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  1. Receivers want to be best in the nation

    You're forgetting about Slayton. Still think he is our best receiver. Didn't think we would miss him so much.
  2. Chip's O

    With how bad our run game has been, I'm not sure that is a bad thing.
  3. What is Chandler Cox's role in our offense?

    Problem is that Cox isn't particularly dynamic. Don't even know why we bother having him on the field.
  4. Good the bad and the ugly

    I'm actually glad for it. We need these games to develop as a team. It's hard to install new offense and get guys good reps against teams like Clemson and Bama.
  5. celebrating stidham

    Hopefully, Slayton can give us a spark when he returns.
  6. ***FINAL: Auburn 24 Mercer 10***

    I remember Darwin Adams scored against South Carolina on one during Sec Championship game 2010. So Gus must know they exist.
  7. ***FINAL: Auburn 24 Mercer 10***

    Honestly cautiously optimistic. Stidham looked much better even when compared to against Georgia Southern.
  8. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    Don't be naive. There are no clean programs. Just ones that get away with it.
  9. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    And we are the good guys right?
  10. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    Keep telling yourself that. Anybody with eyes can see how limited he is today.
  11. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    Pettway sucks right now.
  12. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    Where the hell is our pass rush?
  13. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    Last week I was accused of being a troll. But, we actually haven't played as bad as the score suggests.
  14. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    Saw enough of Sean White last year. Nothing worth pursuing with him.
  15. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    Stidham has played well today. Not his fault what is happening today.