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  1. DAG

    Chip Lindsey

    He better or the reality is he will be gone within this time next year. If he was an “offensive coach,” he wouldn’t have such terrible remnants of offensive stats. So yes, it needs to happen. Some times you don’t need input. You need to STFU to grow and Gus needs some growing to do. Otherwise, it is just pride.
  2. DAG

    Liberty post game

    Not a crowd. Legitimately, you and one other guy. Apathy has set in for many Auburn fans because the coach is mediocre. If he wasn’t mediocre, the positivity would be much higher. It’s not rocket science. Sorry people aren’t excited about a liberty victory.
  3. DAG

    Liberty post game

    It's liberty. That's all.
  4. DAG

    **Liberty game thread**

    Will we see the GOAT Cord Sandberg?
  5. DAG

    Hastings, Stove and .....

    Thank you.
  6. DAG

    Stidham: Stay or Go article

    Well, this is how I feel and you guys can kill me for this. Do you contribute to the chaos or do you control the chaos? He has a young team. There is not much you can do about it, so what can you do to not add.to the chaos? You cannot trust and the whole thing can go to hell or you can rise to the occasion and try to contain it. IMO, I don't think JS did very much rising to the the occasion this year. You know if he is a high draft pick, he is probably not going to have the best personnel around him. Well, what is he going to do? Just not trust them and freelance? That is why I am very careful when people say this QB would struggle if he had this offensive line too. Maybe? Or maybe he would rise to the occasion and invite another level of accountability.
  7. DAG

    Les Miles and Kansas finalizing a deal!

    Good for him. He is a great guy and I know he loves and misses coaching.
  8. DAG

    Stidham: Stay or Go article

    It's not all on the o-line. There have been times when the o-line has blocked well and JS left the pocket to quickly or to one side. There is room for opportunity, but I always cringe when people say this or that QB would have had trouble with this o-line. Sometimes your counterpart plays up to the potential and expectation of their teammates.
  9. DAG

    Bowl Game: vs TT or Purdue

    That’s the 7 million dollar question but apparently, for some, it is absolutely wrong to be asked that of Gus...
  10. DAG

    Hastings, Stove and .....

    I am interested to hear this too.
  11. DAG

    Bowl Game: vs TT or Purdue

    And we’ve gotten significantly worse on both sides of the ball. Not good
  12. DAG

    Bowl Game: vs TT or Purdue

    True. That was the first game of the year though. So much has changed between then and now.
  13. DAG

    Secondary school

    I never understood the media love for ND. Every year, they are ranked in the preseason top ten it seems. Although this year it seems to be justified. I still think they should have to be in a conference tbh.
  14. DAG

    Bowl Game: vs TT or Purdue

    Purdue. I would love to see that match up. And we should be able to beat both. However, I could definitely see us dropping both games as well, sadly.
  15. DAG

    Stidham: Stay or Go article

    Time for both parties to move on tbh. And if I was Stidham , after the Alabama game, I would be getting ready for the combine.