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  1. Yeah and he is on the hot seat every other year. I would not be opposed to Urban Meyer , but I want Bill Clark. That is my positioning.
  2. Like I said before, he would be my first choice but I can understand why others would want a splash name to be approached first.
  3. About Urban? Fair enough . I was just thinking he has the most accomplished and who would be available. I know Stoops would be high. I like Stoops I just don’t want to be okay with Jim Harbaugh 2.0. We need to win a national championship with him here.
  4. Yeah right lol. I think money talks more than anything . I his a ball coach whether he wants to get away from it or not and I don’t think he would want to stay away for too long. With that being said , it is probably a pipe dream. I can see him going to the NFL. My thing is if we are going to make someone the richest coach then swing for the fences.
  5. I say go after Urban first then let the rest follow , only if you are willing to spend that money. Also if there is a search committee, they need to be external. No auburn legends or donors on it.
  6. Well Yes I am definitely going to trust our AD to pull in a great candidate.
  7. Yep, Bill Clark rebuilt UAB. At the very least you can't gloss over something like that. And he has won everywhere he has been. Very successful at Prattville, took Jacksonville State to there FIRST playoff victory and set many records with them and again I want to emphasize built up UAB. There might be other big names out there with proven resume's but don't take what this man has done lightly.
  8. But again I am not talking about attacking a defense. I am talking about RUNNING A PROGRAM. That is why he has an Offensive Coordinator and clearly, he wasn't really feeling that, so why all of a sudden would he listen to Chad Morris in that regard, who again is his pupil?
  9. I disagree. From a leadership standpoint, there is absolutely nothing Chad Morris can tell Gus. He has to learn how to be successful first. I am sure Gus has conversations with many coaches, but I am speaking from a point of LEARNING from someone. Who is he gaining wisdom from?
  10. I agree Bill Clark is my top choice. I am interested as to why you think Dillingham could be the next Lincoln Riley? From what I understand Dillingham has never truly even called plays.
  11. But whatever conversations they had Gus his mentor. Gus allowed Chad to observe him at Arkansas as well while Chad was still a Highschool HC at Texas. Gus has won an SEC championship and been to a national championship. I seriously doubt the conversations they have would come from Gus seeking or trading ideas from him, especially when Chad had a turbulent time at SMU.
  12. He hasn't been very successful as an HC, BUT he also was coaching at SMU and currently Arkansas. He definitely has better passing schemes, but I don't know how effective that will be in the SEC.
  13. Well chad morris actually reached out to him since he considers Gus a mentor.
  14. With that being said and I can be 100 % wrong because I am not there behind the scenes, but I don't know how often Gus seeks out wisdom for others either. That is one thing I like about NS. He seeks out wisdom from other successful people. I was amazed when he invited Kobe Bryant to talk to his team and he was there with pen and pad. Again, Gus could easily be doing this as well behind the scenes.
  15. And to be fair to Gus, He hasn't had that opportunity. He has worked under Gene Chizik and Houston Dale Nutt..