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  1. I think the correct grammar is that “makes” you a “homer”. Haha no need to get all testy keyboard warrior we’ll come back and talk after the game. Best of luck to your nitty cats.
  2. I’ll just leave this here. Last time I looked Merriam Webster was the place to find proper English words correct? But what do I know I’m just a dumb southern doctor who ain’t done had much learnin…
  3. If you think I was attacking you then you must have some pretty thin skin 😂 As you erroneously tried to do previously I simply bring facts to the table.
  4. And y’all went 4-5 and lost to Nebraska last year which has been the arm pit of the big ten. What’s your point?
  5. Got a feeling both defenses will have the edge early with adrenaline pumping. Feel like the game can go two ways. Bo steps up, the offensive line is serviceable, and our defense smothers them. If that’s the case it’s 24-17 good guys. If Bo plays like he normally does at away games it’s gonna be a long game. Our defense does good but our offense can’t answer. 20-13 PSU.
  6. I feel like he had a very similar skill set to Waddle. Too bad we didn’t use him like that and just throw screens to him...
  7. Got a feeling this will at least be an upgrade from Kodi. Good luck coach!
  8. Imagine him and Powell running the backcourt for us 😍 Can’t wait for us to be fully weaponized now. BRRRUUUUUCCCEEEE!!!!! 🦅🦅
  9. What are your thoughts on Bobo and Mason? I’m super happy we got Mason think he will be great here and I’m wait and see for Bobo.
  10. Trust the process. Think this is a great hire. Harsin wants things done right, not right now. Probably why this took a minute to get completed. Hopefully now we can get an OC and fill out the position spots and do some scorched earth recruiting before February. Congrats Coach Mason War Eagle!! 🦅
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