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  1. I like their enthusiasm. It's hard to remember AU ever having the combination of talent at QB with Stidham and the depth and talent of receivers that we have coming back. It is exciting to think about all these guys coming back next year. Now, it remains to be seen if our coaching staff can build an offense that plays to their strengths. We know what they are capable of but we have also seen them perform way below their ability level.
  2. Dan-0

    upside and downside of 2 QB system

    Technically, you could consider what AU did this year with KJ lining up in the Wildcat a two-QB system. When KJ lines up in the Wildcat, he is the QB, although I don't know if I would call it a system. I don't recall a team in recent memory who ran a two-QB system effectively. It's hard enough for one QB to get in an offensive rhythm.
  3. Dan-0


    He came a long way this year from his rocky start at Clemson and he really showed his stuff in the GA and UAT games. But he still has a long way to go in order to be ready for the NFL. And if he leaves we'll be fine. After the costly fumble and Pick 6 he made in the Peach Bowl, I was ready to see Malik Willis. I think Malik is going to make us forget Stidham.
  4. Dan-0

    Are we headed in the right direction?

    Yes, we just seem to go around in circles getting the same results over and over, reminds me of this:
  5. Let's see what Malik can do at QB.
  6. That was textbook targeting on Hastings!
  7. A WR screen on 3rd and 24? WTF?
  8. Dan-0

    Chip Lindsey

    You're certainly entitled to your opinion but I think Chip's performance was a mixed bag overall this year considering the talent he had to work with. Yes, there were some great wins but there were three epic failures this year as well, the worst of which was probably the LSU game. I also think he got taken to the woodshed by Kirby in the SECCG.
  9. Dan-0

    Chip Lindsey

    I agree. I really don't think USA would be a step up for him and I doubt if it would even pay the same. That program is still in the building phase and they still don't even have their own stadium.
  10. Dan-0

    Chip Lindsey

    Compared to what we had before, Chip did a phenomenal job this year, when he was allowed to do his job without interference. However, I feel confident that he could be replaced and we won't miss a beat, as long as whomever is hired is allowed to do their job.
  11. Dan-0

    So What Now?...

    We now have the 4th-highest paid coach in the country, one who is paid higher than the likes of Dabo Swinney and Urban Meyer. Now, we get to sit back and hope he proves all of us who say he is not worth so much money wrong. I hope he does it but I am not optimistic. He has a lot of things he need to improve on. This year was a big step but there's a long way to go to prove he is worth $7M/yr.
  12. Dan-0

    More Versatility in Auburn's Gameplan Next Year?

    If they let me call plays we would end up running trick plays out of the CoxCat.
  13. Dan-0

    Report: Malzhan staying

    According to, Gus is now the 4th-highest paid coach in the country, which puts him ahead of coaches like Dabo Swinney and Urban Meyer. I am glad Gus is staying, but I don't see him deserving of being paid more than coaches like these. I don't see it at all. And we are not even talking about his buyout, are we?
  14. Dan-0

    The Absurdity of Auburn’s schedule

    I agree, but we need an 8-team playoff roster that includes all five Power Conferences and three at large choices. Conference winners would get in automatically, otherwise what is the point of having the championship games?
  15. Dan-0

    Report: Malzhan staying

    They were great wins and I give Gus credit for them. I think few would argue that there was a lot of improvement in our offense this year. But you have to look at the total 5-year resume when evaluating Gus as a coach. There is a 6-6 season and a total implosion in 2015 that still has to be considered. I am glad he stayed at Auburn. I do not think he has earned the pay raise and contract extension he got. I will leave it at that.