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  1. Not sure estes would have made that 2nd out in the 9th that luke did. hell of a play.
  2. He only threw 40 pitches guys. it was practically a bullpen day for him. If we make it around to sunday, I wouldn't be surprised to see keegan on the mound.
  3. Plan to use Mitchell and Anderson out of the bullpen? Mitchell started at LSU. I wouldn't be surprised if Watson got the start. If he can get through the line up in 2 he will probably be done and I imagine we would see klobo, lipscomb, and Coker if we are in the game, if not we might see someone come in to pitch out the remaining innings to spare arms for tomorrow.
  4. Here is the thing. I don't think they will do a one for one trade. Part of the beauty of the Iron bowl is that it is played one time a year. If Auburn were to go to the east, UAT stays in the west, they become our every year. How many times over the last 6 years do you think we play UAT in the Iron bowl and then turn around and play them again in the SEC championship? I bet that number is pretty high because the east has been down. Thats why I said I think the only way this happens is if there is an expansion to include 2 more teams. I could see a realignment where both UAT and Aub go to the east as a possibility but don't think it is likely. The Iron Bowl brings in too much to take the chance that it could be played twice a year.
  5. This! You can't tell exactly what a kid is going to be willing to do when he gets here. Most of these kids walk all over their competition in high school so they don't have to work for it. Part of me thinks this is exactly what happened to Jeremy Johnson. Big kid, big arm, but he wasn't tested in high school. When he came here, he planned on being the back up and never worked for it and by the time we needed him to start, he wasn't ready for the speed.
  6. IMO the only way this will happen is if we expand to include oklahoma and oklahoma state. if that happens we will realign and I bet MSST, UAT, and AU will move to the East. That would cause Mizz and both of the Oklahoma schools to go to the West. We would also have to require an extra conference game each year like the other conferences.
  7. I keep seeing a RPI of somewhere in the 36-38 range. Would there be anything that could get us back in the hosting conversation? LSU has a top 20 RPI so sweeping them would help but Ole Miss is in the same boat, mid 30's. Couldn't believe that we gave up 3 HRs to that same kid this weekend. Estes couldn't have hit those breaking balls at the end of this game. makes me wonder why we didn't try to let me bunt at the end of the game to push runners. Even Gabe knew they were not going to throw him a fast ball.
  8. Just add their college salaries to it too and they will blow everyone way out of the water.
  9. Thanks for the info. I was watching the game yesterday and I thought I heard Gabe say that but they also screwed up the score a few times and the rankings in the west so I guess I should have not trusted it. Regardless, 3 at MSST and 3 at LSU with UAT in the middle at home will be a tough stretch. Those are some hard parks to play in.
  10. That stadium will be packed. its not super bulldog weekend crowd but it will be loud. If we can just win the series it will be HUGE. I also thought I ready that if we win 8 of our last 12 (doesn't matter which) we will host a regional.
  11. Do you feel better now?
  12. I hope his Greyshirt sparks and investigation and they find something.. a kid with that much talent greyshirting just shows someone is getting money or a car or something.. If he grayshirts, does he still sign or can we recruit the hell out of him still?
  13. On Auburntigers.com Truesdale is listed as OL.
  14. Do we have a live feed to tyler taylor.. As I said on his board, Keith hinted at a few surprises..
  15. is there a live link to his committment. Keith seems to hint that there are going to be 2 surprises today..