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  1. TAMU looked horrible early, and are obviously lacking in top shelf talent. But Buzz has coached them up well and they are very competitive. Their big man (Nebo?) can be dominant at times.
  2. Our plate approaches look eerily similar to last year. We give good pitchers too many low pitch count innings. Hope Butch can turn that around after this weekend.
  3. UCF could be on their way to a dominant sports program. Highly competitive in the big three sports, located in Orlando, 69,000 students, and tons of money. Impressive what they’ve become in a relatively short period of time.
  4. Of all the sports, baseball has the best set up in my opinion. Sign out of high school and start to get paid immediately (a lot of money for a few, a little money for most). You’re officially a pro and can do what you want. The disadvantage is if baseball doesn’t work out, you're going back to school years later if at all. Or, go to college and not get paid but get 3-4 years of experience and development while working towards a degree. College baseball players cannot complain about not getting paid or owning their likeness because they chose to forego the pro route out of high school. The key to that system is that MLB funds a minor league system. The NFL has the greatest minor league system in the world in CFB and doesn’t pay a dime for it.
  5. Frustrating losses but way too early to make it judgements on this team. Looks like we are much deeper in pitching than last year and that’s huge. I do hope our hitter have less strikeouts today, and work into deeper counts. We cannot afford to go into SEC play letting opponents Aces get into the 6th and 7th inning on low pitch counts like we did last year.
  6. All true, but I would add this. While the NCAA was dropping the hammer on him, it was discovered that they were selling and profiting from his jersey from their palacial facilities. The hypocrisy is what brought us here.
  7. I agree with your post, but CFB has been an amateur sport in name only for several years. At some point we transitioned from the NCAA making millions to them making billions, from new facilities costing $10 million dollars to costing $80 million dollars, from players getting Mustangs and Camaros to players getting Escalades and parents getting houses. Emmett is doing what he has to do before it is done in court for him.
  8. SEC banners, Final 4s, beating bluebloods, and first round draft picks. My how times have changed for AU basketball. WDE and WDBruce!
  9. Another recruiter.........err video analyst. 😘
  10. This loss bothered me a ton, maybe because of the way Missouri fans were acting like it was a Final Four game. That said, our first game was November 5th. Being upset after our third loss in 3 and a half months of play is a true testament to how high Coach Pearl has raised the basketball bar at AU.
  11. Excellent article, and great insight into how much energy, charisma, and vision matter for leaders. The most compelling part for me is the noticeable difference in gloom and doom vs optimism and hope. I believe the majority in America are being led to divisiveness by a very loud and vocal minority.