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  1. I know this doesn’t have to do with the OL coach but as far as our line next year does it seem like it will be big Z/Troxell, Irvin, Brahms, K Jones, Bro Hamm for right now?
  2. Maybe I have missed it in other posts but have we targeted any QB grad transfers?
  3. Worst case 8-4. Best case 10-2. The pessimist in me says we lose to either TAMU or UNC, LSU, bammer, and thUGA. The optimist says we still lose to bammer and one of the other 4 games I mentioned.
  4. Thank the heavens. Hopefully this will not affect us trying to get Broderick Jones. Either way I feel like most anyone will be an upgrade. But I say that tongue in cheek because we will pull a JABA and hire someone Gus is familiar with and will be a yes man.
  5. 9-8 vs. top 15 teams. 7-4 vs. top 10. 5-12 vs. top 15 teams. 4-11 vs. top 10. 4-1 straight up. One of these is not like the other. You’re telling me you’d keep what we have over the guy that’s spanking us over in Athens?
  6. This is a Gustav quote that he says at the end of every year. Was being sarcastic.
  7. So was this an audition for PJ Fleck for 2021? 😂 Are we gonna be rowing the boat then?
  8. 232 total yards. Gus never needs to pick up the play calling clipboard ever again. Time for Morris to earn his pay. That was a team of better athletes losing to a team that is fundamentally sound and coached better.
  9. 31-17. Don’t think their offense will be able to do much with our defense especially with everyone rested and healthy. Bo has a great game throwing for 3 TDs.
  10. Sad thing is that with superior recruiting nearly every year Gustav is still only 3-2 vs Mullen at Moo St. and 0-1 vs UF. I completely agree Mullen is not a better recruiter than Gus but if you can't use that superior talent to your advantage is it really an advantage? Maybe Morris will help with this.
  11. Boooom!!! Great day couldn’t see it going much better than this!!
  12. If we can get Reed seems like we about had a clean sweep today. Hopefully we can get Jones and Jackson in February for icing on the cake.