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  1. I think the idea is great, only hampered by the fact I'm unreliable in terms of schedule sometimes. Still I'd like to pull something together. These are great ideas.
  2. Can't wait until we build our super-sized back end of LB-sized safeties that all run 4.4 & Corners that look like X Receivers w/ a swiss Army Knife Super-Nickel. That'd be my dream...
  3. The reason that people continue about JG is because what could have been. I'm not a fan of Gus' offense but I will admit that it worked when it had the pieces it needed. When we saw JG in limited time, the offense seemed completely different. Like a car that used to generate 200HP at 6000 RPMs was now generating 305HP at 6000RPMs. I still lament never seeing a Joiner-Gatewood backfield with our WR talent last year. JG is a good QB if you put him in a system that plays to what he does best and still allow him to build credibility in the passing game. Gus never did that which made people wo
  4. Bo Nix has improved so much under this new offense. He’s focused. He’s having fun. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s a dark horse for the Heisman.
  5. Look, as much as I LOVE a good spirited argument, I think that this is the best point to leave it at. Bo should have had the fundamentals down but he doesn't, but he can get better.... Just now he has to get better at the fundamentals while a QB with better passing fundamentals comes in and just has to learn the offense. That's a tall task but it can happen. TJ is a "Harsin Guy" the first of Harsin's guys. I'm just saying, if you don't think that's going to play into things while the QB he and Mike Bobo have had a chance to work with continues to make the frustrating errors and coul
  6. This is a hedge by the Harsin coaching staff as well as a step towards the future. They're telling Bo, he isn't doing good enough without telling him that he isn't doing good enough. They also need to have a QB in place that knows the system well enough so that they aren't relying on a true freshman that may not pan out, a transfer with a short window to learn and play, or a QB that's a holdover from the last guy's SPECIFIC system. In this way, having Finley accomplishes all of those things and if he just so happens to make Bo elevate and be better, then no harm no foul. If he takes
  7. This may be overly optimistic given the collegiate climate when it comes to dealing with playing time and the playing careers. These guys know they can start anywhere and the transfer portal gives them a chance to go and do that in one year or less without wasting possibly crucial time they need to become proficient and get exposure. They're also probably keeping track of the QB Classes to time up possibly going to the draft. NLI is also something else to factor in since if they go to a good "Market" they can make some extra money now. Its hard to figure there aren't some coaches put
  8. I think in this case, they're referring more to their impact on the game and team. Sean White and Bo both share the tendency of not being gamebreaking, but if the game plan and the talent are superior, they'll be able to help you move to a win. They'll never take over a game though on their own merits. Bo tended to be bailed out by Seth William's 50/50 ability (because he couldn't separate), the run by tank, and Schwartz's ridiculous speed to take screens far further than they should have went. Sean White had a similar path with Louis, Duke, etc.
  9. This is assuming he even needs to get involved in the run game considering that with Finley the quick passing game is opened up. One thing he excels in above any other QB I saw in 2020 is the short timing routes. The ball literally disappears and reappears in the WRs hands with room to run. That's what west coast outside zone teams do is use their quick routes like run plays to stay on schedule while letting the backs do their thing. No QB runs needed though you can mix them in. I just don't know if running is his strength.
  10. Funny thing is, Horn is good, though I think he gets a bit too much credit for being the best. He was put on big receivers which is his bread and butter and otherwise if they have the ability to create route separation or can get off of a jam at the LOS he was cooked. The play he intercepted Finley on was an aberration in that he was back with inside leverage and faked flipping his hips knowing it was go/fade and Finley threw the fade letting him cut under and scoop it. We literally only gave Seth William simple vertical type routes against Horn which he feasts on. Same with many of the o
  11. TJ has the highest ceiling of any recent QB prospect we've gotten. He won't be a running threat, but arguably, with Tank in the backfield and the combination of TEs and Big WRs that we have, we won't need him to be because that's a backshoulder fade/seam splitter combo hell for defenses. The man has a Howitzer for an arm with good placement that was hampered by newness to the LSU system. That would remedy our accuracy problems and even better is that he sets his feet. He's a significant Upgrade IF he learns the system right because: - Pro Ready Arm Talent And Size - Doesn't Need
  12. Yeah, he is the real deal if you watch his South Carolina film (The team that beat our Bo Nix Led offense.) He had a lot of great timing throws w/ a few slips to some good corner play, and solid traits on display. The dude is a precision passer though. Steps into throws, sometimes that back foot is facing a little off, but for the most part he puts the ball where it needs to be, throws a good fade ball, and can absolutely throw with pressure in his face without falling away.
  13. Something else that I've seen from Finley that's pretty inherent to QBs is the ability to hang in the pocket through contact. Maybe its a side-effect of him not being SUPER Mobile, but he will definitely make a throw through contact. That's promising because it means longer-developing routes have a chance without your QB rolling to one side and giving away what routes he's looking at since few QBs in the NFL can make crossbody throws and only one can do that downfield. (Maybe 2 if you add Rodgers in there with Mahomes)
  14. I think that Finley will definitely have some really good success if he knows the system well. His mechanics are great but his issue at LSU was being so new to the system and a predominantly pocket passer. It made his processing a LOT slower as well as having issue when the offensive line couldn't hold because of probably needing to focus on route combinations, finding his hot, etc. This guy can be a stud because his arm strength, frame, and compatibility with pro-style passing concepts w/ the opportunity to have multiple reads is there. Also if you haven't heard him speak, the kid i
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