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  1. I noticed it and just thought it was appropriate. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
  2. Ah. 72! Gosh, I cannot believe it’s been a year. He would be a calm voice during this coach chaos for sure. 😃 Thank you for posting and keeping his memory alive.
  3. If it were me, I would be doing everything to try and track where it originated…but that just me. Red flags and all for Harsin, she is still impacted from this. Some people were even paying to get the rumor pushed…I mean $2, but they were still paying to get it noticed.
  4. Very valid take, but I do think bama has like 16 players in the portal, maybe? The Mason thing I don’t love. That definitely has more to the story. And the Davis about face —— that could be on him more than anyone else, but who knows.
  5. If not proven true, I hope everyone sues. Yes, he’s more high profile, but her reputation & professionalism have also taken a major hit. Disgusting.
  6. He walked it back? Why didn’t he play in the senior bowl?
  7. I feel like that was a good post even with cocktails involved.
  8. My profession is PR, and I am MAJORLY struggling with all of this. There are so many different layers, and I would love to just sit in their war room and listen to the discussions.
  9. Well, some damage has been done regardless of what the truth is.
  10. I only watch UGA if they are losing and even then, I will not watch for a long time (you know, in case I jinx it 😂), unless it’s near the end of the game.
  11. They should be. I thought OP said a while ago that he was coming back.
  12. I LOVE the Drunk Aubie handle on Twitter so I can get behind a Drunk Coach one, too. 😂
  13. I was a Bo fan (and still am), but did not love the posts from his family. It is cringeworthy, especially with some of the “behind the scenes” stories coming out. However, I would also have an extremely hard time watching my family member be scrutinized all the time playing a sport they loved for a school they adored so I’d probably be a bit momma bear, too. Wishing them all success for whatever the future holds.
  14. YUP. Grew up about an hour away from Athens…even cheered for them UNTIL my freshman year at AU. In college, my friends would have to take the battery out of my cell phone because I would straight up get harassed by uga fans on game days. No love lost.
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