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  1. Completely agree with this. Campbell has been at a power 5 job and made Iowa state a respectable team. More impressive to me than what Clark has done at UAB which is also impressive but its a conference USA school not a Big 12 school.
  2. And Cristobal lost to Gus. I still would want Cristobal over Fleck but I'd also take Fleck over Gustav.
  3. Think about a Steele coached defense, Garner coached d line and a Cristobal coached O line 😎. We’d own the trenches anyways haha
  4. I hope we don’t knee jerk and make Steele HC. I’d be fine with him being interim at this point and at least give him an interview but I’d rather get the right guy than have a band aid cover right now. Even if that means waiting for Cristobal after the CFP. I think that was our mistake last time missing on Kirby was giving an ultimatum to come now vs letting them finish out their season. Who knows though.
  5. Coach: Tommy Tuberville 1999. Why: From my dad. He moved down to Mobile from Michigan in 1982 and was a Wolverine through and through. When he first started working down there some of his coworkers asked who his team was. He told them Michigan. They said no who you for here? Of course all of them were bammers trying to pressure him into the Tide cult. Being the pot stirrer he is he said “well I’m a damn yankee so Auburn.” Best decision he ever made cause now he’s orange and blue through and through and passed the love on to me. Favorite Moment: Kick 6/Camback. Watched the 2010 iron bowl with some of my friends who unfortunately are bammers and had to endure the mocking all first half. Best moment was when the game ended I never said a word and I just walked out of their den smiling ear to ear.
  6. Imagine this season if we had a competent head coach. We’d have beaten LSU, thUGA, and possibly Florida. Even if we lost the Florida game we are 9-1 right now And likely in the cfp top four.
  7. Cristobal, Stoops, Fleck, Rhule, Venables, Aranda. I’d be making calls in that order.
  8. This is just sickening. To have it on their side of the field and get a whole 0 yards. Great job Gustav!!
  9. Just a terrible first half so far. Need to turn it around the last 30 minutes. Can’t give up yet!!
  10. Boobee hands that you Schwartz and he goes for 15 at least.
  11. Ok let’s get a drive going here and take it to them. Defense looking solid other than the one busted deep coverage. Let’s go DJ and Boobee!
  12. What were our safeties doing there?? Geez two of them with no other deep routes and they get behind us.
  13. Why doesn’t our line move when someone is egregiously offsides???