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  1. Malzahn and Arkansas

    I edited my post. Article link there.
  2. Malzahn and Arkansas

    No. I will have to find it but BB buyout was around 5.9 mil
  3. Malzahn and Arkansas

    Did he?
  4. Auburn's next Head Coach

    The defensive staff doesn't really need to change. If they do decide to move on, I hope whoever is hired will keep the defensive staff as is and just replace the offensive pieces. If you go back and look at Chip's old offenses, they balled out. We need an actual WR coach and I still have not been impressed with our oline play. I would call out the TEs but we don't use them so I don't have feedback on Porter. With all of that being said, we took a gamble bringing Gus in and now we are talking about bringing in someone else who is really untested. I just have not seen anyone mentioned that IMO will win more than the 8 games a season we will now.
  5. Auburn's next Head Coach

    and who is that person?
  6. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Gus recruits well. Top 10 classes. Charlie strong coached Louisville to a top ten team and failed miserably at ut. There is no slam dunk out there. I'm all ears but I have not heard any name that makes me think we will win more than 8 or 9 games a season like we do now
  7. Auburn's next Head Coach

    Is there a reason no one has mentioned Dan Mullen? He has done magic with MOO St and doesn't have half of the recruiting because well its MSST.
  8. Auburn's next Head Coach

    As I said in the other post, I think this conversation won't matter because Jay wont be firing any Gus and then there will be a search for a new AD before a new coach could be hired. Mind as well let him finish the season and once he does that and we end up 9-4 or 10-3, people won't be saying the same thing. With that being said, would people be against Les Miles? he is still out there. If Gus were to get hit by a bus tomorrow and we had to hire someone, I would go after Dan Mullen first.. and I think he would keep our defensive staff in place.
  9. Why Gus will Absolutely be our Coach Next Season.

    This is 100% correct. Jacobs isn't going to let him go this year during the season. Lets say we do finish 9-3 and get a bowl win. thats 10-3 (9-4 most likely) and y'all will be saying the exact opposite of what you are saying now. I swear, some of y'all forget what the 2012 season was like. Thats bad. There were people a week ago praising Gus that are now doing the opposite. Its like buying a new car because your old one needed an oil change or new tires.
  10. Up 20-0, here's the play chart

    The team collapsed in the 2nd half. I will give you guys that but you can't put all of that on the coach. There were chances throughout that game for us to stop them and we didn't execute. 1. Thomas drops INT before half, next play TD. There was almost 2 min on the clock we could have easily turned that into points 2. Slayton had at least 3 drops in the second half that would have extended drives. (2nd, 4th, 5th) Throw in Sals drop as well there 3. Chark's TD return should have been called back from the block in the back on Stove I agree, the play calling in the 2nd half could have been better but it wasn't like we didn't have the chance, the team flat out didn't execute.
  11. Auburn's next Head Coach

  12. 2019 4* QB Bo Nix

    I think he continues to watch Chip work with Jarrett this year and commits early next year to the good guys. I think Chip will do a lot for us when it comes to QB crootin.
  13. 2018 4* DT Coynis Miller commits to AU!!!!

    When does he announce?
  14. Score Prediction- LSU (merged threads)

    Against teams that have had decent defenses, LSU hasn't been able to put up more than 20 points. Auburn 45 LSU - 14 WDE
  15. Score Prediction - Mississippi State

    Auburn 31 MSU 16