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  1. I checked out on that in 2016 and actually went pretty far in the other direction after last year. Yes, at some point that was the COMPLETELY unanimous decision on these boards when there was a chance that people believed they could be rid of Coach Malzahn. After the extension was given and people sank into settling with what we had, it settled down. That's why I bring up the point that Coach Malzahn's decision to start Bo may be a case of confirmation bias for people wanting an Auburn Legacy 5-Star with a cannon arm that's named after another Auburn legend during a legendary period in Auburn's history to start in an offense that utilizes probably 50-60% of his ACTUAL talents.
  2. The overall takeaway is that with all of the criticism that Gus and other AU coaches get for their decision making, every decision should be subject to scrutiny and taken with a grain of salt. There can't be "I believe Coach Malzahn has seen him in practice and knows" if you're one of the people that ream him for not utilizing other RBs or stubbornly trying to make an inside zone out of 4-6 different formations work when its been shut down.
  3. Well they'll have the advantage of being at home and against our defense. If we don't have Brown to help set a strong edge, then it may be a bit harder of a battle to stop them. The more I go back and watch Spiller, the more impressed I get. He might be a bit better than Corbin in all honesty. And God forbid Kibodi actually get good this game.
  4. We all know Coach Malzahn's M.O. with read and liberty to make them.
  5. LBs are definitely going to need to get involved in coverage. I think that A&M's Running game will be effective this game, but they're still a shell of their former selves so its definitely going to be more pertinent for them to be very coverage savvy.
  6. Right. This time its going to need to be some extreme speed and shiftiness. I don't even thing Joey could pull the ball and get decent yards outside against this D, though I may be wrong on that. Just a Look at their DBs: Sam/Rover Left Cornerback: Free Safety: Strong Safety: Right Cornerback: True Slot Corner:
  7. Really its going to come down to the other players on the field rather than the receivers. Assuming they're playing a harder cover 3 and decide to match up at the LOS, the only thing we will be limited to are 4 verts and probably getting a bit of yardage on slants. Williams is the only receiver that physically would be able to outmatch their corners and possibly safeties as Cannella is prone to drops and I think they'd be placing their 6'4 corner on him to balance things out in terms of height. Depending on how good they play, the 10 yard sail route might be an option, but that is only if the DBs aren't having a good time driving on the ball at the break. Its going to be anyone's guess because there hasn't been a secondary this physically gifted that we've seen. Not to mention their 3rd LB is really a 6'3 safety playing a Rover Safety so the matchups aren't even a sure thing if we go 3-4 wide. I've got little to no solution right now because of Auburn's style and the limited sample size we have from this new look TAMU def. The counter-trap runs will be at least marginally effective because it will hopefully neutralize the NT assuming he doesn't cause a pileup of bodies at the point of contact. That is my fear because of how reliant Gus already is on that. I have no doubt that they've got film and Elko has been planning something for this just due to the fact that we like to run inside the tackles so much. Perimeter running will end up being our savior like it was in the unexpected iron bowl win. But that requires using Shivers and other backs to really get outside in a hurry. We're playing a 4-2-5 disguised as a 4-3 so even in their base, they're more than capable of handling the run and speed. Its going to be interesting to see.
  8. Our defense has been notoriously slow to start in the past few games which has led to quite a few early points going on the board. Really we aren't a very good FIRST HALF team, but the defense always finds a way to hit its stride near the middle of the 2nd to early 3rd quarters. D. Brown will be huge for this defense because this is definitely going to need to be a game where defense shines.
