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  1. Favorite Play vs. Arkansas

    Gus dislikes Arkansas . We do that against UGA opening drive and the JH would’ve exploded .
  2. Favorite Play vs. Arkansas

    The one when the Arkansas player flops then pouts when it didn’t work
  3. does lsu loss carry over

    The standards are just too high for poor Gus. No worries . Arkansas Job will be open soon . They enjoy 8 win seasons with the occasional win over LSU or Auburn
  4. does lsu loss carry over

    Yes. He has zero quality wins this year. Abysmal record against quality power 5 foes. Does no good to only beat the Arkansas , Ole misses and Mississippi states of the world .
  5. More aggressive vs. Arkansas

    Arkansas would be fools to keep BB
  6. More aggressive vs. Arkansas

    Personal vendetta.
  7. You believe what you want to believe but I DOUBT Chip Lindsey is in the business of throwing his boss under the bus. CGM got screwed under Houston Nutt, but did he ever throw him under the bus? Same thing with Gene Chizik. You have to live to fight another day in the professional world. What I do know is how to put two and two together and based on CCL track record, I have never seen him run the ball 17 straight times on 1st down. He passes just as much as he would run on 1st down. This is his MO and he has done it this way since Southern Mississippi. Why would he change that thinking now?
  8. How about we handle our crap before we worry about what playoff contenders are doing. Same people were saying this stuff before the Clemson game and we got handled. Simple enough. UGA is doing what a talented team is supposed to do. Win the games they are FAVORED to win. Then to say ND is overrated. ND has beaten two ranked teams handily. How many ranked teams have we beaten? Don't understand our fans sometimes.
  9. Maybe, but it is not a sure thing a 2 loss team will make it to the playoffs. Especially us, who lost to LSU. That is not a good mark on our schedule.
  10. It might not. ND , Penn State, Clemson and TCU. We will need help
  11. Yep...but that would be a step in the right direction. Like I said before, for me, he needs to beat both. For the brass, I think if he wins just 9 games he will be safe. Can't-lose both UGA, Bama and the bowl game.
  12. It is going to feel like this until we go into the UGA game 8-2. That is the road to redemption.
  13. Yes that is exactly what we said.
  14. Why? Chip Lindsey offense does NOT run the ball 17 straight times on 1st down. That is not in his DNA. He throws on 1st down more than anything. This was a CCL offense tonight. The quick 1st down hitters.
  15. I am not giving him credit for anything until we see it against quality opponents.