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  1. 5 freshmen with most to gain

    Got a feeling Barrett will be more of the Corey grant role with his speed and size. Peters will improve greatly just needs to add a little weight. Hope Ashley gets his weight in check and steps up. Just didn’t feel that big about Britt being a major player next year with the talent ahead of him but hope I’m wrong. Would love for Carlson to be a duplicate of his brother.
  2. 2020 NR RB Deondre Jackson Commits to AU!!

    Boom! RBU keep them rolling in! Excited to see how he grows the next two years.
  3. 24/7: Holland coming back

    So back to the topic at hand, do we have confirmation that Jeff Holland is coming back for next year?
  4. Back to Back 10 win Seasons

    Kind of worried about Washington to start the year. Browning is almost a lock to come back as their backup senior QB is grad transferring out next year. He's a solid QB and with our new safeties I'm worried about our pass D. Add on top of that we never start out the year strong and it takes 3-4 games to hit our stride that first game is anything but easy.
  5. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    Got a feeling its gonna be Les or Mel. If I were Fulmer I'd go with the known commodity of the Mad Hatter.
  6. Alabama Only Team That Can Beat Clemson

    Not sure about that. I think Clemson and OU will meet in the natty. Mayfield is on fire and the fighting Dabos will take down the turds. Clemson wins by 17 and OU crushes Georgia by 24. Just my hope would love to see both our rivals get destroyed
  7. As far as the offensive side the only two I see that are in question would be KJ and Bubba. Not sure about either but my gut says Bubba goes and KJ stays, just a hunch. However, if KJ thinks he's gonna get run into the ground like this year I'd hope he'd leave for his health. On the defensive side, we have Russell, Holland, Deshaun, and Carlton. Got a feeling Sensei is gone due to his breakout year. Think Russell and Deshaun may come back to try to improve their stock. Carlton to me is a lean towards the draft. Gonna have to find out if they want to stick around to build on this year or get paid. As far as the depth chart for 2018, OL will need to find a center. Think we have a good base with Prince at LT, Harrell LG, and Horton RG. I think Ashley has a good chance at being the other tackle with center being the wildcard. All other offensive spots look great. Defensively the D-line will plug and chug with the talent and depth there. Linebackers will stay solid with hopefully only Tre leaving. Corners are good with maybe Carlton gone hopefully Leonard and Peters step up as reliable backups. Safety is razor thin with probably only Thomas and Dinson being the other options back there. Would love to find a Juco safety or two for depth. Hopefully some freshman come in ready to contribute too. What say you?
  8. Report: Malzhan staying

    Ok as some above have stated we as a fan base need to now get fully behind Gus. I know I gave him a hard time at points during the season but he is our coach for the foreseeable future and hopefully the best is yet to come! War Eagle as always 🦅
  9. Report: Malzhan staying

    Well I think everyone knows it’s too much money and I hope they renegotiated the buy out but in the west stability is important and I hope we are on the cusp of multiple 10+ win seasons. Hope the light bulb has clicked for Gus. Hope we tear it up even more in recruiting and create the downfall of the turds.
  10. did we just screw Bama........again

    I just can’t see a team with no conference championship and no top 15 wins get in. OSU penn st was a different situation last year.
  11. it's been a great season. Favorite Moments?

    Dominating the turds and thUGA round one.
  12. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    Most people on here have no realistic view of our program. We won the west beat both our rivals and won 10 games and people on here yelling for Gus to be fired. Y’all need to get out and wake up in the real world. If he’s gone who’s a better coach out there? I’ll take calls now.
  13. To all who want Gus gone now you do realize we won the west. Beat both our rivals. Won 10 games. Yes this game sucks but who are we gonna get?
  14. Well boys time to get ready for a New Years 6 game and hopefully win that. Proud of our boys this year. War Eagle just not in the cards tonight unfortunately...
  15. the two turnovers and blocked field goal killed us.