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  1. This last game out of Bo was pretty stunning. As one of his biggest critics, MOSTLY for Gus and play-calling, I think that this is the kind of game that needs to be built upon. Unfortunately, this is Gus we're talking about and I don't expect him to make many "Bo-Friendly" changes next year and lead us to any sort of passing improvement. We saw what happened to Stidham. Nonetheless, I'm more than happy to say that Bo is in a better place at the end of this season than I expected him to be. Going to be rooting for him to develop more and more and be a great 4 year starter for AU. (3 if we get a competent offensive coach next year or at the very least invest in a passing game coordinator.)
  2. This is as good of a story as it can get. I'm glad for AU. Not on the Gus bus, I definitely won't be... But all things considered, this was amazing. Everyone elevated their game for this one.
  3. Wow.... Possibly the most Auburn end to a game I have ever seen.
  4. This is wildcat on 3rd and Long. This is Auburn. #JABA
  5. They really don't have a kicker. This is interesting.
  6. Come again? Top tier WRs? 14 Points and 3 turnovers?
  7. This is a bad position to be. Less than 3 on the clock and at the GL.
  8. Big Cat lost contain.... That's the issue with having a strong inside push and disproportionate edge rushers.
  9. Sark is getting smart and breaking these routes off right underneath one of the safeties. Those deep In's are killing us.
  10. People will give Gus the credit but this is a defensive game.
  11. Shivers just literally proved that he has been CRIMINALLY underused. Bowling through their BEST tackler.
  12. The defense has really been the X-Factor for this game. Our offense just hasn't done much to lose this.
  13. As happy as I am about this game, this stat sheet is abysmal and telling. But why do they blow this play dead? EDIT: NVM, he stepped out.
  14. Man, a backup can step up and deliver strikes better than MOST starters. Look at that touch. This is just unfair.