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  1. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    Look me up on MySpace
  2. Arkansas Game Report Card

    Great post Stat. Now, can Gus keep that up fr the remainder of the schedule?
  3. Malzahn and Arkansas

    But beilema is supposedly looking to leave he SEC o his own. So no buyout for Arkansas
  4. Sportscall

    I would rather have another year of Gus than another day of Jacobs. Honestly Gus will take care of himself. He gets in his own way and finds a way to lose. Jacobs is doing exactly what I suspected he would, trying to convince anyone that will listen to him that he is still the guy to lead Auburn athletics.
  5. Malzahn and Arkansas

    Please let this happen.
  6. New Gus Theory

    Although never stated publicly, Muschamp has said that hiring Charlie Weis was his first and biggest mistake at Florida. It put him in a hole he wasn't able to get out of.
  7. Why Gus will Absolutely be our Coach Next Season.

    I believe that. The more incompetent someone is the less likely they are to realize their own incompetence
  8. realistic expectations

    The Gys should get an above average coaches salary
  9. Where is lionheartkc?

    Yeah, if anyone here knows him an update would be greatly appreciated.
  10. New Gus Theory

    I will propose it again. Is Gus a narcissist?
  11. "This game will likely cost us our jobs"

    Chizik lost his players confidence, Gus lost his coaches confidence
  12. Auburn coaches distraught

    (Chris Landry is a veteran NFL scout who has worked for the Cleveland Browns and the Houston Oilers/Tennessee Titans. Previously, he ran the NFL Scouting Combine in Indianapolis and served as an assistant coach at LSU. Landry is a consultant for multiple NFL teams and major college programs.) Auburn’s loss was a gut-punch for Tiger fans. The coaches felt worse. “That coaching staff was distraught,” Landry said during his weekly podcast after having talked to Auburn assistant coaches both during the week prior to Auburn’s trip to LSU as well as the Sunday morning after the game. “You’ve got the defensive coaches who felt like they had a great game plan, you’ve got the offensive staff who were frustrated about how things were done. “What I can tell you, without pointing a finger – because I don’t like that, I think you win and lose as a staff – there’s no doubt that the run element and the vertical (passing) game, that’s Gus (Malzahn)… I think there’s plenty of blame to go around, but I think this is on Gus.” Let’s rewind. If you recall, Auburn raced out to a 20-0 lead. What happened? “What did LSU’s defense do at half-time? Two things: they employed more run blitzes, but the most important thing, obviously, they moved the safety into the box,” Landry explains. Landry expected Auburn to change its offensive focus to make the home-standing Tigers pay for their adjustments, but Auburn never did. “I made the safe assumption that Auburn was now going to attack the middle of the field,” Landry said. “The middle of the field was displaced as LSU was having to overplay the run. So now Auburn’s got LSU where they want them. They got ‘em on the run… so Auburn’s going to attack the middle of the field. “Well, no, they didn’t. Inexplicably, Auburn continued to run the football. With a 20 point lead there were 17 consecutive runs on first down by Auburn.” After watching the coach’s tape, Landry says there was ample spacing to complete intermediate passing routes. “The biggest flaw for auburn’s offense was not, not getting away running the football, you’ve got to run the football…the biggest flaw Auburn had offensively was the vertical throws,” Landry said. “That was beyond an inane strategy. First of all, it’s a low percentage play. Second of all, it’s a lower percentage play against LSU’s corners. To attack their corners, man-to-man in 50-50 balls, they’re going to win them. “What you’ve got to be able to do Auburn is work the intermediate routes. You’ve got to be able to make them adjust horizontally in coverage, that takes guys out of the box, that allows you to run the football more and then you’ve got them adjusting to you and you’re dictating to them.” The mood on the coaching staff following the game was beyond grim, bordering on grave. “One of the Auburn assistants told me, ‘this game is likely going to cost us our job, we totally collapsed,’” Landry said. To hear Chris Landry’s full explanation of the the mistakes Auburn’s coaching staff made against LSU, as well as his thoughts on the struggles at Tennessee and Florida, listen to his full podcast embedded below.
  13. Fire Gus Petition-Please sign

    can I sign it more than once?
  14. Anyone talk to Gus

    Well the title of this post was "Does anyone talk to Gus" and based on who I know and who talks to who, Gus doesn't talk to anybody. From what I understand Ted Roof is one of the coolest guys you could ever come across. But no one i knew ever saw Gus in the neighborhood, much less talked to him. Hell, I drove by Chiziks house several times and saw him washing his truck. I saw Leofler out jogging. Never saw Gus
  15. Full Throtttle Offense

    This is Gus. He can't stand someone else getting the credit for the offense so at some point he re-injects himself back into the play calling.