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  1. The guy in the video is a huge UGA fan if that helps you make the decision. 😂
  2. The ‘Lac is back! 🤣🤣🤣
  3. Wooooo hoooooo! I love Smoke! Good for leadership in the locker room and for Coach H - that a current player supports him. 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
  4. When can we expect some announcements? Or clues...😂
  5. he has been very vocal lately. MAR liked the latest tweet above. It makes me sad to think about what a mess the locker room may be. I do want AS to come back, but wish him luck in whatever he decides.
  6. I was hoping he was just cranky about Steele coaching and sat. 🙄
  7. Any rumblings you’ve heard about that or just wishful thinking?
  8. I hope he stays, but don’t blame him for whatever decision he makes. I do hope that all is well on the family front and everyone is healthy. Worm was THE recruiter for his class and I have loved watching him give it all every time he touched the ball. I hope we continue to see you around here and that you know not all of us are crazy couch coaches. 😃
  9. I donated some money this morning. Thank you so much for running this site and continuing to do what y’all do. War Eagle!
  10. Any word if keeping Steele was part of the agreement?
  11. And I will be LIVID if that happens. I’m so curious how our team will handle the bowl game after all this reported backstabbing mess
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