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  1. ^^^This. If Auburn wants to be competitive in volleyball, this is the mentality it has to have. Go after somebody who knows what success is in a top tier program. It could be the head coach, maybe not. Maybe it is a top assistant. We don’t need to bring in a coach who has had success in a mid major or less. I know this is volleyball, but this formula can translate into problems in other sports. See Auburn men’s basketball before Bruce got here, with Lebo and Barbee. How did that work out for us? Not to give a history lesson, but I was a student at Auburn in the mid 90s. I started going to volleyball matches in 1996. At the time, we were winning almost 20 matches a season, including an SEC WEST title in ‘96. As the 2000s rolled in, we had back to back 1, that’s right, 1 win seasons. We have never really recovered from that, with the exception of 2010, the first NCAA tournament experience and a win in the tournament. We have to bring in someone who can build a culture of winning. Coach Hoppa has been producing at the Soccer complex for the better part of 2 decades now. In the 90’s the team was playing at the Student Act Center. I packed the ACT, got the shirt, and was part of the largest crowd at the time, almost 800. The team now plays in a 9000+ seat arena that was sold out last night for gymnastics (how wonderful that was). I would like to see the same for a volleyball match on any given Friday night , especially on a football home weekend. We need to hire someone who will have that vision and recruit well and put a good product out on the floor to represent the greatest university in the world, and people will come. Greene needs to realize that although this sport does not generate much revenue, it does not to be treated as such. Hopefully the process of looking at candidates is thorough and not just looking through applications. This is Auburn University athletics, not the Honey Baked Ham, Co. at holiday time. I just want all athletic teams to be given an opportunity to be successful.
  2. #4 Oregon lost to an unranked Colorado as well. Should be at least 5, could possibly leapfrog Baylor to #4.
  3. Auburn has had 5 players transfer since the end of last season. Should there be a concern about the direction Nold is taking the program? We usually start out the non-conference season pretty well, but are mediocre at best when the SEC schedule starts. I had hope with last year’s highly ranked recruiting class, but it seems that has gone by the wayside. This year will make 9 years since we tasted NCAA Tournament success, our only trip. I remember the mild success we had when I was there in the mid to late 90’s (a couple of 20 win seasons and the 1996 SEC West Championship, which there is no banner hanging for in Auburn Arena I might add). With soccer consistently doing well, it would be nice to have another successful Friday night sport prior to kickoff the next day.
  4. Any chance volleyball goes to the Big Dance this year? Current RPI is 42 after loss to LSU. We will beat State, have our hands full with Florida, and Arkansas is a coin flip. If we finish 2-1, that would make us 9-9 in conference play and 16-11 overall.
  5. If Auburn goes to the SEC Championship Game and loses to Georgia, do we still get a New Year's Six bowl? We would have 3 losses, but I believe we would still be in the top 10-12. Thoughts....
  6. Unfortunately, with the remaining schedules of us and Florida, this loss probably cost us an SEC title.