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  1. More QBs. This is so interesting to see all of the QBs in this class. Lots of shakeup in college free agency.
  2. Sucks to see guys that have some sort of upside not do what they were billed to do... As football guys, a lot of us see the traits and upside that some of these guys can bring and just assume they'll work on their weaknesses or go somewhere that they can do well. Again, it sucks but it happens.
  3. A lot of former Panthers fans realize that Joe Brady really isn't TOO good of an OC. He was good for introducing and creating new passing concepts for LSU during their transitions but he doesn't do good as an OC. His insistence on not running the ball and being a Diet McDaniels minus the run game destroyed a lot of the goodwill he had built.
  4. That should have been a playaction or backside RPO on 2nd down.
  5. Finley is throwing on one foot in one of the most valiant displays ive seen.
  6. I doubt they'll let Finley throw anymore. His plant foot is done. These throws are going everywhere now.
  7. Yes, it would negate the advantage of the 3-4 in having a designated PR player. You'd want to have it schemed up so your LBs can be fast to their assignments.
  8. 3-4 Schemes use a 5 and in some fronts a 4i where its inside foot of the tackle. Usually you don't want that OLB having to focus so much on the run where they'd be responsible for 2 gaps.
  9. He can be good here because at this size He'd be closer to a 3-4 DE which that's probably his natural fit. He'll have less opportunities to be a playmaker unless he's amazing at beating double teams. This is more of a "Cream Rise to The Top" sort of system where the truly phenomenal players that can defeat the run blocks and rush the passer from an inside shade like Stephon Tuitt etc will be phenomenal but the ones who aren't great still can be high-level contributors unless they're just out of place. The alignment itself take away gaps while forcing runs outside for your faster players to get out and meet them. Even better is that thanks to the addition of the Jack Safety, you can also spill or you can play force technique.
  10. Revisiting how our defense is doing this season, I'm thinking that we REALLY should focus on this for the remainder of Mason's tenure. When looking at what we do against teams that can run the ball, its more apparent that we need to control the LOS better. Length at the DL helps remedy this problem especially if you commit to 2-gapping in some spots. Bird had mentioned the TITE front for this defense which I believe would have worked even now to help remedy some of the issues against the run, but with the backers being able to hold up against pulls, zones, and reaches from the OL & having the Jack Safety being the extra filler. The pass is a bit more complicated but I think this personnel grouping would give you much-needed utility against TEs while also letting you scheme up coverages against slot WRs to prevent getting gashed underneath. _________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Based on our current line up, you can see we are sorta trending that way but still a ways off.
  11. If we're going to play the comparison game, I think we at least need to be genuine in saying that comparing TJ and Bo would have to happen at equal years and stages in their development. TJ has had a half of season of play at LSU and will be coming in on the back end to complete a half of season of play for AU in the meat of an SEC schedule. In equivalent play experience, he's a freshman still. Especially when looking at this new offense. That being said, there's a lot of things that it takes a season to develop as we saw with Bo: 1. Chemistry with WRs & TEs (Backup QB takes Backup snaps with the 2s normally or scout team.) 2. Understanding of Game Speed 3. Awareness of WR & TE route tendencies 4. Play-Calling tendencies of the OC (For the sake of checking in and out of bad plays based on specific rationale behind the plays and situation.) A lot of this he will only have an abbreviated time to learn these so I don't think we can have these "TJ is the guy" or "Bo is the guy" type convos when the competition is already lopsided. That being said, I think there will be lows with TJ's play but there were also abysmal lows with Bo's play too. One of the things Bo improved on which boosted his floor was his ability to take care of the ball. FAR LESS PICKS. I think this won't ever be solved because even with TJ being the guy, he's going to need to have an average of absolutely FANTASTIC PLAY over a short window to really convince people. And some he will never convince.
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