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  1. Fun fact: Do y'all know whose girlfriend this is? Kris Frost.
  2. Probably means they don't actually (personally) log into their accounts and read all of the comments on social media. I would assume there is a PR/marketing team in place that handles this for them and provides feedback as needed. So yes, they have an idea of what's being said, but they are not following it.
  3. This was my same thought. I have greatly appreciated him taking ownership. While not a total sunshine pumper, I am clinging onto hope that things will improve and change for the better THIS season. I want it so badly for our team and I want it for Gus. I don't want to be that team that changes our coaches every few years. And I have a fear that wherever he would go, that program would be successful. Meanwhile AU is over here just rebuilding. All in all, I am ready to see a different team on Saturday and will bring my whiskey to drown my sorrows. ? Ok. Start throwing your stones.
  4. You live in Oregon? I was just in Eugene (sun - tues) and traveled head to toe in my Auburn gear. I enjoyed walking through the airport amongst the duck fans. ? Beautiful weather in Eugene!!!
  5. Truth. I keep telling back at him through my tv.
  6. ? Like not good for AU or not good for Rice?
  7. I 100% agree - if all accusations against him are false. And if they were, I would be lawyering up and suing for defamation of character. While I genuinely hope he did not lay hands on her (sometimes women recant their statement out of fear), her actions (making up the incident) disgust me and are so disrespectful to actual victims.
  8. His dismissal (from what was explained to me) wasn't about this incident...more so about the "Columbus situation" (where I actually live, but heard the incident happened in a different location). And from that story, good riddance, which is saying a lot since he was one of my favorites. I'd be slow to blame AU/Gus for making the wrong decision, but of course, I could be wrong.
  9. Agreed. Davis has been one of my favorite recruits. Very excited to see what he will do.
  10. THIS. I was so embarrassed the other night when people were booing. It does nothing. It's classless, disrespectful and I imagine, gave the recruits and their family a wonderful impression of the fan base. I have never been at a game when the fans are booing their own team (that I can remember). No, the team doesn't think "oh they are just mad at Gus." Even if they did, I wouldn't want the team to start questioning their coach and have that become an issue that would cause the coaches to lose their team. I didn't boo when Tray got his foul, but I wanted to jump on that field and tack
  11. And thanks for posting my reading entertainment during my lunch hour!
  12. I didn't get to hear this press conference, but did watch the one post game...I can imagine that his emotions (not necessarily about being wrong,but losing the game, him feeling solely responsible, etc), came across as very defensive. He's had time to calm down, review the game and realize it's a new week and a new game plan is needed. I so badly want him to get it together (I think he will). I don't want to have a coaching carousel where I see him leaving, getting picked up as a head coach and being extremely successful while we start all over again. I want him successful here. Aside from the
  13. I have reached my "like" limits for the day as well. Mainly because I used all of them at 3 AM when I got home from the game.
  14. I do realize that the booing is expressing the discontent with the play calling, etc., but I can also say that people around me were booing players. It happened a few times. And yes, Jay listening is the great unknown...
  15. Thank you for the insight. I always appreciate your comments and am glad that you have faith. I too have faith (even though I almost lost my mind last night in the stadium), but am so proud of the team considering everyone thought it would be a blowout.
  16. I am probably JJ's biggest fan. I think it would have been a better season had we left him in and not freaked out and pulled him. However, if he can't get it together he doesn't need to play. I will say that WHENEVER our fans boo anyone from our team that they need their tickets revoked and to be booted from the stadium. It's embarrassing and looks horrible in front of recruits. Nothing infuriates me more than grown people booing student athletes. I was hoping JJ would get it together, but after last night's debacle...we need to stick with one and truck on.
  17. Goodness. Well, I didn't think his (Gus) pressed was as bad as some were making it out to be. I do think we will see an improved offense and am guessing it will be Sean with a bit of JF3 and hardly any JJ. KJ was a bright light last year and IMO continues to be. I liked his interview and am really proud that he plays for us.
  18. This is exactly what I have been envisioning this week. Would be fantastic if it turned into a reality! WDE. We will be heading to AU in a few hours and will be cheering from section 43. I hope the entire stadium is loud for all 4 quarters.
  19. Tiger Walk! Go see Toomers and take pictures at Samford (in front of the Auburn University sign). Get to the stadium early. It will be crowded and I suggest being in your seat 30 minutes to kick off. Be mindful of the new bag policy at the stadium - Google it. I suggest bringing cash as the likes for concession could be long, but do move fairly quickly. A few of my favorite places to eat in Auburn are Amsterdams and Acre, but there are so many places to choose from. There will be areas around campus to pay, park and walk. Or you can park in one of the lots that has a shuttle (Tiger transit) th
  20. I want to beat them because I am sick of everyone at work telling me how bad Auburn is going to be, on the daily. But like I told them, if we have another down year I will still be at every game because I love Auburn. I just really want a good season for our guys. Last year was hard for us fans, I imagine it was much worse for them. Eek - I have goosebumps! Hurry up Saturday!!!!
  21. You're stressing me out...it's only August. ? I was just saying how I freaking love Lawson, but hate that it changes/changed the defense so much when he's out. However. I am so excited to be on that stadium on Saturday night. Bring on Clemson! PS sorry that I contributed nothing of substance to this post.
  22. Sixth year of season tickets - at least until they redo the end zone and I can't afford them. DON'T FORGET, AU HAS A CLEAR BAG POLICY THIS YEAR. They've done a good job getting the word out to TUF members, but for everyone else, FYI.
  23. I may be the biggest cheerleader for JJ. Man, this breaks my heart. Prayers for his family.
  24. I for one am very happy to hear this. I love that AU truly tries to mold these players into "Auburn men." Football is important, but so are many other things that make a player well rounded.
  25. Good riddance indeed. Very glad Marshall is back.
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