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  1. Herb Hand to Texas

    The world? No. Auburn? Yes. Hence why he is staying and Gus's great friend is heading to beavo land with the other Houston cowboys. Hopefully, that rock chalk Jayhawk defensive line doesn't stress him too much.
  2. Herb Hand to Texas

    Consider your sources haha
  3. Herb Hand to Texas

    Thanks for using stats for validating points, although some of the older gentlemen consider them meaningless. Unless of course, it fits their agenda. Look the guy was awful. To even compare him to what Travis Williams has been doing is just absolutely illogical in every fashion of the word. Yet some people think it is honorable to defend this mess. I guess the old adage, with age, comes wisdom is being put to the test.
  4. Herb Hand to Texas

    Didn't herb leave on his own?
  5. Herb Hand to Texas

  6. nah just laughing at you
  7. Bama looking for another offensive coordinator

    Yeah I read your original post. He wouldn’t have to worry as a coordinator. I was giving you props for actually researching the answer. That would be a pretty big get for the tide
  8. Bama looking for another offensive coordinator

    Nope he sure wouldn’t . I still think it will be Dan Enos though. Good research
  9. Bama looking for another offensive coordinator

    Maybe they did, BUT as I have shown earlier, they are still at the top of the SEC. So that shows you their standards. In your mind they have taken a step back and frankly, I bet you most Bama fans agree with you. So imagine when they get an elite OC?
  10. Bama looking for another offensive coordinator

    Things such as that are typically how professional athletes and coaches alike are gauged. That is why your opinion on NS means zilch because the stats show he is a 5x national champion. That is pretty meaningful, I would say.
  11. Bama looking for another offensive coordinator

    Could be your opinion, but the stats say otherwise.
  12. Bama looking for another offensive coordinator

    Yeah, that is what I was thinking. LOL #2 in the SEC in points, #4 in total yards, #3 in rushing yards. The horror. Also, I think it will be Arkansas old OC, Dan Enos. I know he is a WR coach at UM right now, but I am sure he would rather be an OC. Also, Matt would do very well at Bama.
  13. 2018 playoff - I’m calling it now

    I hate to say it but all things offensive line has taken a back seat since hand as taken over. It is arguably the most important piece of any Gus Malzhan team. How can you be this lackadaisical?
  14. 2018 playoff - I’m calling it now

    Wait a minute, is this for real? Why are we doing this last minute stuff?....I just don't get it. Why did we even extend Herb Hand? Smh
  15. Looks like the snowflakes aren't only in Wisconsin...I kidd, I kidd. Hopefully, this is actually implemented by opening day. We need a release valve other than Hastings and Davis.