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  1. I haven't seen our fans and players having that much fun in Jordan-Hare in many years. That's the way it's supposed to be. I wish I could've been there. I want to see the whole stadium rocking after we beat Bama!
  2. Next year's team

    I hope you're right. KJ is just having his breakout year this year. Gus needs to convince him to stay by committing to promote him for the Heisman next year, which would raise his NFL stock value a lot.
  3. Jeff Holland / The Beast

    I agree. For some reason, injuries or whatever, I just don't think Lawson lived up to his potential considering he was starting as a freshman. Not that he wasn't a great pash rusher, just never as disruptive as Holland has been this year.
  4. what are the keys to beating Georgia?

    We controlled GA's run game and their offense last year. We can do it again this year. Yes, defense wins games but we can't leave them out there all day like we did last year. Our D basically shut them out last year. Offense needs to execute, get first downs, and get TD's in the red zone, not FG's. This is the big time, this is when CGM shows us he's ready for prime time, finally, and why he gets paid the big bucks. Four losses in a row to UGA is unacceptable, #1 ranking or not.
  5. Praise for Coach Malzahn

    If Gus beats GA or AL I will put one foot back on the Bus. If he beats both of them I will put both feet firmly back on the Bus. And if he loses to both of them I will be where I have been for most of this season- off the Bus and yelling at it to move on.
  6. So....What Did YOU Do on BYE SATURDAY?

    YES! Thank you, having a senior moment this morning.
  7. So....What Did YOU Do on BYE SATURDAY?

    Since I went to AU in the 80's, which were awesome, my college memories are intertwined with all those great 80's movies. I was in Auburn a couple of weeks ago with my daughter, who was doing her Campus Tour, and I showed her the old building by Samford where they used to show free movies on Friday nights. I remember watching movies like The Breakfast Club and Revenge of the Nerds there. What the heck is the name of that building and do they still show free movies there? I am guessing that stopped years ago.
  8. So....What Did YOU Do on BYE SATURDAY?

    Started my Saturday morning ritual drinking coffee and waiting for 11:00 am games to start. There were some decent games, watched some of Miami-NC, but none of them really held my attention so I just continuously scanned them with the ol' recall button. Then, got ready for PSU/Ohio State, which was a classic game from the opening kickoff, all the while keeping up with GA/FL, which was over in the first quarter. Sat. night, watched Miss St./aTm a little and also flipped between that game and Clemson/Ga. Tech, which was a snoozefest in the rain. Finished up the night watching the late-night PAC-12 games, USC/Az. State & WSU/AZ. It is amazing how late college football goes into the night. I am addicted to it and won't turn it off until the old lady makes me turn off the tube- then I turn on ESPN radio and fall asleep to that. Can't wait 'til next Saturday, WDE!
  9. You make some valid points about last year's injuries, but what excuses do you have to offer for the end-of-year collapses in 2014-2015? To be fair, most of 2015 was a total collapse and a large part of 2014 was as well, especially considering the talent we had. Any excuses for those seasons? It's not being a "fair weather fan" to demand more than consistent mediocrity and choking in big games from a HC who is now in his 5th year and has had the talent, resources, and time to hire his own staff in order to be competitive with everybody, not just weak teams like Mizzou & Arky. Being an Auburn fan doesn't mean you are all in or all out, does it? If your definition of fair weather fan is someone who demands more than consistent mediocrity and choking in big games in order to be "all in", then I will wear the label with pride.
  10. At this point, it's hard to ignore the parallels between last year's slow start, recovery, and end-of-the-year collapse. Beating Mizzou, MS St, Ole Miss, and Arky is great but all of those teams are down. We are about to get to the meat of the schedule where Gus has struggled since 2013. The jury is still out on whether or not we can break the cycle that has been in place since 2014. Nobody should be thinking about getting back on the Gus Bus until after the Bama game.
  11. I didn't notice a limp but I wasn't looking for it. He had a couple of breakaway runs and he showed that acceleration that he had last year. Not ready to say he's back to 100% but he sure looked a lot like the old KP we enjoyed watching last year.
  12. For sure, we have to see a performance like this against a good team, which would be aTm, or against a great team, which would be GA or AL- until we see this kind of coaching and offensive performance against these teams I will be skeptical too.
  13. Pettway looked like his old self and that was the best thing I saw tonight. He's probably still not 100% but he showed breakaway speed we haven't seen from him since last year. If we can get him and KJ back to 100%... watch out! There is a lot of talent on this team. Play calling was creative and dynamic and not as predictable as what it has been. There is no reason we shouldn't win out if our coaches will do their job.
  14. ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    I would like to see him worked into our offense as something more than a backup QB. We need to bring him in, not just to run clean up offense, and let him run the HUNH/ zone read offense from time to time to shake things up and keep opposing defenses on their toes and wear them down. He reminds me a lot of NM.
  15. ***Auburn vs. Arkansas -- Game Thread***

    Turn off Gus' headset, please.