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  1. I would like to see us play Try and Notre Dame
  2. Gus is more focused on promoting his offense than winning.
  3. Further reinforcement of proof Gus does not know how to properly manage a program.
  4. I have pointed out to a couple of friends, we could bring Meyer in next season, he would still have to deal with a poor o-line
  5. Something Jeremy Johnson did
  6. I would say it is because they are coached by a below average o-line coach.
  7. Gus does not know how to develop a QB. Period. How much more evedence do you need. I see Nix making some of the same mistakes as Jeremy johnson.
  8. That means all of the boosters have to be i agreement doesn't it?
  9. IDK. 8-4 I think buys him another year. There are boosters that are ok with that.
  10. Gus goes 8-4. Gives his supporters enough to keep him for another season. Good ole 8-5 Gus
  11. Unfortunately there are several of them with the mentality that Gus is the only SEC coach to beat Saban and played for a NC so we should give him more time to try and have another run one of these years WHo is the booster that owns a farm outside of Valley, Al? Because that is what he told me!
  12. Dude......... Probaby IDK. I don't understand how these are our most successful alum and yet this is their mindset.
  13. It would help our true freshman QB if the o-line was well coached and more talented too.
  14. Nope. Gus really turned it around in the second half against LSU that year and we were all pretty optimistic. At this point, bottom line, Gus wants to be right about his offense more than he wants to win games.