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  1. Alabama National Guard has a ribbon for responding to riots there.
  2. With the final recruiting deadline on the horizon and a few more linemen being targeted, is there a time table set to hire an offensive line coach?
  3. To be fair I am ready to take JB's place.
  4. Sad but true. My money is that Gus hires a yes man.
  5. This is what I am having a hard time understanding. Gus is an 8-5 coach. Needing to rebound after last season and put the haters away Gus responds with 9-4. Gus has lost four or more game a season for the last six years. three 8-5 and a 7-6. 10-4 is the outlier and it still has a head scratching/infuriating loss to LSU and a lack luster performance agaisnt UCF. Yet despite Malzahns obvious mediocrity and below average record with QB's he still kills it on the recruiting trail and somehow got Bo Nix. HOW?
  6. 1. Like Paul Johnson with the Triple option at GaTech, Gus runs a gimmick offense and the more time you have to prepare the easier it is to shutdown. 2. Phillip Marshal stated in a recent podcast, that the more time Gus has to game plan, the more time he hhas to overthink things.
  7. J.B. Grimes is an OK coach. He was the Arkansas State Oline coach when Gus was our OC, and was the UConn Oline coach when Gus brought him back. He is not in high demand by any power 5 staffs. He is a C-USA caliber coach.
  9. I do not know how we get rid of a 9-3Gus but I am still ll for it.
  10. What? NO! Simmons is the o=line coach we need,not the one Gus will hire. Simmons would probably tell Gus he is wrong, recruit players Gus doens't want him to recruit. Coach in a manner that does not suit his offense. I was thinking more of a Ryan Pugh.
  11. IMO I think Gus had buyers remorse by the Miss State game last year. I wondered at the end of last season if Gus would fire Grimes, but if he did it fire him after one season it would be Gus openly admitting to everyone he made a bad hire. I do think after this season and a somewhat improved o-line J.B. will probably leave for a lesser program again, Gus will go and find a young Kodi/Carnell caliber o-line coach. Someone with a lot of potential to be a strong recruiter who WILL DO WHAT GUS TELLS HIM!