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  1. Whoops, my bad. After reading that comment again, I realize you werent calling me an a-hole. Just coaches like you described. Agreed.
  2. I was just commenting that they're two very different personalities, so its a huge culture shock for the players. Just a speculation. Easy with the name-calling.
  3. Yeah, valid point. Gus did build some of that mentality around him. Maybe BH needs to establish more hires that would balance him out in a similar manner.
  4. Most of those players that left and threw shade came to Auburn to be coached by a sweet gentle grandpa, but instead got a drill sergeant. Sounds like they just don't receive criticism well. The hard-ass mentality doesn't work on everyone.
  5. Thank you. Blatantly making accusations and starting rumours without backing it with evidence. Our fans can be the absolute worst. Pulled the race card too. Smh. Add it to this list of baseless claims.
  6. Is there any indication on how this may impact Paw Patrol?
  7. A lot of info leaks here before it reaches any source that a google search would bring up. Google often just leads to garbage anyways, like al.com articles. I’m also here for reading the opinions of other fans, especially surrounding news of this caliber. Most of us wouldn’t be here if we were satisfied with only google searches. Admittedly, I’ll take diluted threads of members getting along and having fun over those with heated arguments and insults. No reports coming your way, you may sleep well tonight
  8. Yeah, not sorry. This thread has gotten way off topic
  9. There’s other platforms for discussing what you had for lunch today.
  10. I love opening a thread about a significant player leaving, but instead of seeing anything on topic it’s jargon about fast food, cocktails and paw patrol. Mods?
  11. I disagree with some of the expressed contempt on this forum with the possibility of Tank leaving. He’s one of the best backs in college. Given the right usage and surrounding personnel, he’s a Heisman contender. I agree that he should be doing what’s best for him and his career, but the idea that Auburn can’t deliver on that should be extremely alarming. This mentality of “Oh well, I’d rather have someone who wants to play for Auburn” is disappointing for a fan base that should be more competitive. If high caliber players like Tank don’t want to play for Auburn, that’s a problem that will continue to grow exponentially.
  12. Or it’ll do the exact opposite. Exhibit A: Jeremy Johnson
  13. Colorado and Arky held them to 10. They’re averaging 29 PPG, we’re averaging an allowed 20 per game. There’s no way they hang 41 on us unless it’s a shootout. im thinking a 20-17 game, hopefully the good guys on top.
  14. I personally see a lot of issues with that, but mainly it is how those businesses are affected
  15. What I do know is that those who got the vaccine have been extremely vocal about it. I’d find it unusual that he’s he’s giving these answers if he’s vaccinated, but who knows. There is the possibility that he feels strongly about having a choice. So strongly that he’d be willing to look elsewhere for a job. Look at WSU. This could be a reality we are facing. My expert opinion as a seasoned Auburn fan is this: We win out, gain tons of optimism for our new HC, then December rolls around and he’s fired.
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