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  1. So can we just end it now and pull the plug?
  2. Need a big drive and score to keep the pressure on the corn dogs.
  3. What did I just watch?! šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚šŸ˜‚ War Eagle a win is a win I guess haha
  4. So any news on Calzone getting in? I mean at this point might as well throw out the kitchen sink.
  5. Is it too much to ask for a quick touchdown and 2 point to tie it?
  6. Way to waste 3 points. Not that I matters but thought the snap happened after clock hit 0:00 of quarter.
  7. At least TJ steps up in the pocket unlike Bo used to. Making the most of it but the Oline is getting abused.
  8. I hope so. Personally Iā€™d rather run more option stuff with Ashford to keep defenses honest instead of trying to run right at people. At least our pass blocking looked ok.
  9. O line run blocking has been atrocious for the competition. Think ashford gives us the best chance moving forward to escape and make plays.
  10. Love the Robby Ashford change up at times. Good rhythm so far.
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