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  1. There is no way SW would go to UCONN anyhow. Some legit power 5 conference school in dire need of a QB would take a chance on him. If schools were vying for Jordan Jefferson, they definitely will be vying for his services.
  2. He has and as @keesler pointed out, he was way ahead of the curve with it. Probably why they are always dominating and never accept just good enough. Keen to detail and I respect it.
  3. As he should . Good advice .
  4. There is definitely reason to believe otherwise, and I can understand why people are cautious,however it is best to be optimistic in these cases.
  5. I am going to expect the best out of this situation , Can't wait until he is suited up in the fall .
  6. Nobody is discounting yards or points from a weak defense . Those games were included in our discussion . The reality is you have to put up yards against the Good defenses too or else this is a pointless discussion.
  7. I was assuming he was being sarcastic. I hope for his sake he isn't that obtuse. I know for a fact SW converted a 2 point conversion. So, again, I hope for his sake he isn't that much of an idiot.
  8. I know right . That game pissed me the hell off .
  9. I agree . I bet him and JS could both do that with the CCL at the helm against a few weak defenses. However, I won't say they both can average 250 yds/game until I see it for myself . They definitely have the talent to do so. The key is both need to prove they can stay healthy .
  10. Okay I think you get the gist of it without being super literal. My point is , to think anyone on our roster can just matter of factly average 250 yards a game is not based on evidence at the moment . 2 or 3 times. Alright . A whole season? We have to see it first .
  11. Not to the NCAA
  12. So, 3 times ? And 1 of those games was 4 OTs..several is a stretch
  13. SW didn't throw for over 250 yards in a single game in 2016. Are we just making things up as we go?
  14. Our favorite son Nick Marshall has been suspended for the first four games of the NFL season r/t Peformance enhancement drugs. I am going to give him the benefit of a doubt and take his word that it was an accident. Got to be smarter though. http://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/19159552/new-york-jets-cornerback-nick-marshall-banned-four-games-violating-league-ped-policy
  15. There is nothing based on what we've seen or read to think the players' mindset would be like this. Most competitors care about winning.