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  1. I have a (Probably) very dumb question. If I get it, is there a point for me to come take a test or could I just self quarantine? I mean, you can’t prescribe anything right? And I’m a mostly healthy 30+ old. This whole thing has me freaked out because they seem to be seeing more 30 yr olds and I don’t even want to start thinking about my kiddos. 😐 Stay healthy!
  2. I’m glad to hear she’s moving around better and will be praying for your entire family! How infuriating that someone came in for their appt. 😕 My husband just started having a toothache and I don’t want him to go to the dentist just in case since he is “essential personnel” at work and not able to stay home like the rest of us. Please keep us posted. How long has it been since you’ve been exposed? How is your dad?
  3. I miss when PTB would give us updates and opinions about the athletes. Can’t wait to get back to that!!! but appreciate these insights too @passthebiscuits 😀
  4. Eek! I hope they have been staying home. yeah, I was talking to a nurse friend and basically asked what the point of a test was since you can’t really do anything about it except ride it out.
  5. Praying, praying, praying! Our bff family of four are quarantined in Va. They haven’t been tested due to no direct known contact with someone who has it, but are all running low grade (99/100 degree) fevers. I hope your mother’s high fever is something else that is easier for her to overcome! Prayers that this is not COVID-19 and she can get some much needed rest To heal. Please keep us posted. My anxiety has been triggered by social, but I will be coming back to check on you and your mom.
  6. Is it weird that LSU only had two coming off a national championship?
  7. I don’t even know what to think, but I feel like we do have depth there. Still...
  8. Why would he want to do an unofficial vs. official visit? If it’s unofficial, is it like me buying a ticket and going to the game?
  9. Because mother knows best. I always said if my kids played anywhere besides AU that I would support them, but wear my AU face sticker at all their games. My kids are 1 and 6. 😂
  10. I feel like this is a big deal if you are thinking this. You never sugarcoat.
  11. This makes me sad, but good for him!
  12. That’s who it was, thanks! Eh. At least there is time for Brock to flip. Just flip away from UGA. 😂
  13. I hate UGA. So they ended the season losing their QB and are bringing in Brock and a juco qb or did I make that up?
  14. WHAT. Big news for our area. And recruiting...hopefully.
  15. It’s not his call when to announce. The PR/communications team drives that.
  16. From is going to the NFL.
  17. Is that a real person? Lol. Not her. I am a lunatic though. One of my coworkers (at the time) played and was friends with Justyn Ross. I loved to bother her about where he was committing.
  18. Phenix City is in my backyardish. This area is pretty much Bama/AU/uga. In support of E’s comment above, my husband thinks it’s more Bama than the other two.
  19. I got the assertive vibe from hearing him speak at an event and I guess it was a natural assumption (yup, I know what making assumptions does) that he would feel a little more empowered (not to the point where he loses his job, Obviously) to tow the line with the PTB. 1 million percent agree with your JMO paragraph.
  20. Agreed on the surprising part. I hope his family is okay - I didn’t even think of that, but could definitely be a reason.
  21. Huge fan of your posts, PTB. 😃 Your comment about the basketball program has me a little nervous. Can you share any more about this? Interrsting that Greene is a peacekeeper. For whatever reason, I had him pegged as being more assertive than that. As always, thank you!