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  1. This will just be like Richt. He will drag this team down for the next decade.
  2. I won't enjoy anything until Gus is fired.
  3. Oh, I can. Anything for a new head coach.
  4. Offense starts showing life once the season is over. Just perfect.
  5. For the future of this program, we cannot afford to win this game.
  6. Then the coaching staff should give us less to be negative about. Gus needs to go.
  7. From what I saw from the defense last night, we are not too far off from the team giving up on Gus. It is over.
  8. Great motor on Coe. Wish we had some of that on offense.
  9. I like it. Best man should play. Seniority is such terrible criteria for determining playing time.
  10. Well that explains a lot. Easier to run with power when opposing dbs weigh 163.
  11. I will say this. He looked terrible during one on ones during recruiting camps. I fear a lot projection went into his rankings. He just looked like a future all pro.
  12. A bigger rb could have fought better at the bottom of a pile.
  13. Good catch. I won't edit it. You won this round.
  14. This. You see very little of the Air Raid influence featured so heavily in the past. Also why I am so pessimistic that a coaching change will help. Good luck hiring competent OCs with so much meddling from the HC.
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