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  1. ToomersStreet

    pick one RB for fantasy league

  2. ToomersStreet


    I would think Willis would be the wildcat. Why would he be anymore risk to get injured than Gatewood?
  3. ToomersStreet

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    I would really like to see this article. Anyone have it?
  4. ToomersStreet

    Malzahn remains in a pretty good position

    Yeah, I also remember Garry Patterson being interested as well. So yeah, things could have been different.
  5. ToomersStreet

    When there's a Will there's a way

    I taught him everything he knows!
  6. ToomersStreet

    Last Chance U (Season 3)

    It's always the same thing with the FBS wash outs. NO DISCIPLINE! They want to go straight to the NFL and have $200000 cars, big mansions, more women than you can shake a stick at, but the reality is, Odell Beckam, Dak Prescott, Jamis Winston, Adrian Peterson, they are all the same. They are all professionals. They play football. Everything else is secondary. Cars, clubs, houses, jewelry, women, you can have that when you are done playing. These young guys lose sight of it. here was a recent interview with Johnny Manziel where he admitted he was more focused on making money and living the life than being a football player. Now he is focused on playing football.................. in Canada. That is the price he pays for not taking the NFL seriously. It's the same with Duke Williams, or all these last chance U stars. Whats more important football or screwing around. For too many very talented individuals its the later. Even in my profession.
  7. ToomersStreet

    Last Chance U (Season 3)

    Already started watching it. It's pretty good.
  8. ToomersStreet

    Malzahn remains in a pretty good position

    Because Jay Jacobs made a bone head hire with CHizik. Yes Chiz got more than lucky with Cam and won a NAtty but two years later Jacobs fired him to save himself. However, Chizik was fired because 1. he completely lost control of the program. The off the field issues were so embarrassing Chizik would probably have been fired even if he had gone 8-4. 2. His players QUIT on him. However, Paul Finebaum, Danny Sheridan, and every other commentator who said Chizik was an awful hire, and said in 2012 that we need to part ways with him now likes to call us a fickle fan base because Chizik had no idea how to run a program.
  9. ToomersStreet

    10 wins this year?

    PASSWORD: up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, A, B, A, B, Select, Start!
  10. ToomersStreet

    10 wins this year?

    I'll say with ease. As far as the play calling you, as with most of us go back only as far as Gus as OUR HC when he decided to create the Read Option offense around Marshals abilities. When Jeremy Johnson took over, the Louisille and JSU games Gus did not run it up the middle every first down. At the beginning of the 2013 season Gus didn't run it up the middle every first down.. At Ark State Gus did not run it up the middle every first down. As our OC with both Cam and Todd,Gus did not run it up the middle every first down. At Tulsa Gus did not run it up the middle every first down. Gus used through screens, wheel routes, used other run plays on first down. Once Gus benched Jeremy in favor of White for the 2015 Miss State game, IMO because the season turned south in a hurry and with Jacobs as AD Gus panicked went back to the last thing that worked and took his pro-style QB and tried to run the read option offense to salvage the season and save his job. Ever since Gus has been stuck in the run it up the gut every first down mode. Now I do not know if that will change now that Jacobs is gone but I would like to think so. Also Gus was only heavy on read options with Nick. Gus ran a variety of plays before NIck, and planned on doing that again post Nick. I believe in 2015 Jeremy Johnson wasn't the only one that developed mental issues. Gus lost his swagger hat season. I want him to get that swagger back. We will stompLSU. A&M worries me ,we have yet to beat them at home. Then there is Amen corner. 9-3 regular season. Gus needs to step it up in his bowl games,
  11. ToomersStreet

    10 wins this year?

    The talent is there. The staff is there. It's really up to Gus. If he can leave Chip alone, or get back to his pre Jeremy Johnson play calling then Gus well be able to accomplish 10 wins with ease.
  12. ToomersStreet

    Will we see Lashlee in the SEC again?

    This makes me angry only because it's true.
  13. ToomersStreet

    Will we see Lashlee in the SEC again?

    Just something I have been thinking about recently. Lashlee made a big jump going from UCONN to SMU. He could probably do really well there. We know that originally the only way Lashlee originally wanted to leave Auburn was as a HC at a good program. then after the 2015 season it looked like he was willing to take any HC job, and then ultimately had to leave and take any OC job available. So I am assuming Rhett still wants to be a HC somewhere and he most likely wont get that opportunity as SMU's OC. So if he does well over the next couple seasons, does anyone see another SEC HC bringing Rhett on to run his offense? Orgeron coud get desperate if Ensminger doesn't work out. What about Barry Odom picking him up if Dooley doesn't work?
  14. ToomersStreet

    greene discusses changes

    I was thrilled when Jacobs got the boot and I'll say that if Jacobs had booted some of these people I would have been impressed and thought Jacobs might be turning over a new leaf. as far as the coach Flo extension? IDK, what was he supposed to do. Hasn't been on the Job six months. Like with Malzahns contract, did Gus earn it? NO! timing is everything.
  15. ToomersStreet

    What was your first Auburn game?

    UGA @ AUBURN 2000