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  1. This is a good and bad thing . Good for Bo. He might break a number of passing records. Bad for Auburn because it shows how much of a lack of a passing game we’ve had in our previous culture. Hopefully that changes in the future.
  2. Really? Their starters seem to be much better and then you add depth which is what makes them scary.
  3. This guy just concluded his own debate and doesn’t even know it.
  4. From everybody’s tbh. Wake me up when our fans start throwing golf balls.
  5. And I bet he has the same agent as Gus and NS
  6. Same. It drives me crazy. Finish to the whistle, side line to side line. I have no doubt our coaches will deal with that.
  7. He doesn't have a buy out clause?! What in the world Texas A&M
  8. Good point ! Bo definitely could demonstrate that in practice or DD!
  9. I agree, if someone is really injured, their body won't allow them to sit there and play through it. Eventually it will be exposed or they will have to lay on the ground. A big difference than being hurt. If the players feel that they at the point that they can't run to the sideline, they need to be out for an extended time for safety purposes.
  10. Yep they have a pass run option that he was killing Tennessee on. I don't know how many times he actually ran it but when he did it was very successful. Guys got to be discipline with him.
  11. I am just happy we are using the freaking TEs.
  12. What is funny is how quiet some of the people who for sure thought we would be the next Tennessee are right now. Yet they are indirectly in this thread but that is none of my business.
  13. Apparently Matt is pretty banged up as well. I wonder will he play against LSU? I do hope Ole Miss wins to set up an exciting match up.
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