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  1. A lot of talent. If used right there is no reason why we shouldn't be near the top of the conference by the end of the season.
  2. Had to get him at Auburn someway!
  3. You are completely offended by this or else you wouldn’t keep using the same ole argument of we don’t see your POV. I completely see the other side and I don’t agree. Sue me. 2. We aren’t talking about a ton of people. We are talking about Mike Leach. If the apology doesn’t mean a thing to you, why are you even in this discussion? Your mind has been set. Who said he was above criticism? You can criticize him all day , but don’t get upset with me because I disagree with your criticism. Can’t have it both ways. 3. Again, I did see their POV. If they want to leave because of that tweet that is fine . I personally think it is a cop out. That’s me. They don’t have to like it but I would express that same thing to any one of my family members who would do such a thing. Again, you don’t have to like it. I would have suggested a much different avenue but I am not going to waste my time sharing that here because YOUR mind is already made up. 4. My thing had nothing to do with white or black . My question was very simple . Lil Wayne said something that was very distasteful. There was not hyperbole to that lyric. Do you know what hyperbole means? It’s a point of exaggeration . That sounds like a dang excuse. Yet you are alluding to a meme as racist because of an object . And you are saying we should be sympathetic of their POV. Yet Lil Wayne specifically named a person who was absolutely lynched. So does that mean lil Wayne supports lynching? You refuse to answer the question. You are legit upset because of a rope. You legit asked “why didn’t he post the pic without the rope?” Then the meme wouldn’t have made any sense. You don’t even take the time to look at the context of it. Does Robin Hood offend you then?
  4. I am having the discussion with you right now as another black man and completely disagree with you . If you want to be offended by this meme go right ahead . I think that’s crazy in itself. So I hear your point of view and I don’t agree with it . You don’t have to like it just like you don’t have to like mine or other point of views on this thread . And guess what? It doesn’t make them racist because of such. And Leach apologizes. My thing is I just posted a link of lil Wayne be way more distasteful and none of you guys even responded to it. Shouldn’t he be more aware of it then anybody ? A black man who grew up in the south? If I listen or share lil Wayne music does that mean I support lynching now?
  5. Is lil Wayne racist? If you support lil Wayne does that mean you support lynching?
  6. Okay? I am well versed in that.
  7. And the sad thing about it is this guy referenced Emmitt Till and till was never hung with a noose. This is what I mean .
  8. So the noose is racist ? Emitt Till has nothing to do with that meme. Did you know emmitt till was pistol whipped till he was unconscious ? So does that mean anyone who shares anything with a gun supports lynching ?
  9. How did you manage to be offended by a meme about the corona virus? Again, I am not offended by it but I am suppose to be offended by it because it’s overly racist correct ?
  10. Yep they always think everyone else is emotional or triggered when in act But in actuality you are pretty triggered
  11. Because some rap lyrics that I have seen shared on twitter by athletes , celebrities , etc are absolutely offensive . Yet it is so common that people don’t even blink . It doesn’t have to be rap . It can be rock, country whatever . But because this picture has a rope in it, it is interpreted as racist . That’s crazy. If the person was black with the rope would this be a big issue ? If Charlemagne the God shared this image would it be a big issue?
  12. And I am saying their coach from his past history has always been a goofball, been a little out there and has never ever had an instance of some sort of racism. Again, I bet some of these same players family members say way more offensive stuff or do way more offensive stuff than that meme. That meme was not meant to be racist. It was legit responding to the epidemic . What kills me is there is legit discriminatory and racist crap to be mad about in society , yet we can’t get people to respond. Oh but this terrible meme. He apologized. At least give him the benefit of a doubt. You are comparing a meme to someone who personally describe individuals as thugs ? In what world is that anywhere near the same stratosphere?
  13. Also players deciding to transfer have seen and heard way worse in Mississippi. They can deny it all they want but from both races. If you are using this tweet as a way to get a transfer without sitting out, you honestly wanted to transfer from the get go. I have seen people share rap lyrics , things about women , etc. All which can be interpreted as offensive.
  14. Black guy here. Honestly, When I first seen the meme a noose was not the first thing that went to my mind. Maybe the older generation for sure. Either way I don’t think he meant it in that manner whatsoever. I am sure people will hold on to it though.
  15. Question 1. I suggest reading the book of Job. I am not a religious person , although I do consider myself a god fearing man. The hard truth is you can’t rationalize this. As Christians and as human beings you may never get an answer nor do you deserve an answer. I had this same discussion with some fellow church goers at my workplace the other day. Sometimes the answer won’t be available but the response to the turbulence is key. I don’t think this is the good medium to discuss this topic. Again this is based on my readings of the Bible.