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  1. 12 minutes ago, passthebiscuits said:

    Had a 30yo last night + test with a little conjunctivitis, but overall, not really.

    Most: Sore throat, then body aches, then fever and SOB.

    I have a (Probably) very dumb question. If I get it, is there a point for me to come take a test or could I just self quarantine? I mean, you can’t prescribe anything right? And I’m a mostly healthy 30+ old.

    This whole thing has me freaked out because they seem to be seeing more 30 yr olds and I don’t even want to start thinking about my kiddos. 😐

    Stay healthy! 

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  2. 7 hours ago, ellitor said:

    Tuesday update; She has Covid-19. However she is feeling better & doing more today. I have no symptoms yet. 1st case reported in Autauga County. I could strangle the guy who came in the dentist office for an appointment last week who flippantly said he had the flu a couple days earlier but was fine when he came in for his appointment & the dentist for letting my mom do work on him.. Hopefully I'll just be an asymptomatic carrier. I know to stay away from people. Keep paying for all of us & thank you for the prayers that have come through so far.

    I’m glad to hear she’s moving around better and will be praying for your entire family! 

    How infuriating that someone came in for their appt. 😕 My husband just started having a toothache and I don’t want him to go to the dentist just in case since he is “essential personnel” at work and not able to stay home like the rest of us. 

    Please keep us posted. How long has it been since you’ve been exposed? How is your dad? 

  3. 7 minutes ago, passthebiscuits said:

    Yeah WHO is doing the best they can. They’re not the end-all-beat-all for this, but they do a decent job at global problems. Think of them like NATO...they try, bless their hearts.

    We are wise to trust our own scientists/epidemiologists. 

    I miss when PTB would give us updates and opinions about the athletes. Can’t wait to get back to that!!! 

    but appreciate these insights too @passthebiscuits 😀

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  4. 18 hours ago, alexava said:

    I was told a person who is a coworker that I don’t really know has been sick for a week. Her roommate has tested positive and she will now be tested,  isn’t that a waste of a test?

    Eek! I hope they have been staying home. 

    yeah, I was talking to a nurse friend and basically asked what the point of a test was since you can’t really do  anything about it except ride it out. 

  5. Praying, praying, praying! 

    Our bff family of four are quarantined in Va. They haven’t been tested due to no direct known contact with someone who has it, but are all running low grade (99/100 degree) fevers. I hope your mother’s high fever is something else that is easier for her to overcome! 

    Prayers that this is not COVID-19 and she can get some much needed rest To heal. Please keep us posted. My anxiety has been triggered by social, but I will be coming back to check on you and your mom.

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  6. 48 minutes ago, bigbird said:






    UGA, Bama, LSU, TAMU, Auburn

    4 teams we play perenially and the number of 5 stars each team signed. Championship teams have a lot of really good players but typically have 1 or 2 superstar/studs. I'm not saying the players we signed aren't legit or able to achieve that level of greatness, but we are missing on the "can't miss" prospects. 

    I'd give this class an 8 defensively and a 6 or 7 offensively. The HS OL recruiting hurt this class


    Is it weird that LSU only had two coming off a national championship?

  7. 26 minutes ago, auburnphan said:

    Announcing during the national championship game just screams “we are excited about this hire and want to let everyone know”

    just don’t understand how Gus thinks

    It’s not his call when to announce. The PR/communications team drives that. 

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  8. 3 hours ago, AU64 said:

    Probably you and others but I'm not sure why.


    He came to AU from a modest Div 1 program with a handful of years experience to take the AU job at a big time athletic program where the PTBs have a history of dabbling in the management of the athletic programs..  They doubtless consider it their right and AG surely knew that when he came.  And  I expect nobody has given him the impression that he can just do things the way he wants to without first making sure the PTBs have his back.  .  

    JMO but his job is to stay out of the way of the NCAA, run a profitable department, be competitive in the conference,   avoid embarrassing scandals involving coaches and players and to be a good representative of the school and Athletic Department.   He has done these things well....and in the meantime, the PTBs will tell him when they want a coaching change. 

    Being assertive, which might mean going against the will of the PTBs or taking serious action without their approval is how to get fired from a very good job.   I like AG and  think he is an excellent representative of the school and seems to be running an effective and efficient Athletic Department.    I hope he does not do something precipitous that causes him to lose his job.  

    Thus.....IMO,  he should continue to write those nice "thanks for your opinion" responses to fans and alums..... and wait until he gets the call from yella wood or one of his associates to ask him to figure up how much it will cost to close out the contract with Gus.  Until then.....:dunno:  don't rock the boat. 

    I got the assertive vibe from hearing him speak at an event and I guess it was a natural assumption (yup, I know what making assumptions does) that he would feel a little more empowered (not to the point where he loses his job, Obviously) to tow the line with the PTB. 

    1 million percent agree with your JMO paragraph. 

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  9. 45 minutes ago, passthebiscuits said:

    From the PTB facts:

    Gus is here to stay. Love it or hate it. PTB are aware of discontent, but just look at it as fans being fans. They have the opinion that we played 6 teams in the top 10, and the bowl loss was because it was Minn’s super bowl and we weren’t as motivated. They think that once Burrow (sp?) is gone that LSU will come back down to earth and that the chance of a great season once out of 5 years is worth the 4 years of mediocrity. They see us as graduating players and playing clean with the NCAA (something they fear is looming for our BB program btw.) Greene is a peace-keeper. 

    Huge fan of your posts, PTB. 😃

    Your comment about the basketball program has me a little nervous. Can you share any more about this? 

    Interrsting that Greene is a peacekeeper. For whatever reason, I had him pegged as being more assertive than that. 

    As always, thank you! 

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