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  1. DAG

    Where do you stand with Gus?

    Yep it’s not the Jimmie and joes. The Jimmie and joes were not the reason for the offensive production last night.
  2. DAG

    are fans fair in their remarks

    No, it has to be relative to your team’s ability. But they do not expect to lose to Mississippi State, ole miss and the aggies. They do expect to compete with LSU and Auburn. I know this. I’ve lived amongst those people for several years. Likewise , we expect to compete with the big dogs and win at that level when the talent is here. I expect us to oppose our will against teams far less talented than us.
  3. DAG

    are fans fair in their remarks

    Btw my Oregon friend how about that game yesterday with the ducks..did everything they could to lose it to stanford
  4. DAG

    are fans fair in their remarks

    Welcome to college football. Fans expectations our high all over the country. Doesnt make his job anymore tougher than coach O in Cajun land or Jimbo at college station.
  5. DAG

    are fans fair in their remarks

    This kills me too. Arkansas still has to play LSU, Alabama, Auburn, Texas A&M etc. So they don’t have to play UGA. Okay? They still have an uphill battle. Arkansas historically doesn’t recruit on the level of majority of SEC West teams this includes Ole miss and at times Mississippi State. Go to their boards. They don’t expect to lose to ole miss, Mississippi State and the aggies. In fact they look down on the aggies! So yes Gus does have a difficult job, but also unlimited resources at his disposal to to combat those challenges compared to a team like Arkansas. Prior to last year, UGA was not infamous as they are now. They fired their coach and found one who tapped into what they need. Gus has been here for six years. He could’ve easily been ahead of the curve in terms of UGA.
  6. DAG

    are fans fair in their remarks

    But the funny things is UGA fans are also upset. My buddy who is a UGA fan absolutely thinks Justin fields should start after yesterday and if you look at Jake Fromm stats, he did pretty good in my eyes. They aren’t happy about that performance and yet they are the #2 team in the country. It’s not reality to think we are the only fan base with expectations. Each have their own.
  7. DAG

    are fans fair in their remarks

    LSU does. They have an expectation to win the NC every year. They definitely don’t feel like they should be losing to us and they absolutely feel like they should be on Bama’s level. Jim Harbaugh is expected to be tOSU every year. You better not lose to MSU either. That is despicable in their eyes. Lincoln Riley is expected to make the playoffs every year. That is the expectation over there. They are ready to rip his head off right now. Expectations are high all over the country and many fans expectations are much higher than majority of our fans are asking of Gus. Most fans aren’t asking Gus to be in the playoffs every year or to win an SEC title every year . Most fans aren’t asking him to beat Bama every year or UGA every year. I think what majority of us want is consistency and when you have the talent to take it at the next level, to jump at the opportunity. So I just can’t agree that Gus has the toughest job in the country. If he goes 9-3 this year and the next he will be perfectly fine.
  8. DAG

    people feel like a QB change is the fix

    Yep I saw that too and that’s when I came to realize this isn’t a talent issue. It is deeper than that and the only way to get out of it is just to try to mask it.
  9. DAG

    are fans fair in their remarks

    What makes Gus job any tougher than say Coach O or even Coach Morris at the moment? Serious question. I feel way worse for Coach Morris than any other coach in the SEC west because he is getting reamed but he not only has talent deficiency but also a broken mentality among his team. Also have actual players and fans verbally going after each other. Oh and he also has to face all of the SEC West with less talent than all of those teams. Btw, he also has family that still in high school and still living in Texas . His son still plays high school ball down there, which he does his best to go down and see every weekend. So again, I have to ask why does Gus have it so much harder than this guy?
  10. DAG

    Are there solutions with the OL?

    Yes. Call Art Briles and sprinkle his principles into what you want to do. Unfortunately it isn’t a talent thing. This guys are just getting pushed around..I don’t know how a coach can fix that besides try to hide deficiency.
  11. DAG

    Pump The Brakes!

    Yep . We were warned about the offensive line woes and a lot of people including myself brushed it off. It has surely reared it’s ugly head, but that is reality. I imagine many people laughed and dismissed Noah when he was saying prepare for a flood. Today is the sabbath so it applies.
  12. DAG

    Where do you stand with Gus?

    Nothing is ever perfect. Heck Bama still has things they need to work on such as their secondary. Don’t see how anyone can honestly say it’s perfect. It’s not as bad as people want to make it seem either but we do need to adjust on offense. Can’t do what we are use to doing.
  13. DAG

    Pump The Brakes!

    And I will tell you this, both army and app state would beat Arkansas. That’s how bad Arkansas is. You think this is bad? Go look at their forum. Army had the ball for 44 minutes against OU. They ran efficiently and timely. They had a great game plan that almost worked. OU will have trouble dealing with teams who can successfully run the ball on the ground. Guess what? We can’t run the ball! So what do you think would happen if we faced OU?
  14. DAG

    Pump The Brakes!

    Oklahoma would boat race this team . Yesterday was their wake up call to not overlook opponents . Let me tell you , their fan base is not happy with that performance. In fact their fan base still has a bad taste in their mouth after losing in the PLAYOFFS. And guess what? We should not be okay with the performance displayed on the offensive end either. If you can’t handle criticism then I recommend you spend your days with your family away from the forums.
  15. DAG

    Our Schedule Benefits Us

    The main reason is we are a lot more talented than all of those teams , so there is no reason to not be 7-1 against them. The unfortunate issue is we were a lot more talented than Arkansas too, who made so many incompetent mistakes.