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  1. 1. Urban Meyer 2. Bob stoops 3. Mario Cristobal 4. Brent Venables 5. Matt Campbell
  2. Praying for you and your family!
  3. Don't think he ran Boobee into the ground. Dude only had 110 carries over 6 games which is only 18 carries a game, hardly enough to say he was run into the ground.
  4. He'd be one of my first calls for an OC for a new staff. Don't think he's head coach ready. We also need to stop hiring up and comers and finally get a proven head coach here for a change.
  5. This. After all we've seen there's no reason to be paying someone like this for sub par results. If we are throwing this kind of money around we need to do what bammer did when they hired the little dictator: Go get a proven head coach and make them turn us away, multiple times. And then once we hire him let them run the program their way and not have any other hands in the cookie jar from the PTB. But hey its JABA.
  6. What's really crazy is that as bad as we played and as terrible as Bo was, if he hits that slant to Seth in the end zone and DB doesn't get tackled by the turf monster we may have won that game 27-24. Doesn't erase Gus not utilizing Gatewood, Schwartz, Stove, DJ, etc. Still think he should have pulled Bo for a few series cause it looked like his head was spinning out there. We have the talent which is the most frustrating thing of all. And now the debate for firing Gus begins again for the 5,782nd time... Just hope we don't look this bad against the corn dogs, thUGA, and the turds. But not holding my breath. Did that last year and about passed out.
  7. Sorry but this one is on our O line and Bo. Gus didn’t have much to work with.
  8. Well there it goes. Can’t turn the ball over this many times and not capitalize on their turnovers. Tough one... so it’s an 8-4 season then.
  9. No two ways about it Bo looks awful this game.
  10. Defense!!! DB with the best game of his career!! Now score a TD here and get it!! 🦅
  11. Geez man we just need one break. Malik Miller was wide open in the flats. If we can just get one big score and hold them and get out of here with an ugly win...
  12. Need another big stop or turnover here.
  13. Schwartz needed that ball there.
  14. Good stand on defense now let’s get it rolling on offense!!
  15. For as terrible as we’ve played this half to be only down 4 on the road is a testament to our defense.
  16. Gotta change up our coverage they are tearing up the middle. Let’s score a TD here and take the lead!
  17. Dang hate it for that guy... need to keep tabs on this new speedy qb.
  18. Can’t run it up the middle right now. Gus has to change it up and fast.
  19. Turnovers, gotta clean it up. Need to answer here.
  20. Gotta get some speed sweeps to open up the middle. Keep playing hard defense!