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  1. Something UGA did right

    Interesting how Saban initiated the end for Richt, while Malzahn keeps saving coaches jobs. Hopefully we won't be the catalyst for saving Bielema this weekend like we did coach O, but I wouldn't be shocked.
  2. NCM would have 30 catches this year and be a household name if he played for Ole Miss.
  3. Key Difference in Malzahn and Sumlin

    Malzahn and Sumlin share a similar path. Both had a monster season early, engineered a huge upset of Bama, and then went to 8-5 season mode. This season, both have had a close loss to a top tier team and an inexplicable loss. My son is an Aggie so we compare and contrast the programs a lot. One thing he told me before this season, is that while a lot of Aggies were frustrated with Sumlin, almost everyone liked him. I'm not sure a lot of AU fans feel the same about Gus Sumlin is very likable. He's honest and direct at press conferences, takes the blame for losses, and is often witty and engaging with reporters. Gus comes across as sullen and dry. He is evasive with information, and give answers to the press that can only be construed as smart a$$ comments. His latest stunt: no access to the coordinators. You can get away with being crass and guarded as long as you're winning big. When you're not you better hope people like you Gus doesn't seem to realize that I don't know how it will end for either of these coaches. Sumlins likability is putting a lot of Aggies in his corner. Gus's personality is quickly eroding what few advocates he has left
  4. Up 20-0, here's the play chart

    Yes, because the only way we win out and beat UGA and Bama is if they are somehow forced to forfeit. Gus needs to be fired and replace Terry Bowden at Akron when he retires.
  5. Auburn's next Head Coach

    He had two good years there and two not so good. His four year record there was almost identical to Gus's with us. He was 35-17 and 17-15 in the SEC. Most notably, Petrino at Arky was 0-4 vs Bama, 2-2 vs LSU, and 0-1 vs UGA.
  6. TAMU is in an intersteing situation. Their roster is absolutely loaded with freshman and sophomores and Mond is an emerging star. If Sumlin doesn't lay a massive egg down the stretch, he may just be allowed to stay.
  7. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Yes, a top offensive mind as in a great coordinator and play caller. That is different than being a great head coach. That's what has us in this mess. We hired a great offensive mind, who is in way over his head in terms of running a top program.
  8. On a scale of 1-10 what do you consider the current appeal of the AU head coaching job to be? State your case using facts rather than emotions. I'll hang up and listen.
  9. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Petrino has lost 6 of his last 10 games, with a Heisman QB.
  10. Auburn's next Head Coach

    AU is not a real appealing job right now, in my opinion. Yes we have tradition, great fans, fertile recruiting, and recent championships. But a lot of schools have that. We also have a never ending supply of drama in our athletic department and a legacy of meddling boosters, PTB, etc... We have no recent track record of sustaining success for any extended period of time. Throw in an inept AD and having to keep pace with Saban and few coaches would be willing to take that on. Guys like Chris Petersen, David Shaw, Mike Gundy, and many others in his thread are used to working in very stable environments built for sustained success. AU doesn't offer that right now. I hate to say all of this, but I believe it to be true.
  11. This Orgeron Quote Tells the Tale

    When I read it, it just popped about how badly we are being out coached.
  12. Here is a quote from a post game interview with Orgeron. It pretty much sums it up. “There was a certain formation that they were giving us,” LSU coach Ed Orgeronsaid. “It’s something we practiced all week, but we just weren’t getting it right. We were going to go to something that would have been different. We decided as a staff to get it fixed. We challenged our team to get it fixed and it worked." Make one adjustment on one formation and you can shut AU down.
  13. Everything aligned. Talent laden roster, accurate and strong armed QB, a stellar and deep defense, and UGA and Bama at home. Gus just took all of that and flushed it down the toilet. He lost a crucial game and a 20-0 lead to Ed Orgeron. We ran the ball on 17 consecutive first downs. How is that even possible to do? Welcome back to the good ole 7-8 win club, waiting to see if we end up in Nashville or Birmingham. There are only 2 choices. Keep living where we are. Or fire Gus and start over. That's a very clear choice for me, but then I'm not the one making the decision. We have an equally incompetent AD doing that for us.
  14. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    AU leads the nation in saving coaches jobs.
  15. ***Auburn vs. LSU -- Game Thread***

    In 2014 we put up over 700 yards of offense versus Bama and lost, because we couldn't throw in the red zone. Some things never change.