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  1. He will do like every other coordinator with that roster: great.
  2. I still chuckle when I think back on the Cam Back. When Bama was up big, Gary Danielson cued up his side by side pic of Saban in his Dolphin cap by Gus in his high school cap to illustrate the pro outclassing the amateur. I’m sure he had waited for that moment all week. Except Gus and AU wrecked his plans. Gave me an even greater disrespect for Gary. War Eagle 🦅
  3. Collectively I think we will be better, although I think Tank is a special talent. Hunter shined down the stretch and Alston has a unique shake and bake to him. Adding Battie and Cobb provides excellent depth. Oh, and we may actually have a competent o line.
  4. Losing guys like Okoro, Jabari, Kessler, and Cooper is difficult to do without stepping back a little. It’s a first world problem I never thought I would have to ‘endure’ for AU Basketball. This team turns the ball over too much and not getting much from Traore and Westry haven’t helped. I’m confident Bruce will get us right and play better down the stretch, and put us in yet another NCAA tournament.
  5. Amen. I knew of soldiers who suffered bad consequences for mishandling documents. I want our Commanders in Chief to lead to the standard they expect others to follow.
  6. I did this for a living for a while at the highest level. What classified at any level means: protect and store properly. You don’t store them in a shoebox at your home. These guys have 24/7 staff members to help them with this and should know better and do better. I wish they would set a better example.
  7. I handled classified documents at the highest level during my military service without mishandling them. One, I handled them the way I was trained. Two, I don’t think I’m above the law. Unfortunately, our political class on both sides are convinced they are above the law and act accordingly. We are much closer to being a monarchy or oligarchy than a democracy.
  8. Two of the most underrated aspects of recruiting are momentum and competition. This staff is excelling at both. Imagine coming to AU for visit and seeing 200 other recruits. If you like what you see and want to be a part of it, you better jump or your spot may not be there later. For too long recruits have been comfortable slow playing Auburn. I will be surprised if our recruiting class is not mostly full by the fall. The days of having only 10 or 12 commits in November are behind us. Very excited for the future. WDE 🦅
  9. Yes but he was injured early in his senior year and could’ve taken a medical redshirt.
  10. Kam Pettway KJ Britt
  11. I love the fact that more than a few coaches on this staff recruit. Last staff seemed to leave it up to 3 or 4 coaches.
  12. You’re very correct. That said, we have a full 2 years to work this one. A lot can change between now and then.
  13. I do agree with @Cardin Drake I meant to respond to @AUwent That’s what I get for posting without my glasses. 😅
  14. Just my opinion, but this borders on QAnon level.
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