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  1. That sucks . I've had that same diagnosis since I age 21. Good idea to monitor the safety of the eagle.
  2. Damnit and this thread had so much promise
  3. How about start the best player , despite of whatever past he has ? Next years problem is next years problem.
  4. As he should. This will make or break our team on both sides of the ball.
  5. 1 because we are in the NC game.
  6. Asking is one thing. I have no problem with that. In fact, they should ask. Telling them is another thing. "Like I seriously doubt, CGM is telling JF you need to commit right now or else the offer will be rescinded because we have a long line of suitors. That is just reality." JF would be like "umm, deuces." I am sure this would work with some lower scale recruits, but not the high prioritized ones UNLESS you are like BAMA or tOSU, who literally can handpick who they want. And I believe most recruits do understand that and grab those scholarship offers, However, the blue chips are going to wait because they absolutely can.
  7. For instance, why would offensive talented play commit to AU, right now? To be fair that would be foolish. You have no idea what the offense will look like nor what the landscape of the coaching stability will be in several months. That is extremely foolish if I am being objective. That is why I am not too worried about our class right now.
  8. About as foolish as telling a kid they should commit as early as possible. Also, I said another High CALIBER player at their position. Same reason Mond was supposedly irritable with the Aggies last year with their "interest" in Stidham. Commitment goes both ways. If someone is that much of a priority to you, then there will be room need be.
  9. I wonder how CGM or any other coach would feel if a recruit said: "ok, I will commit to you, but now you commit to me, by not recruiting another high caliber player at my position." E.G. us chasing JF badly, even though JG has been very loyal to us, even after the departure of CRL.
  10. Well, one of the premier school in the nation. Constantly putting players in the NFL. It is a blue chip program with lots of tradition. You will get constant exposure being the face of the big ten. All that plays dividends in your decision when your goal is to make the NFL...Not the power of the vagina.
  11. Please just shut up. My goodness.
  12. I wonder , when is the last time UGA had a sensational DT-QB? I feel like their offense never caters to their strength . Same goes with UF now . I can understand the love for FSU
  13. Well , first let me just say that I do not believe SW attitude is anywhere near to the extent people are saying . I am sure he is cocky , I am sure he probably parties . Welcome to collegiate athletics . Good reeling in should solve that . I don't see it being detrimental to the team or his teammates . also , based on what our insiders have been saying , Nix probably will need some work coming in . Not surprising , most freshman do, however fields is a very unique talent . You know one of those unique talents who could actually compete for the starting job as a freshman .