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  1. Mark My Word 2017

    MMW: First play of the game offensively for us is the Whirly Cox. But seriously... MMW: Auburn will rush for 500 less yards than the year before but pass for 1400 more. Stidham will break both records of passing yards and TD's in a season. MMW: We will dominate Clemson from start to finish MMW: Alabama will be upset by Miss. St. MMW: Chip Lindsey will be a finalist for the Broyles Award. MMW: We finally get to smoke some cigars in Death Valley.
  2. What's the "must win" game this year?

    Gotta be Georgia. However, if we lose to Bama this year that makes him 1-4 against them. Pretty terrible for someone who was supposed to be the kryptonite to old Satan.
  3. Boom!! Big pick up for he secondary can't wait to see him suit up on the orange and blue! Thought he was gonna be a Clemson signee thankful he's not though.
  4. A-Day post game thread (merged threads)

    I just wish we could have seen some bubba runnin over some folks. Oh well gotta wait till September!
  5. A-Day post game thread (merged threads)

    And how about our own Wes Welker aka Will Hastings? I know he had that fumble but he has sure hands and runs crisp routes.
  6. A-Day post game thread (merged threads)

    Just saying I really liked what I saw. Has zip on his throws and can put touch on it too. I was surprised with the way NCM played catching those deep balls. Malik Willis is going to be a force in about two years he doesn't look like a freshman. Overall loved the way today looked real hopeful for this year.
  7. A-Day post game thread (merged threads)

    Jarret stidham...
  8. Practice Notes 03/07/2017

    Thank the good Lord JF3 is with receivers. Kid has blazing speed but definitely not the QB we need. Hope Stidham, Barrett or White step up for next season.
  9. predict number of wins in the dead season

    Like the way @AUEngineer2016 did his post but gonna tweak it a little: Opponent - W/L Prediction - Confidence Level Georgia Southern - W - 10 at Clemson - W - 1 Mercer - W - 10 at Mizzou - W - 8 Mississippi State - W - 8 Ole Miss - W - 7 at LSU - W- 4 at Arkansas - W - 7 at TAMU - L - 1 UGA - W - 2 ULM - W - 10 Bama - W- 1 Confidence Level: 10= Lock it in W, 1 = Toss up either way I know people are gonna ask how I have us losing to TAMU and beating Bama. I think that the toll of being on the road three straight games even with a break in between Arky and TAMU will be tough especially starting that stretch with LSU. I also think that TAMU's defense is steadily improving with Chief as their DC. Really depends on QB play for them, which is why I have it as 1, more of a toss up game. Also take in to the fact we may possibly be looking ahead to UGA the week after. I think if we can get by Clemson early in the season we will have tons of momentum with the weaker SEC teams being at the start of the schedule. Being home I give us the edge against UGA. I think if we have QB improvement with a fairly healthy team I like our chances against Bama. Of course easier said than done. But I try to stay optimistic this far out from the season. War Eagle!
  10. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    I just wanna make sure we don't get a "yes" man and get someone who implements their offense. Gus needs to keep his hands off. Chip Lindsey is ok but doesn't have a ton of experience. I'd rather a seasoned OC than a young up and comer. If this was the end of 2017 I'd say Art Briles but I'm afraid his recent fiasco keeps him away unfortunately. I honestly think though he'd be the best man for the job. I know we pride ourselves on running a clean program and being family so I doubt the PTB would allow him to be hired. Interested to see how this plays out though.
  11. Perspective

    Perspective also bama lost haha!
  12. New DB Coach discussion (Merged)

    Looks like we tagged Greg Brown Missouri's secondary coach. Coached at Louisville and Bammer before that.
  13. Opining all things Gus (Merged)

    Just my two cents on here, and I hate to be negative, but after watching Malzahns offenses for the past four years I don't see anything but predictable play calling, lack of talent use, and confused looks on his face during games that get worse year by year. It's sad that my wife who doesn't know much about football can basically tell me what they are gonna run most of the time. Yes he won the SEC and took us to a Natty in his first year and I thank him for that. But like my old coach said, it's not what have you done for me, it's what have you done for me lately? Yes we pull in good recruits, but that's not super hard at a place like Auburn with tradition and a solid bed of local and regional talent. It comes down to two things: player development and play calling. If both of those are strong that makes a team hard to beat. I understand that we play in one of the most competitive conference, much less the most competitive division of college football. I also know that we are having to endure being in the same state as a team that is on probably one of the greatest runs in history. All this being said, if Malzahn turns in another 8-5 year he needs to go. His record is very similar to Chiziks after 4 years, and we all saw how that went. Hope I'm wrong though and we go 15-0 next year and win it all ha. War Eagle as always!
  14. Just turned it off. War Eagle y'all see you next fall hope the bammers lose Monday.
  15. By far the worst performance I have seen in a bowl game by us in a long time. To have a full month to prepare and get this kind of result is astounding. We do not look prepared at all. Hope we can turn it around next year... Hate losing to OU.