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  1. You are correct. I couldn’t recall seeing UVA in all blue so I had to go check it out. Almost identical. So now I am officially back on the no alternative uniform train. j/k
  2. I actually like that look. Occasionally. Can’t think of another team off the top of my head that has a similar look either.
  3. I am not opposed to the occasional alternative uniform but I’m not sure how I feel about orange jerseys. I don’t want to look like Virginia or Syracuse or anybody else. I still want to look like Auburn. I would lean more towards an all blue look or something if we went with an alternate uniform.
  4. I don’t know how NIL is affecting, or not affecting, football recruiting but Bruce Pearl just literally lost a recruit to Tennessee because they paid him more. Gymnastics, softball, equestrian are not revenue generating sports so NIL will probably have a negligible effect on them.
  5. For the record, my post was very much tongue in cheek. And JBiGGiE’s grand momma’s from the Gap. 😉
  6. Be careful talking about the Gap. My momma’s from the Gap.
  7. I have been to quite a few A-day games. Have never heard mention of any proceeds going to charity. Maybe they do, but I’ve never heard. If they do, great, but they should market it better. Make it a big deal. It’s an opportunity to drum up enthusiasm in the off season.
  8. I think A-day would be the perfect opportunity for a fundraising event for a charity. Perhaps, Coach Pearl’sAUtlive Foundation, for example. I would be fine with a small admission fee but I think voluntary donations would raise even more funds. This would allow anyone who wants to go, to be able to go. Pack out a whole row. Bring all the neighborhood kids. Whatever. This has multiple benefits. Fans get to watch their team play, even if it’s not a real game. A deserving charity hopefully gets a substantial donation. Players get to perform in front of, hopefully, a packed out stadium. Also, there are usually recruits at A-day. This generates a lot of enthusiasm and excitement for the school and program. Win, win, win.
  9. Anybody know what brand of basketball we will be playing with tonight?
  10. I have to think that coach corn’s dismissal was not related to his coaching acumen. I have no personal knowledge of the situation though
  11. And then half the fan base will be mad about that because it will mean keeping him another year
  12. So does this answer the ever lingering question of Harsin’s vaccination status?
  13. Like I said, Harsin could be an absolute Richard with ears but I would argue that, if true, you would think it would be an even bigger issue at Boise, not less. As you said, one might tolerate that treatment if the guy has a reputation for putting players in the NFL. Why would some 2* or 3* guy travel hundreds or thousands of miles from home to subject himself to that treatment without the NFL allure? There’s lots of other places they can go play just for the love of the game. If Harsin is this way, it seems highly unlikely that he just got this way. I’m not dismissing it, mind you. It just doesn’t make sense.
  14. Well the reason it was only DL that had a problem with Garner is because that’s who he coached. Harsin is over the whole team. So if, for example, 1 out of 4 (and I’m totally just making up these numbers) couldn’t handle Garner it would stand to reason that 1/4 couldn’t handle Harsin. That would be 20-25 overall. I don’t know what is going on. It just seems odd that after a decade as a head coach, even at Boise, that this would just now become an issue
  15. Disclaimer: I don’t know nothing and I don’t know anybody that knows anything. Not trying to defend Harsin either. But, a lot of guys couldn’t handle Rodney Garner either. Not saying Harsin hasn’t gone above and beyond the “tough love” that coach G issued. But how did he run a successful program for a decade in Boise with that approach? Do they just grow some tough taters in that region? Did he change when he got here? Doesn’t make sense.
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