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  1. Eli Stove -- Torn ACL

    I really hate it for the kid, but it is a good thing that AU has the potential depth to fill this need.
  2. Men vs. Clemson

    Bruce pearl did wonders with this team . If we are honest with ourselves , this team was nowhere as good as their record show. Not physical enough , not defensive minded and too inconsistent offensively . Nevertheless, we made the tourney . That is a huge jump from expectations and the team deserves applauding for that. Now they see that the tourney is a whole different beast.
  3. Men vs. Clemson

    Thank god I had to work today . Yikes.
  4. Men vs. Charleston

    Didn't lose to the 16 seed haha. Not going to complain now haha
  5. Men vs. Charleston

    Well, we are a jump shooting team. We score off of the momentum from the three. We play outside in, so I don't expect us to make the bunnies when we aren't firing on all cylinders from the perimeter. Personally, I am excited about Auburn and where the basketball program is heading, but I can't stand this brand of basketball for this very reason.
  6. Men vs. Charleston

    Glad we are going to the round of 32. This is how it is going to be when you live by the three and die by the three. When you are on, you are unbeatable but when you are off....
  7. Men vs. Charleston

    Better wake up. Jeez, 25-25...need to stop acting like the moment is too big.
  8. Not in track. He qualified for nationals but he never won a national title in track for sprints nor qualified for the Olympic trials. So yes, even at his most competitive nature , he was beat. Anthony was the fastest individual in the WORLD for his age group as a 16 year old. I love Bo, but this is urban legend stuff. He can and has been beaten.
  9. difference between Grimes and Hand

    We knew what we were getting with Herb. He was bad at penn state and mediocre at Auburn. Talent will only cover you so much. I will always lean to the developer
  10. Gatewood responding well

    Not in the least bit surprised Gatewood needs work, E and an host of others pretty much warned us that he was raw and would take some time.
  11. Gatewood responding well

    I think we will be for a pleasant surprise if he has to take the reigns for some odd reason.
  12. It would be foolish not to be.
  13. AU RBs in NFL - Contract News

    I am so happy for Corey . He was undervalued imo during his time at Auburn. He signs as an undrafted free agent , makes the squad, had a base salary of just a little over 600k and now with this tender he will potentially be making 2 mil. I know the Jag fans I know love him and thinks he has a lot more value than Yeldon
  14. Anthony Schwartz is Auburn Fast

    If he wants immediate PT, he needs to be in for sweeps and short passes in the flats. He would be a good safety valve. He needs some polishing up at WR before I believe he is ready to make an impact there.
  15. Gatewood responding well

    We tagging people in now? One group anti-Gus, another Pro-Gus. Be glad when it gets back to what is good for Auburn and root for our school.