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  1. 100% agree. It's obvious to everyone that our OL isn't good. But they aren't being helped by play-calling either. We can't run the ball up the middle. That's just a fact. So we need a lot more misdirection and getting the ball out on the perimeter to give our backs and receivers a chance to pick up some yardage. I hate to say it but a Gus Malzahn offense would work better than what we're doing now.
  2. I think Ashford's play wasn't too bad considering the play-calling and the fact he was running for his life half the game.
  3. I'm not giving up on this team just yet. But it's hard to remember an AU team that had so many areas that showed glaring weakness-- quarterback, offensive & defensive line, secondary, and now, even kicking-- remember, Carlson had surgery in the off season. Of course, another obvious glaring weakness seems to be coaching on both sides of the ball. I just hope our band is good this year! It's hard to celebrate a win after a game like today. We can't keep playing like we've played the last two weeks and expect to even be competive in the SEC.
  4. As bad as our O-line is at blocking and protecting the QB I would start Ashford and hope you can get something going with the running game. Limit passing to screens, slants, and short passes with an occasional shot down the field. Our O-line can't seem to give any QB any protection at all. It is what it is.
  5. Do you think Harsin knows this and he is just phoning it in? The performance we saw today by both coaches and players leads me to believe a lot of them don't have their hearts or heads in the game. Maybe we stink that badly but I don't see much fire in this team either.
  6. This is great news. This kid beat Bama this year. He is a proven QB, which we don´t currently have on our roster.
  7. I do have concerns about CBH´s play calling and offensive game management in general. At this point, I am going to choose to believe that the problem is mostly execution rather than play selection. Our offense is extremely limited with TJ at QB. And when we can´t run the ball it´s even worse. I imagine Harsin is feeling as frustrated as we are. But it´s on him to make the changes and fix the problems.
  8. The 2012 team quit. And yes, it was painful to watch and I gave up too. I try not to think about that season much but 2008 wasn´t much better.
  9. I can´t see TJ being anything other than maybe a serviceable backup QB. And that´s if our O-line and receivers improve drastically. He misses way too many easy throws, doesn´t seem to read coverage well, and still throws into heavy traffic.
  10. In previous threads I compared TJ to Jeremy Johnson. I hereby retract those comments and formally apologize to JJ! 😁
  11. Me too. He was definitely a fan favorite. But I understand his decision. Actually, he stuck around much longer than many others would have. I hope to see him with a team that will utilize his talents a lot more than our coaches did.
  12. I don´t blame Shivers for transferring. His role became more and more limited during his years at Auburn. I hope he ends up somewhere where his talents will be better utilized and he´ll get the ball a lot more. I could see him at UCF or somewhere similar.
  13. 159 total yards of offense in the Iron Bowl. 22 yards rushing. But it wasn´t just this one game, there have been too many fundamental problems with this offense for most of the season, going back to the Penn State game. I think we have the talent to have a much better offense. Kudos to Coach Harsin for making a change!
  14. I´m ambivalent about Bo. I think it´s clear he is better than Finley, although neither is very good when they get no protection from the O-line. Bo showed improvement this year, for sure. But he´s a third-year starter who doesn´t always play like one. Anyhoo, I think he will be back next year and I highly doubt he would transfer.
  15. Unless you´re Vandy, 6-6 is not a good year. And it´s not just that we were 6-2 at one point until we lost four in a row. It´s the way we lost those four. An overall embarrassing performance at aTm followed by blowing leads in the next three games and snatching defeat from the jaw of victory. I still support Harsin. And yesterday, Mason proved to me he is capable of being a very good DC. But, on the other side, we had 159 yards of total offense-- who can you beat in this league with that? We might as well have run the Wildcat the whole game. Even if Bo comes back next year, which I think he will, we have some serious problems to address with our offense.
  16. The disturbing part is this has happened the last three games in a row. There seems to be a pattern that´s casting doubt on our coaching staff.
  17. FWIW, Duke's Mayo Bowl-- Projected matchup: Auburn vs. North Carolina. I do like me some Duke's Mayo! https://247sports.com/LongFormArticle/Bowl-projections-College-Football-Playoff-coming-into-focus-New-Years-Six-locks-176378327/#176378327_10
  18. Yeah, I was hoping TJ would be like Cam. Instead, he is looking more like JJ.
  19. Right, which is why he reminds me of JJ. He has a lot of guts, and maybe with the right coaching and play-calling he would be much better, but right now he is just not there.
  20. Our defesnive performance, both by players and coaches, was simply incredible. The offense had so many chances to close the deal and put this one away and Bobo couldn´t dial up a single point in the 2nd half, until OT. Just a field goal and we win.
  21. If a healthy Loy is not better than a limping TJ, then why the hell is he occupying a place on the roster for two years?
  22. Nope, we needed a first down in that situation. If we had converted on third and two we could´ve run the clock out.
  23. Gus had eight years. He blew a Natty in his first year. Chiz and Orgeron both won a Natty and were fired two years later. However, it remains to be seen if Harsin was the right hire.
  24. We have to give Harsin time. Gus had about eight years. OTOH, Bobo has got to go and it´s on Harsin to make some changes and recruit or get on the transfer portal and get us some offensive linemen.
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