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  1. Ed O has been a train wreck from a character standpoint his whole career. If he was 7-0 right now LSU still wouldn’t care about that. But at 4-3 suddenly it’s an issue they care deeply about it. He should’ve been out of coaching a long time ago.
  2. I saw some of that in 2019, but he was pushed around like he was on roller skates a lot last year. Must’ve been out of shape.
  3. As of this Saturday night, they will also be 1-31 vs Bama and UF over their last 32 meetings. We’ve never came close to that kind of futility vs two rivals at once.
  4. Coffey should be able to come back as a super senior next season since last year doesn’t count.
  5. Partial solution: when a player goes down with an injury, the other 10 players have to go to the middle of the field and take a knee facing the opposing teams sideline. Winded players would still get to catch their breath, but coaches of the injured team could not use the time to communicate with their players in any way. This precludes teams from using the situation as a timeout to coach and discuss strategy.
  6. Dylan Brooks is reported to be super talented (maybe not Clowney level). I am excited to see him and Tobechi Okoli next year.
  7. I agree with this. Saturday we had a 6 man rotation at tackle, with Wooden and Harris, Burks and Fair, and Butler and Pegues. I think they are all playing well, especially Wooden and Harris. Pegues hustles his butt off and is progressing nicely too. It says a lot about our current d-linemen that we are redshirting Dylan Brooks, Lee Hunter, Tobechi Okoli, Ian Matthews, and possibly Marquis Robinson. Truesdell and Newkirk aren’t producing much at UF.
  8. A couple of general observations that may help us contend for the West down the stretch: I thought Killian Zierer played very well at LT. He’s more physical than I thought and seems more athletic than our other linemen. He also has great length and uses it well against defenders. And Oscar Chapman is becoming a weapon as a punter. He’s doing a great job flipping field position. That can be critical vs an offense like OM’s.
  9. Exciting to know we have some ins with a couple of the LSU recruits, but we wont be the only program involved. I’m pretty sure every Power 5 coach in the country is about to make a run for their recruiting class. And for some soon to be transfers.
  10. One thing I wish we would improve on is our D-linemen getting their hands up on pass plays. We’ve had a lot of opportunities to deflect passes but haven’t because hands never went up. Good things happen for the defense when passes get tipped.
  11. I like how no one gets fired anymore. Them and their employer “part ways” or reach a separation agreement”. I can hear George Carlin’s euphemism rant in my head right now.
  12. Urban Meyer might give him a shot 😅
  13. The right boxes continue to be checked for Harsin. He took a new team into a very hostile environment at Penn St and our team played a very clean game against a top 10 team until the final whistle. Harsin’s GaSt was Saban’s La-Monroe without actually losing. He used it to get the team focused to go into a night game at Red Stick and find a way to win. He faced down the number 1 team in UGA and although outmatched in personnel kept it competitive until the fourth quarter. Then he goes to a ranked Arky team in the infamous 11am game and had our team prepared to start fast and finish strong. Alo
  14. Its a great question. Here is my best 2 part answer: 1. Bo is in the category of Michael Jordan and Tom Brady. That level of talent transcends normal standards in almost any example. I pray Harsin starts bringing that level of talent to AU so we can get a real answer to your question. 2. In 3-4 years if Harsin is winning 80% of his games and beating Bama and UGA, no one will care about how hard he is on players or how flexible he is. If on the other hand he’s winning 60% of his games and winless against Bama and UGA he will be fired and people will blame his abrasive personality.
  15. Good, it’s just a focus issue. That means it is controllable on the players part. Should be fixed this week.
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