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  1. Well, 85% yay for Woodson!
  2. 2019 5* LB Owen Pappoe

    Please tell me itโ€™s legit and not Kirby encouraging the kid to mess with us. ๐Ÿ˜€
  3. Dinson has shoulder surgery

    Are springs practices over yet?
  4. hard work ahead for Stidham

    It still makes me mad. I was SCREAMING at my tv about it and my husband said, "You know that's how uga is."
  5. hard work ahead for Stidham

    I for one, am glad. he played through the pain and that his injury was never released. I will never forget screaming at my team during the SECCG when uga was pounding on KJ after the play was over. UGHHHH. I've always loved Jarrett's go-getter attitude and am hoping that he lights a fire (like Marlon and Derrick have done on defense) throughout that entire offense.
  6. Anybody else being reminded of 2014?

    What happened to Jovon after his time at AU?
  7. Calvin Ashley

    The real Tuohy's seem cool. I follow mom and son on Twitter.
  8. Malik Willis starter?

    Is Gatewood's passing ability that poor? I honestly don't know. For him, I keep in mind that he also didn't play QB 100% of his time in high school. Is Nix more mobile and a true DT or more like Stidham?
  9. Malik Willis starter?

    NM was my husband's favorite player. I won't ever bash an AU player, but until Willis or ANYONE can stay as cool as NM did under pressure then there is no comparison. He had ice running through his veins.
  10. A-Day thread

    I like A-Day because I can bring my kiddo to JHS for $5 + a bunch of ice cream. I fully agree that it is meaningless in terms of seeing what our team will look like for the upcoming season. It's why I never understand why people get upset when the game isn't up to their standards.
  11. A-Day MVP Nick Coe's study time

    Special young man right there.
  12. Lindsey more wrinkles in Offense

    Saw that as well. Hes a sophomore right? This could be a big growing up year for him.
  13. Lindsey more wrinkles in Offense

    He had a fun catch yesterday.
  14. Malik Willis starter?

    Oh yeah - I followed his recruitment forever. I volunteer to be the secretary. ๐Ÿ˜€
  15. Malik Willis starter?

    I thought Gatewood had some nice throws that were dropped. Yall, heโ€™s so flipping big.