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  1. 2019 4* OT Wanya Morris

    What they’ve planted in his head is another super aggressive recruiter that doesn’t take no for an answer, and tells a kid what they want to hear. We need to start matching the recruiting intensity of Saban/Smart/Pruitt.
  2. Heron

    Heron needs to seriously upgrade his basketball IQ before he tries the NBA. Decision making hurt our team as much as anything down the stretch and MH (and several of his teammates) needs another year to refine that part of his game in my opinion
  3. Can it get any worse?

    I don’t see it that way, especially right now. There is a lot of angst against “fake news” of all sorts. An AD has a responsibility to defend the University. Especially Inferences about cheating of any sort. Even more so when those inferences are inaccurate. Putting a reckless “journalist” in their place is a good thing.
  4. Practice stock report after week 1

    Spring ball ain't what it used to be. Four practices over 7 days, and you figure at least 2 of those were shorts and t shirts deals. That's followed by a 12 day break. How can you accomplish anything that way?
  5. Gatewood responding well

    Optimally we can redshirt JG. I'm just glad we seem to be off of that "new QB starter every year" treadmill we were on. This is the most talented trio we've had at one time in a long time.
  6. Tucker Brown moves to Center

    Yep. Gray turned out to be a stud.
  7. AU RBs in NFL - Contract News

    If it’s post Bowden, you can throw in Rudi Johnson and Heath Evans. Either way, it is an impressive list.
  8. Iggy A Natural At Corner

    I will believe it when I see it. History says there is a cycle to position changes. Coach moves player to fill a depth issue. Coaches and players talk about how smooth the transition is and how comfortable they are at their new position. A few months later, the player gets sent back to his original position and acknowledges how happy they are to be back and how awkward going to the other position was. Iggy is an exceptional athlete and I hope for our sake, and his, that the move works out for him.
  9. You are correct, but two things. One, the lure of the Horns for native Texans is super strong. They’ve had a rough few years, but Longhorn mania is still alive and well in that state. Two, CA is off the charts academically inclined. If the NFL doesn’t work out, he is almost sure to live in Texas and having a degree from both Rice and UT would open any door in that state.
  10. 2018 NFL Combine

    Agreed. Kerryon has a lot of skills but his vision, decision making, and patience are about as good as it gets.Whoever gets him is going to get one heck of a RB, and a high caliber leader.
  11. Tennesssee adds Grad Transfer QB

    I understand, but it is really bad vs some. AU nation would implode and rightfully so if we ever went 1-21 vs our top 2 rivals.
  12. 2018 NFL Combine

    Not sure if that's it, since he only benched 225 11 reps. Hope he has a great pro day and gets a great draft slot. The funny thing about the combine, is a lot of guys they mention as record holders for certain events, have little to no success in the NFL.
  13. Tennesssee adds Grad Transfer QB

    Their O-line will not hold up vs our D-line. And we are 6-0 vs them this century. This is how bad things have been for UT. In the last 11 seasons, they are 1-21 vs UF and UAT. Good guys win this one big in Jordan-Hare!
  14. Gus's update on spring practice

    I’m still holding out hope for getting Calvin Anderson. He could play LT, Ashley at RT, and Tega is athletic enough to play in the jumbo package and even lineup at TE on occasion.
  15. linebackers should be among team's strengths

    I like our 2 returning starters a lot, and I believe T Will will have his guys ready to play. But I’m very concerned about depth. Two starters, McBryde and Atkinson, plus two untested players. We better hope we stay healthy there, and that’s not easy to do in this league.