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  1. Unless you’re UGA football or LSU basketball. 😏
  2. What pops with this one is his production. This guy creates impact In multiple ways. WDE 🦅!
  3. As Pay Dye once said, “Hindsight is 50/50.” Or was that Yogi Berra……or George W. Bush……
  4. I hope we get Finley. He has huge upside. Regarding Bo, he has frustrated many but I think it’s very unfair to give up on the guy. Especially now that he’s being coached by Harsin and Bobo. Burrow and Trask are two recent examples of QBs who didn’t begin to flash their best football until their junior and senior years.
  5. Hopefully DD will win a Heisman at AU and make millions in the NFL. The league can worry about his height and hand size. But for now he is at Auburn so selfishly I don’t care about either. Just be a highly productive player, win a ton of games, and be a good leader. His hands are plenty big enough to do that. Also, Shaun Shivers and Jonathan Jones are not too short and Peyton Barber is not too slow. WDE 🦅
  6. Agree. Hopefully his issues are well in his past and he reaches his full potential. How long before the “Texas is back” talk starts? 😊
  7. Why do you believe that? Washington 34-29, 24-21 in conference, and USC 12-6. I believe he is a good coach and hope he overcomes his addiction issue, but his resume doesn’t warrant a #1 hire in my opinion. Time will tell for all of these hires though.
  8. The season can’t get here quick enough!😅
  9. May be too early to tell. He was a true freshman thrown into a starting role with no spring training, and a roster very depleted from the previous year. At times he looked like a freshman, but at times he looked like a guy with a huge upside.
  10. If we’re are pursuing this guy, maybe it’s not to unseat Bo in 2021. Harsin is already showing that he’s looking at the roster beyond this season. He’s looking further down the road. That’s not exactly something we’re used to. Finley might not come her to be #2 next this season. But he might come here to ultimately play for a staff with a reputation of developing QBs and preparing them for the NFL, which Bobo and this staff have a track record of doing. Sound like they’re selling that to recruits. Better talent = more competition = better program.
  11. This statement is more inspiring than you know @Zeek. Strategic roster management: this staff seems to get it and it is another reason I expect them to succeed.
  12. Hope we get him. Would be nice to have a guy who has been in Masons system. He could help teach his teammates. Also, he’s apparently a great kick returner.
  13. I noticed how he was getting pushed around and off the ball early in the season and early in games. (I’m not a coach so that is just my observation and opinion) I don’t think it was depth then. I still remember when he signed him, Garner singled out his strength. And I saw that up until last season. I’m sure going through spring and knowing this is his money year we will see his best.
  14. Agree. Truesdell is super strong but he looked very out of shape last season and it showed in his play. I hope this new staff and increased competition can help him elevate his game. We need his leadership and experience this season.
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