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  1. I think with some of the unknown with the WRs, TEs are going to have to be key for that safety valve.
  2. DAG


    This drives me insane !
  3. DAG


    Obviously I am bias and homer but I truly believe this gentleman fits the Auburn culture. A blue collar, low key , say it how it is, hard working leader. Super genuine and speaks right from the cuff.
  4. DAG


    I know people are being facetious but I hope people don’t expect to see 110 complete change. I think we will still out talent people and I think this coaching staff will maximize our talent , but I don’t expect to see complete discipline play until about two years down the line
  5. two of the most knowledgable posters I know , engaging in conversation and discourse. I actually feel lucky I get to read all of This content
  6. DAG


    so this is what competent football is like? I truly wish some of our past players would’ve had the chance with this staff, granted results still haven’t been yielded.
  7. Oh boy! There won’t be any more hiding with this staff. It’s still early but ppl better start getting it together.
  8. Especially the fact that mistakes will be made but they need to be new mistakes . Can’t keep making the same old ones over and over
  9. You bring up a lot of good points . I get where you are coming from. I can’t speak for others, but for my own selfish reasons I wanted to see him succeed at the TE position because he didn’t fit the mold. I also understand why the staff moved him and for that I am grateful.
  10. That’s how I see it too. Like Prince Tega move. He has a great skill set but I hope people aren’t thinking nick fairley 2.0 right off the back , but just watch come fall if he doesn’t meet these expectations and the responses.
  11. I personally like the diversity of Tampa. A lot more infrastructure being build up and it is not so much "old money" anymore. Sorry, if I offend anyone with that lol. I would move to Tampa yesterday if I could. So much job opportunity for me as well. The partner really wants to move to freaking Portland, Oregon though..So we are still working it out haha.
  12. The kids at south Tampa were much more hospitable than you lol
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