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  1. It was not an unreasonable jump. Eltoro is a good dude and from my hometown. You should check out his line.
  2. ROTL or “Reputation on the Line” is Eltoro’s slogan. It is his brand that he is attempting to market.
  3. Maybe that’s why Stidham usually flushed to the left when he scrambled.
  4. Jumbotron was definitely too loud. Mentioned it to my son several times during the game. He never heard me, but I did mention it.
  5. Yes. Yes we are. You ask as if you are new to this board. Lol
  6. I would definitely watch that.
  7. Are you ok with professors, who represent Auburn University, being openly antagonistic toward the Christian faith? Cause there is a lot of seedy underbelly showing from the podium/pulpit of the typical Auburn classroom.
  8. Yes it will hurt and I will be extremely disappointed FOR the team. I will not be one bit disappointed IN this team. They have already exceeded all expectations for even a full roster. Now without Mclemore and with a less than 100% Bryce Brown, they are still scrapping and showing that they can play with anyone in the country. And there ain’t no shame in that.
  9. I am surprised to hear that Hoss Cartwright is a tweeter. Never would have guessed
  10. Why didn’t Bryce shoot free throws after that mid court foul? Pretty sure that was number 8 on UK
  11. My favorite part of this article is reading that we signed possibly the #1 tight end in the country. And here everyone has been saying we struck out at the position.
  12. How do you convince a lifelong Auburn fan to go anywhere but Auburn?
  13. Fortunately, he is only committed at this point. He has not signed yet.
  14. I am not against Gifs per se, but what I am for is quality Gifs. I propose that the mods set a limit on how many Gifs per page a poster can post. That would help to eliminate a lot of mediocre, non Power 5 level Gifs, or even worse, boring FCS level Gifs that nobody really wants to see. When every Gif truly counts, I think we all win.