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  1. Eli Stove scoring a TD without it being a speed sweep.
  2. Yep! UGA still seems to have a stout defense and I am sure they are going to do everything possible to make us one dimensional, passing the ball.
  3. People need to calm down on the Bo Nix hype. Glad to see he is progressing , but I am still waiting for him to just take over a game. Especially considering his five state rating. I can tell you right now Bama, UF and Miss State are not envious of Bo Nix right now.
  4. UF looks like a real problem this year. I knew Dan Mullen had it in him. All he needed was the talent.
  5. Yes these kids are competitors . Every game matters and I have to think they love it.
  6. DAG

    Bo Nix

    Exactly. Funny how that works.
  7. Alabama is pretty dang good. They played well on both sides of the ball, which is what you are suppose to do with inferior opponents. Compared to a lot of these other teams, they seem to be ahead of the curve.
  8. After seeing both UGA and LSU, I got to say, we seem to be ahead of the curve.
  9. Seth looked like an NFL wr out there. I will say he needs to be careful with the celebrations though.
  10. Correct. Like we won . Our QB looked pretty decent . Sure there are things to work on, but in his first game, against a UK team many of the pundits had winning over us, I think he did well. Lets see how the piggies do against UGA.
  11. If we are looking as sloppy as everyone is saying and we are up by 1 then to me I have nothing but encouragement.
  12. I’m Always big on taking the points early in games . Ugh but what can you do
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