  9. So after doing a bit of looking at Texas A&M's depthchart and all I can say is.... Whew. Them are some big boys. They did some reconfiguring when Jimbo got there and they look like a real SEC team as far as the Depth Chart goes. The old adage is: "Everything is bigger in Texas" and I definitely can see that Jimbo has taken that to heart. This will probably be the largest receiving corps on average that our defense matches up against and size isn't exactly Auburn's defensive 2nd & 3rd level's greatest strength so it will be interesting to see how these 2 diametric opposites handle each other. Defensively is more of the same with them being an extremely LARGE team up front, but more impressively on the backend. They've got length and bulk all across the board and it really is awe-inspiring how Jimbo managed to accomplish such a feat of recruiting. Its a complete far cry from the Texas A&M of the past. Their offense is completely reconfigured to be a very methodical Pro-Style with lots of concepts you see in the NFL. That being said their receivers are pretty route savvy and you will see a lot of crosses and outs to take advantage of those multiple receiver sets. Their back is also a load to bring down and athletic to boot. This is where the line comes in as they will consistently go into ace & I-Formations and run zone out of those formations. They get decent push at the LOS but the real magic is their big back's ability to cut back into gaps on a moment's notice. Even their 2nd and shiftier back Spiller is larger than average at 6'1 213lbs. A bit of added danger is Mond's ability to get out of the pocket in passing situations. He can move. Plain and simple. Its going to be VERY interesting to watch and see how our DBs play the run this game against their larger and longer blockers on the perimeter while contending with 2 run threats. Finding a way to be very aggressive early on in defense, knifing gaps and slanting will probably be the key here, getting in the backfield early to stop Kibodi before he gets churning. Speaking of their receivers granted Mond has been taking some time to get into a rhythm with his pass-catchers, they've gotten progressively more aggressive in attacking the ball since the big Clemson loss. They still have some drop problems and Mond throws some off passes at times but the big play ability is there and should not be overlooked. -------------------------------------------------- Defensively they're very fast and long up front. One of things I noticed is that for a 4-3 team, they're pretty aggressive with their DBs in run fits. Rather than spilling, it seems like when they read run everyone is downhill attacking. Even their corners attack the run aggressively. They have a penchant for Cover 3 and can almost always be seen rotating a safety into the box. This paired with their long and fast front 7 players often times can completely erase a run game if executed correctly. Auburn's success will be predicated on being able to overcome their run defense because that secondary of their is definitely not one to test too often in the pass game. Taking advantage of their aggressive run tendencies will be key to really moving the ball against this defense. Their linebackers tend to get stuck in mud on play action and their DBs take longer to recover from poor play recognition attempts. -------------------------------------------------- Again, maybe I'm wrong in this evaluation, but its definitely not an unwinnable game, though that doesn't mean its easy. Should be a great SEC slug fest to watch though regardless.
  10. I too am in that camp. I know a lot of people talk about the fact that Bo is also fast, but there is more to running the ball than just being fast. Coaches and players know that no coach will put a smaller QB that isn't QUITE as nimble as say a Vick or Lamar Jackson out there on a run and so the run game will suffer quite a bit. Bo's ball carrying and elusiveness is still lacking though he's fast and is capable of pulling it. Speed is only a small piece of the puzzle when running a ball and if you're not shifty or big then you WILL get eaten up. I can def promise you that. Catching passes as a 6'5 255lb TE that still took shots to the legs, waist, and shoulder taught me that. Gatewood's advantage is again his size. It makes getting good tackling angles on him difficult because most defenders have an innate sense of not wanting to try and tackle a barreling ball carrier with size head up. Its like an automatic reaction. That allows him to see a small boost in his elusiveness because that small second of hesitation to really coil the hips up to "lay the wood" allow him to make a move much better. With smaller ball carriers you don't have that. Defenders will wantonly fly downhill with whatever speed and momentum they have built up because science indicates F = M(A). Bo's agility not being that of an RB handicaps him on carries and puts him at extreme risk of getting lit up on runs where he doesn't slide just quick enough. And with him being as competitive as I've seen, I know that's a definite risk. That being said, I'm against moving Gatewood to RB because I don't think he's a primary runner. He's fast, quick, athletic, and can hit holes, but he still is a hybrid runner at best. RBs have entirely different skillsets that make them different from running QBs as hitting a hole from the snap of the ball versus hitting it after pulling from a handoff in a ZR situation are completely different. There are 2 separate levels of balance and burst that tall runners simply don't have except for in very rare cases (I.E. Jalen Hurd, Derrick Henry, Erik Dick. etc.) If we use him in that complimentary fashion a wildcat won't work.... You will need to have him and Bo on the field at the same time and devise a Taysom Hill type role where there is a bit of dubiousness to what he may do. I definitely don't think this was a