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  1. Any word on Tanks availability for this week?
  2. Keep winning games and those guys might rethink... 17-18 year olds change their minds all the time. We run the table and I bet one of them comes back.
  3. Again, Everyone here hates Gus's 7 year deal... better be prepared to offer that to get Fickell to come and three years into it, people will be complaining if he doesn't beat Uga and Uat every year..
  4. I live in Cincy and Luke Fickell isn't going anywhere but I would love to see it. I have seen Luke a couple of times in person here and every time he talks about how much he and his family want to stay here. If he were to leave, it would have to be a very long term contract and worth his while. I think most here would be afraid to jump into another long term relationship.
  5. Say what you want but that game just showed our Dline is soft. War Eagle. I’m on the bus.. I think y’all need to strap in. Gus is the coach until 2022 at a minimum
  6. They need to run drills to make Bo stay in the pocket in practice... he is shrinking the field too much and running to the side of the field where there is only 1 receiver. And he just looks off
  7. Receivers look a little off. Should have ended in 7 and not a big fan of the first play.
  8. I would take Tom Herman if Texas moves on from him.
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