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  1. From the draft eligible, I worry about ‘business decisions’ being made. The effort is still there right now but as the season wears on I believe it will lessen.
  2. Yes. Our 2 LBs last night played almost every snap. Same for several of our defenders.
  3. I know the fumble was caused by him, but I remember a play where Robbie was trying to get to the corner and the announcers called out Perkins by name and he was running like a gazelle.
  4. Consider the play where LSUs freshman linebacker Perkins ran our super fast qb down for a TFL, and the play where Ojulari caused the fumble that led to the scoop and score. We have not one LB or edge rusher with those kinds of quicks and closing speed. Those guys could run with our DBs. We have solid, middle of the pack SEC talent, but not close to the top tier of the conference.
  5. The fans are still showing up and creating a great atmosphere. That, plus the opening of the new Football Performance Center should be appealing to HC candidates.
  6. Riley didn’t play last night. Pappoe and Steiner played about 99% of the snaps. Both look slow. Not sure what happened to Joko Willis. One would think as bad as it has been Woodyard would get at least a few snaps.
  7. What’s up with Cam Riley? He hasn’t played tonight but is dressed.
  8. Possibly on winning the playoff . But you’ve got to get there to win it. Which means you have to beat LSU, UGA, Bama, then UGA again the the SECCG. Soon throw in OU and Texas. Meanwhile we’re limping to low tier bowl games, losing to teams from the Big 10 and AAC, and facing a complete rebuild soon. Aranda and Gundy would be crazy to leave their current path for the one we have.
  9. 12 team playoff based on conference champs changes that narrative. Schools like Baylor and Ok St will have a much easier path to the playoff.
  10. Same post in 3 different threads. Creative approach. 😅
  11. I wish him well. He looked spectacular vs the defenses of Eastern Washington and Washington St, not so much vs UGA. Not sure there’s a PAC 12 defense that will be able to handle him.
  12. The substitution rule, plus a legion of analysts dedicated to studying game film and charting tendencies year round. Every offense and defense is subject to be figured out pretty quickly now.
  13. Bedell played o line in the NFL and I was excited that it might help us in OL line recruiting. Obviously didn’t work out that way. 😀
  14. Good point. Makes one wonder why he didn’t pursue the AU job when it was open.
  15. I agree with your expectations but would add more consistency. We have had back to back 10 win seasons once in our history and not since 88-89. That’s unacceptable. While I believe those in power share our vision, they don’t make strategically sound decisions to make it happen.
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