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  1. I see you sweet 16 😎 keep it up boys!! 🦅
  2. Bruce Pearl the coach we needed not the coach we deserved. Dude has done wonders and we should always be grateful for bringing AU basketball out of the depths and to new heights. I’d say bump his salary not crazy but give him incentives to stay and results based. Bruce is the man!! 🦅
  3. War Eagle Yessir!! Ready for tomorrow let’s win the whole thing boys!! Brucemania!! 🦅🦅
  4. Don’t come into the Jungle expecting a win if you’re an opposing team. Huge win for our boys War Eagle March Madness time!! 🦅
  5. Boom!! War Eagle glad we got this kid 🦅
  7. I believe he’s a graduate so could immediately plug and play. I know it’s only one year but with our situation we need bodies and I have a feeling he’d be better than troxell or Driscoll at RT which is where he started last year. More bodies makes competition and hopefully makes someone improve.
  8. Anybody heard anything about the Tennessee OT Richmond? Looks like he was a full time starter last year for them and played some in 2016. Was a 4 star prospect we offered.
  9. Glad we got off strong on the OL. Need a bunch more now ha. War Eagle as always 🦅
  10. QB - A+, BO knows RB - A-, Hopefully MAR is the next KJ with DJ being a solid contributor. WR - B-, (if we can get Pettway as a grad transfer, bump to B+) Honestly after having a day to ruminate on it, Pickens not here may be a blessing in disguise TE - B+, too bad we never use them... OL - C, Got a great feeling about Jones. Think Bell will be a project, don't know about Osborne. DL - A, Hall, Wooden, Handy, Moore. All four stars, think all will be great contributors in future. Like Derrick Brown said time to call us DLU haha LB - B+, Pappoe of course is the gem. Wish we could have picked up one more beast but hopefully OC and baby Brown show out. Secondary - A-, Thank you Marcus Woodson. I remember in the past always worrying about us always getting good D line classes but not getting good secondary talent. Seems like the last couple years we've been raking in secondary talent. Overall I'd say B, if we could have closed on one 5 star or another 4 star OT or OG I'd have said A-.
  11. Man just looked at the top 10 OT prospects of 2020. 6 out of 10 are in Georgia or Tennessee. We need to snag some in our backyard. Can we just drop JB now and grab a competent OL coach please? I’ll chip in $10 😂
  12. Think at this point at the start of spring I’d say 50% Gatewood 30% Bo 20% Willis. I’d love to see us go with a big body QB that’s physical. If Gatewood could be similar to Dak Prescott that would be perfect. Honestly I just miss smash mouth football from 2013-14 when if it was 3&3 or less it’s almost an automatic first down. Unfortunately our O line at this point is not good enough...