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  1. Because one of the most reliable posters on this forum has stated that there has been thought circling around playing Tennessee
  2. Courtney Taylor is one of the most underrated and the BEST WR this school had cleat up. Don’t quote me.
  3. Wasn't trying to get on you bud. Valid question
  4. ACC already said they will help ND compensate
  5. You cannot make decisions in haste. That is why I thought it was ridiculous when one Auburn brass member declared last spring Auburn will have football. How can you say something like that without a clue of this fluid situation? I think people are going to find out the hard way, an acute loss in revenue won’t be worth the possible risks of exposure and mortality .
  6. This is the stuff that makes it hard for me to believe we will have fall sports. You outlaw this but totally okay to huddle and tackle each other
  7. I honestly will enjoy the only conference schedule. Hopefully we can add more conference foes to replace the OOC games. That way we can see who really has the juice!
  8. I guess we won’t just be “playing the game.”
  9. That’s fair. I am just saying the ability to recruit stud players at Tennessee probably came more from Nick Saban, not Rush Propst. When he went to Hoover, they were a 3x state championship and already nationally ranked. It’s one thing to recruit at a power house, where there are legit no other high schools with your resources. It is another to recruit well for a program trying to revamp it’s image in a conference as strong as the SEC.
  10. Cut from the Darth Saban Cloth. Another recruiting juggernaut
  11. I find it very hard to believe that we will have collegiate football this fall. I am waiting for that one professional athlete who gets it and unfortunately needs serious care.
  12. I too am in favor of Nike now. I will say now that UA is trying to get away from trash ass UCLA, I think they will prioritize someone hardcore like AU. How much would that be worth is another discussion.
  13. DAG


    I think he is saying talent and team base makes everything. I think there are only 3 coaches who can go almost anywhere and create a culture of success. Urban, NS and Dabo. Gus does not make Auburn.
  14. You loss the leading brass with that idea as soon as you said free lol. That would be nice though. I have a feeling if they do let fans in the prices actually will hike up since it will be a limited amount and waivers will have to be signed