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  1. I LOVE 4i for TITE fronts, it allows them to get a little bit more push in the pass rush while not sacrificing that RUN DEFENSE that the inside presence can bring. Also can make it easier to go into Even fronts and get some decent pressure from blitzing LBs. That being said, if he can catch up to the hand-fighting techniques as well as leverage ability, then it will be great. I will miss the idea of him getting down to 270lbs and playing that FB/HB and mauling between the gaps but I like it if he becomes technically sound. He will be a mismatch against guards and don't let them pull....
  2. Auburn is in a weird spot right now and while I don't think that we will have a horrible season, I don't think its going to be a fairytale one either. Realistically we will probably be a little bit over 50% If we do better than that, then its gravy. The roster was/is depleted in many areas. A lot of new guys are going to get PT but they'll be learning a system which is MILES ahead of what they've probably been called to learn unless they're transfers from a team that makes pro-reads, uses sight adjusts, and has the players making manual audibles and protection calls. A lot of these g
  3. Are we just not going to comment on the fact that Shivers looks like a FB out there. Jeez.
  4. He definitely did. In open competitions, all it takes is one day to catch the coaches' eyes then they want to see more and that amounts to more time, reps, and eventually starting. Right, that makes for a HUGE Chip on the shoulder. Plus the redshirt year during Gus saves him from a lot of bad habits being formed through playing that way.
  5. Going to go on record saying I wouldn't doubt Chayil ending up getting the nod as the starter by the time fall rolls around. There seems to be a fair amount of intrigue and the kid seems to be able to sling the ball. If he has really good mobility, then there may be the same upside w/ Bo, but with none of the bad programming. I heard Bo looked good in some spaces, but kept doing Bo things that we saw to be an issue last year. Seems like w/ the QB depth we SHOULD have, there would be no reason to waste DD's 1st year. Especially given that this offense won't be a high school offense by
  6. Your EDGE players will end up being your DPR or designated pass rusher guys who will more than likely play on the weakside of the formation, whereas your linebackers will fill out the other 3. I'm assuming that if you have the linebacker tag then you'll be playing the SAM which will allow you to still rush like the EDGE (Although not as much) and also handle the TE in some zones or routes. Nonetheless, I think that once we get into our nickel package (Will prob be a 2-4-5 & 3-3-5) then you will be able to put 2 ends or an end/(2 ends) and a tackle in a 3pt and go to edge(s) or 2 lineb
  7. I don't know, I think his situation this year at Mich was a bit off kilter, but I'd say he has several tools and things that can be used and fine-tuned by a good QB coach. Not that it matters given our roster situation.
  8. Ah, didn't know the roster status!
  9. Joe Milton, Michigan, Pro-Style Quarterback (247sports.com) He has immediate eligibility and apparently, while he is listed as a pro-style, seems pretty athletic from the snaps that I've seen. Moves around well in the pocket, senses pressure ideally without bailing to run too soon. Trying to understand if there has been any sort of effort to bring in another QB. He has 3 years of eligibility and seems to be flying under the radar. Has a heck of an arm and has been throwing some good anticipation darts around the field in a very west-coast manner but has good arm strength and decent footwo
  10. Picture Grant Loy coming back, taking to the coaching and the system and becoming a diet Trevor Lawrence for us. That'd be the Joe Burrow story of a lifetime lmao... Don't know the likelihood, but anything to Push Bo to either improve or transfer and also buy us time for DD.
  11. Not to be a bit of a butt considering I've seen this done before, but in all genuine interest, I think Bo would be a heck of a H-Back / Taysom Hill swiss army knife player.
  12. Bo is going to basically be forced to elevate his game significantly because while he has talented WRs coming up, they're young and probably pretty inexperienced. He won't have anyone to throw to that can really make him right thanks to veteran knowledge and that's going to make facing tough coverages much harder. He needs to read and stay in the pocket as many people have already said. His clock is all screwed up and any rusher basically drops it to 0. That's not going to work when your WRs are still learning how to use their bodies (Which most of them are larger WRs this year such as Ca
  13. While this is true, you'd be amazed at how strong the wrists are, especially so long as you're not getting a direct crash on the joint in a way that stresses tendons.
  14. The thing is, 80% of football players can't do cleans properly. In the upper echelon of training, Power and Hang Cleans are highly technical lifts, requiring strength from the entire body to be utilized in an efficient manner for people to do them. D1 athletes are the 1% of all individuals and so we can typically circumvent this requirement because of having a ridiculous level of fast twitch and explosive fibers paired with decent amounts of stabilizing muscle mass to prevent injury. Therefore, since most D1 athletes don't focus on lifting technique for high skill lifts (Though I wish the
  15. They won't like this because it treads waters on criticizing Nix as a pure passer, but on the bright side, that's 63%, higher than 50% and Nix was the only one throwing them so I guess that's good?
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