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  1. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill (UGa)

    Keith just said UGA read wrong. Said may.
  2. 2018 4* OG Trey Hill (UGa)

    He did the same post for us. What I have nto seen is anything for Gus's visit
  3. Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    I mean people are complaining about having to pay Gus. Let’s say we let him go. Who you going to get for less? Dan Mullin got 6 mil a year at Florida, Dabo makes 8. Jimbo got 7.5. So y’all are in favor of letting him go just so you can pay someone else what he is asking for...
  4. Kerryon Johnson updates

    I think that if we take three instead of the fumble down on the goal line we win.
  5. Stidham - Will he stay or will he go?

    I saw at least 4 last night in a blitz situation. It was covered.
  6. ***SECCG -- Auburn vs. Georgia -- Game Thread***

    Here come the thugs of uga. Cheap and dirty.
  7. ***SECCG -- Auburn vs. Georgia -- Game Thread***

    Uga being thugs again. Cheap late hits on the ground.
  8. I got 31 - AU 21 - uga
  9. Kerryon Johnson updates

    Hastings was wearing something different as well.. I don’t read too much into it. There was something released about Jake Pratt being on the field and talking to them all and KJ picked up his right arm with what looked like no pain. Moved around and stuff and he didn’t appear to be hurt.
  10. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    I just think that no coach wants to go deal with that AD that has shown he will fold to anything in hard times. they should fire him before they hire a new coach.
  11. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    I heard Brohm. If I was a coach tho, I wouldn't touch UT. There is no support from the administration and if the fans complain enough, Currie has showed he will just fold. IMO, UT lost any chance to be relevant in the next 4 years when they pulled the Schiano crap.
  12. 2018 4* WR Anthony Schwartz

    anyone know when he plans to commit?
  13. Is there a chance we lose Lindsey

    He wants to stay in the state so that really limits his possibilities.
  14. I think this one is closer but the good guys still pull it out. AU - 34 uga - 19