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  1. Kobe has been one of my fav players this year. Yes, I know he had a WTH moment during Penn State.
  2. @cole256isn’t wrong. I had an acquaintance I would see on occasion who was never on the football team, but was close friends with a RANDOM group of football players (Stidham being one of them). This group also included a former AU player who is currently in the NFL who never played with Stidham (he’s not a qb either) and I still have no idea how he was friends with some of them. This person showed me some of the texts with this group discussing Gus’ play calling from the game the day before. Players talk to each other and their close friends. My acquaintance even knew about a meeting so
  3. Def not wishing that on us! The PR person in me is super curious about this.
  4. Coaching changes rumblings? Or like scandals? 😬
  5. I got an email today from TUF that I can purchase additional tickets for UGA. $150 for the upper level. I guess they have a good number of tickets left because I am LOW priority.
  6. We went to the Penn State game and I won’t lie - COVID exposure crossed my mind a time or two…
  7. Statues of Cam and Bo (I think) outside the stadium. The campus in general has changed so much. Momma Gs for nachos…
  8. Acre is one of my fav restaurants - you can reserve a table online. Amsterdam’s is still delicious and I’ve heard The Hound is good, too. Toomer’s lemonade - and when we roll it after the game. 💁🏻‍♀️ I think Tiger Rags may have closed (?), but J & M is where we go for AU shopping. I would love to checkout other places if anyone else shares that info. Auburn Art is one my fav places to shop - your wife may love it, too.
  9. We did better than I thought we would. It was so loud. So freaking loud.
  10. I wish we had a party bus and I would extend an invite. Friends are picking us up.
  11. That’s where we are staying. I will be riding and not driving though. 🙌🏻
  12. Hospitality already! My husband and I are meeting up with our BFFs from his military days (Penn St fans) who are finally back stateside, and are making this trip our reunion. I seriously haven’t seen one of them in person in over 8 years! Please share any “must do’s” while we are there. We can’t wait!
  13. IT DID. I may have pregamed like it was for the Iron Bowl, but the vibe was different. It felt less tense for sure. And I almost lost my mind when backups were going in. WHAT. I started to answer this earlier and stopped, so I’m glad you did because your response was better. His daughter(s)? definitely dress trendier than what we’ve seen in the past. I think the same can be said for his wife as well. The Harsin ladies seem to love their makeup and have a strong interest in fashion, which is totally fine and definitely tighter/less conservative these days. I liked his wife’s outfit las
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