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  1. Not to sound all doubtful or whatever, but did we make the decision for him or did he choose Bama and we said ✌🏼?
  2. Makes me happy that Chad won’t sit back. Good leaders don’t surround themselves with “yes” men.
  3. Being an online head coach stresses me out. Welcome to the family! I’m happy with this. Happier if he has the freedom to make changes on all sides of his offEnse. Super happy for Bo, and I hope the Nix family is thrilled with the hire. I am such a mom.
  4. No one had jinxed more players than me (see above). I took out players from other teams. 😬
  5. Darn it. I thought you had an update that we had hired someone. 😂😂😂
  6. Just curious. How long do you think Gus has known about Dilly and been looking? I assume you give your HC a heads up that there is interest? And then they put out feelers?
  7. Bo Nix has a different love and passion for Auburn than Stidham did, which I think plays some (not all) part of the difference between the “dog” in each of them. Oddly enough, the 2019 team seems to have mostly kept it together in the locker room even going through all the adversity this year. but I know nothing. 😂
  8. Oh man. Like him a lot and hope he balls out whenever he goes.
  9. The videos he does on social publicly praising his players make this 30+ year old lady want to go play for him. I love his passion.
  10. I don’t like it when your posts aren’t in ALL CAPS!!!! I feel like you’re too calm. 😂
  11. I almost spit out my coffee at work.
  12. Well, your money won’t go with you to Heaven...and I thought my labor and delivery bills were bad! Is your son still doing well?
  13. I was in the stadium and saw it on the Jumbotron. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I love our media team though - they also showed BOOBEE and then he swung so they quickly switched to something else. and yes, Kodi wasn’t backing down from whatever the discussion was.
  14. I love this so much. I want the two of them to be successful because I believe they truly love AU. Bo looks so giddy; I just can’t take it!
  15. As he should be. Kid was outstanding on Saturday...impressive after having a few misses this season and since this game is personal for his family. I was (and still am) so proud of him.
  16. Dang. I didn’t realize he hurt his knee during Samford’s game. Ugh.
  17. I wonder if this will play. IMG_5254.MP4
  18. Most of mine were already stated, but I will say that one of my favs is that he is wired differently. Yes, he makes some really bizarre decisions. He also has some crazy plans that work. I like that he’s a bit weird and thinks of strange scenarios.
  19. So...remember this? 🤦🏻‍♀️ FTR, I like Tua and would never want to see a player hurt. I hope he recovers back to 100%. Still cannot believe I’m 0-3 with the football man crush.
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