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  1. I was about to say the same thing. He does not belong in that list.
  2. This is the kind of attitude I want from all of our recruits. Very happy he's getting to live out his dream!
  3. Going to UAT would be an unofficial visit so his family is "footing" the bill...What is the benefit to him (or any recruit) taking an unofficial to a school that's not at the top of their list? I would understand going to your top 3 or so, but if a school falls outside of that range why would you go there? If it's not super obvious, I'm not an expert in recruiting haha.
  4. I'm surprised he hasn't commited to the pups yet. 😐
  5. Darn, I thought there was exciting news!!! This is must be how people feel when I comment. 🤷🏻‍♀️
  6. He's a good one. I live near his hometown and everyone spoke so highly of his character - the people I worked with whose kids went to his HS to his ex gf's family. Fantastic AU man!
  7. I think the UGA event was last weekend so yes, he did go. But @ellitor said AU knew about that.
  8. It's hanging in my guest room closet at the moment. Probably over ten years now and I still haven't framed it yet. 🤦🏼‍♀️ My sister and her bf (at the time) went through a ton of connections to get him to sign it. It made my Christmas morning!
  9. He was my fav - I even received a signed jersey of his one year for a Christmas. I remember during one Florida game him doing the "chomp chomp" at the Gators (during warm up maybe?) with some weird humping motion. Loved his passion!
  10. And I LOVE this. That Florida play/game - one of my favorites to attend!
  11. I loved CT! I had class with him and he was always really cool. I'll add Darvin Adams and David Irons. And my fav player these last few years has been Jeremy Johnson - no lie.
  12. I'm not sure where to post this, but is there a thread that shares who is expected to be in attendance this weekend?
  13. I love hearing this for so many reasons. So glad he's stepped into that role. Let's hope he's a solid recruiting tool (like Cam is) after he's gone.
  14. Yeah, I read an article about all his visits and that based on that people thought AU was a high contender. I guess I'm surprised that he would dip out on a trip to the Plains with his friends. You never know though...
  15. I thought he was planning on attending both (AU and uga), I wouldnt mind getting him and Fields from the puppies. I wonder how much Fields wants to play with him - JF sounds like he has a wise head on his shoulder so if Jackson is truly commited to ga, I would hope it wouldn't sway Fields too much. Disclaimer: I really, REALLY despise uga.