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  1. I saw a video of him where he put on a bunch of Bama stuff.. he is gone.
  2. that was a horrible idea. why would you even put that in someone's head.
  3. When we win tonight, will he be done or will he coach the supers?
  4. Players don't like frequent visits either. I have no problem with how often he goes to the mound. I think at the end of games he just isn't quick enough to go pull a pitcher. In some cases it works but I feel it doesn't work just as often. maybe he is concerned about the arms coming out of the bullpen but you have to think that had he gone for coker or mitchell after the walk, we would be talking about the possibility of hosting a super today and not who is going to take the mound.
  5. Think Watson will take the mound for us?
  6. I just read somewhere that UAT expects to introduce Coach Bohannon today.. I thought I heard he was going to coach through the regional. Not the case?
  7. We waxed them yesterday except for one inning.
  8. We have a top 15 class with 9 pitchers including Tom Glavin's Boy. Still have to wait to see who will be drafted and who stays with college ball. https://www.perfectgame.org/rankings/Recruiting/CollegeCommits.aspx?ID=1566&g=2017
  9. I have said this before on other games but Butch has got to be a little faster to go get a pitcher at the end of a game. Cole pitched a hell of a game yesterday. He also threw around 90 pitches before he walked out there for the 9th inning. I like the call letting Cole go back out there but the conversation should have been "I'm going to let you try to finish this, but if one guy gets on, I'm coming to get you". On a side note. We kicked FSU up and down the field all day yesterday. If not for one inning, we come home and get ready for Supers. I don't see pitching being an issue today and it will be a committee approach. I wouldn't be surprised to see Anderson, Watson, Klobo, Coker, and maybe another thrown in there. Each guy through the line up once. I don't see FSU being able to put anyone out there we won't hit.
  10. I know he has been all year but if he comes back out and does that again tomorrow, Butch is going to have to get creative.
  11. I know that we had a 5 run lead but Lipscomb don't have it today.. I hope he can shake the rust off for later this weekend. He can't pitch like that and keep pitching this post season. He is going to be riding the bench.
  12. UAT expects him to hit the recruiting trail.. They want him to get started as soon as possible.
  13. Thanks.
  14. Line up posted. Davis gets the start. Why is Estes starting instead of Jarvis? Did Jarvis tweek the back again?