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  1. ToomersStreet

    Upon Further Review -Tennessee Game

    I really feel everyone is forgetting that. Which also leads to more questions. How? HOW in year six of Gus Malzahns tenure do we only have one viable QB? I would also like to bring back up the "What happened to Jeremy Johnson?" issue. Did Jeremy have "mental issues?" or was it poor coaching. Nick Marshal did not improve his second season. Stidham has regressed. Also, MALIK CANNOT HIT THE BROAD SIDE OF A BARN WITH A FOOTBALL. SANDBERG IS A POCKET PASSER! AGAIN O-LINE WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PROTECT HIM. JOEY GATEWOOD" SEE WILLIS COMMENT!!!!
  2. ToomersStreet

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    For him the buyout must have been worth the stress his family had to endure.
  3. ToomersStreet

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    This situation reminds me of Kevin Sumlin at A&M. He and his family were miserable.
  4. ToomersStreet

    Who would you want to replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

    Considering the situation, I think Clark is doing an outstanding job at UAB.
  5. ToomersStreet

    Who would you want to replace Malzahn (merged threads again)

  6. ToomersStreet

    It’s no longer about x’s and o’s

    his season is done Sit back and wait to see what happens after the SEC Championship game.
  7. ToomersStreet

    Now what?

    Apparently you are not paynig attention. Gus says any week now we will turn the corner.
  8. ToomersStreet

    POST GAME THREAD: AU 24 Tennessee 30 (merged threads)

    Reality, if the money people want Gus gone they will come upwith the money. Real question is who do we hire? I say John Grass
  9. ToomersStreet

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    Gus Gus he's our man if he can't do it no one can.
  10. ToomersStreet

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

  11. ToomersStreet

    Enough Negativity (merged threads)

    It's called nepotism.
  12. ToomersStreet

    A way forward

    He recruited Jeremy Johnson, John Frankln, Tyler Queen, Woody Barrett, White and Jarrett. All guys that didn't work out or dont fit the system. Reason why he shouldn't run his offense. He doesn'trecruitthe right players for his own system. And this years is 100% his players. So why are we struggling? A year ago Gus said the next 3-4 for years are going to be Auburns best. End of last season he said "the foundtion has been laid."
  13. ToomersStreet

    A way forward

    Gus is our coach love it or hate it. I do not see Gus being terminated before 2021. Gus's offense has been an issue since Nick Marshal left after 2014 for one reason or another and is primarily responsibly for Auburn losing an average of five games a year since 2014. Despite the offense Gus has done well representing Auburn. He doesn't make stupid public statements(not talking about statements he makes about his team). He has run a clean program. We do not have serious off the field issues. He recruits well. Lastly he has put together a solid defensive staff. The one glaring issue is his constant involvement and micromanaging of the offense. The powers at Auburn, starting with the AD need to find a way to to gain leverage against Gus and pry the offense away from him. Find an OC that Gus does not have ties to, and assistants that Gus has not worked with. I get this sounds crazy but what we are watching on Saturdays is also crazy. UGA went through this with Mark Richt but were able to get him to give up offensive play calling after six years. Greene or someone needs to find a way to do this with Gus. Bring in Al Borges or another proven OC who is proven and will stand there ground with Gus. If not then this will continue until Auburn can afford the buyout.
  14. ToomersStreet

    Gus Just Doesn't Hate to Lose

    I'm going to split hairs and say that it's not that us hates to lose, but he wants to be right about his offense more than he wants to win.
  15. ToomersStreet

    Article on Gus’ buyout

    The reality is there is truth in this statement. Who here is aware that Muschamp and Fisher co-own a beach-house together in the Panhandle? Many coaches Pro and college have homes in Florida (particularly Destin, where for DC of the Stealers Woody Widenhofer resides) or Lake Lanier, Ga. These locations are where many coaches keep second homes the move too in between jobs due to the instability of their profession. Many coaches thought we did Tubs wrong. No coaches felt Chizik was wronged at all. Guys like Richt still do not understand why Chiz has a Natty and he doesn't. Point being coaches know that they may only be somewhere for 3-5 years as assistants 5-8 as a HC before either being fired or taking a new gig.