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  1. Sean White dismissed

    Very interesting you gave a student perspective - why you may ask? Because this summer, I had a few AU interns at work who were NOT fans of SW for many different reasons. Their reasons were based on different things, but it was almost shocking to me since he had such a Rambo attitude on the field. The mom in me is so heartbroken for his family...I think his brother is on scholarship playing football for Notre Dame (if I recall correctly). That I imagine, will be very hard for SW.
  2. AU vs Mizzou - Weekly Presser

    I agree. I think we may all be shocked if JS goes out....or shocked if he doesn't go out at all this season! He got engaged during the off season so I'm blaming that.
  3. Sean White arrested

    I think 23 said in another post it's not addiction bad - more like partying frat boy with a bad attitude OFF the field.
  4. Sean White arrested

    Honestly, very few people have any idea how much partying the kid had done, how much AU has/has not offered to help, how much Gus has/has not disciplined him (aside from the two game suspension). We have no idea how much has or has not transpired to this point. Additionally, I don't think anyone has mentioned the specifics of this incident either. Regardless, he has standards he must adhere to. He knows as well as anyone that he can be called upon at any time to lead the team and it hurts everyone when he's sitting out because he's in trouble, not to mention that it's a distraction, He should absolutely be shown mercy, especially if there is a serious problem, but sometimes that involves tough love as well.
  5. 2017 AU Football Man Crush

    Hahaha. I think the people sitting around me in the stadium thought I was crazy yesterday when I told my husband I was breaking up with Kyle Davis...this was proclaimed twice! However, I'm not a quitter and he had some redeemable moments. He apologized after the game and told me it will never happen again. 😉
  6. ***Auburn vs. Mercer -- Game Thread***

    At the game, but can't see that side of the field - has James moved at all?
  7. Who Do You Want?

    I will stick with Gus for the duration of the season.
  8. Let's stop pretending Chip is running the O

    We don't like rumors about JF on here. If you want to see what the most recent update is, check out his thread and what the insiders say.
  9. Let's stop pretending Chip is running the O

    Did Fields commit?
  10. Clemson 10 Positives

    After reading most of the threads and comments from very new posters...I am so glad to be reading this. I am proud of JS (yes, he has things to work on) tonight. I was so mad for him, but he stayed with it until the end. Also, jacked the my WR boys (3 & 11) were back. And agree that Clemson probably ignored concussion protocol. I will also add another positive - our mascot doesn't look like he's been up on meth for three days. 😐
  11. ***FINAL: Auburn 6 Clemson 14***

    You can't be serious.
  12. HAPPY GAMEDAY!!!!! Beat Clemson

    My husband and I both had ours removed. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions! Happy healing. WDE!!! 🐅💙🦅
  13. Pettway Status vs Clemson?

    If you have interesting info, I want a PM as well! 😀
  14. Pettway Status vs Clemson?

    Why should he tell everything? This blows my mind - I don't want Clemson to necessarily know who to prepare for, but more importantly, it's between the kid and his doctors/team. I don't walk around sharing all of my health issues with my coworkers or customers. Very out of character for Chizik if true.
  15. Hurricane Irma - Clemson game

    Columbus, Ga already cancelled school for Monday (about 40 mins from AU) - not sure if Lee County has followed.