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  1. Final 4 in basketball, CWS in baseball, and deciding between two stud QBs in football. First world 🌎 issues. WDE🦅
  2. Plus he knows it’s Auburn University.😄
  3. I’m no insider, just a fan with an opinion. Seems to me of the pledges are there we should move forward. If Gus has a great year, he can start selling the new facility to recruits now. If he gets canned, we can use the fact that we’ve broken ground to lure top candidates to the job. We’re stronger selling something underway than selling something that is promised. Do you prefer that we start now or wait until November?
  4. Good points, but I was referring specifically to academic standards. He had very few academic casualties at MSU, but has lost a bunch in a very short time at UF.
  5. A huge amount of Churches decided long ago that the only 2 sins are abortion and homosexuality. Greed, lust, envy, mockery, gluttony, etc....are overlooked. It’s a large reason for my separation from organized religion.
  6. First, I’m not sure why rape and incest is always presented as separate entities. I’ve always felt like if incest is happening, it’s rape. To the original question I believe abortion is an unfortunate necessary evil, and we should make every effort to minimize it through education and birth control. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for causing or sponsoring one. But I hate the idea of a child being brought into the world to be abused, beaten, and neglected. And that happens to far too many children.
  7. Murray was assaulted by Fairley. Of course, UGA ripping the dreads from our players head was perfectly ok. Right....👌🏼
  8. Ordinarily I would agree with you, but we have 2 Freshman: Zero game film on Bo and about 8 plays of tape for JG. Regardless of who Gus names, the Ducks DC has to prepare for all of Gus’s offense.
  9. This thread highlights that Caddy has a lot of options. Whitlow, Martin, and Shivers all have different styles and skill sets. DJ Williams is going to be hard to keep off the field, and Mark-Anthony Richards comes in with great measurables. And Miller gets criticized for a lack of speed, but he comes up with some key touches, usually on third down, and in big moments of big games. Go crazy Cadillac, go crazy!
  10. Good luck to KB at Mizzou. In my humble opinion, Bo Nix has the best all round potential, QB acumen, and pedigree of any QB we’ve had in recent memory. Mentally and physically he seems to have it all. And JG has freak athleticism, and unlimited abilities. With that being the case, I’m glad we’re going with the freshmen, and not the one year option.
  11. Interesting point. How long does a BOT member typically serve? An do they have set terms of service, or are they there for as long as they want to serve?
  12. But the same people who hired that moron, believed him to be wonderfully competent just a couple of years ago. Recent history: An AD hired from the lofty role of ticket manager, Jetgate, hiring a coach with a 5-19 record, Lebo, Barbee, Myers, $49 million contract right before an 8-5 season, etc...etc....etc....Now the Leath Debacle. I can move on from one, or two, or even three of these, but en masse it is hard to overlook.
  13. I switched from DirectTV to Hulu Live a few weeks ago and have been pretty happy. Advantage is lower price. Biggest disadvantage as I see it is lack of functionality, like switching from one channel to another. Takes longer.
  14. I get where you’re coming from, but what doesn’t help AU is this endless cycle of bad hires and subsequent payoffs. It should happen rarely, not regularly. It doesn’t appear to most of us that there is any accountability for the ones making these decisions.