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  1. WHAT. Big news for our area. And recruiting...hopefully.
  2. It’s not his call when to announce. The PR/communications team drives that.
  3. From is going to the NFL.
  4. Is that a real person? Lol. Not her. I am a lunatic though. One of my coworkers (at the time) played and was friends with Justyn Ross. I loved to bother her about where he was committing.
  5. Phenix City is in my backyardish. This area is pretty much Bama/AU/uga. In support of E’s comment above, my husband thinks it’s more Bama than the other two.
  6. I got the assertive vibe from hearing him speak at an event and I guess it was a natural assumption (yup, I know what making assumptions does) that he would feel a little more empowered (not to the point where he loses his job, Obviously) to tow the line with the PTB. 1 million percent agree with your JMO paragraph.
  7. Agreed on the surprising part. I hope his family is okay - I didn’t even think of that, but could definitely be a reason.
  8. Huge fan of your posts, PTB. 😃 Your comment about the basketball program has me a little nervous. Can you share any more about this? Interrsting that Greene is a peacekeeper. For whatever reason, I had him pegged as being more assertive than that. As always, thank you!
  9. KJ Britt is coming back for his senior season.
  10. I literally prayed before the game that we would have no injuries. If DB or MD had gone down I would have shed a lot of tears.
  11. Well, I’m glad our name isn’t attached to this.
  12. Ughhhh. Have loved watching his transformation. Best of luck at the next level!
  13. I like Gus and I LOVE the fun games (2019 Iron Bowl and 2017 uga were some of my favs)...BUT I don’t think he’s incentivized by money. At least not like some people think on here. I think it’s more of a pride/keep my job sort of thing because he always seems to have his “flashes of brilliance” when it feels like his job is on the line. It’s so frustrating. I legit feel if they said, “hey, we are going to buy you out or you can stay and coach, but we amend your contract” he would do the later (if the changes weren’t like $100k salary). AND THAT SOUNDS CRAZY, but he’s different. But with Greene in the mix now, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had a new coach next year. I don’t think it will happen, but I wouldn’t be shocked if it did.
  14. A Bama and Uga fan asked me my thoughts about Gus on NYE. I love the clean program he runs and the players love him/their coaches. I wish AU would give him a low base salary with an insane bonus for winning each game, becoming bowl eligible, making the playoffs, making/winning championships... so that he literally would be coaching for his job each game. The insane structure could add up to $49M or whatever is it each year, but you have to make it there first.
  15. Ugh. This makes my stomach turn. Players 1-3 may bring actual tears to my eyes. 😭😭😭
  16. I do too. 😂😂😂
  17. Did uga lose anyone today - maybe two guys? The one who chose s car and reed?
  18. Avery and Tate are KILLING ME today. Remind me of Worm with his class. Best recruiter! Some of us remember, @Momma Worm . 😁
  19. They are stressing me out today and yet, I love it at the same time.
  20. Thanks, E!!! You are a blessing to this forum. I haven’t followed remotely as close as I normally do, but cheers to tomorrow!