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  1. And assuming he did counseling and all the things, this could be an approach/method he was trying to use here. Regardless, very poor lack of judgement to be DM anyone.
  2. I need someone to coach Ashford…I need to channel my Robby Ashford effort in all I do. I also read he’s been hurt most of the season and hasn’t thrown sometimes until gameday (I think?)!
  3. Um…a handful of insiders on this board have been right numerous times over different things for years, which has built their credibility. I do not want them disappearing never to be heard from again. Sometimes things change and that’s ok.
  4. Gahhhhhhhhh. My college self is screaming inside! 😍 Do the families of the coaching staff travel for away games?
  5. Someone on Twitter said those are his kids so maybe? 💙
  6. Mine didn’t sync either! I thought I was the only one.
  7. I was actually surprised at how loud I thought it was in the beginning for that game. I’m also that person who is usually yelling on third down regardless of whatever the situation is. Numerous times the players and cheerleaders were trying to get the crowd amped up. I do think Penn State will be a fun environment…at least for kickoff. 😉
  8. I noticed it and just thought it was appropriate. 😂🤷🏻‍♀️
  9. Ah. 72! Gosh, I cannot believe it’s been a year. He would be a calm voice during this coach chaos for sure. 😃 Thank you for posting and keeping his memory alive.
  10. If it were me, I would be doing everything to try and track where it originated…but that just me. Red flags and all for Harsin, she is still impacted from this. Some people were even paying to get the rumor pushed…I mean $2, but they were still paying to get it noticed.
  11. Very valid take, but I do think bama has like 16 players in the portal, maybe? The Mason thing I don’t love. That definitely has more to the story. And the Davis about face —— that could be on him more than anyone else, but who knows.
  12. If not proven true, I hope everyone sues. Yes, he’s more high profile, but her reputation & professionalism have also taken a major hit. Disgusting.
  13. He walked it back? Why didn’t he play in the senior bowl?
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