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  1. I don’t like it when your posts aren’t in ALL CAPS!!!! I feel like you’re too calm. 😂
  2. I almost spit out my coffee at work.
  3. Well, your money won’t go with you to Heaven...and I thought my labor and delivery bills were bad! Is your son still doing well?
  4. I was in the stadium and saw it on the Jumbotron. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I love our media team though - they also showed BOOBEE and then he swung so they quickly switched to something else. and yes, Kodi wasn’t backing down from whatever the discussion was.
  5. I love this so much. I want the two of them to be successful because I believe they truly love AU. Bo looks so giddy; I just can’t take it!
  6. As he should be. Kid was outstanding on Saturday...impressive after having a few misses this season and since this game is personal for his family. I was (and still am) so proud of him.
  7. AidiAU

    A Schwartz

    Dang. I didn’t realize he hurt his knee during Samford’s game. Ugh.
  8. AidiAU

    A Schwartz

    What was his injury?
  9. I wonder if this will play. IMG_5254.MP4
  10. Most of mine were already stated, but I will say that one of my favs is that he is wired differently. Yes, he makes some really bizarre decisions. He also has some crazy plans that work. I like that he’s a bit weird and thinks of strange scenarios.
  11. So...remember this? 🤦🏻‍♀️ FTR, I like Tua and would never want to see a player hurt. I hope he recovers back to 100%. Still cannot believe I’m 0-3 with the football man crush.
  12. Aghhhhh! Seeing you back finished off an AUsome weekend. So glad to read your thoughts. You were missed.
  13. Agreed. Especially after this season, it was a great way to go out.
  14. I did not go on the field in 2013 (newborn at home). Did go in 2017 (mainly because I didn’t in 2013). And I did last night because my sister was in town and we wanted a picture on the field. Both times I’ve never dove through shrubbery to get there. 😂 I do hate that. But that stadium was so electric last night that I get why the students did. Heck, you could see the tension with the players (looking at you BOOBEE and Seth 😐). Had we won by a few TD I don’t know that it would have happened. Furthermore, I’m glad I’m not a meme.
  15. The picture makes me hurt.
  16. AidiAU


    Also, I applaud Anders for his game last night. So solid during a huge game that’s personal for his family.
  17. AidiAU


    THIS. I kept thinking about all the different plays that were made by...everyone!
  18. Tonight has been such a blur for me. LOVED the atmosphere. Did Schwartz get hurt? and yes. I always pray for AU to play their best without injury. DB going down almost gave me heart issues.
  19. How are BOOBEE and brown? In stadium and no updates.
  20. They lost to S home. It’s what I remind myself of at bedtime so I can get to sleep at night. 😂 I pray LSU throws/runs/etc. allllll over them. I will never be on the Kirby train, but I know plenty of uga fans who aren’t convinced he is a great coach.