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  1. Admitted.
  2. I am willing to believe your first two points. However, my faith in Gus started to go in 2015. Gus really hyped up both Jeremy and Roc Thomas and miss read both those guys(or just didn't properly coach Jeremy). He talked about how much the D had improved in the off season and it hadn't. Yes, it did improve throughout the season but Gus said it had come along way in the off season and it hadn't. Bottom line Gus had multiple misreads leading into the 2015 season that I wont overlook. Last year Gus said the next four to five years are about to be Auburns best then goes 8-5. DO NOT SAY but we finished second and went to the Sugar Bowl. We backed into second and the Sugar Bowl. 8-5 is still 8-5. We didn't get to the conference title game. We were whipped by Oklahoma. we started 1-2 finished 8-5. GUS NEEDS TO STEP IT UP!
  3. But but but Gus will get it eventually............................................
  4. Such wise words. @augolf1716 is like Buddha.
  5. I hope everyone picks apart my response. I am very apprehensive about evryone saying Gus is making the right steps. 1. I had heard that when Gus could not find anyone to replace Muschamp because no one wanted to come to work for a guy that was on the hot seat Jacobs went out and hired Steele to come work for Auburn. I will point out that Jacobs did hire Roof, Malzahn, Trooper and Looper to coach for Chizik. 2. I have no proof for this but I am assuming that Gus lifting his qb coaching ban was something he was ordered to do by Jacobs. 3. Rhett did not choose to go to UConn. Jacobs pressed Gus at the end of '15 to part ways with Rhett and Gus refused. Last season the money guys were very serious about booting Gus if he didn't part ways with Rhett so it finally happened. Lindsey might be a great OC BUT that was a change that Gus was forced to make. Maybe all these changes are for the best. And yes, everything is lining up for a great season, but these "right change" Gus has made, Gus didn't make. They were forced upon him, which means Gus isn't learning. Or maybe he will learn after the fact. I dont know.
  6. Forgiven
  7. I hate you
  8. Where is the laundry video?
  9. Gus will still go 8-5.
  10. Here we go with the " I'd rather have a coach that goes 8-5 and says War Eagle and No Doubt than a guy that consistently wins 10+ games a year any day" defense. I am sick and tired of all the Gus defending. Seriously he could go 8-5 this year and the same people on this board will make excuses for him and Jacobs.
  11. You and I both know most of them didn't finish high school.
  12. West Virginia or Virginia Tech. I would like to watch either of those schools build a rivalry with UT and UK
  13. If Dye says it, it needs some serious consideration. Because of Dye, the Iron Bowl comes to Jordan Hare, and ended Bamas' stranglehold on the game. He established the Georgia, Florida recruiting strategy (which by the way if we recruit heavily from the Eastern territory doesn't it make since to play there?) since most children in our state are brainwashed Bama disciples by age 8. Dye won a lot football games, we have had three coaches go undefeated since him, one win a NC and another play for one, but more than likely in 20 years, Dye will still be our most legendary coach. He doesn't say things to hear himself talk. He isn't always right, but most of the time, especially when it matters, he is.
  14. People forget that Bama almost got Rich Rodrigez instead of Saban. Part of it is timing. You get rid of your coach at the same time a proven coach is looking to take the next step. Saban and his wife wanted to go back to the college ranks at the same time Bama was looking for a coach. If Bama fired Shula a year early Saban might have ended up at FSU or Michigan. You never know. Kirby Smart is young, cocky, inexperienced, and has a since of entitlement. Just like Muschamp. Anything less than an SEC or SEC caliber (Clemson) job was beneath him. Like @lionheartkc said, he is learning 1. he is not Saban, 2. UGA has not had our level of success much less Bama's so it is harder to sell winning a NC and 3. His bowl haircut is not as cool as he thought.