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  1. This guy chip Lindsey is probably thinking "what the hell has this coaching staff been doing the last couple of years?" with all the talent at his disposal LOL. I mean we are talking about Will Hastings and JF3 showing out.
  2. Same reason Tom Brady likes Wes walker or Julian Edelman . Sure handed and considerable great route runners .
  3. Malik Willis is showing some serious promise and JF3 made a TD catch?! Can't be true
  4. I will say that 2015 team had the most hype of any team since the 2006 squad . The 2014-2015 years were squandered in terms of expectation . I blame the defense for the 2014 downfall.
  5. Holy hell 6'8?! Where is my Enzo gif
  6. This all sounds very good . CGM just needs to walk around the field , observing the positional coaches and motivating the team and underlings to align with his philosophy .
  7. Jalen Hurts came in and started as a true freshman on an Alabama team , 1 second away from winning it all , no? embarrassing comparison
  8. I thought the 2014 team in terms of potential on paper was more talented than this 2017 bunch . The fact that we have a good group of guys returning is positive , however I don't know if I can honestly rank this team just yet . Haven't even seen them scrimmage . I will say that I am not as enamored with recruiting rankings as much as others nor do I completely devalue them . The most talent team imo was the 2004 squad and quite frankly , if you were to base it strictly on recruiting and the team make up, they wouldn't stack up to be more talented than the Auburn teams of recent years (this is on paper).
  9. This kid is a stud and just admitted what we all already knew about the QB position.
  10. As long as they are successful . It is fine by me I should say
  11. I am hoping with Chip on board this guy will be more similar to Lamar Jackson vs NM. At least that is my dream.
  12. That CGM. Such a homer comparing Malik to NM!
  13. Besides 2004, 2013 is my favorite auburn team of all time .
  14. Gus is starting to trust and act like a HC. This could be the beginning of great things .