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  1. Wikipedia Fixed it. "Arthur Gustavo "Gus" Malzahn, III (born October 28, 1965) is a high school football coach that is the head coach for the Auburn Tigers Football program and former football player at Henderson State University. "
  2. LSU v UF Postponed

    The LSU vs Florida Game has been postponed. #prayforflorida
  3. Sean White named starting QB

  4. When Does Practice Resume?

  5. Jeremy Pruitt

    A couple of my friends have been talking about Jeremy Pruitt. They think that he will be at bama for a couple of years. I think he will be a one and done and was wondering what the chances of that happening are? I know he was in talks to be the HC at South Carolina and Georgia last season and I think he will be a HC this time next year.
  6. When Does Practice Resume?

    Where did you get that info from?
  7. When Does Practice Resume?

    What time are the press conferences? And was there not one yesterday?
  8. Naming a Starting QB at Auburn

    Didnt see anyone talking about it. Brandon Marcello says Shaun is front runner and Gus will name the starter this week.
  9. Over/Under

  10. 2016 Fall Camp - Practice 2

    Yes I understand that but, the more practice the better he can get.
  11. 2016 Fall Camp - Practice 2

    Here is a link to the livestream for the press conference at 6:00 CST.
  12. 2016 Fall Camp - Practice 2

    Wish Woody got into some drills today.
  13. 2016 Preseason USA Today Coaches Poll

    I bet we would be lower than that if they voted today due to JR.
  14. 2016 Fall Camp - Practice 1

    I love this! Put it on a t-shirt!
  15. Jovon Robinson dismissed

    No. Think he is way better at DB.