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  1. JMO but seems fishy that these allegations happen right as he’s on vacation out of the country. Reports like that don’t just come out randomly. There’s always been power grabs by the PTB for the last 30 years at Auburn it’s nothing new.
  2. Both Brahms and Troxell recently confirmed they are coming back.
  3. Defense is gonna be pretty nasty with the d line talent returning and coming in along with Pappoe anchoring the middle and the plethora of DB talent we have coming in. Mason isn’t gonna know what to do with all this talent compared to his time at Vandy 😂
  4. 1. Mean streak road grating Offensive line. 2. See number 1.
  5. Dang you caught me. Thought I hid my crybaby whining better than that? I know I can’t have a rational debate with you so it is what it is. The thing people don’t realize is two things can be correct at the same time, Gus left us in dumpster fire shambles on the o line and the current staff hasn’t set the world on fire in the o line recruiting aspect yet. As I’ve said 2023 will be telling whether they can or can’t get it done with O line recruiting. Good news is we have a few more HS prospects signing in February and have opportunities in the portal this year still. So again it’s a little premature to say this staff can’t get it done.
  6. Incorrect. The staff last year had no time to get HS players and was only able to try and snag a few transfer players with little to no relationships especially coming in after early NSD. This year is their first full cycle. After 2023’s signing class we’ll see what roster management looks like. If that class resembles Gus’ classes you can have your day in the sun.
  7. I know I’m late to the party on M’ba but gotta drop it.
  8. B for now. If we would have hit on Perry and Clemons would have been A-. If we pick up at least 2 more solid OL signings and Maybe grab citizen and a solid transfer qb would call it A to A+.
  9. One silver lining with Perry is that there’s a ton of defensive line 2023 talent that we are going after hard right now.
  10. Just of note if we pull the trifecta and get Clemons, Perry, and M’ba it will put us at #9 👀
  11. Up to the #13 class but who’s counting 😎🍾
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