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  1. Nobody pays to come see you work. So comparing what you do at your company to what someone like Cam Newton bought to AU is apples to oranges. I am not sure what the right answer is but I always find it interesting when someone compares there 9-5 to power 5 D1 athletes.
  2. Yeah that’s crazy . But we can really have a serious debate about this in PMs. A lot of cultural bickerness between Killmonger (Malcolm X) and Prince T”Challa (MLK). Justification of killmonger is based on the cultural portrayal of Malcolm little but probably not best to discuss on this forum medium.
  3. Not to be political then you went completely political my guy lol
  4. My movie avatar? You would be wrong. If it was up to me, We wouldn’t have avatars at all. I personally rather see the faces of the people making these arguments.
  5. No excuse for ignorance either but here we are.
  6. Very ignorant statement. You definitely need to brush up on the power of Low social economic status and it’s effects on culture.
  7. The environment does make a difference. I admittedly was against this, but if adults can't control themselves then kick their asses out. I will say I would never make it through a Milwaukee Brewers game if I didn't have a spotted cow to my left and right. Also: Thanks Fiserv for this free koozie with my water.
  8. I definitely think he was a booster's kid or something to that an extent. He didn't seem to be very knowledgable in terms of the game (based on my interactions with him), but he seemed to have a lot of dinner table information.
  9. Antonio Brown needs to be in the XFL. You want views there you go
  10. XFL had a pretty successful outing this past weekend
  11. Man I have been looking for this clip forever. The biggest troll ever haha
  12. This is pretty old. I am pretty sure you are correct though
  13. Yep. I hope he really listens. I would hate for him to be the most hated coach at auburn
  14. The fan cries are getting to his ears . Wow.