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  1. Do you feel better now?
  2. I hope his Greyshirt sparks and investigation and they find something.. a kid with that much talent greyshirting just shows someone is getting money or a car or something.. If he grayshirts, does he still sign or can we recruit the hell out of him still?
  3. On Auburntigers.com Truesdale is listed as OL.
  4. Do we have a live feed to tyler taylor.. As I said on his board, Keith hinted at a few surprises..
  5. is there a live link to his committment. Keith seems to hint that there are going to be 2 surprises today..
  6. Can't blame the kid. Clearly his education is a big thing for him. I am not saying Auburn isn't a great institution (I have an engineering degree from Auburn) but Stanford is in a different league. Wish him the best. Clearly has a good head on his shoulders.
  7. did UAT take away his escalade or something? Is he actually considering AU?
  8. Very good at high pointing the ball. Needs to work on blocking but looks like he has a mean streak about him. If chip uses him right... dangerous
  9. CBs to the good guys
  10. ANy word yet?
  11. For a guy that likes to go fast.. Gus sure has been slow with this one..
  12. There is no way you will ever convince me that from 2009 to now that the ACC has been this hardest conference. This year, maybe. just look at the national champion winners since 2007.. nothing else can be said on this.
  13. His record is better in a conference that struggled until FSU in 2013.. If you look at his wins, most of there are nothing to brag about yet Gus is in the hardest conference in college football..
  14. thats your opinion. We have been to two national championships with him on board. Just because he stumbled a little doesn't mean he is over his head. you can't build a wall all at once, you have to build it brick by brick which takes time and sometimes doesn't go the way you thought it would. I disagree he is in over his head. Oh and by the way, people said the same things about Dabo when he was in his 3rd and 4th year at Clemson..
  15. I saw a crystal ball to UNC yesterday so I don't know if anyone really knows what going on with him..