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  1. This makes me sad, but good for him!
  2. That’s who it was, thanks! Eh. At least there is time for Brock to flip. Just flip away from UGA. 😂
  3. I hate UGA. So they ended the season losing their QB and are bringing in Brock and a juco qb or did I make that up?
  4. WHAT. Big news for our area. And recruiting...hopefully.
  5. It’s not his call when to announce. The PR/communications team drives that.
  6. From is going to the NFL.
  7. Is that a real person? Lol. Not her. I am a lunatic though. One of my coworkers (at the time) played and was friends with Justyn Ross. I loved to bother her about where he was committing.
  8. Phenix City is in my backyardish. This area is pretty much Bama/AU/uga. In support of E’s comment above, my husband thinks it’s more Bama than the other two.
  9. I got the assertive vibe from hearing him speak at an event and I guess it was a natural assumption (yup, I know what making assumptions does) that he would feel a little more empowered (not to the point where he loses his job, Obviously) to tow the line with the PTB. 1 million percent agree with your JMO paragraph.
  10. Agreed on the surprising part. I hope his family is okay - I didn’t even think of that, but could definitely be a reason.
  11. Huge fan of your posts, PTB. 😃 Your comment about the basketball program has me a little nervous. Can you share any more about this? Interrsting that Greene is a peacekeeper. For whatever reason, I had him pegged as being more assertive than that. As always, thank you!