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  1. AU Hires New AD Allen Greene (Updated 1/18/18)

    War Damn Eagle AD Greene!!!
  2. Herb Hand to Texas

    why did I even bother to respond. You answered it.
  3. Herb Hand to Texas

    Receivers were slow to develop or did they just come into their own? Also, according to our recruiting forum Kodi had to be pulled off the recruiting trail last year for putting his foot in his mouth.
  4. Herb Hand to Texas

    Like I said before, the boosters were not going to sign off on Gus's new contract with Gus having to agree to a few demands. Now, does Kodi stay?
  5. Quit Complaining

    Gus is 1-4! Get your facts striaght. Of course Stidham is nowhere near ready for the NFL yet he is having to decide whether to stay or enter the draft. If I am KJ I enter the draft.
  6. Quit Complaining

    Seriously. Yeah, Gus laid yet another egg. That is what Gus does. About three months ago there were rumors about Jay Jacobs finally being canned and what that would mean for Gus. Most if not all of us agreed that canning Jacobs and tolerating Gus for the foreseeable future would be best for the football program. Jacobs is gone. We no longer have to deal with him blowing smoke and pumping sunshine about another one of his bad hires. Based on rumors about who could be Gus's next boss, I for one an optimistic. Gus will have a good AD to finally have to answer too. Maybe, MAYBE, that might actually help Gus improve and grow as a coach instead of having to deal with that mouth breather Jacobs. Now,yes Gus just got a 7 years $49 million dollar contract that he 1. has not earned and 2. Does not deserve, but what was the alternative? This was not the year we wned to have to go out and find a new coach. It seemed like half of college football was hiring someone. A&M, UT, Florida, Miss State, Arkansas, Nebraska, UCF, UCLA, Oregon. Look how bad things ere for Tennessee. What would have happened if we let Gus go to Arkansas? We would probably have Bobby Petrino or Les Miles right now and I do not see either one of them as better candidates. Gus and his agent both knew this was not a year Auburn would want to have to go out and look for a new HC. Not with a change AD and all the vacancies available. They new it and took advantage of the situation. Worst case scenario going forward is Gus is a place holder for the next 4-5 years. We are not having off field embarrassments like we did with Chizik. We finally play defense. We win more than we lose. And Gus has proven that once every few years he is good for the upset victory. It is what it is. It could be a lot worse. Jacobs is gone. Which means the future is bright. Gus is making a TON of money. Which means Jimmy Rane is going to expect Gus to deliver. More money comes more expectation from the boosters. Let's calm down, sit back and watch the next 12 months. I am very curious. I really don't think we will see more of the same. Staff changes? Does Stidham stay? KJ? Who is our new AD? What does the final recruiting class look like? Willis vs Gatewood! Just saying let see..........
  7. Hand's contract expires today

    Gus did not get a 7 year $49 million contract without having to agree to a few tings from Jimmy Rane and Co. I would think with the O lines inconsistency that part of Gus's new contract was getting a new line coach. Herb might be Gus's right hand man but the boosters have already dispatched one of Gus favorite men once, I think they would have done it again..Of course we will not know until after national signing day. Just my opinion
  8. irritation about our fan base

    Who cares? Jay Jacobs is gone!
  9. Getting this off my chest

    I am trying to be optimistic! But yeah, that did happen. We will see what the future holds. Also Gus has never developed a high school qb, but we won. I can only hope Gus will be putting more trust an responsibility in Chip.
  10. Getting this off my chest

    I will admit that i the end you were right about Gus and I was wrong. Gus was high risk high reward. If he quit being stubborn he would be great. After LSU, many including myself doubled down that Gus would not change. He did. I am happy. Gus is happy too. Gus wants to win more than he wants to be an the "Offensive Genius" As far as the future? I will put up with 8-5, 7-6, 8-5 if every fourth year Gus can deliver a season like 2013, 2017. WAR DAMN EAGLE!
  11. Next year's team

    You never heard that? Yeah. Cam loves Auburn. Gene Chizik is like a father to him.(which confused the hell out of me because from what have been told Cam already has a father) He wants to repeat.
  12. Next year's team

    Yeah, and a 7th round pick will make no less than $390000.00. Now, I may not be as good at math as @StatTiger but I believe $390000 is $390000 more than what he makes right now. That is assuming he is a 7th round pick. I don't know why fans always say, but he loves Auburn, FSU, Miss State, Ga Tech, UGA, UF, he will never leave. 99 times out of 100, they leave. I bet you a Toomers lemonade!
  13. Gus

    I think it's fair to say Gus corrected most of what fans like myself have been complaining about for the last three years. If he has corrected them, and continues in this direction, then Go Gus. By far the best game I have watched Gus coach since the 2013 Iron Bowl. ) complaints with this game. An for the record, if Gus coaches like this against Bama, and somehow loses, I will still be behind him. But the fact is I don't see Gus losing if he continues to coach this way. I just wish it didn't take it until game 10 of this season for him to figure it out.
  14. Next year's team

    Everyone said the same thing about Cam Newton. Interesting how millions of dollars can convince someone to leave Auburn
  15. Tuberville on next AD

    Michelle McKenna-Doyle, Auburn Alum, Chief Information Officer for the NFL Jeffrey D Etheridge via Auburn University Flickr Michelle McKenna-Doyle, chief information officer at NFL McKenna-Doyle is an Auburn alumna and Enterprise native who has served as a senior vice president and chief information officer of the NFL since Sept. 2012. She is one of the highest-ranking women in all of professional sports and it's unclear if she has any desire to leave that realm to work in college athletics. Prior to her time with the NFL, she worked with Constellation Energy, The Walt Disney Co., MetLife and Coopers & Lybrand. No one is more qualified????????????????????????????