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  1. Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    38-24 Auburn
  2. 2017 Touchdown Auburn Bowl

    Auburn Texas A&M Kentucky LSU South Carolina Tennessee Alabama North Carolina State Oklahoma State Mississippi State 52
  3. AU vs. Mercer - Weekly Presser

    fourth and 3 call
  4. AU vs. Mercer - Weekly Presser

    Gus said he has no recollection of interaction with Chip Lindsey prior to the fourth-and- call in the third quarter????? That would seem like a great time for the head coach to be at least consulted about the play call? Thoughts?
  5. Birmingham Bowl

    I don't care if our Auburn Tigers were playing on the banks of the Pea River in Elba Alabama against to New England Patriots- and the entire world new we didn't stand a chance. I would still go.....Why? Because they are our Auburn Tigers!!!!!
  6. Will Muschamp (Combined Thread)

    This is my first time posting. War Eagle! I agree that all of this doom and gloom is a bit much. I was disappointed from the beginning with the hiring of Coach Muschamp and the way we seemed desperate to make the deal happen. I also believe our athletic director sold our souls for a short term fix and to get a guy that could very possibly gut our defensive staff. Our defensive performance has been awful for so long- one or two years was not going to fix the problem. That was pretty gloomy. However I do believe some of the best answers and solutions to questions and problems come out of a sense of desperation. If our leaders and fan base can keep our wits about us we will come out of this better than before- with defensive coaches that want to be at Auburn. War Eagle forever!