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  1. Half right. Now we need the offense to get points.
  2. Eff it, surprise onside and try to steal a possession back. Or the defense needs to man up and get the ball back with a quickness.
  3. Amen...the "anybody but Trump" crowd reminds of the HS scrub athlete that sits on the bench hoping the kid getting all the PT in front of him breaks his leg so he can get to play. I don't care who they vote for or why but it is clear the republican party is a sham. They are more interested in stopping Trump than they are Hillary. There can only be one reason for that......sustaining the existing establishment power structure. They know if Hillary gets elected nothing will change. They can still pretend to be the opposition party and enrich themselves via all the K St. corruption they've grown so accustomed to and comfortable with. We have ONE political party in America and its primary interest is preserving its own power NOT serving the people that elected them. All of this would be amazingly interesting, but what makes anyone thing the establishment wouldn't get (or hasn't gotten) to a Trump or Sanders too?
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