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  1. Mark my word due to the o-line not being as improved as everyone somehow thinks it is we finish 6-6 and fire Gus who ends up at UTEP Mark my word Dino Babers will be our new coach Mark my word UGA beats Bama in the SEC championship game. Mark my word Bama UGA Clemson Oklahoma make the playoff forcing the NCAA to set a timetable for an eight team playoff Mark my work Gus will blame every loss on lack of execution Mark my word Georgia Tech will finish last in their division Mark my word I will yet again have to explain to Scarlett Johansson that I just am not interested
  2. And Gus Malzahn is just kind of a non developer of quarter backs. Both guys could burn out this season and Gus would say "They just need to execute better."
  3. Last years o-line situation was reminiscent of 2015 QB situation. By the time Gus realized he didn't have a viable option at QB mid season he panicked and signed the only JUCO QB available JF3. The following year he signed Malik. After MSO last year he realized just how much he had neglected o-line recruiting and tried to flip players starting mid season or just started trying to recruit from scratch and build relationships with high school players two months before early signing period. Now Gus has two o-linemen I am pretty impressed with and another two than seem promising along with two JUCO transfers. But this is now a re-occurring issue with Gus, he has to have a mid season crises and be firmly on the hot seat and fighting off a potential disaster realizing that he didn't properly recruit and has to try and play catch up.
  4. In case Nix gets the job and Gatewood transfers then Cord will be ready as a back up.
  5. I really believe everyone is not understanding this. First off, just because Gus Malzahn says the o-line is going to be a team strength, in absolutely no way means it will. I am not going to list everytime Gus has said a unit or player has "improved" or is going to be a team "strength" instead I will let someone just start an argument with me and prove them wrong with facts. Out of the seven SEC West teams last season I would say our o-line was about fifth. So im proved could still be good enough for fifth this season. Or fourth. I do believe the o-line has improved. I honestly do, but improved enough to take on Alabama, MSU, LSU, UGA, UF even a young aTm front seven? Ha. Even assuming our starting o-line is ready to compete against those front seven's, how good is our depth? Not sayin, just sayin!
  6. So I can only speak for the Jeremy Johnson era,but this was all he said he was taught how to do. Which leads me to believe this is all Dillingham is allowed to teach. Which leads me to believe this is why Gus hired Dillingham in the first place, he will do exactly as he is told. Which also leads me to believe that is why Carnell Williams was hired. Which leads me to believe the offense will be predictable an show lack of player developent. Which Leads me to believe that there was a second gunman on the grassy knoll. Which leads me to believe that LBJ had Kennedy assassinated so he could become President and lead us to war in Vietnam. Which leads me....wait what just happened?
  7. All I can tell you was what Kenny Dillingham said about Spring Practice: “The biggest thing for me was getting their drops down. Being consistent with their drops,” he said. “I mean, when you play quarterback, you can’t be worried about what type of drop you’re going to take, or how you’re going to take the drop. It’s got to be natural to the play. So I think that was the biggest thing for us, was the fundamentals of—it sounds so beginner, but we didn’t do many drills. We lined up and we took drops all spring. Drops, drops, drops. You’re going to look at it and say, ‘Man, y’all didn’t get better.’ But football, it’s a pretty simple game when you break it down, and that’s where everything starts, is at the feet of the quarterback. So we really focused on the base of our quarterbacks and making sure they’re driving off their foot and making sure they’re having a base in their drops.” So ball security? IDK, but we have our drops down.
  8. No one on this board is rooting for us to loose. But we are tired of mediocrity. A lot are hoping JG is the silver bullet. Personally I think that this offense is a bad fit for someone like Nix. Bubble screens and the deep pass do not take advantage of his arm. Gus made fun of Saban during media days because he complained about tempo offense but now he somewhat does it. Well Saban evolved while Gus is doing the exact same thing and has not adjusted. Also Gus said the next 3-4 years are about to be Auburn's best. 8-5, 10-4, 8-5. Chizik went 8-5, 14-0, 8-5. So no Gus doesn't even live up to his own expectations. I am curious, and I believe this is an honest and fair question. @McLoofus @bigbird @augolf1716 @WarDamnEagleWDE or anyone else in the know. Does Gus see himself as an 8-5 coach? Does he feel he has just had bad luck. What is Gus's opinion on his ability to develop QB's. I would think someone on this forum has an answer.
  9. UT and Arky are in pretty bad spots. Both programs made what appeared to be pretty good hires. The fan bases backed of and gave the coaches time. then they drove the programs into the dirt. Especially Bielema
  10. In June I read where an Arkansas beat writer predicted six wins to include a victory over Auburn............................................. I gues we can all dream
  11. Because that is unsustainable and leads to inconsistency which has been the definition of Gus Malzahns time as our HC
  12. I agree. However, his ability to develop as quarterback out of high school should be strongly questioned right now. As far as I am concerned if Bo Nix becomes the starter and succeeds I will believe Patrick Nix will have had far more to do with that than Gus. Joey Gatewoods father isn't a former college QB much less an NFL veteran who coached and developed his son for three years of high school football. So I know if Nix does well all the Gus supporters are going to try and use that to erase Kiel Frazier, Jeremy Johnson, JF3, Woody Barrett, Tyler Queen, the fact that Nick Marshal showed zero improvement in year two and Jarrett regressed in year two. Sean Whites parents spent thousands on a private coach for several years before he got to Auburn.
  13. What part of "Offensive Genius" do you not understand?