staff need to sack up and stop getting their rear end handed to them for key high school recruits.
  5. Dre Butler finally got a lot of snaps vs OM and collapsed the pocket a lot. Hope he keeps developing.
  6. I would prefer we do what the top tier programs are doing, which is landing top flight high school recruits. Especially those in our own state.
  7. But the tackler could’ve missed, thus the word ‘potential’.
  8. AU had some very favorable calls vs UK, Arky, and OM. On the other hand, UK and OM threw picks in the end zone, Arky had a punt blocked in the end zone, and OM dropped a potential TD pass on their last drive. I love calls going our way, hate when they don’t, but in games of 150 or so plays it’s is never just about one.
  9. I just looked up Joe Whitt Jr. and he has an interesting resume to say the least. 20 years of coaching in college and the NFL, has been a recruiting coordinator, and has extensive NFL Experience with 3 different teams. Knows AU very well, but has been gone long enough to be able to come in with a fresh approach. Does anyone know if there would be mutual interest?
  10. Saturday is very telling in my opinion. The players frustrations seemed to be at an all time high last weekend. They have to be hearing the ‘fire Gus’ noise. Players who want to protect their coach will fight their tales off and be unified. Players who are ready for their coach to go? The effort, attitude, and unity (or lack thereof) we see this weekend will tell the story in my opinion.
  11. I appreciate your support of Elliot. I knew little about him but researched him after your recommendation and his resume is indeed eye catching. I hope he’s on our short list for sure.
  12. FWIW, the article is free now. I just read it. Interesting that he points out how complicated and difficult the Auburn job is and how no big time proven coach would want the job. But tell that to Bruce Pearl. For years we’ve heard about AU being a football school and that we would never be a force SEC basketball, much less the national basketball landscape. Yet there we are with Bruce. NCAA tourneys, Final Fours, beating the blue bloods, 5 star recruits, players and the team getting better. Bruce made the unthinkable a reality. Strong leaders can do that. Dye did it in football. He changed our
  13. At some point it crosses over from not getting someone better, to why keep paying this guy to run the program into the ground. We’ve officially passed that point.
  14. Agree. Pappoe and McClain are warriors but are undersized and playing almost every snap. That caught up with them in the 4th quarter this past week and is going to wear them down eventually.
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