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  1. Well, he played the most important position on a that "failing" offense. I saw all I needed to last year. Gus never trusted him enough to open the offense. There is a reason for that.
  2. He is more fast than quick. I don't expect much success with the screen with him.
  3. I'm liking him better than Kam Martin at this point. Martin is just too small.
  4. I hate how they are blowing it dead. I get they are not live but they should at least let them have the first down. It's just too unrealistic
  5. Marlon Character Jr. I would think.
  6. Is Cochren a good football player? I get he is huge but that's doesn't always make for success at OT.
  7. The biggest thing is that Marlon came in with an sec body and Bryant still needs a lot of work to get there.
  8. Hey, they will even throw in a Charger.
  9. Too light. He kept getting washed out against LSU. Disappointed he showed up in spring even lighter.
  10. Except on deep passes. His form is garbage on those.
  11. I definitely remember it happening during the Vandy game. I think right before the half.
  12. You think Moultry could end up a starter?
  13. Well, guess it's back to hoping Kodi develops into a recruiter. Hopefully we start winning games so none of this matters.
  14. Is there any chance DC ends up coming back?
  15. I have my fingers crossed for Coe. He supposedly stood out during Sugar Bowl practices.