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  1. thrustmaxwell

    AU President

  2. thrustmaxwell

    AU President

    The natives appear to be getting restless re: President Leath and this massive contract he and the BOT are responsible for. It sounds like if Gus doesn't win out, or at least field a squad that doesn't look like a complete embarrassment week in and week out, he's going to be feeling a lot of heat. His handling of the BRUCE situation was inexcusable and this might be the last straw to a short career at AU. All of this has me believing there is a changing of the guard in the power structure. Hopefully we'll see changes on the BOT in the coming years. It should be eye-opening that Tim Cook will be on Duke's BOT and yet there's never really even been public discussion of him joining AU's.
  3. thrustmaxwell

    The ultimate defender

    I was mainly referring to the litany of HS QBs that he's recruited. Narshall was incredible but Gus had little to do with that, if anything. I'll give you him though if you like, but that makes him like 1 out of 12 or so. Sean White should not have been evaluated as the guy for Gus offense. He was tough as nails but had CUSA talent. I love him for the beatings he took for my enjoyment but he was not a feather in the cap for AU recruitment. Talent/want-to evaluation, pretty much across the board on offense, has been staggeringly bad under Gus. I get that there's a kinship among HS coaches, but Gus makes too much money and has too much responsibility to let that cloud your judgement.
  4. thrustmaxwell

    The ultimate defender

    I get that it's tough to project QBs, but it seems like Gus is worse than most at it. His QBs have a consistent lack of football IQ, quick decision making, and intestinal fortitude. What are other coaches doing to weed out these traits while Gus seems to be attracted to them?
  5. thrustmaxwell

    The ultimate defender

    So it's an evaluation and/or development issue at QB.
  6. thrustmaxwell

    The ultimate defender

    It's always disheartening to see Willis come in just to hand the ball off. The kid averaged nearly 14 yards per touch last season, it seems like there'd be a way to get him looking better than what we've seen so far.
  7. thrustmaxwell

    Are You Still Glad We Beat LSU in 2016?

    No, Jacobs did not want to admit he was wrong about 2 straight head football coaches. As I remember it though, there were a lot of money people who basically put up an ultimatum around that game. It would've been the right time financially for them to cut bait.
  8. thrustmaxwell

    Are You Still Glad We Beat LSU in 2016?

    Not really. I was hoping to hear from some who were honestly happy that AU won that day. It was the vast majority of our fanbase, so I'm not sure why more folks won't discuss.
  9. thrustmaxwell

    AU President

    There's that for sure, but he battled the same AD to fire the only good thing the Auburn Athletic Department has going for it that matters. I'm not certain he's awful, but he's to be watched with both eyes open. The same folks who let this comedy of errors unfold put the man in charge.
  10. thrustmaxwell

    AU President

    Absolutely. It was a best case scenario. When I woke up to find out Auburn didn't let Arkansas pay us handsomely to take Gus off our hands this was my reaction:
  11. thrustmaxwell

    Who would you want to replace Malzahn (merged threads)

    Are we doing this now? Last week I had several threads deleted on the topic so I wasn't sure if it was ok to be right now or not? Anyway, I hope this get's to stay: *** 10/13/2018 Update *** Jeff Brohm Purdue wins 41-7 over Illinois. This is Purdue's 3rd straight win, bringing their record to 3-3 after starting off 0-3 by a combined 8 points. Mark Stoops Bye Week. Kentucky sits @ 5-1/3-1 and controls it's own destiny. I just remembered Eddie Gran was OC and recruiting/evaluating talent at UK. No wonder they're out-rushing AU by 2.1ypc. Bill Clark UAB beat's the Temple Owls 42-0 to bring their record to 5-1 and 1st place in the CUSA West.
  12. thrustmaxwell

    Are You Still Glad We Beat LSU in 2016?

    And the most expensive in the history of college football, I am assuming. It was truly mesmerizing to watch unfold. My soul was crushed.
  13. thrustmaxwell

    Are You Still Glad We Beat LSU in 2016?

    We are still discussing the validity of voting rights and driver's licenses for those who took this long to figure things out. We will get back with you ASAP. Thank you, MGMT
  14. I'm still figuring things out around here, so I don't know how to make a pole. A simple Yes/No response will suffice. TIA and WDE!