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  1. We are also a sprained ankle away from only 2 experienced linebackers too.
  2. He laid a pretty good lick on #35 too.
  3. Exceptional talent but he needs to take less plays off. Big money year for him.
  4. Fulmer is heavily involved with the program at UT so I’m sure they’re skirting some rules. But Pruitt is selling what Kirby is selling: NFL players they’ve recruited and developed, and the dollars they are making. They both learned well from Nick.
  5. May peace, success, and happiness continue to find you. Thanks for all you’ve done for us! War Eagle 🦅
  6. My annual AU prediction: Somewhere between an SEC West title and a 5 loss season. 😅🦅
  7. They had 7-8 positives. The rest were held out due to contact tracing, similar to us the week before. One of their star players, Trey Smith has a history of pulmonary clots and him getting infected could be fatal, so I’m pretty certain that wasn’t part of their strategy.
  8. And they will get away with it.........unless they Beat Bama. Then the Hammer 🔨 will drop. 😅
  9. They have four 5 Star ⭐️ O-linemen on their roster. Pruitt is getting it done in that department.
  10. We don’t have a media in the true sense. We have propagandists who masquerade as media while they serve as mouthpieces for their respective political parties: Fox for Republicans and CNN for Democrats.
  11. I think Biden appropriately laid low for a while too. Now he’s starting to be more vocal and visible, and creating more positive talking points on his positions.
  12. If that’s what the evidence shows it will likely be ruled justifiable. I watched the video and couldn’t clearly discern all of that. Was he being arrested, or questioned? Did the cops identify him and determine he had outstanding warrants? If not for the warrants, why was he being arrested? These are important questions and in my opinion the types of questions the Police should address immediately after an incident. Failure to do so leads to speculation and becomes inflammatory. One last point, then I’ll give you the last word. The same PD that shot a guy 7 times for maybe reaching for a kn
  13. Was he resisting arrest (and what for) or refusing to get on the ground spread eagle simply for being black? If the cops knew of the outstanding warrant and were there to arrest him for it, the Police Chief should have released that information to the public immediately. Why would he not? That is not classified information and is very relevant to share with the public immediately in this time of unrest. If they were there as reported for a disturbance and didn’t know of his criminal past, his record is irrelevant as far as the shooting is concerned. It is reported there was a knife in the car,
  14. Thanks for sharing the article. And I am very familiar with myocarditis. The doctor in this article is saying not to make this the primary reason for cancelling football. That makes sense and he does a great job explaining why. But he also states we don’t have enough information to know how heart health is impacted by COVID. “That is a yet to be determined piece of information as to how important or relatively unimportant, dangerous or less dangerous it might be.” A year or two from now, this kid could be perfectly healthy. Or with a lifetime heart condition. We just don’t know. I hope we ha
  15. I believe the issue is an 18 year old being diagnosed with a heart condition due to COVID. The extent of which we don’t yet know.
  16. I love your confidence level on this one. But it seems to me if a coaching staff has enough sway to have a kid push back his commitment, they might have enough to close on his commitment later. Thoughts?
  17. No Auburn practice video is legit until Coach Garner is dogging his d-linemen.
  18. This thread seems identical to the one for Broderick Jones last year. I hope the outcome is different. 😄🦅
  19. The above is the most important statement in this thread in my opinion. There is an avalanche of reports, observational analysis, theories, hypothesis, and facts and figures. And we have become very fond of citing and regurgitating the ones we agree with. But only well designed prospective trials will provide statistically meaningful data in a large scale. And that will take many more months and even years. Example: it took us years to take AIDS from the gay flu, to needle sharers passing it, to heterosexuals can get it, to it can be transmitted with blood transfusions, to it being passed to
  20. We have a proven vaccine for the flu and proven therapies. Because it’s been with us for years we know how to live with it. None of that is true for COVID. And you have no idea if COVID will be on the back burner in November. Most of us, including me thought in February this would be long gone by now. We were obviously wrong. I join you in wanting and needing football to happen, but if it doesn’t it won’t be because of hysteria or politics. It will be because of scientific reality.
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