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  1. He’s really good. If I’m not mistaken, he was the guy who played ahead of Florida’s new starter, Kyle Trask. Apparently that’s why Trask never started in high school.
  2. He was the king of ‘hit and spin’. Always moving forward.
  3. In spirit of the Dabo discussion, there’s no question the path to championships is the SEC (especially the SEC West) is a more arduous journey than in the ACC. But I would pose this about Dabo, from a completely different perspective. I have served in the military and in a fortune 100 company. As many on this board have. I can listen to Dabo or Saban, and picture them as a Colonel, General, Sales VP, or CEO, and know that they would be just as successful in one of those roles as they are their coaching role. I cant say the same for our head coach. Their level of charisma is super high, and their ability to create a long term vision for their organizations is top notch. I like Gus and hope he has great success at AU this year and beyond. But he is not at the same level of the elite coaches in terms of charisma and vision. All in my humble opinion.
  4. Thanks for sharing that video. Very informative. One additional thing I think they could do, is return to bigger shoulder pads. THe ones they use today are amazingly small. I think that influences guys to avoid shoulder tackles, especially on bigger RBs.
  5. Time will tell on Frost, but he has that special swag/charisma factor that is rare. He seems like the kind of guy that will be highly successful regardless of where he goes or what industry he’s in. Ultra-competitive winner. Like you, I would love to see him rebuild Big Red in Lincoln.
  6. Welcome to the party. I deemed it unpresidential to mock a handicapped guy, denigrate a beloved war hero, and to insult a woman’s appearance at a presidential debate. But based on the Democratic candidate pool, he’s headed for a second term.
  7. I’m reserving judgment on this team and Gus and our offense for another week or two. Breaking in a true freshman qb in Jerrys World versus a great Oregon team is not ideal. Throw in WR injuries and it could’ve been disaster. Instead, we did enough to pull it out. Next week we faced a really good Tulane d front and. Kent State was the first chance to slow it down some for Bo and for Gus to take some bigger risks. Our offense might look different if we had opened with tune up games like Vandy, Murray State, and Arky State like UGA has had the luxury of doing.
  8. The article I read said a ‘knee procedure’ and would miss 6 weeks.
  9. I think Sharp did a solid job. I don’t believe either one of the sacks came from his side. It seems like they came up the middle. (Shocker)
  10. And yet now Belichick has made him the backup on the NFLs top franchise. That screams that Gus’s system is messed up.
  11. Congratulations. TCU has a great reputation. My son is a senior at TAMU. He’s had a great experience there and I doubt I’ll ever get him back from the state of Texas.
  12. I’m impressed with the physicality of K States o-line and he way they’ve schemed Moo States offense. Coach Klieman doing a nice job. Kylie Hill is an impressive RB, but he gets up swinging at defenders after every tackle.
  13. Moultry and Big Kat are good players but you can look at their bodies and know they aren’t quick twitch (Dee Ford) types. They are pretty thick. What Steele has been great at though, is knowing when to send a safety in big moments. And they usually get there.
  14. Sounds a lot like Bama’s T Town Menswear setup. 😅