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  1. Malcolm_FleX48

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    Don't want to be down on the compliance at Auburn, but from my experience when they were working on my 6th year waiver..... Welp.... That appeal ain't in the best of hands.
  2. Malcolm_FleX48

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    The only issue is that this can be completely subjective. It's not uncommon for coaches to chase an idea and make decisions off of that idea rather than what they've got. They've got a puzzle box that shows a picture of a train on it, but they want to make it look like a plane instead. Unfortunately, those aren't the pieces they have but they try to force those pieces into the wrong spots ending up with something that doesn't resemble a train or a plane and is barely aesthetic when they could've just put the pieces they had into the right spot. I've no doubt their original idea was a 2-back committee system with Whitlow being the Kerryon/Peyton Hybrid that could do most of the heavier runs with a bit of extra burst and bring in Martin for a Speedy slasher switch-up and then have Shivers be their gadget guy. Now, what's to say Asa couldn't have been that slasher role while also running the inside zone plays and catching out the backfield and lining up out wide... But because the coaches had an idea set and wanted to commit to that idea, they decided to keep forcing pieces that don't fit. Their only argument against this would be "They'd want to keep more legs fresh without taxing one back." College is going the way of the 2-back system and the single-workhorse back is becoming rarer and it's largely because it's hard to find and chasing that idea can lead a team to ruin with the rest of the backfield under-utilized and fraught with undeveloped backs.
  3. Malcolm_FleX48

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    Here is the thing, Coaches typically need to be able to manage and make sure that they're doing what's best with a player's future. That's the whole reason for the player with aspirations of playing at a higher level coming to the school in the first place. If you listen to all the TOP recruits who know they want to play in the NFL and have a marginally better shot, it's always a point to say, "I think that this will give me the best chance to make it to the league" in some capacity. That being said, when a coaching staff shows THAT much incompetence with the task of helping you reach your goal or aren't putting you in a position to succeed, then you begin the question that. This can be exhibited by some or all of the following: A. Not letting you get enough snaps or meaningful development B. Putting you in the game and not calling plays to your strength (if you're in a feature position) C. Not putting you in a redshirt-type program (At Auburn, they have the War Dogs program which is a more rigorous in-season training path for redshirt level players.) D. Having "Shiny Ball Syndrome" where they initially promise or factor you into the plan, only to see another player make a couple of plays and then completely shunt resources from you to that player without giving you so much as a chance to complete. (This can happen A LOT. Most of the times a player will make a "Wow" play in practice and coaches will become enamored with seeing if that was a fluke and begin to leave that player in despite the fact you were slated to get reps the next go-round. This is why coaches often overlook talent on their roster, because they're trying to get their "flash" players to show that flash more often and don't give enough time to those who could get in a rhythm and become consistent producers.) My only guess is that not only was Asa not in War dogs or being placed in a "Developmental" designation, he was also getting thrown out there in minimal situations with some probable promise of "Your time is coming." That being said, when his redshirt was burned and he didn't see an uptick in usage and wasn't even considered for being a spell back during the injury plague, he realized that they didn't have a long-term plan for him. That, and also coaches do "Exit Evaluations" at the end of the season for returning players. There could of been any number of these offenses which damaged Asa's trust in this coaching staff. Also... Players talk. They hear perception, watch Espn and other sports networks and even see the memes on social media. Hell, Prince posted a meme about him on his Snapchat and when I asked him about it, he said someone else made it of them. It's clear to see that this program's stability is slipping and if a new coach were to come in, it'd be possible for all the former recruits of the old regime to get forgotten if they're not the star player. Let's not attribute this to a whole "He wasn't going to make it anyways so he transferred." Because that's rarely the case.
  4. Malcolm_FleX48

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    At running back, especially in the SEC, the one thing that you can't compromise is depth. Hopefully, Coach Malzahn will move Harold Joiner from H-Back to Running Back to give the team "a little" bit more depth. That is provided he doesn't transfer as well. Literally could have our very own Derrick Henry or Kalen Ballage (8TDs in 1 game and excellent receiver) depending on how we decided to use him. Our RB room needs some juice and excitement in a very bland lineup of backs. I don't think I need to emphasize how drastically different our running game could of been with a LONG Back in a spread-to-run scheme that is used to running out of a spread out formation, hitting the edge (using those long arms to stiff-arm smaller and shorter players on the edge), and even catching thanks to his H-Back utility. And that's assuming he can't run in between the tackles. Let's rewind to Thursday.
  5. Malcolm_FleX48

    Freeze To Liberty as HC

    Ironically, when this announcement crossed my screen, the Liberty Mutual jingle was playing on the TV.
  6. Malcolm_FleX48

    More Versatility in Auburn's Gameplan Next Year?

    Gotta get a better push in those A-Gaps though. Can't just be due to space.
  7. I'm sure we're all happy and a bit more satisfied now that Coach Malzahn seems to have "come into his own" in letting the players play and his coaches coach, however, I've a question that is pretty pressing. Will our offense be more versatile next year and actually excel in doing more than spreading the field laterally to make easy money with run plays and screens? We've seen glimmers of a deep passing game this year, however, it seems that there are still some blemishes that keep even the most ardent of sunshine pumpers from simply letting go. Our offense is pretty one-dimensional in certain facets. Go up against a team with good enough linebackers and athletic enough safeties to get downhill and fill + scrape laterally and make plays in space and we're fairly sunk. This definitely needs to be remedied. Whether it's going whole-hog pitch and catch, or simply adding in more route concepts and combos that make use of the defense's predisposition to hone in on our running-lanes and neglect their pass duty a bit. Either by aligning closer to the LOS, or shortening their drift in coverage. I believe that without such versatility-in-scheme, we'll be shackled to having to rely on players during tough and debilitating schedules that are sure to bring injuries with them. Thoughts?
  8. Malcolm_FleX48

    ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    Had to hop off for a while, but I see it was not bad luck that I was gone! Kirby Smart said: "Humility is only a week away."
  9. Malcolm_FleX48

    ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    Big in the sense of deep shots.
  10. Malcolm_FleX48

    ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    ANOTHER THING THAT I HATE ABOUT OR OFFENSE: Most of our big plays require MAX PROTECTION which takes away a TE option as well as our Athletic RB.
  11. Malcolm_FleX48

    ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    Hit the RB when you see Man coverage with a LB.
  12. Malcolm_FleX48

    ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    Kerryon had to work WAY too hard for that one.
  13. Malcolm_FleX48

    ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    Hero-Ball... A simple recovery will be all we need, not picking it up and trying to salvage the play.
  14. Malcolm_FleX48

    ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    The only thing that I DON'T like is that Alabama is saving Bo. That's what killed us last game. Bama starts feeding and letting Scarbrough get hot and into a rhythm. When that happens, that's when the defense gets a little stressed because that's a load to handle. Requires a lot of attention leaving the pass a lot more open, as well as allowing play-action. Also, Alabama's balanced formations make this a lot easier so it's more of a caution than a guarantee.
  15. Malcolm_FleX48

    ***Auburn vs. Alabama -- Game Thread***

    That would make all the difference honestly. I'd love to combo those routes with the HB's too.