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  1. We have to have a better option on the bench then JJ.
  2. I have never seen a basketball game where EVERY bounce went one teams way.. every tip, every long rebound, everything has gone Baylor’s way since the second half started
  3. We really need someone else who can handle the ball on the court. We need Justin back.. there is no way a double team should slow us down that much
  4. Huge miss by the refs there not calling that foul
  5. The bottom one with the old school Aubie is fire.
  6. Does this mean TWill has OLB if he stays on? Saw that someone named schmeddling or something has ILB
  7. Still have not seen the official announcement on Mason like we did on Bobo
  8. You wonder how much he was handcuffed by Muschamp at USC
  9. As a DC. We already have our HC. Guys can be damn good and one and not the other..
  10. This is going to sound bad but another plus to Mason is that because Vandy wasn't really competitive, I don't think he will be on anyone's radar for sometime to be a new HC so we probably get a good amount of time out of him.
  11. Guy from UT Knoxville is transfer.. real high 4 star. Ty Chandler
  12. Dude would being TRob back with him.. TRob and Muschamp and TWill... could be a dangerous recruiting team.. plus maybe he wouldn't have the drive to leave so fast.. might take 3 years to just be a DC and learn.
  13. Ohio Kids rarely leave Ohio. Clemson and Alabama have had some success. AU grabbed Prince Micharl Sammons from Ohio but not much luck.. If Ohio State calls, they come and now that UC is doing what it is, the ones that Ohio State doesn't pick up go to UC. MR. Ohio Evan Prater from 2 years ago was a 4 start I believe that is at UC now.
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