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  1. Joey is pretty good. Has to be part of the offense against A&M.
  2. Our backups are atrocious. This is freaking Kent state and we can’t stop them...
  3. Ok no more Bo or Boobee. Just let Gatewood and Kam and worm get all the rest of the plays.
  4. Our defense looks like they wanna just take the night off. Awful.
  5. Get Boobee out of the game. Playing flat.
  6. Any news about Derrick brown and Prince?
  7. Man I wish we ran route trees that Washington St. runs. Open receivers everywhere. Better than our 5 tree system.
  8. 45-0 good guys. Defense is hungry to get a shut out. Kam Martin gets 100 yards on the ground and Joey gets 75.
  9. 34-17 good guys. I think we come out a little flat after an emotional win. Think we’ll miss the spread by a hair. By the way how are we 14-17 overall against Tulane? We need to start this rivalry back up and even things up 😂
  10. Seth, Eli, Sal, JJ. Bring in Hill on a few deep shots but work on getting JJ some looks and feed Seth the ball. Dude can get most of the 50/50 balls just don’t throw into triple coverage.