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  1. I can´t stand to watch this charade on offense. Might as well have the QB take a knee. Let the boys play, Gus!
  2. Oh, I have GOT to have me a Whirly Bad, double reverse, pass to the kicker.
  3. Rondale Moore is a great player, no doubt. But I wonder if the announcers are going to ask him if he would like to get a room after the game? Jeez!
  4. I am hoping we will get to see Malik and maybe some of our other QBs fairly early in this game. And I want to see them really run the offense, no run-the-clock-out BS.
  5. Things are not that good but they are not as bad as Josh Moon and others with an agenda say they are. I don't like Gus. I am extremely frustrated with him. I get it. But Moon and others are throwing gas on the fire. Let it go.
  6. Considering Malik´s running ability, and assuming he can complete some tunnel screen passes, wouldn´t that automatically put him at or above par with Stidham this year? Give him some RPO´s and turn him loose and let the chips fall where they may.
  7. He´ll mix things up by combining a Whirly Bird with the tunnel screen. Or maybe a Whirly Bird fake punt with a pass to the kicker. If things get really desperate maybe a Whirly Bird Woody out of the Sugar huddle.
  8. Bo, or whoever our QB may be, is stuck with Gus and whoever our OC is next year. Which probably means throwing one tunnel screen after another. I hope I´m wrong. Maybe Gus will hire Bo´s Dad as OC. He would probably do better than Gus or Chip.
  9. I agree. Tua, Hurts, & Fromm started as freshmen. And Clemson benched KB in favor of another freshmen. If Bo is on their level we will probably know it his freshmen year. In any case, I would rather see him begin developing as a freshman as opposed to getting a graduate transfer that will be one-and-done.
  10. I wish Stidham well in the NFL. I do hope he sits out the bowl game because we need to see what Malik can do to see if he can be the guy next year. And Malik deserves that opportunity.
  11. I think Finebaum makes some good points, especially about game management. When I saw Gus running out the clock with two minutes left before the half and AU trailing by three I knew we were out of the game Saturday. Of course, Bama got the ball back after the half and the blowout was on. I about blew a gasket and I´m still not over it. You´re a 24-point underdog and you´re playing not to lose? And how many times has he done this or something similar? It goes back to the 2014 BCS Championship game and it has not let up in big game after big game. That crap might work against a team like Miss. State but against Bama? I was so excited about our offense this year with Stidham and such a talented & experienced group of receivers coming back. I thought we would light up some teams with our passing game this year, I thought we would be Air Auburn. And what do we do? Run the same screen pass time after time until the play is totally ineffective. He´s a flake, but I would like to see what Mike Leach could do with our offense.
  12. Dan-0

    Ryan Davis

    Pretty sure I heard the announcers say he wasn´t taken to the hospital and stayed in the stadium for the rest of the game. If the trainers had been more concerned they would´ve taken him straight to the hospital. So, I don´t think there is any reason to be overly concerned about him.
  13. I don´t think we will be better than this year but I don´t think we will be any worse. We do have some talent coming back on offense. As long as you have teams like Al. State, Liberty, and Southern Miss on the schedule a 7-5 record is not that much of an achievement.
  14. Keep in mind four of our seven wins were against Ala. State, Liberty, Southern Miss, and Arky, who everybody beat up on this year. With a schedule like that, 7-5 is not that much of an achievement, is it?