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  1. The biggest thing is that Marlon came in with an sec body and Bryant still needs a lot of work to get there.
  2. Hey, they will even throw in a Charger.
  3. Too light. He kept getting washed out against LSU. Disappointed he showed up in spring even lighter.
  4. Except on deep passes. His form is garbage on those.
  5. I definitely remember it happening during the Vandy game. I think right before the half.
  6. You think Moultry could end up a starter?
  7. Well, guess it's back to hoping Kodi develops into a recruiter. Hopefully we start winning games so none of this matters.
  8. Is there any chance DC ends up coming back?
  9. I have my fingers crossed for Coe. He supposedly stood out during Sugar Bowl practices.
  10. Gus was so lucky he managed to land a polished Qb recruit of Nick's caliber. Man, every team in the country was just clamoring for his services at QB. What really impressed me was how he managed to keep down his turnovers in Juco.
  11. Yeah I'm just trying to keep the memory of when Bryant committed. The whole Jarez situation just leaves a nasty taste in the mouth.
  12. Of course. I'm just saying that there are parallels. This sort of thing is just a part of college football. Not that I think there is anything inherently immoral about paying players. At the heart of it, it's the fact players have market value for which they are forbidden to be compensated. Until that changes, I can't see a "clean" sport.
  13. I'm not trying to start a flame war but Cecil did basically the same thing.
  14. For sure. Saban seems to care little about the players themselves. Parks is screwed if Saban doesn't honor his commitment. If I were him, I would never trust someone with his track record.
  15. From the videos Rivals posted on their youtube channel, he had rough reps during army all american practices and was a non-factor during the games (no stats recorded). He looked slow and hesitant. Recent news has probably biased me, but I think a lot of the reason for his ranking is his potential based on his physical profile.