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  1. Does anyone else think Jared Harper is healthy? I don't think Jared has been healthy for weeks now.
  2. He has some work to do. When he is in, I see poor footwork and it causes him to get out of position. Energy level is high which is good but consistency is missing in his D game.
  3. just hard to watch.. still struggling with Harper's inconsistency... Maybe he needs to sit a few games and heal up... and if we played that game 100 times, only one would result in Ole Miss hitting 7 last second 3s
  4. Not going to pretend to know everything that happened but this sounds like a kid who was challenged that didn't want to overcome the obstacle. I think these kids being called a 5 star in high school screws with their heads and makes them think they have all the talent in the world and don't have to work for it. To me, it sounds like he didn't want to compete and win a starting job, he felt it should have been given to him..
  5. any grad transfer OL we are looking to bring in potentially?
  6. Well I think its safe to say that unless there are some schools in front of us that don't sign some of their commits, we will be outside of the top 10 this year.
  7. Love to have him on the saints offense. Brees will find him frequently.
  8. They said the same thing about tOSU Qb Troy Smith who won the heisman. Never cut it in the nfl
  9. Thought this was supposed to be about who replaces chip. Reading a bunch a player and coach bashing. Take that to the proper thread. Back to OC candidates
  10. Rule is pretty clear. Transferring is an option if you want to sit out another year. Doesn't make much sense. Hate that it happened to the kid but don't think transferring and giving up 2 years of eligibility is the answer.
  11. People need to let him choose his fate. Let him hire who he wants and if he fails, he fails. But handcuffing him and then telling him he failed is wrong.
  12. I just got on a plane with the Miss State QB Coach and he had dinner with Kelly Bryant last night. Gus told Kelly that he is taking back control and will call the plays.
  13. I bet he likes the outlook. Gus goes and the O looks great, he has an interview for another SEC HC gig.