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  1. I’m sure he is fine. Probably have more important things like taking care of people I imagine.
  2. Been saying that forever . This year was the perfect year to expand the playoffs and not have bowl games. Of course the NCAA wants to make money, anyway and anyhow.
  3. Ahh like all the pundits do on the tube. Got it.
  4. The problem is Billy Napier. He is not coming here to be the associate HC, recruit and develop, when he could've done the very same dang thing as sole HC. That makes zero sense.
  5. Yes but as your post as put it, he is a lot more than a position coach. He is a developer and can recruit the hell out of Texas.
  6. How did you get he was dead weight from that post?
  7. To be fair, He put him in three hats: WR coach, AHC and recruiting coordinator. Still It is a bizarre thought.
  8. a lot of people were upset about him declaring for the draft , but even if he did sit out the bowl game. keep that same energy. Now we are fans again because he decides to possibly return? Fickle,Fickle bunch.
  9. The same way people reacted to the Houston Texans trading Deandre Hopkins
  10. People were hating on this guy when he wanted to explore, now watch him come back and y’all will be back all over him smh
  11. https://fb.watch/31lFsfaCRJ/ looks like he is coaching to me!!
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