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  1. Saban was too busy postering why Bama should make the playoffs. Come on man. That is about as meaningless as when posters were begging up CLK for getting 700 yards against Arkansas.
  2. "That defensive coordinator..." doesn't even know the guys name but he is big time. Also why would he come over here to coach under caddy? I would be thinking "Why not try to be a head coach then."
  3. No and he is a protege of the QB whisperer Dan Mullen.
  4. That stat you said is irrelevant to today. Let's get Bo Wallace then too.
  5. KEY WORDS: IT WOULD SEEM. I see comprehension is not your best. I figured you had an agenda with trying to convince us we should give caddy a shot. I will pass on this convo.
  6. No need to apologize. I doubt Auburn is considering it either seeing as he probably would've gotten an interview or even an offer by now. Not a single soul has said so. In fact, it would seem like Auburn is throwing everything at everyone with the exception of Caddy. Hopefully that tells you something. Probably not though.
  7. Because I have seen Jimbo Fisher lead a program to a NC that's how. I have seen him consistently win 8-9-10 games before. I have no clue what caddy can do and I am not of the mindset of hoping for the best, that's how. We don't have time to be goofing around here and emotions only take you so far.
  8. They don’t have any answers and that’s not me being rude or a douche. They are getting fed info like other insiders from other sites and they have been wrong . Human fallacy.
  9. The mods are literally guessing like everyone else
  10. A&M will have the last laugh. They beat LSU last night . Jimbo is overrated but they won’t consistently be down like this
  11. It’s not even about freeze to me anymore. He is gone. It’s just more a revelation on how easy it would be to sell caddy to majority of our fans while our rivals would agree and laugh.
  12. Auburn fans will get what they want and end up with Caddy
  13. Not to what I am reading among auburn fans
  14. 1. People need to keep their personal and political believes to themselves on a dang football forum. We have other outlets for that. Good grief we get enough of that on social media as it is. 2. I am starting to believe Auburn once again has not a clue and we will end up with Caddy as the HC.
  15. People haver no clue. They are just throwing names around. Would not surprise me one bit if we ended up with caddy
  16. His family loves California. Didn't you guys whine because the last coach's family did not "fit" into or embrace Auburn Culture? He is not leaving Pal Alto to come to Auburn, Alabama
  17. FYI, Do not shoot the messenger but "apparently compliance with prime is an issue due to his prime prep academy." I love rumors, though.
  18. I heard it was straight madness from my Auburn people. Hysterical. People are insane.
  19. Right, we do not need to go the other extreme either though.
  20. Freeze is done and that is totally okay. I am just ready to get someone in here who is competent with a plan and resume to back it up. I really do not want to waste my time with any big wigs chasing contract extensions. I see we got people bringing religion into this? SMH.
  21. It won't be anybody with any inkling of experience like that. I am willing to bet on it.
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