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  1. IMO I think we are at the point many of us were wondering when Gus hired Morris. If things start to look bad on offense and we are not where we thought we would be will Gus takeover play calling? Well? What is everyone's opinion? Will Chad call plays Saturday or Gus?
  2. So many questions and i know will not answer them all: The guy that hired Gus is gone. So who they cannot be mad at him. The guy that gave Gus his new extension is gone. Can't be mad at him. The guy that fought to keep Gus after 2018 is gone. (yes same guy as above). Cannot be mad at him. The booster that fought to keep Gus after 2018 according to WarDamnEagleWDE was cut out of the loop from the other boosters. SO he shouldn't be a factor. Greene doesn't ultimately determine Malzahns fate. What happened? These are the same people that ultimately agreed to giv
  3. You see that is where you are wrong. You think JMR knows how to spend all his money, but really he needs my advice.
  4. In 2020, Long resigned from San Diego State, and Brady Hoke was named as his replacement.[4] He left San Diego State with 81 wins, second all time in wins behind Don Coryell.[5] Soon after his resignation from SDSU, the University of New Mexico announced Long would be returning to the Lobos to take over as their defensive coordinator under new coach Danny Gonzales, a former player and assistant coach under Long at UNM as well as SDSU.
  5. Fair question. I think most everyone here was 100% behind Gus when he first got here. However, Gus has done nothing to reach out to the fan base on his own. Yes, Bruce Pearl has gotten him a little active, but nothing Gus would have done without Bruce. Second, Gus doubling down on his predictable offense has turned many off. Most everyone supported Gus turning the offense over to Lashlee, Lindsey, and Morris, but Gus would not let the first two do their jobs. Additionally filling the offensive staff with nothing but yes men hasn't helped. He has not evolved or changed. really, after 20
  6. I'm no stranger to sarcasm!
  7. Remember when Arkansas screwed up an hire that loser. What a bunch of idiots!
  8. I want to be in the wolf pack
  9. Phillip Marshall : Opinion on the Game Coach? Gus : A doctor, who specializes in skin diseases, will dream he has fallen asleep in front of the television. Later, he will wake up in front of the television, but not remember his dream. Gus to Morris : [to Caldwell] Would you agree? [Phillip is visibly perplexed and perturbed, shaking his head] Phillip Marshall: Gus could you explain what happened between Nix and Williams on the sideline? Gus : If all the animals along the equator were capable of flattery, then Thanksgiving and Hallowe'en... would fall... on
  10. Clearly you never watched the 2013 season to see this mans true genius
  11. Tom, Jeff, Eric, Nathan, Jimmy, Bobby, Terrence, Cliff, Mark, Connor, Will, Justin, Kieth, Sammy, Chris, Brad, Sebastion, Levy, Martin, Marty, Allen, Thad, Grey, Brian, Ryan, Travis, Christian, Robert, Jason, Luke,!!!!!! Did I get at least three?
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