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  1. You know I represented the JG fan club. Also chatted with Gus about moving into his new house.
  2. Hopefully I'll be meeting Gus and Bruce tonight...want me to ask? Hate it though.
  3. Thanks for sharing! Love this so much.
  4. I still have that “gut punched” feeling about this situation, especially for their kiddos. However, it is so special that they (the kids) have so many ways to hear their dad’s voice. Still heartbreaking.
  5. Which is so flipping cool, but sucks for us.
  6. What did happen? I only read they were rear ended?
  7. I literally feel sick to my stomach reading this. Praying.
  8. There is no way he doesn't become eligible for uga. I will be shocked if he doesn't qualify.
  9. Hate to hear he was cut.
  10. My sister used to give me so much crap because I was JJ's #1 cheerleader. I just believed that the lights would click and we would see him snap into the QB we saw the Arkansas (I think) game when he had to start for Marshall. I could never go through what he went through and not be on suicide watch. It's a very rough road to go down and I have much admiration for him staying at AU and graduating.
  11. I didn’t think about that. Weren’t they roommates when JJ was starting Qb? Duke - also one of my fav players who Infuriated me.
  12. I am guessing he means there are a lot of guys who get in legal trouble who are in the league. Unsure about how whole story that will be told part... He was playing arena football (I thought), but I don’t know if that’s still the case.
  13. What is this all about?