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  1. Travis Williams is a bit of an interesting conundrum. A lot of people swear by him, some don't really see the appeal. I don't know how a lot of people view T-Will but from meeting and working with T-Will in my brief stint, he seems like a guy that is able to communicate with players on a more genuine level. Even when I was in the midst of my compliance battles with trying to be eligible at AU, T-Will was always available to talk even if it was to tell me that he hadn't heard anything from the front office. I know for a fact a lot of guys probably like that, though its not a make or break
  2. Oh.... I remember Coach Williams when he coached at JSU when I was there. Pretty good coach, not SUPER vocal but definitely a guy players will love. Responsible for guys like Spencer Goffigan, Anthony Davis, Dalton Screws, Ruben Gonzalez and Josh Barge. (A lot will remember those names because they torched Coach Muschamp's secondary in 2015 w/ Eli Jenkins' help.) I was a Linebacker -> Y-Tight End when he was there so I really wasn't THAT involved with Coach W, but yeah. Solid guy.
  3. They predominantly played a lot of Cover-3 with both Corners in the sky and the SS closer to the box on a curl/flat defense. Would sometimes switch to man but rarely sent pressure out of 0 or man blitzes. May use combo coverages based on some of the alignments I've seen in the TN games but that's harder for me to discern off a glance without all 22.
  4. That's great for him 21 Million Dollar man. Honestly I'm genuinely happy that he managed to change his life in such a short span of time. He needs to enjoy it and maybe it will help him turn the corner as a coach if he wants to get back into it some day. Nonetheless, if he invests well, he can eventually become a Senator too.
  5. I know we are all hyped about landing Derek Mason and seeing what he can do with the level of recruiting that Auburn is capable of and I am wholly in that camp myself. That being said, a lot of people understand what my ideal type of offensive and defensive philosophy is: X-LARGE HYBRIDS AT EVERY POSITION IMAGINIBLE. While Auburn has been known to fall in love with the scrappy guys, the real lunch pail types that may or may not be the best in terms of size, weight, and speed measurables but have the intangibles and smarts to be able to be supernatural in their nose for the ball. I lo
  6. The lack of interest in AU after Gus leaving despite Gus' lack of a TE friendly offense and then opting for SMU over another P5 school despite possibility of going to another one. Its interesting. That's it. Don't read too much into it.
  7. Seems he will go to SMU instead of the plains. Interesting.......
  8. It doesn't.... The best QBs with poor coaches win in spite of it. Those are the guys that when you get them good coaches, they become ALL WORLD. (See Houston Deshaun Watson) The players who constantly have to have a gameplan that "Hides" or takes the ball out of their hands in order to win usually fall by the wayside when a coach comes in who's system places an emphasis on premium play at that position. I'm not a doomsayer, but I think that even with great coaching, Bo is going to find a whole new weight on his shoulders to excel as a player and it may be unrealistic to expect a MASS
  9. And therein is where the issue was. 2 Pronged. You can't complain about a player never listening if they're not motivated to improve in the way they're supposed to and you haven't given them any incentive to improve.... There is NO reason that Bo should have had card blanche' on his FRESHMAN year, let alone Sophmore year. And that's why I have been on record having so many problems with how Gus handled his QB room and QB situation. Whether or not Gatewood or Willis were better than Bo, they were competition and competition makes players elevate or wilt. If you deprive the QB of inter
  10. I was listening to Cole Cublic talk about conversations that he would have with CCM about Bo and he said something interesting.... Its about if Bo takes the coaching. Coach CCM would always talk about how many times they would stress not leaving the pocket and rep moving through progressions and step ups. But then we see what we saw on film. I'm not one to impugn CCM's honor and call him a liar. I just wonder if Bo would tune him out and go play some more Wentz hero ball.... He is like a shorter Wentz really.
  11. Coming back to this, Derek Mason is a 3-4 guy but has been known to mold his scheme. Do we see more TITE looks w/ this philosophy for backers and subpackages under a Mason Scheme? Looking at his depth charts over they years, he favors taller zone defenders on the back end which is great synergy with a closed off front to mute the spread and the 3-4 naturally adapts to the TITE scheme for the run while letting the backers be athletes at all 3 placed within the game.
  12. This is a great take and probably gonna land you the title of Zeekstradamus. All jokes aside, the loyalists to "The Legend of Bo Nix" won't relent regardless and are probably PART of the reason that he gets so much flack. I don't know how well Demetrius will do coming in from the beginning, but I can guarantee you, Bo has an uphill battle. I see his peak being Cleveland Baker Mayfield. His offense will almost undoubtedly require quick and easy reads, routes with immediate separation, and throws that don't require him to have the BEST base to throw off of. I think that things will t
  13. So why not keep Cadillac in his same role? RB coaches don't need to be coaching savants even though he probably is, I mean he is a Jon Gruden player so he knows his way around a pro style. You need a guy like Cadillac that can make recruits eyes light up. And to keep Tank.
  14. To add to this, I would think this would be a vestige of Gus' old way of thinking which was "Go Fast". The whole idea of that was to basically simplify the game and make it so tempo could progress and having to make reads when there was a specific flow of the game would hamper tempo. I think as Gus changed his system slightly and slowed things down, the complexity did not improve. That seems to be the big issue. From what I know of my time with the team (Brief though it was) the big gripe during Muchamp's time was that Gus wanted best on best time to be controlled and based on what
  15. Wondering if we end up blaming CBH if Bo starts, doesn't fit well in the system, but CBH doesn't have much other option? The real enemy here is the board for knee-capping our recruiting efforts with their Shenanigans on coach changing. Look at Texas, Herman to Sark in a day. That way Sark comes in, gets their recruits on board, no problem. Us? We are praying for a magical transfer or JUCO. Wouldn't be surprised if the Board also wanted Nix and bent Gus' arm. Nothing makes sense about a coach who is petrified of turnovers being so pathologically loyal to a Turnover mach
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