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  1. I will not name my sources on this. Bryan Harsin hired one of the best in the business with Will Friend. Although, Will is an ace recruiter, his sales pitch right now has him looking very two-faced with recruits and their parents and has really turned most of them off for this recruiting cycle. He targeted almost the same players he was going for at UT. As a result, most high school lineman and their families do not trust Coach Friend. He is expected to be very dominant on the recruiting trail for the 2023 class but we are unfortunately going to suffer on this one.
  2. I have absolutely no idea why we havent had one single o-line commitment. None. Will Friend spent the last three years at UT getting o-linemen to that program. He was at UGA. He knows the territory. How he hasnt already got at least two to commit at this point is beyond me. I know will we had Gus there was a lot of negative recruiting about how you will have no chance at the NFL but Gus is gone. How is it October with zero O-line commits. I want a beat writer to ask Harsin this.
  3. I really wonder what would have been Bo's ceiling if he went somewhere that can develop QBs. What was Patrick Nix thinking allowing his son to play under Malzahn? Bobo, is shaping up to be a problem. Look back at his UGA days. Chubb and Gurley in the backfield and throwing fades on fifth and goal. Eight years of Gus wasn't going to be undone in a few months. WTH is going on with coach Mason? I believe Coach Harsin is the right man for the job but it takes five years to build a program and thats what we need to give him.
  4. I hope this doesn't get me banned but THE FUTURE IS BRIGHT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. IMO there are two thought processes on NIx. 1. He was over hyped 2. Gus not only doesn't know how to develop QBs but he makes them worse. Personally, I am with the second group, but I have friends that are in group one. We have all scene flashes of greatness from Nix. Which is probably why it has been so frustrating.
  6. I think we all know from past experience that Malzahns first year at UCF will not be the norm. Wow, stunning come back win and all these new firsts. AAC will adjust and Gus will fall apart sooner rather than later.
  7. I'm 100% on board with Bryan Harsin. I love the hire and still cannot believe we hired him. The media has always loved to hate on Auburn and at this point are really reaching to try and find something negative on Harsin. To hell with the haters. War Damn Eagle coach Harsin.. GIVE'EM HELL!!!!!!!
  8. Derek Masons defense is exceptionally nasty. With it, Auburn gets some ugly wins enroute to a 10-2 season
  9. So I dont know. Im going off of what Duke said as well. I can only say what Dabo/Saban/Smart sell vs Malzahn. I assume Harsin is selling his winning percentage and Auburn having played for two NAttys winning one in the last 20 years. I assume.
  10. I really have no idea what point you are trying to make. Are you a 4th grader trying to make an argument? Yes winning championships is a lot of fun. Probably more fun and exciting than having fun enroute to an 8-5 season. My point is the top programs in college football are not pitching the concept of you are coming to their programs to have fun . They are being recruited to win championships and go pro. Gus wasnt winning championships. So he sold recruits on having fun.
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