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  1. Agree 100%! AU Police was never anything other than a money-making operation designed to suck even more money off the students & University community. My daughter goes to UAH and they still have campus cops and it´s just as bad as it used to be at Auburn... we got a $50 ticket there the other day for parking in the VISITORS section for half an hour to check on her Financial Aid.
  2. There ya go, not all progress is bad! 😉
  3. From what I know of the campus, it has become more bike-friendly over the years with bike lanes and such, and that´s a good thing. Back in the 80´s, a lot of people rode bikes but, as I recall, you were taking your life in your own hands riding through traffic. I loved riding my bike to class, wish I had lived closer to have done it more when I was there.
  4. Absolutely, it´s character-building, although I don´t know if either you or I would have seen it that way back in those days. AU and other universities have become big business and tuition and expenses have gone up so much I wonder if a kid like me, someone who paid his own way through school with military service and lots of part-time jobs, could make it in the current environment. I wonder if that is even possible these days?
  5. I remember Mag Deli, I think, was it close to CDV? Can´t say that I ever ate there but I think they had pizzas, right? I worked the breakfast shift at War Eagle Cafeteria for a spell so that was my singular exposure to AU Food Service! Oh, those boxes of macaroni and cheese. That´s was the end-of-the-month, waiting for payday, scrape up your change, meal. And if you had enough change, add some vienna sausage or hot dogs. I ate it so much I can´t even stand the smell of it now. I guess it´s the smell of being a poor student. 😄
  6. Me too! And all this talk about lunchroom food brings back some funny college memories... When my buddy/roommate and I went to AU it was really our first time away from home, so neither of us had any clue of how to cook, especially on the ridiculously thin food budget we had to buy groceries with. Our main point-of-reference was lunchroom food. So most of our cooking consisted of recreating the lunchroom favorites we had grown up with, which meant a steady diet of Beans-n-Franks w/ cornbread, Western Beans with Beef, Chili Con Carne, and Breakfast for Dinner! LOL! Along with Hamburger or Tuna Helper, we lived off such delicacies for at least the first year or so. BTW, I still can´t eat Tuna Helper to this day since I ate it one too many times in college. 😵
  7. My wife took this one of Montreal´s Gay Village on our recent trip. I had to talk her into going there, she didn´t want to go because she thought it was going to be a den of debauchery-- it´s actually just the artsy section of the city and everybody goes there.
  8. I like PBR, Miller High Life, Rolling Rock, and Yuengling. Heck, I like any beer! 🍺 Cheers! 🍻
  9. Agreed! Chips & dip, Chex Mix (homemade), cocktail nuts, pigs in a blanket, and cheese & crackers. The classic snacks are the best. 😎
  10. I´m not much of an NFL fan, since college football is my passion, but who´s watching the Super Bowl this Sunday? What´s on the menu at your house? Since I am trying to do Keto I would pick ribs, veggie platter, and chicken wings.
  11. Thanks, TG, the Air Force helped pay my way through AU so it´s all good! 😜 You would love Spain, you should go one day. It is my favorite country in Europe, at least of the ones I have been to, which is most of Western Europe with the exception of the UK. Spain is full of castles & history and the food is great, too. You can get some really good airline deals from NY-Madrid. Don´t price fares from ATL-Madrid, unless you want a shock, those fares are way too high and connecting flights from ATL-NY are cheap anyway. The same applies for most flights to Europe, NY is much cheapter than ATL. We almost went to Spain last summer but opted for Quebec, Canada because we had never been.
  12. I haven´t been to Europe in many years, but when I was in the military and a student there back in the 80s-90s, I could not believe how much they smoked! I spent a TDY with the Air Force in Spain in which I worked 3rd-shift desk work with Spanish contract workers. All they did was smoke Fortunas & Ducados and drink strong coffee all night long. I was taking in so much 2nd-hand smoke I guess at some point I just gave up and I started smoking too. And I have asthma! 😅Thankfully, I was young and my smoking career was short-lived.
  13. Isn´t it funny how societal attitudes´ and tolerance toward smoking have changed over the years?
  14. I would like to have been a fly on the wall during those parties! 😆 I hope Shug or any of his assistants ever found out but they may well have known and just chose to ignore it.
  15. I LOVE podcasts. I have really gotten into them lately, especially at night, so much more relaxing than TV. There is a podcast on any topic you can think of, and many you never would think of.... Case in point: remember Auburn hippy icon Wildman Steve who used to own a record shop downtown? I don´t think his record shop is open anymore but he has a podcast! He interviews musicians or bands from the Auburn area, and some who are just passing through on their tours, and plays some of their tunes. Some of them are really good, even though I never heard of them. Wildman Steve Radio A few of my favorite podcasts are below. Bear in mind that I listen to podcasts to fall asleep. 🤭 All of these are available on The Moth Ridiculous History The Splendid Table Rick and Bubba