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  1. Happen all the time. Look at Lane Kiffin, the one majority of the people on here are harping on. He makes mind boggling calls in critical moments on a gamely basis. Sometimes it’s works, other times it doesn’t..
  2. It’s just a game at the end of the day..
  3. This culture is not for him. I do think though he goes back to the west coast he can redefine himself .
  4. Thank you for saying that. He can’t handle the SEC but he will either go to a much weaker conference or go back to a non-power 5 conference. The SEC is too much for him and a whole lot of people.
  5. He does fit the mold and doing good things at Kansas. However, I think Wisconsin is over the same Wisconsin mentality. There is a fear that someone from around the way will fall under the same expectation of doing it BA’s way which is very much outdated .
  6. To be fair they have a guy BA , who could waltz right in and clean things up too. But you are right. Traditionally , they do not like that but the heat was coming down hardcore in this state.
  7. At least not this week. I almost feel like Auburn won't fire him to the end of the season anyhow.
  8. Proud embarrassed himself so bad last spring. Surprised to see him still around.
  9. Well @Malcolm_FleX48 had a detailed post about Deion that is worth reading. Of course the moderator who cannot stand Deion locked it up.
  10. In my profession , Auburn definitely meets the criteria of bipolar depression. Small manic episodes ( high), serious depressive episodes (low) and bouts of maintenance (competitive).
  11. Sam Pittman does not make a lot of Arkansas fans happy this morning. He is being called the football version of Mike Anderson. We need someone who is going to get us over the top, not just be competitive.
  12. I think he would. He is in a very sub-servant role at UGA, although he might get sick of rebuilding auburn.
  13. Sanders or freeze. I jokee about will Muschamp but I would not mind having him back as AHC/DC for one of those guys
  14. Like I said yesterday , Lincoln Riley got 52 dudes to USC. Deion Sanders can do the same.
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