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  1. I expect us to win a game we shouldn’t win and lose a game we shouldn’t lose. TBH with you, I would not be the least bit surprised if we are 5-0 going into Gainesville. However, I wouldn’t be surprised to see us be 2-3 either... I think a big key is winning that opener. Having that momentum going into SEC play would be great.
  2. DAG


    There are three crucial things Mw needs to be our starter. 1. Decrease turnovers 2. Make the right read 9/10 times 3. Be effective at throwing the stop, slant and fade He needs to try to shape his game like Pat White tbh.
  3. DAG


    That is fair but I think what several of us are saying that we do not think the side arm mechanics will be the reason or even the associate factor for MW either failing or not starting. Just my .02 cents.
  4. DAG


    Also Matthew stafford!
  5. DAG


    Yes, he does, but I am not going to subtract from MW just because he has a "Shortstop" delivery I think people forget Patrick was a three-star recruit with only three true offers out of high school. He went to the right school, who let him grow into who he is. Cam Newton still throws off his back foot. That isn't changing. Now, I am not saying MW will turn into any of this. Just saying this shouldn't be as big of a deal. If it works, it works.
  6. DAG


    To be fair, the next superstar Patrick Mahomes still does this till this day.
  7. Good! These are dual sports guys and they deserve to give their attention to each sport as designated.
  8. One game at a time. To be a Cinderella, you are going to have to face adversity anyhow. I bet the young men don't give a dang. They are just ready to represent.
  9. I’ve always said that JJ should get credit because it was indeed him who hired these coaches who have us competing in all 3 sports. But Greene should definitely get support for sticking with both Pearl and Gus, as it seems they have had resistance from within. It also seems like the relationships are great with Greene and our coaches. I don’t know if that was the case with JJ.
  10. All I know is Auburn basketball just won the SEC championship. Eat your heart out Gus Malzahn.
  11. Recruiting pitch you say Dicky V? Could you imagine?!
  12. Give Bruce Pearl his due!! ahhhhh WDE. Basketball school.
  13. Just been taking a look at other teams boards and my goodness, the UVA fanbase seems to be scared to death to play us lol