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  1. I’ll go 28-20 good guys with UK scoring late to make it appear closer than it was.
  2. MMW: Bo ends the year with 30+ TDs even with a shortened season MMW: KJ wins the Butkus award MMW: My man crush Christian Tutt is an All-American MMW: we embarrass UGA in Athens
  3. Ehh sucks to lose a body but if we had to I’m fine with it being from the D-line. RG don’t put up with nonsense I trust his call.
  4. Here’s my two cents: Kentucky - we always play flat on our first game. Also with a new OC and a newer secondary I think there will be some hiccups but our talent wins out. Sucks that we won’t have much of a home field advantage. Prediction: Auburn 28- Kentucky 20. Georgia - I think we finally get over the hump and win in Athens. Should be a tight game. Bo starts to flex his muscles as the leader of this team. Prediction: Auburn 21 - Georgia 17. Arkansas - Gus always wants to trash Arkansas. I think Chad will too so it will be a merciless onslaught. Prediction: Auburn 63 - Arka
  5. Prayers for you, him, and your family!
  6. Don't really look at Rivals, but looking at 247 which has composite rankings we are #17 overall and #14 in quality of recruit. Definitely not as high as we'd like it but we still have very realistic shots at three 5*s, one from Alabama and two from Georgia, as well as Scooby who's a 4* in Alabama and Lassiter from Alabama who can easily be a 4* with a small rankings bump. So I'm sure at the end of the year we will at least be in top 10 overall. Also wouldn't count out the possibility of Dylan Brooks flipping from Tennessee. I'd say this class for what we need is there, as we've signed a grand
  7. Does the staff feel like he's a diamond in the rough kind of player? Looking at his offers only has 4 power 5 ones and they are from more bottom feeders (Kansas, GT, Az. St., WV). Wish we could have convinced Savion Byrd or Diego Pounds to head here instead of what sounds like OK/SMU and Penn St. I mean looking at Crum and Pounds they are both 3 stars but the offers are significantly different (27 power 5 offers with Pounds). Ultimately hope we can convince Amarius Mims to come here, would be the best signing of the last 10-15 years, if not more.
  8. Maybe this year is an outlier, but the past 3 years we have gotten 8, 9, and 9 players from Georgia. We are still very much in it for Mims and Mondon per insiders. Could be that with Chad we are focusing more in TX, as I don’t think we’ve ever had this many guys coming from there. Got 3 in ‘19 and 3 in ‘20. I wouldn’t say they have a hard time getting commits from Georgia. JMO.
  9. Ok sorry meant to say committing but I’m sure you caught my drift. Hope someone else commits soon.
  10. BOOOOM!! Great pickup in the secondary. Hopefully we keep the momentum with someone else signing soon!
  11. Will be praying for this family!
  12. Going with Christian Tutt. Think he’s gonna be big as a leader of the secondary and in the return game.
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