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  1. Wildcat formation?
  2. What about when we had Nick Marshal backed up by Jeremy Johnson and Sean White redshirting? Wasn't that long ago.
  3. Baton Rouge the only place in the SEC more depressing than Tuscaloosa. Also, I am going to flip flop. After StatTigers last two threads I am going to switch the Clemson game to a win.
  4. I really like Sean White. He works his butt off and makes good decisions. He is an accurate passer and a leader on the field. However, this just reinforces the fact the Stidham will be the starter. The new offense just plays to his strengths more. I am eager to see the new passing game this season against SEC competition.... and Missouri. There SEC right? Does anyone care about Missouri?
  5. There is no excuse for not having talent. The receivers have plenty of that. The question is coaching. Kodi has one year at Samford coaching running backs, one year at MTSU coaching receivers, one year at Arizona State coaching receivers, and one year at Auburn coaching receivers. Four total years of combined experience, three years coaching receivers. So not a lot of experience, BUT Kodi could be a coaching prodigy. We don't really know. There isn't a lot of data to go off of. Like Rhett Lashlee, Gus has fast tracked Kodi's success. With Stidham at QB, Chip running the offense and Gorgeous Borges as an analyst, I think there will be ample opportunity to see how well Kodi has coached these receivers.
  6. Oh no that was totally in my control. You have no idea how strong my game is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Yeah I remember when I was at Auburn and I chose not to date Katherine Webb. I was just like nah...
  8. I am curious about his potential as well.
  9. That is the million dollar question isn't it? Let's be honest, Rhett didn't leave on his own. UCONN is a big step down. Just like Roof didn't voluntarily leave for Central Florida. I don't approve of the meddling. If Gus fails, let him fail his way. Don't force him to make staff changes he doesn't want. Was the QB Guru ban really lifted by CL? Is Jay Jacobs now barking orders at Gus to save both their jobs? Are these drastic changes coming about because Gus knows he needs to try something different or are they being forced on him? If parting ways with Rhett turns out to be a big positive will Gus actually see it that way or will he remain resentful for being forced to get rid of his protégé? Magic eight ball answer is............... Ask again later!
  10. I was excited about the Gus hire. Not my number one choice but I did give him all the credit for 2010. I figured if he could win a NC as just a coordinator what can he accomplish as a HC? My biggest problem is he has gotten away from the play calling that got him the Auburn OC job and the Auburn HC job. Everyone has a different reason as to why he has quit running tempo but Gus never actually gave a reason why, he has just stated the need to get back to running tempo. Then is told to turn the offense over to Rhett and we are magically running tempo again. Then there is the whole debate that Malzahns offense works best with a dual threat QB. Now as I posted above, Gus supposedly came to that realization on his own after the JSU game. However, that asks the question, before 2015 Gus didn't know he needed a DT QB? The first three high school QB's he recruited as Auburn HC were all pro style guys. So apparently he didn't know his own system? Yes he has corrected this with the last two recruiting classes, and yes has done a good job. I just don't know. I was 110% behind Gus until 2015. Gus looked confused, JF3 was a desperation recruit, a Band-Aid on a bullet wound. Gus responded with the Clemson offense....... and a reasonable explanation has still never been provided by our coach behind that offense. I have said it before ill say it again, I think Gus bit off more than he can chew. He probably would have had these same growing pains if he had stayed at Arky St. but that is why Sun Belt programs exist, to go and learn to coach before going to the top programs. Everyone on this board agrees that Gus is a HC in training. Question is do you approach this as a glass half empty or a glass half full. I am sorry, but I haven't enjoyed the last 2 1/2 years of football, I am half empty. Maybe Gus's growing pains are over. He and Rhett were FINALLY forced apart. Gorgeous Borges is back with the team. The D is respectable and the private QB coaching ban has been lifted (although I suspect influential boosters had more to do with that than CL). 2017 Sink or Swim. But after Stat Tigers analysis here, I am more optimistic for the season. I will open a can of worms with this, Stidham, like Cam, Marshal, Todd, and other Gus QB's that have been successful, were not recruited and developed by Gus out of high school but is a transfer who was coached by someone else at some point at the college level. In a year or two when Stidham departs, I will be very curious to see how Barrett, Malik, next high school QB develop.
  11. No link. I was told that by somebody that was in the film room that day.
  12. At this point I think Gus should hire @StatTiger as an analyst.
  13. I know the Sunday after the Jacksonville State game in the film room is when Gus and Rhett realized just how much trouble they were in with their current QB's. Gus runs a very vanilla passing game and an FCS school easily figured out the scheme locked down the receivers and dared Jeremy to run it knowing that he couldn't. Gus made some sort of comment in the film room about how He/the team needed a dual threat guy to keep the defense guessing pass or run and they couldn't do that with the QB's he had recruited.
  14. I'll be interested to see how he does. He is a big guy.
  15. I will agree, Sean has a high football IQ. I think he ends up coaching one way or the other. But yeah, I could see him doing that.