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  1. Burrow sealed the Heisman race here. This guy is Tom Brady-esque with legs.
  2. WRs get open because of scheme, routes, and coaching.
  3. Wow... So this must be what having a competent and clutch offense feels like. Now having to hope and pray. Feeling ACTUALLY disappointed if you DON'T score.
  5. Right... Speaking of, what back up options do we have for next year? ANYTHING???
  6. And makes the personnel decisions.
  7. Because this is a competent OFFENSE. Auburn bumbles into wins and close games. Other teams actually play and compete.
  8. He's too terrified of picks....
  9. That I will concede, but it is NOT their best OL nor is it stunning. Prob better center play and guards.
  10. This is what a Run Game looks like folks. Sets up the PA quite well...
  11. Bama and Auburn have the SAME exact type of players on O with poor utilization and its sad to watch this. But Good run by Harris. Makes the inside zone really look prolific when the back can force through holes and OL gets interior push in the Mike and Nose.
  12. Right. After having less than 50 on the ground going into the 3rd.
  13. EXCELLENT play by the WR though to NOT look back at the ball until the last second. And the Harris is plowing. Gus NEVER would use Joiner for his inside zones this way. I see Harris and Joiner being the same type of player. Just one sits the bench and the other gets to pound the rock.
  14. Harris is a weapon tonight. Been the only reliable member on this Bama O. Tua has been rattled and Jeudy and Ruggs caught the drops over the Bye.