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  1. Guys relax...this is all fodder haha. We will know soon enough who is QB1
  2. To me it is soft as hell to talk anonymously. You got to stand on what you say - Draymond Green
  3. I agree it would’ve been glorious seeing the whining and gnashing of teeth if Auburn at its state last year would’ve beat them.
  4. Losing the iron bowl was more painful than losing a NC game? wow haha . Come on man. Alabama earned that just as much as FSU you did. I literally could pick in choose points from the NC game as well, where coaches could've made better decisions, but hindsight is 20/20. With that being said, I still feel like when you have those opportunities, as a team we cannot squander them. The same goes with NC opportunities because you never know when you may get back.
  5. Yeah I wanted to respond to that, but decidedly not to. Supposedly that was the case right? We had the money and our guy ready, yet we didn't do it.
  6. And this is why I said “I’ve seen this episode before” lol. To an extent I agree with the OP in some retrospect, but I can already see where this is going.
  7. This is also true! At the end of the day, I think CBH learned a lot and was willing to grow from it. I believe all the the occurrences of last year will be the catalyst to what CBH wants this program to be heading towards.
  8. Yep winning that Alabama game and throwing them from the playoffs would’ve put him in legendary mode to an extent.. I agree, you just can’t lose those games along with the Mississippi state game which was a complete meltdown. Cannot have that at all.
  9. I 100 % agree with you on the 8 wins. Last year, there was no reason we shouldn't have had at least 8 wins (Bama, Miss state) for sure. Still cannot believe we loss to USCe. But that is also why I have optimism. Even in the games we loss, we always was in it and we mostly shot ourselves in the foot with the exception of the UGA game.
  10. You fire a guy (or even consider his seat hot) after one season BARRING a complete meltdown E.G. 3 wins and complete lack of institutional control, you are going to have a hard time find any quality coach coveting this job. His fellow peers knew what he was up against. It is rather illogical to do such a thing. It is not excuses, it is rational consideration. I never said anything about a long rebuild. I did say he deserves an extended lease, if he shows progression due to what he is building. This idea that Auburn is above such a criteria is bizarre seeing as prominent other schools have had to endure this as well (E.G Miami, USC, Texas). It can happen to the best of them.
  11. This wasn’t going to me but come on AUght, you absolutely know his seat shouldn’t been on fire after one season, if you add context in duration. I am glad you are excited but I hope the fellow fan base also doesn’t lose their fervor for Auburn football if and when a 9 win , 10 win or national championship run doesn’t happen. Those early expectations are a major reason why people react so negatively. Realistically as @AuburnNTexaspointed out, last year many knowledgeable people pointed out this would be a rebuild like season. I , as others, brushed it off because we are Auburn. The truth of the matter is we probably got way ahead of ourselves when we were 6-2. Heck , I remember there were actually post stating how a 2 loss Auburn would get into the playoffs over an undefeated Cincy. That is where we were at as a fanbase. So yes, he should have an extended lease because he is rebuilding a culture, specifically If he is showing improvement on a yearly basis. And improvement doesn’t necessarily mean a 9 or 10 win season.
  12. One dropped pass or over throw. “The coaching staff is in over their heads.” “ We need an OC with real power 5 experience.”
  13. Those magical years are not realistic nor based on history, do they produce a consistent winner. Quite frankly, I wish the mindset would change from the magical run, to a solidified program. I believe this is what CBH is building and it will be a progress.
  14. Great that you have your opinion but let's look at some facts. Height of the top two producing WRs of each SEC West Team: Bama: 6'2 and 6'0 Arkansas: 6'3 and 6'1 LSU: 6'0 and 6'3 Ole Miss: 6'0 and 6'0 Miss state: 6'3 and 6'0 Aggies : 5'10 and 6'2 I would argue we are right there with every group in terms of SEC height for WRs. A big reason is the way the game has gone now. No longer do you have to be 6'4,225 and run a 4.4 to be consider prototypical. In fact, If you look at the top 5 WRs in the NFL based on receiving production ( Cooper Kupp, Justin Jefferson, Devante Adams, Jamar Chase, Deebo Samuels) none of those guys are listed as taller than 6'2. Sure it would be nice to have 4 Mike Evans like players on the roster, but you definitely don't have to have that to be successful. FYI: King is listed as a WR by our Athletic Department.
  15. That is a perfect way to put it. Like I said, I've seen this episode before. I love football excitement. What I catch though is unreal commentary and expectations. When those expectations aren't met in some eyes, this place turns ridiculous. Realistically, 7 wins and all to most competitive games will be improvement and cause to continue CBH course as he is still building a culture ( I personally think we should at minimum win 8 games), but will those same people still be as excited or encouraged? We will see. I am ready to see this thing through.
  16. You should prepare yourself. 9-3 realistically would be the high end of it all.
  17. We will see…I’ve seen this episode before . Let me check out the reaction when adversity strikes and it will.
  18. This place is wild man lol. And yes I am really laughing out loud.
  19. Get those plug in guys quickly. Still a concern about the future foundation, but I feel like there are some coachable prospects available.
  20. This shows how out of touch you are..Travis didn’t go to JSU simply because of money. Culture and relationships still matter believe it or not.
  21. Some of these dudes just be talking lol. Good stuff .
  22. Good start , hopefully he keeps progressing
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