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  1. Former AU QBs weigh in on Stidham

    I was speaking more in general terms. But I WOULDN'T consider anything with CN in control to be conservative. Not conservative. However, stopping SW from throwing on 1st downs after one interception against Miss.State..
  2. Former AU QBs weigh in on Stidham

    we literally just posted the same message.
  3. Former AU QBs weigh in on Stidham

    I am hoping with the addition of CCL, the delay won't be the case. I felt some of our QB performance have been hindered by conservative play calling early on..best way to get these guys to hit their stride is to be aggressive and let them make mistakes because they will. See how they respond.
  4. The problem is we aren't just speaking of evaluation. That is a very minimal and short sighted way to compare the two. Every HC will miss on a QB. The issue is we are missing on QBs without success from their counterparts. Alabama aren't miss evaluating two or three QBs on their roster with no explicable valued options. Of course, a handful of them will start in a given decade. You have several individuals vying for one spot and most times the one who comes on top will start multiple seasons. Being a 5 star QB does not mean you will just be handed the job. You still have to compete at a high level and you still have to be TAUGHT. Evaluation is just the tipping point. Once you evaluate, you have to be coached up. For example, I would love to have Lamar Jackson at AU. However, even if he was here, the Lamar Jackson at UL would not be the same if he was here at AU. But even so, this isn't the downfall of CGM right now nor is it the point of the thread.
  5. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    I don't think JF3 expects to play QB, more so, he wants a chance to show what he can do on the offensive end of the ball, including WR/Returner. Plus, he will be closer to home.
  6. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    I don't know if this suppose to be yellow font or not but he is going to FAU. They already have a QB who originally signed to FSU...
  7. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    Franklin will not be playing QB at FAU. They have a legit stud at QB who is only there due to a past aggression
  8. McLoofus, why do you keep being soo sensible. You can't be average and get a shot at the NFL. I would never understand the audacity of people typing away, calling players average...1). because they played among other blue chip guys 2). Because they weren't successful at the next level. These are elite players in layman land. A good majority of Alabama QBs have been very efficient. Being very efficient is not predicated on the stars you have around you either. If this was the case, schools like UF and LSU would not be so piss poor on the offensive end.
  9. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    What the heck are you talking about? He only had offers from three Power 5 schools VT, Mizzou, and Cali. He went for a visit to Mizzou for crying out loud. You seriously think if AU had any interest in him, he would have at least come for a visit? Use critical thinking skills man, instead of straw man arguments. It's like the lottery, if you don't play it you can never win it. AU showed him no interest, so how the heck was they going to get him? I don't have to be an insider to know this, especially when last summer AU was shopping like crazy for QBs. Eli Jenkins, David Webb, and JF3. Do you really think if we were evaluating him that wouldn't have gotten out? Yes, the coach from V.tech was recruiting him out of Memphis. This helped V.Tech pull him in, but you have seriously fallen and bumped your head if you think He would have chosen V.Tech over AU if we would've offered. It would have been Malik Willis all over again. I know you love all things Gus, but it is okay to say Gus is a sub par QB coach and a great offensive mind. If that was the case, we would never have bought CCL in. PERIOD. I am not saying you have to have a 100 percent rating in successful QBs, but when you have a trend that is an issue. My problem with CGM is he started to fall in love with the athlete. I would much rather you recruit a lower ranked DT-QB (Willis) than an athlete ( the exception being made to the 5 stars). He got burnt last year doing that with the kid from Georgia, who ultimately decided to play safety. I know your schtick. All great coaches fail at evaluating QBs. I am not arguing that. Jimbo failed at evaluating JF3. Yet how many of them give up their QB duties? I have never seen Petrino, Jimbo or Spurrier GIVE UP qb duties. You let me know when that happens. And of course right to the bitter end there were people on this board who were convinced that JF3 would be a 2 year starter.....one of them an insider no less and then some of us got ripped regularly for questioning him right from the start. ....and even more after the A-Day game. How many times are you going to say this? 23 was wrong in his assessment. You have been plenty of wrong on these threads. PLENTY. So, you got ripped? How many of us got ripped for SW when we saw the inevitable? And btw, you were on the other side of that coin. Not to mention, you WILL be wrong again in your assessment when it comes to JS. It happens. The problem with JF3 was this staff was too freaking bull headed. JF3 wasn't going to play QB at FSU. So no in the ACC. He was just getting his feet wet at the JUCO level. He couldn't do it at AU. He probably won't play QB at FAU. Chances are he won't be a QB. This staff got so enamored with the idea of another NM (who btw was an anomaly), they lost their wits. You can roll the dice once, maybe twice, but that is a dangerous way to live. Sometimes the answer is right in front of you.
  10. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    I would never understand the desire to not get Jerod Evans. That right there really made me question Gus's ability to evaluate a QB. Thank god for Chip Lindsey .
  11. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    This might be one of the biggest leaps of speculation I have ever seen on a thread lol what the heck? and where is 23 at? You just got pulled into the mix bahaha
  12. Life is full of things unfair. How you respond is what matters . How CGM responds this year is critical to say the least : and btw , most schools do not get their first choice . Most . Not everyone can bring in the 5 star QB.
  13. John Franklin III leaving Auburn

    What is this like four schools in four years . Jeez .