political move.... The only thing I would even close to cite politics having a hand in is fan perception of Bo vs Joey. As this is the inverse from when we were winning games inefficiently with Jeremy Johnson and fans were calling for Sean White to start. And even then I think the race of the 2 QBs is an unfortunate correlation not a cause. I know for a fact it was passing that did it for Bo. He's got an arm. As I've said multiple times, the kid is a gunslinger and on a QB friendly offense he'd probably be a Heisman contender with a year to adjust to the college game. That's what Gus is probably looking at. The fact that he has the opportunity to field a QB with such arm talent. Those deep routes in his offense that used to just be cues for the QB to scramble and eat up yards now can possibly become highlight throws and catches. Watching Gus' Media Day interviews and looking at articles about his comments I have no doubt that he is in love with the prospect of Bo becoming a prolific passer. The unfortunate reality of the situation is, Gus hasn't made his offense Bo friendly in the slightest. I don't know if he is capable of it because of the gimmick/main trait of his offense. Without completely retooling it and his roster (More pass protection savvy OL vs Mobile OL, TEs that ACTUALLY RUN ROUTES, & Route Savvy WRs vs Deep Threats and backs that catch out the backfield and run angle routes well 'Kerryon would have been nice here. But Joiner can also work if he was given a chance') he can't fully optimize the talents of Bo. Not without at least a lot of scheming to cover up deficiencies such as tempo passing to gas a defensive pass rush and help out his OL, the elusive intermediate routes, WR option routes that allow his WRs to actually get more separation, etc. The offense is made for Joey and that's the sad truth of it but Joey may not be QB1 because of pure QB talent in an offense that doesn't require nor utilize it. The deal is, if Joey is at the very least 75% of the passer Bo is, the offense will work better in its current form. Gus either needs to fix the offense or work Joey in. Well stereotypes of course will play into things because of perception but I think its more of "since we haven't seen Joey pass, that must mean that he can't pass." That's what we had back with MW and JFIII despite struggles with the offense under their starting QBs. It always comes down to Gus' weird tendency to pigeonhole his players into roles instead of letting them be versatile. I think the real issue is prototypes and football. If we look at some of the best players at QB, they've always been "Mobile" to an extent. They've just learned to be more efficient as passers. That to me seems to be the trend. (Brady is an anomaly because of the talent and the mind of BB.) I think that Gus has a tendency to go "all in." Back when he was recruiting DTs he put too much into their running ability and not enough into their ability to pass. With Stidham and Bo it was the opposite. Granted Bo falls less into this because he did run some, but not enough to truly be considered a DT contrary to his evaluation. He needs to find a happy balance in his prospects. Right now we're on the whole opposite end of the spectrum as far as what he has done in the past and his comfort zone. Cam was literally the most balanced prospect Gus had at QB and Cam was a Chiz recruit.
  11. Yeah, its odd because at this point we should have BEEN running a different type of offense. Even based on our other personnel I just can't see much reason to not turn your offense into a very diverse passing attack. Even Alabama has done so. If you watched their game against SC, that's the least Alabama that Alabama has looked in a while. Little to no rushing but BIG air numbers and receptions.
  12. But that's indicative of the issue that people here have had with Gus. "Stubborn. Draws it up his way, wants it ran his way." "Gets an idea in his head, everything else be damned." Also why he wants to succeed with a pure passer, so people will stop questioning his genius.
  13. We need to define what I mean in an "Earned a Start" comment though. By earning a start, I mean in a game against a non-competitive team. It has been done where coaches will start a backup against smaller or non-threatening non-conference team to get them some meaningful experience. Although after revisiting the schedule, I see we lack those now at this point in the season so that's why I also included "or at least meaningful playing time with the full offense" against a team that we're well ahead against. Either is sufficient really, but its not so much a "Bench Bo Start Joey" argument even though sometimes I've gotten to the point where I present it as such. While I could probably on speculation argue that, its not wise because there is such an unknown element to that argument.
  14. I can certainly understand that thinking, but in college its not as about the long-game as it is in the NFL. If Bo needs as much development as possible, that should happen in practice. In college its about winning now if you've got the team for it because of the fact that Seniors and Juniors have ticking eligibility clocks. No college coach would think about "wasting" eligibility of their senior players trying to develop a player for the future that those seniors won't even get to see if they have a more-experienced and better-fitting player available that can give them the best chance to win. Its a 2 fold issue here because we are still speaking on speculation and haven't seen JG as a passer but we have seen Bo as a passer. Bo needs to settle into the college game for sure, but if JG is maybe 10% worse of a passer as Bo but gets you 100 yards and a surefire TD on the ground in a POWER SPREAD system whereas there aren't the selection of plays available to even take advantage of Bo's ability as a passer, how is that considered a priority and better chance to win?