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  1. Best thing about today? Seeing Stove out there. Made me so happy!
  2. Poor girl had to post asking people to quit tagging her in the videos and photos of her injury. People are really special these days...
  3. Oh my goodness. So thankful for them.
  4. Does anyone know of the team will be flying into Columbus and then headed to AU? I’m in columbus and would like to start their welcome here, but wasn’t sure if that was possible.
  5. I LOVED Brown and Purifoy speaking out about the banner. So disrespectful.
  6. And we are still accepting applications to the fan club.
  7. Look at Marquis McClain getting a shout out!
  8. Whenever it starts, I need to sit out. I curse my crushes. 👋 NCM and Kyle Davis. I love Hill. He was my fav WR Of the class, but I refuse to pick him as my crush.
  9. I flipping love her. She’s hilarious.
  10. @aujeff11 look at our boy! Haha. @WarDamnEagleWDE any word on Joey’s attitude? I want to say that it was questioned last year (I may have made that up).
  11. Oh my goodness. I am over in Columbus and cannot believe the devastation from yesterday. I am so glad you are okay and that your cousin and her family are alive. It will absolutely be a long road and is such a jarring reminder of how temporary this life is. Y’all are in my prayers.