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  1. We are getting James franklin bro lol
  2. DJ Williams seems like a beast on the surface. This is going to make me sound like a hater but there is something about Whitlow that just doesn’t make me feel like he can transition to a premier RB. I want to see more shivers too. He could be our Darren Sproles. Would like to see how his hands are out of the backfield.
  3. Well I never said he wasn’t a threat to run. I am saying he is pedestrian at best. IMO, it is unfair to assume the offensive line will sputter, unless they make monstrous strides based off how we used JS because the fact is , he isn’t and was not much of a running threat. For all I know , the offense could’ve been shaped a lot differently with a DT QB last year. In fact , he had an NFL RB and a quality offensive line in 2017 and his running stats were still pedestrian. Compare them to SW’s running stats who was actually labeled as a pro-style QB out of high school. I do think Gus will go back to his bread and butter which will pay dividends for the RB and offensive line, IMO.
  4. Can dish but can’t take it. Seems legit.
  5. Your first statement should pretty much trump any and all arguments. If we are winning, what does it matter if Gus talks up QBs, who is the QB, who is calling in plays, etc? It won’t . Things like this only matter when we are losing . i just got done watching the fourth season of last chance U and it’s hilarious how perception changes once you start losing.
  6. That's fine. The offensive line is key, but don't act like JS was even a moderate running threat. We don't know how a genuine running threat at QB could affect the offensive as a whole. Yeah, he did that in 2014, and we had well over 300 yards rushing on the ground with four tds. I would be hard press to see Arkansas do something like that with a real threat. For instance, look at the first play. They blitz off the edge and Stidham can't get away even though there is a crap load of running room to his right. If you miss on JG like that, you are in some trouble. But we will see. Even at the 35 second mark, if that defensive end crashes down, I am taking my chances on JG being able to make him miss and get to the outside. NM and CN both had to do that at times, but I also believe Schwartz will be used in the Eli Stove role to make it a triple option look now that Gus is running the offense again. I imagine that TE was there to give Stidham the time he needed. No more. For instance look at 42 seconds.. That is how you neutralize that crap.
  7. JG is significantly more athletic than JS. Are you saying otherwise? Teams will not scheme the say way they schemed for JS. It was the same reaction when JF3 came in for SW. Teams know they can get burnt if not discipline with reading the QB right. This was not the case with Stidham. Quite frankly SW looked more athletic than JS at times and that is saying something.
  8. Very great response. I need to start using this more often when warranted, TBH.
  9. Another of one of those “he has the look” prospects. I am really excited to see the battle in the trenches. Apparently, their offensive line will be a huge advantage.
  10. If we are at a point where we are in need of our “third qb” then Gus definitely deserves some leeway this year.
  11. I am starting to think this is what really swayed things.
  12. Baker is my man crush and was one of the first things I said when Bo came on board. Watch Baker Mayfield film please. Baker had close to a 70 percent completion rate during his time at OU. I hope you are correct about accuracy and more importantly about attitude, although I liked Mayfield’s cockiness.