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  1. ^ YES to demanding everyone around him put in the work like he does. That's what good leaders do.
  2. He was one of my favorites (KJ as well) to follow on social media! They both are lovers of AU and hilarious. He's been very quiet on social media now, but that can be a good thing because he's focusing on whatever needs his attention. Its only April. ๐Ÿ˜€ For real though, as much as I want information, I know it's none of my business. It will all work out the way it's supposed to.
  3. I went (first time ever) and loved it!
  4. The later.
  5. Fantastic thread title. Love it.
  6. He was pretttu good. ๐Ÿ˜
  7. I better start taking my xanax now if JF3 is a candidate. He's fast, but one hard hit and we've got a loose football.
  8. Praying!
  9. I cringe thinking about it. Watching him return made me so nervous. KJ has been one of my favorites since he was recruited. He certainly loves AU and represents us well. Plus, I think he's hilarious on Twitter. Yup, I'm admitting that I follow him. ๐Ÿ˜€
  10. Thank you. We took her to the Vandy game last year and it was SO hot. But, she also apparently had strep throat at the time (we obviously didn't know) so that may have been a factor.
  11. Just purchased our tickets. First A day I have ever been to and I graduated in '06! Can I sneak some minis in? We are taking my 3 year old so my nerves may be shot depending on how she handles the atmosphere. Haha.
  12. We know how Gus feels about those he trusts... This made my day. I almost spit out my drink at lunch. Ugh. But, I'm glad the team is loyal to White. If White does not start, I see him rallying his troops behind Stidham. With White and Cox on your side, I would like to think the brotherhood would be as strong as ever.
  13. I hope you get some good news soon. Praying for y'all.
  14. Is he on campus and just not at practice or away from AU completely? I too, don't think he is away for Jovon/Duke reasons. Hope he's okay though.
  15. What are the rules for leave of absences like this? How does that work?