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  1. I feel like he had a very similar skill set to Waddle. Too bad we didn’t use him like that and just throw screens to him...
  2. Got a feeling this will at least be an upgrade from Kodi. Good luck coach!
  3. Imagine him and Powell running the backcourt for us 😍 Can’t wait for us to be fully weaponized now. BRRRUUUUUCCCEEEE!!!!! 🦅🦅
  4. What are your thoughts on Bobo and Mason? I’m super happy we got Mason think he will be great here and I’m wait and see for Bobo.
  5. Trust the process. Think this is a great hire. Harsin wants things done right, not right now. Probably why this took a minute to get completed. Hopefully now we can get an OC and fill out the position spots and do some scorched earth recruiting before February. Congrats Coach Mason War Eagle!! 🦅
  6. I really hope Mason for DC is true. Feel like he’s cut from the same mold as Harsin. Hard worker and gets the most out of his players.
  7. I think Thai could be a great DC hire. He knows the SEC and would be a good recruiter.
  8. To me just doesn’t make sense. He could potentially be a top 5 receiver in the draft but this year he’s gonna get buried in the draft from all the WRs ahead of him. Why can’t we get our good talent to stay another year like the Turds?
  9. It would probably be the best recruiting job Harsin could do to keep him one more year. Right now he's probably a 2-3 round player. Also with a heavily talented WR group this year in the draft he may be able bump himself up to a first round pick next year.
  10. Absolutely. Always love getting on here talking and debating with y’all. Definitely family. War Eagle!! 🦅
  11. The two things I’d ask of Harsin are to go get Derek Mason as DC and Dell McGee as RB/RC. I’m honestly +/- on keeping Bicknell as OL, he’d probably be the only guy I’d keep of this current staff.
  12. I am cautiously optimistic. If he gets autonomy could be big.
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