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  1. If you truly believe that averaging 8-5 and consistently fielding poor defenses with a lack of pass rushers for the majority of his career is doing "one helluva job" then guy sadly represent what is wrong with Auburn Culture.
  2. How close were Cristobal and Pruitt? I am not sure if Oregon will have the hosses on defense to stop the run, but I have no doubt they will have the gameplan. since that's not really all that hard to do against a Gus offense these days. PS, why wouldn't they chose ND/UL over an Auburn game? Doesn't make that much sense from an audience/advertising $$$ perspective.
  3. No offense meant at all, but do you mind breaking down how next year's OL, RB, and QB positions are "heading in the right direction"?
  4. Well, A) he does not have a qulity DL coach in charge. He has a fairly solid DT coach who has done almost nothing to develop solid pass rushing DEs. and B: Gus is the HC and is responsible for the evaluating, recruiting, and developing of all players on the team. War Eagle Anyway!
  5. I am not sure how to state it any simpler. Ask a buddy to explain, maybe?
  6. Gus doesn't recruit/develop elite pass rushers.
  7. It makes me question the level of education they are receiving.
  8. I don't think Davidson is strong enough a DT to make the transition right now, but teams will bet on his upside. Does Canella have eligibility to transfer?
  9. Heh. This is how the cycle continues. War Eagle Anyway!
  10. Nah brugh, this didn't just happen. You shoulda poured that 40 the day Jeff Grimes' recruits cycled out. @L I G E R
  11. Better Thread Title: LULZWTF?? Where's this s*** been all year? I mean, we played a few defenses worse than Purdue's after all. @L I G E R
  12. Heh, at this point of the Gus Malzahn error I'm not gonna waste the bandwidth for a gif.
  13. Cognitive dissonance you mean? It's unhealthy and leads to worse mental illness. If real is rainbows and unicorns I'll point it out, if it's not I will call it whatever it is.
  14. Yes, I'm extremely angry Gus ruined NCM and other other players career he has ruined by lack of development and misuse. You sound like you're happy with mediocrity, unfortunately for me I am not.