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  1. @JMR when we win on Saturday will you PLEASEEEEEEEEEE resume your Sunday posts? They are my fav and I am so sad that you stopped. 😭 I am still listening to the podcast, but it’s not the same. Your insight was part of my post gameday traditions!
  2. But they don’t win against South Carolina. 😁😁😁 Sorry, I’m still over here in my feelings.
  3. I am still salty about GP - I guess because I despise Uga. I’ve had a couple of people tell me, “thanks for giving us GP!” I would love nothing more than for OP to lay him out in JHS. The way he played everyone, including our players, makes me so angry. Yes, I get that he was a teenager. A teen who looked miserable when he flipped. 🤬
  4. Best two 2019 recruits. 😂 but for real. Props to Gus and the staff for keeping them for their final year.
  5. Lifting y’all up! How old is James?
  6. Correct. but where is @passthebiscuits? I remember someone said he was ok (maybe having to limit posting due to work)? I’m missing their insight though. 😭
  7. Ditto! @JMRYou have the podcast too, right? If so, I’ve been listening each week this season. It calms me and stresses me out all at once. 😂
  8. What did you predict that I missed?
  9. I’m still a little salty today, but watching the replays of DB running brings a smile to my face. Every. Single. Time.
  10. Who is the coach that ran over to him? Love Worm standing up for himself.
  11. One of the funniest Auburn fan accounts to follow (90% of the time). The account is full of snark and calling out Bama and uga fans, mostly.
  12. Yes, I’m obsessed with this account! And Drunk Aubie most of the time.
  13. I love your posts so much! Worm has lots of much so, that Kam Martin made a play on Saturday and they put Worm’s graphic up instead on the Jumbotron. 😂😂😂
  14. Please tell me Gus hates Dan. Salty Gus is the best Gus.
  15. AidiAU


    I’m so glad you are back!!! I hate message boards for the sole reason when people go missing for a minute, you have no idea if they are ok. I’ll check with the people we tailgate with to see if they have extra. Glad you are alive. 😀
  16. And I loved it. Love a fiery Gus!
  17. Not me. I’ll take the underdog role.
  18. Haha. Thanks for sharing. #priorities
  19. First, so proud of our team. Happy for the win! I’m hoping Derrick Brown is just a “it’s too humid and I’m tired as heck” thing. He’s the only one I recall having an issue...Marlon came back. If anyone else disappeared during the game, please let me know.
  20. Reading that made me sick to my stomach. Praying for you and the family.
  21. Read Derrick has an upper body contusion and is day to day.
  22. Yes @autigeremt if something is wrong with him, please share our sentiments! Sad he is away, regardless. 😭