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  1. Then why are you complaining? This topic is dead. Nothing else to add. When that happens, other things occur. Most of it entertaining .
  2. well we are at risk of it not consistently happening so you may get your wish. I, for one, think that would be a huge mistake. What people need to get is talent and winning happens in waves. The moment we lose the annual game and UGA becomes inconsistent then people will be all up in arms because we ended the longest southern rivalry.
  3. Well I know you wouldn’t for a couple of reasons. But I enjoy the traditional of the rivalry and I think most do.
  4. No way we would lose UGA or Bama. I know I would hate to lose the annual UGA game and I imagine they feel the same
  5. This looks like the most competitive of the bunch
  6. In reality there is no reason why Texas and A&M shouldn’t be in a pod. I am not even thinking about OU in regards to that
  7. I honestly believe the major reason they are doing this is to appease A&M.
  8. So what is the point for both of these schools to stay in the big 12 the next four years? I bet both end up paying the 80 million to dip put early
  9. People are just being reactive right now. It is funny to see because in several months the tune will change and they will be riding with CBH. “I knew it all along.”
  10. Interesting thought seeing how often this fanbase permeate with the mindset that “we are above the ways” of UGA and Bama.
  11. There is already a thread about this
  12. Yes. Come on man. Health matters but he clearly wants his best players to be available. The same reason why the SEC and professional leagues are now adding thresholds and penalties if players don’t follow certain protocols if they aren’t vaccinated
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