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  1. Which SEC coach will break through 2018

    All opinions wanted. Not counting Gus, Smart, or Saban, which coach or coaches will have a major year in the SEC. I do not believe Mason, Morris, Luke, Orgeron, or Odom will be doing anything special. Fisher, Stoops, Muschamp, Mullen, Pruitt, and Moorhead are all very intriguing. I don't think A&M has a good QB situation. Pruitt inherited a talented UT program with no heart. Stoops has been building a respectable program as well as Muschamp. Thought?
  2. Rhett Lashlee at SMU?

    Good move for Rhett
  3. Manziel didn't know X's & O's

    It took Cam a few year before he realized he wasn't going to succeed on talent alone. The film room in particular was rumored to be a big Achilles heel for him that he avoided his first four years.
  4. Jordan Rodgers on Stidham

  5. Lindsey more wrinkles in Offense

    Just curious to see what anyone has heard. Is Chip adding any new wrinkles to the offense this year? I read an article saying tight ends might actually catch the ball this season. are there going to be new plays? A slight change in philosophy? Bueller, Bueller?
  6. 2018 Spring Practice - Day 1

    Jokes on you WDE, Gus always has his no fail, "We just didn't execute" excuse ready to go.
  7. Offense Needs to Change

    To be fair, and this is something Gus said when he hired Chip and that means Chip agreed to it, Chip was going to be allowed to run Gus' offense not his. Gus gave Chip "his" offensive playbook and Chip was supposed to be free to run "Gus' offense" how he wanted. I think that is causing confusion. Yes Chip called the plays (except for Ga Southern, Clemson, and 3 qtrs of LSU) but they were plays Gus designed not Chip. Chip is running Malzahns' run play action offense not his own air raid offense. So that is why somethings have stayed exactly the same. @StatTiger has done a phenomenal job of analyzing the offense from when Gus called plays as OC, as a HC, when Rhett was given the O, when Chip was at Arizona State, and when Chip came to us. With Rhett and Chip, the plays never changed, we rarely still see slant routes, but up the middle on first, run it again on second, throw it deep on third if its more than 5 yards to go doesn't happen with Chip or Rhett. I think going forward what we want to see is Gus allowing Chip to include more of his air raid scheme.
  8. Malzahn's contract details

    Did we mention Jacobs is gone?
  9. Malzahn's contract details

    I couldn't stand Jacobs. I'm not complaining. The mouth breather is gone. Gus got lucky with Bielema tanking and Arkansas calling. If Bielema hadnt been fired Gus wouldnt have gotten this fat new raise. Funny part is Gus was tired of the fans frustration with him. More money means more expectations. Seven million a year can't shield his family from the criticism of a 8-5 season. Maybe Gus leaves Lindsey alone for 12 sames. I would like to know the full extent of what his assistants said to him after LSU.
  10. Are we headed in the right direction?

    Are you ready to answer?
  11. Looking Ahead: Washington

    They showed up for their playoff game against Bama.
  12. Looking ahead to 2018 season

    Will Gus finally avoid a slow start on offense?
  13. War Damn Eagle AD Greene!!!
  14. Herb Hand to Texas

    why did I even bother to respond. You answered it.
  15. Herb Hand to Texas

    Receivers were slow to develop or did they just come into their own? Also, according to our recruiting forum Kodi had to be pulled off the recruiting trail last year for putting his foot in his mouth.