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  1. And that was my main argument for hiring him. Imagine what he potentially could do at Auburn. I am cautiously optimistic.
  2. Yep when the shots on it is good. When the shot is off it is bad. Nevertheless, when you are shooting historically bad, there needs to be a sense to change it up. Let's get some second chance points, crash the boards, steal off transition, etc. To be down a couple of possessions and to shoot a contested three off a fast break. That is just not smart man.
  3. Exactly which does not happen on a consistent basis. Charles Barkley was just talking about this on all the smoke podcast. "Everyone wants to play like the warriors, but not everyone has Steph and Klay." It is what it is. I just think when you go 2-24 something has to give. Particularly when it comes down to a two possession game.
  4. I was talking about the high percentage of volume of shots. Not the actual shooting percentage. Do you watch the pros?
  5. I have a healthy respect for you basketball guys @Maverick.AU, @cole256@GwillMac6 But I just cannot watch this brand of basketball lol. No doubt, I bet it is fun and the players love it, but boy is it frustrating. Nevertheless, it is the way of the game, even looking at the professionals. Regroup for next time boys.
  6. Tennessee has I think 10 second chance points to zero to Auburn as well. Just a bad shooting day. It is what it is!
  7. And only down 4! I wish they would slow the ball down and work outside in. I am out of the loop though haha
  8. First time watching Auburn play...I usually hold me tongue but holy crap lol...talk about bad, empty possessions. UT missed so many shots and guys come down and shoot contested three point shots. It is the new wave I suppose!
  9. Yep that’s what give me some solace . He has proven to beat the best at a place where he doesn’t have nearly the same resources . I really do believe he will be the football version of Bruce Pearl
  10. I agree. I think CHF is a much better coach than Gus. I just want us to be conscious that we still need to produce on the field in a very tough SEC west. The coaches not only will have to recruit their asses off ( they proved it) , they are going to have to also be ready to win some games that they may not be favored in, which is seemingly a good many. I believe we can do it but I am going to enjoy the recruiting success we have and be cautiously optimistic otherwise. I will say I still question if Freeze can take a program over the top. I know damn sure he can rebuild programs .
  11. Yep. We beat clemson but we start actually producing on the field and we can also start beating the UGAs and Bama of the world. Let's not kidd ourselves, this is great for Auburn, but like Gus, if it doesn't cultivate to wins, we are back in that vicious cycle.
  12. I like how literally everyone except you got my point. But you keep on being you. Don't EVER change.
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