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  1. Translating coach Malzahn at Media Days

    I like it
  2. Teams AU has never played

  3. Favorite AU Player That Wasn't Everyone Else's?

    Brandon Cox. Was pretty good for a QB that at times saw triple. Accurate passer, great leader. Medical issues really held him back.
  4. Marcello predicts 10 wins

  5. Marcello predicts 10 wins

    I put my money on Clemson as the most likely loss. In my expert opinion, worst case scenario for the season 12-2 with losses to Clemson and first round of play off.
  6. 50 Days Away

    Feels like a year away still.
  7. Gus seems very confident today

    It was was right there. If I didn't say it someone else would have............
  8. Gus seems very confident today

    And with Gus running the show what is there to worry about?
  9. Gus seems very confident today

    Well, a cornered animal is the most dangerous.
  10. ***SECMD17 - Auburn Day***

  11. Sean White not quitting just yet

    Yeah, or Johnson, or JF3, or Queen
  12. Sean White not quitting just yet

  13. Sean White not quitting just yet

    That is a good point, as I see talent as God given and yes build is just that. Let me rephrase it. There is a difference between Skill and Talent. Sean has the skill set. Lacks the God given talent. That being said Tom Brady in my opinion has the skills but his talent isn't a fraction of Cam, Vick, or myself.
  14. Sean White not quitting just yet

    I would say those four are the exception not the rule. I, as well as others, are assuming Sean will be the back up, not because of his size necessarily but because he has proven injury prone, and it is assumed my many of us, that Sean gets hurt because of his small frame. I will be the first to admit if Sean was a couple inches taller and 20ibs bigger he would not only start, but Gus ,may not have needed to go after Stidham(daring statement) and Sean may have an NFL future. But, currently hie gets hurt because he is small. Most small guys don't last. Four are in the NFL and beaten the odds.
  15. Sean White not quitting just yet

    No. His frame is built for D-II. He can manage an SEC offense, make good decision, and is accurate, but he is not big enough physically to last in FBS. There is actually an article out there, where the reporter covered Auburn recruiting Sean and why none of the big three schools from his home state bothered to offer the elite 11 mvp a scholarship. Coaches from each program said the same thing, he can play but he is too small for FBS and they cannot see him staying healthy. They were right. Also your reading and comprehension is not very good. I stated above " Sean has a high football IQ but is built for D-II." Key word built! I never said he didn't have the talent.