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  1. I think our defense is good and capable of keeping us pretty much any game this year if they don´t get worn out by an offense that can´t at least generate some first downs and give them some rest. Our biggest weakness, IMO, is in both run blocking and pass protection, on the O-line. And to compound the problem are coaches are not spreading the field with enough jet sweeps, slants, screens, etc. to keep the opponents´ defenses honest. With the limitations of our O-line, the play-calling on offense HAS to get better or we are not going to be competitive with our SEC opponents this year. Just my take.
  2. We really need to develop more depth in our receiver corps. If we lose Seth we are in a heap of trouble. Same goes for our running backs. If we lose Boobie we are in a heap of trouble.
  3. From my understanding of it, the H-back takes the place of a TE and is basically a combination of TE & FB. What is the advantage of an H-back over a TE? Not sure, but I think maybe since the H-back doesn´t line up on the line of scrimmage they can shift before the snap? Maybe someone with more technical knowledge of football can explain this because I have also wondered about it myself.
  4. Beth Mowins? No!!! It´s worth getting a DVR and learning how to do this just to avoid listening to her call a game! 🙂
  5. Good call! Andy will never be Rod. But that´s OK. Nobody ever could be. He has his own style. I only wish radio and TV were not out of synch so I could listen to the radio broadcast live and mute the TV.
  6. Gus will quiet his critics easily by consistently winning, making good decisions, and getting the most out of his players. He has showed flashes of brilliance since his first year. Remember all the hype over the HUNH offense and his coaching brilliance in 2013? But AU has been hit-or-miss since the 2014 aTm game. A lot of people felt like we had found the QB we had sorely been missing with Stidham but, once again, we AU was unable to break through to that next level and win the SEC, although a lot of us felt like we had the talent to do so. Have we finally found that QB with Bo Nix? I would like to think so. But time will tell but let´s not pretend Gus is above criticism once again just because he won one big game.
  7. Worm is probably the only back we have that´s a real threat to break a long run for a TD like he did against Bama last year. Boobie is a great runner, but he is more of a power runner like Kerryon. We definitely need to get Worm the ball more, especially on some jet sweeps and short passes.
  8. Momma Worm, don´t leave this site, we love your son and all our players!
  9. Yup, Gus has a tendency to run them into the ground like he did with Kerryon during his last season. He even played continued to play KJ when he was injured in the SEC Championship game against UGA. Drives me crazy when Gus does that. You can´t build your entire offense on the back of one player!
  10. Boobie is great but we simply have to develop some depth at RB in case he gets injured. Martin, Miller, and Shivors have to get more touches to give Boobie some rest or, God forbid, if he goes down.
  11. Oregon was a lot better, especially on defense, than I expected them to be. I was hoping they would be more like Purdue, but no such luck. And I think they had an excellent defensive game plan, which was to take away AU´s running game and pressure the QB. I think Oregon will win a lot of games this year and I wouldn´t be surprised to see them finish in the Top 10. We beat a quality team last night.
  12. Unfortunately, it looks like you are right. A lot of room for improvement on our OL. Gus is used to running the ball no matter what and he is going to have to come up with plans that account for the fact that we are not always going to be able to do that.
  13. No doubt that Bo Nix has the potential, with the right coaching, to be one of the AU greats. He shows incredible composure and leadership, especially for a true freshman. But he still ended up 13 of 31 passing with 2 picks. That´s not all Bo´s fault but that has GOT to improve.
  14. Steele and the D deserve a HUGE amount of credit for holding Oregon to 7 points in the 2nd half, making crucial stops, and keeping us in this game!
  15. I haven´t had a drink all night but I may have to pour one now!