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  1. I do not know how we get rid of a 9-3Gus but I am still ll for it.
  2. What? NO! Simmons is the o=line coach we need,not the one Gus will hire. Simmons would probably tell Gus he is wrong, recruit players Gus doens't want him to recruit. Coach in a manner that does not suit his offense. I was thinking more of a Ryan Pugh.
  3. IMO I think Gus had buyers remorse by the Miss State game last year. I wondered at the end of last season if Gus would fire Grimes, but if he did it fire him after one season it would be Gus openly admitting to everyone he made a bad hire. I do think after this season and a somewhat improved o-line J.B. will probably leave for a lesser program again, Gus will go and find a young Kodi/Carnell caliber o-line coach. Someone with a lot of potential to be a strong recruiter who WILL DO WHAT GUS TELLS HIM!
  4. I am shocked that Gus 1. let him play, and 2. let him throw the football......
  5. Shocked Gus punt CS in thatearly and is actually letting him throw.
  6. UAB's QB was out that game. But I am all for the crap shoot
  7. Last weekend I had a two hour discussion with a good friend on whhy I thought Gus would be here for next season. These were my reasons for Gus coming back. 1. Too many moving pieces not on the same page. Some wanted Gus gone. Some wanted him gone but did not want to pay the buy out. Does Jay Gogue want to have any part in this as an interim? Where does Allen Greene fit into all of this and what is his role? Does the Board of Trustees want to deal with the negative press, financial responsibilities etc? 2. There is not a quality proven HC.The best proven HC IMO out there is Bill Clark at UAB and him being successful is a long shot. Bob Stoops is really a potential desire. Like Tuberville, Stoops lost his taste for recruiting a while back. Like Brett Bielema he hated having to go to the southeast and recruit against SEC schools. Recruiting the South is intense hard takes charisma and a lot of man hours, something he did not like dealing with. Additionally, what would his results look like? Spurrier was awesome at UF and turned the into a Blue Blood, but at USca? three straight 11-2 seasons is awesome but that was his pinnacle. In 10 seasons at Carolina he had SIX, 6 loss seasons and went 9-10 his final two seasons. After Florida what really did the guy have to prove? What does Stoops have to prove. 3. The buy out is still enormous and it will be cheaper next year. Further, next season is a rebuilding uear and if the best Gus can do with the team he has this year is assumable 8-4 next season will be what?7-5 (3-5)? Why Gus will be fire. 1. Manny moving pieces as to why he will be fired. But those pieces want him gone. Who will pay how much of the buy out? What will the justification be? When? Gus spent more time this last year working on proving his offense than rallying the fan base around him. 2. Kevin Steeles' name has been gaining more steam as the replacement and personally I like the idea. Almost an LSU/Orgeron move. But the next coach has possibly been identified. 3. Why wait until next season for him to fail? Let's go ahead and get it over with.
  8. I cannot remember how long ago I read "Hard Fighting Soldiers". Good quick read. I never got to meet Chette when I was a student at Auburn. I used to go to a weekly youth group with the assistant team chaplain. He really looked up to Chette and Chette was a great mentor to him. This hurts. I cannot imagine what He and his family are going through. Auburn is almost a perfect place. When these tragedies take place it is shattering.
  9. Better question, How many games can we realistically win.
  10. My guess is too many moving pieces results in Gus making it to next season.