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  1. Do away with the divisions like everyone else is seemingly doing. Either way it won’t matter we will always be tied to playing Bama and UGA because they are our rivals. Time for some in here to learn the meaning of “radical acceptance.”
  2. If this is the case, then why did you feel the need to ask “why has he been interviewing?”
  3. Well you know that’s not how this works
  4. Probably so and if I am our AD I will sit pretty and let them do that , while I do my job.
  5. Well I know you wouldn’t after all of the for sure “he is gone” commentary last summer. Surely that taught everyone here a lesson. But that is neither here nor there. My point was, Auburn is in as much control as our current AD. People are upset with him for staying put. Why? If he isn’t a good fit, then fire him, otherwise I am all for supporting him. Same with the ole ball coach.
  6. Well they could always fire him, like a loud few said would happen to our current head coach.
  7. Prime already has stated he has not talked to Nick. He wants to be at a public forum.
  8. We have had an opportunity with CKS and now CHF. Auburn has had chances to gain traction in high risk and high reward types. Let’s hope CBH pans out. I’ve been on record saying the big money people should’ve put their money where there mouth was and got freeze when they had the chance.
  9. Definitely not the worst. He was above average . Pretty dang good recruiter.
  10. Interesting that this true frosh could jump Ashford, but it is not like Ashford has gotten meaningful PT at the power 5 level.
  11. This is why this brother will not get a power 5 job and I am not speaking against him. He is truthful and they don’t like that. Speak on it prime lol.
  12. This going to be like Jason Brown on last chance u. 200 players on the roster lol
  13. I agree. I feel like it will be Calzada to lose if he comes back healthy and handles the playbook well. The idea that majority won’t show up if T.J. is the QB is the theatrics what I am talking about. I am sure a select few won’t.
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