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  1. Yep. It is quite amazing what the patriots can do with constant different type of plays . The spurs of football. but even in 2014, we had to change it up and we did . We threw all over them, however our defense crapped the bed . it is going to be a point of time where slinging the ball will be needed to put us in position to win the game .
  2. Yes . Teams like Alabama are consistently exploited by teams with a QB who can move relatively well, but also can throw on their secondary . The only time I can think of a team totally opposing their will on them by running was our 2013 squad .
  3. Yes . 2013 was an anomaly. In a case like that you would want to oppose your will . However , we saw in 2014 that we needed to be way more balance as teams learn to adapt to personell , not to mention we didn't have the same horses the previous years. This continually became evident in 15 and 16 . As much as I love seeing bubba impose his will, it would be nice to throw the ball on first down and get our playmakers more involved in the vertical game , other than when we do that goofy Statue of Liberty play action pass.
  4. We absolutely have the talent and means to sling the ball around need be . Clearly , CGM has always wanted to be a physical team with the run , but it is a fine line between being a down hill running team and pretty much becoming GT. The best teams have a balance offense and that is what we should be striving for . I do not want to be running the ball 70-80 percent of the time .
  5. lol I want to know who was the first to term the whirlybird? Gus has implemented a lot of fascinating things , but he is never going to live that one down haha
  6. It would be nice to see the 1st team O go against the 1st team D
  7. That would be a nice change of pace .
  8. At least he admits it
  9. That is the point of a prediction. It is all speculation. Keep up. As for SW. I really don't care. Some of you guys love him. Me? As long as the backup is competent then whatever. SW won't even be there at the start of spring. Heck, who's to even say he will play this spring? Secondly, I said if WB moved up on the depth chart, I would not feel any anxiety, as a TRUE QB coach would've evaluated him and had enough confidence to do so. Bottomline, I am not too high or low on SW. If he is the second string QB. cool. If he is not cool. I don't anticipate SW having any impact next year, as I hope and Pray JS completely leads our team to the promise land. Another smart A statement for you.
  10. Let me dissect this. First, you misquoted the guy. He was saying it wouldn't be a big deal if SW left due to limited PT versus just leaving for fear of competition. If you are going to make a point, at least understand the context. Secondly, SW being a backup is a luxury not a norm. SW had zero experience when JJ fell through. He turned out okay. Lately, we've had inadequate coaching which indirectly led to abysmal backup QB play. I do not expect this to be the case with CCL, therefore, I would not feel any anxiety if WB was to be the second QB, as he would've been evaluated by a trusted QB coach. Experience or not. Furthermore, I expect JS to be available for the duration of the season. This is something we've not been accustomed to the last couple of years as evident by the anxiety and angst some of you are having with the backup QB role. Way more attention being had then normal.
  11. Most backups do not have experience. - Reality.
  12. Very agile and rotate his hips really well. Super smooth like. Definitely has room to get bigger in college. Would like to see him lower the boom a little more for his frame.
  13. The next scholarship QB.
  14. There is no way in hell, if we play like we are supposed to, that we will be underdogs to UGA @ Home or Texas A&M. In fact, I would not be surprised, if we are ranked ahead of those teams come preseason. You know what this team should have high expectations and hold themselves to such. They have just as much talent as anyone in the nation safe for a couple of schools in the nation. This is where me and you will continuously disagree. Might as well leave it at that.