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  1. Maybe he got told that Gustav’s time was up and wants to find greener pastures or wait and see who the new coach is.
  2. Hopefully this starts the wheels of change turning and Gustav gets handed his pink slip...
  3. You know 100% that if a Bama player did that during a game Saban would chew his ass until it was raw and put someone else out there. I feel like that's the issue is that we have no depth and the starters think they can do what they want without consequence. If I'm head coach I don't care if it's Sherwood, Smoke, Seth, or even Bo I'm pulling your ass and putting someone in there who will do the job the right way until you get your attitude fixed. Goes back to the beta Gus fear mode that no one else can play except the starters and putting in backups is the worst thing to happen and when you do
  4. This gives me hope. If MC wants to come here send the dadgum jet! I have zero doubts he would produce a highly competitive offensive and defensive line, both of which are vital to SEC and national college football success. The dude has the right mindset, especially if Satan wants him to take his place at Bama. The guy is constantly reading books on military strategy, leadership techniques and football scouting, navy seals, etc. Like the saying goes "read to succeed". It would be interesting if he brought Moorhead and maybe hired Derek Mason for the DC position. Always helps to have former head
  5. Another way to look at that is pure fear. Let’s be afraid of the unknown and keep mediocrity going instead of trying to better the program, even if we fail. And you bring up Florida. I wish we could have gone through two coaches in the past 8 years to finally find our Dan Mullen and be 28-6 in the past 3 seasons and ranked in the top 7 three straight seasons. It’s time to get a new coach and he probably won’t be an initial success because you have Gus system players who only know how to run 2 routes and have high school fundamentals, but unless he’s a complete dumpster fire we have the r
  6. Probably why Cristobal can pull in real talent and we get the leftovers.
  7. “I don’t think you lean on any kind of excuse. We could talk about the pandemic and all the other stuff. We can’t. The bottom line is there has to be improvement in everything we do. We got to coach (turnovers) better. We got to give our guys a chance to make plays. Because they competed – they competed to the very end. (I) told them that’s something that real deal competitors will let this sit in there and burn and drive ya and pull a team together. That’s the only kind of guys that we can have in this organization. That’s the expectation. The expectation is to come in and get ready to improv
  8. Absolutely. This is why a lot of Auburn fans and administration have little brother syndrome. Instead of worrying only about the Turds let’s worry about the other 11 teams on the schedule. Maybe then we’d actually have a more competent coach and program.
  9. I can get behind this list with the addition of Fickell.
  10. Buddy I’ve been disappointed for 3 years now I’m used to it. Used to mediocrity. Used to no player development. Used to getting skull drug by our rivals. Used to losing out on big recruits.
  11. The part that wants Gustav the not so Great fires is also sizable and they aren’t going away either. I personally know no one that wants to keep Gus. Can’t say the majority wants to keep him. Either way this back and forth is useless until we finally get rid of him which I pray is tomorrow at 2 pm with a press conference.
  12. Let’s hope one good thing can come out of 2020: Gustav fired.
  13. We’ll need something big like a turnover or quick 3 and out right now.
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