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  1. Jay Gogue is retiring. It is time to fire (force into retirement) everyone and reset our athletic program. Good decisions have been made, but unfortunately many more bad decisions have been made and it is hurting our University. If we do not raise our voice and make them notice, we will be stuck in this rut for many, many years to come.
  2. Here's the petition. Let's make it happen.
  3. Well...this doesn't look good ...
  4. Someone bake me a crow pie, cause i sure didnt see this coming! War Eagle deserved this win!
  5. Gus just said that Rhett calls the plays...interesting. War Eagle
  6. Welp...he may become the Quarterback we need...but not the Quarterback we least the way he has been talked about by us fans.
  7. Well, I would hope this would be the game we turn it around...but it looks like JJ is starting so... Yeah