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  1. Auburn University and the University of Alabama found themselves on opposite sides of history this week. Football is great, but this week showed why AU is greater than UA no matter how many football titles it has. http://gridironnow.com/race-puts-auburn-alabama-spotlight-different-reasons/
  2. Having the opportunity to tour athletic departments and meet athletic directors from all over the country the past 7 or 8 years has given me a good understanding of what it takes to be successful in that seat. As an Auburn graduate, here are the candidates I hope Auburn reaches out to when looking for Jay Jacobs' replacement. http://gridironnow.com/no-shortage-great-candidates-lead-auburn-athletic-department/
  3. When the dopiest coach in the SEC out-schemes Gus and is brazen enough to tell the media about it after the game, you've got a problem. We have a problem. Read this: http://gridironnow.com/did-certain-formation-doom-gus-malzahn-auburn-loss/
  4. Auburn has scored 15 second half points - combined - in its last 6 losses. Need I say more? I did anyway: http://gridironnow.com/gus-malzahns-offense-disappears-resulting-auburn-loss/
  5. Been a LONG time since Auburn played in this game; I don't think any Tiger fan would be complaining about the trip. http://gridironnow.com/college-football-playoff-bowl-projections-week-6/
  6. Kerryon Johnson is on pace to set a new single season SEC per-game scoring average... and outscore almost all Auburn men's basketball players in the past 25 years. Details: http://gridironnow.com/kerryon-johnson-scoring-points-auburn-like-basketball-player/
  7. Tom Luginbill thinks the absence of Kerryon Johnson is the reason why Auburn's offense ground to a halt Saturday. In all the commenting on this issue, Johnson being out is not something I've heard mention, but he makes a good point. More: http://gridironnow.com/kerryon-johnsons-absence-detrimental-auburn-offense-realized/
  8. Booger McFarland joined Cole Cubelic's radio show to discuss Auburn offense. He identified a lot of problems - haven't we all - but was short on concrete solutions. More details of what he said here: http://gridironnow.com/booger-mcfarland-regardless-runs-auburns-offense-aint-working/
  9. Antwuan Jackson has finally chosen where he'll continue his football career after leaving AU and a stop in JUCO. http://gridironnow.com/former-auburn-defensive-tackle-antwuan-jackson-commits-ohio-state/
  10. I don't think the offense needs to be "fixed" to beat Mercer, Arkansas, Ole Miss, etc. The probelm, obviously, is the good teams. What about Malzahn's track record has shown you he can dramatically increase the productivity of his offense in-season? Gus and Lindsey had all off-season - 9 months - with Stidham to "fix" the offense. If they couldn't do it in 9 months, they won't be able to do it in 9 weeks.
  11. I, for one, am not calling for Gus Malzahn's firing. I don't need need to, the data shows it's obvious Auburn needs to start preparing for a future without him. In Auburn's last 15 games, the Tigers have scored fewer than 20 points 7 times. What more needs to be said? Here's my full GridironNow.com column from this morning. http://gridironnow.com/offensive-genius-gus-malzahn-adds-another-dud-growing-list/
  12. More details on the game here: http://gridironnow.com/cam-newton-brother-leads-howard-biggest-point-spread-upset-college-football-history/ Hard to believe Cam's brother is 5-foot-11. 45 point dogs - wow.
  13. If you're jonesing for new Auburn football info eagerly awaiting Saturday's season-opener, here's a look from my GridironNow.com colleague Ryan Green - our recruiting analyst - at Auburn's Top 5 remaining targets for the Class of 2018. http://gridironnow.com/recruiting-watch-5-top-auburn-targets-2018/
  14. My GridironNow.com colleague Duane Rankin, who is also a columnist at the Montgomery Advertiser, predicted every Auburn game this season, with a final score. He has the Tigers beating Alabama AND Georgia, but still losing two games. Take a look. http://gridironnow.com/game-predictions-auburn-2017/
  15. My GridironNow.com colleague Jimmy Hyams has released his annual "SEC coaches comment anonymously on each other" column and - how about this - the viewpoints shared on Gus Malzahn and AU are mostly favorable. Here's a sample: "I think Auburn has the best defensive line in the country (despite losing Carl Lawson and Montravius Adams to the NFL)," one coach said. "They have nine NFL players on their d-line. The linebackers are average, the secondary is good. They have four to five very talented corners, and the two safeties are back. The defense is one of the better ones in the country."
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