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  1. the buyout doesn’t effect me one way or another tbh. I am just tired of watching incompetent football. I think for 99% of us it won’t touch our pockets, but the bad football is annoying for a good majority of us. I have to feel like those who use the buyout as a crutch are honestly Gus Malzahn fans more than anything.
  2. On offense this year: “At times, we’re playing real good, and at times we’re not. We played inconsistent tonight.” A generic Gus quote. Smh. I absolutely believe the power brokers are definitely sick of this crap .
  3. Ehh Mario’s woman >>>> Bert’s
  4. Nope. They will sit in that 5th spot. Who we really hurt was freaking Oregon.
  5. Exactly Once we lose to Alabama and he isn’t fired then I KNOW money is the reason.
  6. Trust me I agree. I am just so mad I want him away from auburn. I don’t care if it is FSU or Arkansas.
  7. They could fire him now. It will be no different. At the end of the day, he is going to do what the hell he wants especially now since he has all the chips in his corner.
  8. Hahah he will say fire me sir and pay me. We don’t have the upper hand here.
  9. Who cares? If they win out they will still be in the playoffs. We got bigger issues in our program.
  10. How can you possibly be 50/50? There is a bunch of evidence laid out that he peaked long ago ?
  11. That would be nice. So nice.
  12. Why don’t they just fire Gus and make him the interim coach then
  13. We don’t need a big hire at all for this. Just someone who knows half way what they are doing. We are losing to top four teams by a touchdown or FG and we have a coach who has no clue how to manage his expertise side of the field.
  14. Boys fought hard. They deserve better. Pure and simple. They have enough pride to fight with one arm behind their backs. I respect the hell out of them for it.