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  1. A method of birth control is what bothers me. I still support the 3% right to an abortion.
  2. Maybe Gus blamed JJ for the 2015 season behind closed doors. Didn't Gus say something negative about stidham?
  3. Gus has evolved!?!?!?!?!It only took fours seasons for him to figure out that he needs a DT QB. That you do not need the Psychic Network to figure out that he is going to ru it up the middle on first down. That rotating players every single play prevents tempo. HAS NEVER DEVELOPED HIGH SCHOOL QB!!!!! OLINE WAS HORRIBLE LAST YEAR,and because the manhandled the weakest bowl eligable team from the Big 10 they somehow turned the corner? Remember when Jeremy Johnson was a world beater in the Spring Game? Not sayin, just sayin...........................
  4. Only took Gus four seasons to figure this out?
  5. War Damn Eagle! Let's takeout the Tar Heels!
  6. Definitely sounds like Gus is going to bring some excitement this A-Day. TAKE THAT HATERS!
  7. French Vanilla? Vanilla Bean? Tahitian Vanilla? Store Brand Vanilla? Please elaborate!
  8. THANK YOU!!!!! Pearl has EARNED IT!
  9. It just bugs me how me dropped two losses after the UK game. I am not sayng Bruce is complacent. But you think the players have learned to handle expectations?
  10. I feel like so far we have underachieved. We are VERY talented. Bruce has years of complacency to work through. I wish we had an better record. I feel we are in the top 3 of the SEC right now in talent. ur record is not indicative of our real potential..
  11. I just want to thank Coach Pearl for making me care about Auburn Basketball again! Thank you Coach Pearl. War Damn Eagle. Let's get back on track!