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  1. Bo finally silenced a lot of his critics, including me, by coming through in a big game on the road. I'm just glad we now have two QBs who are ready to go out there and lead the offense. We haven't had that in a long time.
  2. Fall of ´83 was my first term at Auburn. Me and my buddies all joined Kaz gym, which was a very popular gym downtown. Old-timers remember it well. Every time I went to work out there was this big, crazy guy there who was just killing himself with insane workouts. One day I asked a buddy ¨who is that crazy guy and why does he work out so hard?¨ My said ¨his name´s Kevin Greene, I think he´s going to walk on the football team.¨ Of course, that meant nothing to me at the time but, evidently, all that hard work in the gym paid off over the next few years. RIP Kevin and thanks for the memories!
  3. Thank you, Gus, for some great memories during your time at AU. You are a good man and a good coach. It´s just time to move in another direction. Best of luck in the next chapter of your life.
  4. I think he is a good guy and a good coach. Few coaches have been, or ever will be, successful at Vandy. I am all for equal opportunity in sports and all walks of life. But, trying to be woke and playing a girl at kicker just so she can she make a single pooch kick was not a good look for the team and made them more of a laughingstock than they already were. Of course, the clapping seals in the woke sports media at ESPN and other networks were giddy over it and celebrated it endlessly but I think most serious sports fans saw it for what it was-- a publicity stunt. I am not saying that´s why Mas
  5. Are you serious? We are America´s team every time we play Bama. Practically everybody in the the whole country is an AU fan when the Iron Bowl is played.
  6. Losing with class is still losing and I am tired of hearing Gus repeat the same worn-out excuses week after week. I don´t really consider that losing with class either, it´s more like apathy.
  7. Watching Bo struggle in yet another big game it´s hard not to look at what Malik Willis is doing at Liberty and think ¨what if?¨
  8. We appear to be snake bit today. How often to you see Seth Williams drop a perfect TD pass like that?
  9. Well, at only behind 7-0 at the end of the first quarter. Not an ideal situation but.... We´re still in the game!
  10. I agree that this was one of the hardest games to watch since the 2012 season. Probably worse than the 13-7 loss in Athens when our offense (with an injured Sean White) couldn´t get a single first down in the 2nd half. And probably the first time since 2012 that many of us fans turned off the game because we were never in it. I think our players played hard but they were just outmanned and outcoached.
  11. It took me a few days to be able to read the comments here. It's so emotional for so many of us AU fans. I was fortunate to be at AU from '83-'87 which were truly glory days in AU football. Like others have said, Dye laid the foundation in the 80's for being the national competitor that today we expect to be every year. Coach Dye will always be the face of AU football for me. He was often on the local ESPN radio station in my city and I loved his commentary and his humor. He is an AU legend and loved by so many of us and we'll miss him forever. RIP, Coach Dye.
  12. I know, right? I haven´t seen Chris in years and I didn´t know about the guitar Leon gave him. I sure hope he holds on to it, that instrument is priceless. I really regret never having the chance to see Leon play live.
  13. A friend and former employee of mine was the touring guitarist for Leon Russell for years. He lives in Huntsville now, great guitarist. Leon is one of the most underrated musicians ever. Alabamian blues- and Southern soul-man Chris Simmons shares his story
  14. Good point-- and even the word ¨bathroom¨ (concrete wall) is used quite loosely when used to refer to the Supper Club´s facilities. 😎
  15. Good news! I am safe from Corona-Virus, are you? 🤣
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