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  1. Gowebb11

    Post-Arkansas -- Coordinators Speak

    A sportswriter addressed it and believes KS was angry at the press over some of their recent reporting.
  2. Gowebb11

    Post-Arkansas -- Coordinators Speak

    The only problem I had with it, is that was the only time Ive seen Gus really light into someone. Perhaps he should be more balanced and get in the ear hole of some of these O-linemen who are allowing penetration and disruption every other play.
  3. We have some DBs who get after the QB when turned loose. Tutt was sent once and forced a hurry, and Sherwood, Peters, and Monday gets to the QB quick. Hope we see more of that. While it wasn’t a blitz, and only one play, Jibunor has great burst off the edge. We need to see more of him on third and long.
  4. Gowebb11

    If you were the coach

    I would get Chip out fo the press box and on the ground so he could communicate with Stidham directly. Grimes would stand by me and greet his O line unit when they came off the field to provide immediate and direct coaching and teaching, chew rears when assignments were blown, insert backups when the same mistake was made twice. If I were Gus, I would also act and look like a confident coach. I would be busy looking for solutions to challenges instead of looking nervous, unsure, and confused. Direct traffic and be the CEO this team needs.
  5. Gowebb11

    Where do you stand with Gus?

    This^^^ When Gus has a running QB, and/or a veteran line, and/or a KJ level talent at RB, his scheme works fine. The problem is, those 3 things only come together every 3-4 years. And his recruiting doesn’t reflect consistency of talent relative to what he wants to do. He needs to grow in the areas of program management more than scheme or playcalling.
  6. Gowebb11

    people feel like a QB change is the fix

    I think a lot of that goes back to routes. Our receivers rarely look like they are running to open space off the line. It almost looks like they are running instead right to where defenders are. And defenses know it. I dont understand it.
  7. Gowebb11

    people feel like a QB change is the fix

    Stidham would throw for 4,000 yard and 30 TDS in Bama or Ole Miss’s offenses. 75% of the passes those teams throws, the receiver is wide open. 75% of the passes thrown in our offense, the receivers are covered up, or double teamed. Kevin Steele is a professional lifetime college and NFL coach and his schemes and adjustments reflect it. Gus and Chip are long time high school coaches and their scheme and adjustments reflect it. But we are stuck with them. They better figure it out quickly.
  8. Gowebb11

    Pump The Brakes!

    First, I appreciate your rational post. We still have a lot to play for and I’m sure we will continue to improve. But committing to the run is not enough. You have to have coaches and coordinators who recognize schemes and make adjustments on the fly. Last night, Arky had a defensive end crashing into the backfield from the backside on every play. He disrupted our runs time and time again. What adjustment did we make? None. No new formation, no jumbo package, no extra blocker. It was as if our coaches had no awareness. If that was a one time event, it would be one thing. It wasn’t. It is happening game after game, season after season. As a result, we have a QB known to have an NFL arm that looks as confused and lost last night as the other QBs who have regressed in our system. Heck, we couldn’t even call plays in right. At home, against an outmanned opponent. We are head to a finish somewhere between 10-2 or 8-4, and the outcome wont be determined by player will or talent. That is there. It will be determined by where our offensive staff steps up and coaches like they are in the SEC as opposed to high school.
  9. Gowebb11

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    Thank God for Kevin Steele and his warriors.
  10. Gowebb11

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    There are no words....
  11. Gowebb11

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    High schools have more complex offensive schemes than ours. This is pitiful.
  12. Gowebb11

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    Thousands of people watching this game, and everyone of them (except our coaches) sees the Arky DE crashing down every play to take away the run.
  13. Gowebb11

    Texas A&M at uat

    Few are. I dont know how their fans are engaged at all anymore.
  14. Gowebb11

    Texas A&M at uat

    Maybe, but he’s doing a heckuva lot better against them than Ta’amu. Bama defenses do this to a lot of QBs.
  15. Gowebb11

    Jalen, Nate And JM gone now.

    He was right. UCLA lost a backup QB yesterday. The waiver wire will have some activity in the next few days.