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  1. I think he got his contract changed. This is Gus doing damage control. Come. Stidham regressed. He never uses the tight end. Passing game is based on screens and deep passes. If Gus doesnt produce in a big way next year he is gone. I bet there is SERIOUS NEGATIVE RECRUITING against Gus right now. He is trying to keep his recruits from being poached. The Asa Martin situation has more thn likely hurt him too.
  2. ToomersStreet

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    Well, to some up what you / we all have been saying,Gus is lost. Hence his randumb comments. Next 3-4 years are going to be Auburns best. I need to be more of a CEO. I was too much a CEO. I need to call the plays. Coke is better than Pepsi. Pespsi tastes better than Coke. He has no plan to stick too. He a girlfriend you catch in the middle of the at. Anything will be said to try to convince you of she is innocent.
  3. ToomersStreet

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    I am not trying to get in an argument here DAG, but i really do not feel this is a sincere comment.
  4. ToomersStreet

    Open Letter From AD Greene To The AU Fans

    Allen Greene is to Athletic Directors as Offensive Coordinators are to a Gus Malzahn Offense, micromaneged and not allowed to do their jobs.
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  6. ToomersStreet

    Has anything been settled?

  7. ToomersStreet

    Has anything been settled?

    I wouldnt be surprised if we fired him still or he resigns now that he missed on Bryant and Freeze.
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    I like many on this board am an Auburn Graduate. I am going on my 18th year of public service. I chose my line of work because I didn't and still do not want a real job. I have noticed we have high school coaches on this board. We have many other professionals on this forum that I imagine have done well professionally. However, some Auburn alum are the 1%. They have done exceptionally well. I am proud to have gone to a University that produced Bobby Lowder, Jimmy Rane,Tim Cook, Raymond Harbert. I do not know them personally, but they have done very well for themselves through hard work, discipline, sharp business acumen and making good decisions. So HOW is it, that the most successful Alum of our beloved University can build such successful businesses and climb the corporate latter right to the top, but they make such reckless and irresponsible decisions when it comes to the athletic department and our football program. Harbert would run his company into the dirt if he ran his business this way.
  9. ToomersStreet

    Reap what you sow

    Out of curiosity what reporters do you find credible?
  10. ToomersStreet

    Reap what you sow

    IT"S AN OMEN!!!!!!
  11. ToomersStreet

    Reap what you sow

    Gus agreed to it.
  12. ToomersStreet

    Reap what you sow

    AUBURN How Auburn boosters are reportedly undermining Gus Malzahn's attempts to hire top assistants Adam Spencer | 1 hour ago SHARE TWEET The Auburn football program is a bit of a mess at the moment. After going 7-5 during the regular season, the Tigers are off to the Music City Bowl — a big disappointment after high preseason expectations. Making matters worse is all the turmoil around coach Gus Malzahn, who many in the fanbase — boosters included — want fired. On Wednesday, Alabama reporter Josh Moon, who mostly covers politics but interacts with some big boosters on his beat, tweeted about some strong new restrictions on Malzahn. As you can see below, Moon is reporting that Auburn isn’t letting Malzahn offer deals to assistants that are longer than one year. Moon says that’s hindering Malzahn from hiring Hugh Freeze as his offensive coordinator: If this is indeed the situation, it’s worth wondering why Auburn didn’t just bite the bullet and fire Malzahn after the regular season. This seems to be hindering the program, so we’ll see what develops over the coming weeks
  13. ToomersStreet

    Honest statement and take it for what its worth

    He probably new Franklin. Promoting his friend. That was all. I have a buddy the greww up with Jeremy Johnson. He wanted to see his friend do well. but results are results
  14. ToomersStreet

    Honest statement and take it for what its worth

    Tell that to Gus. I would bethe is freaking out right now. Apparently he had most of his "Chips" on getting Bryant. See what I did there? I said Chips like poker Chips, but it also could have meant Chip Lindsey! Thats funny.
  15. ToomersStreet

    Honest statement and take it for what its worth

    It is called "Ego" and "Hubris". Remember when a dual threat QB was the missing piece so Gus brought in Franklin. Really Frankln wasnt the missing piece Stidham was the missing piece and we have gone 17-9 with the missing piece. Gatewood is the next Cam. Bryant is the missing piece. Next Bo Nix, that poor young man, will be the bright future. The future is bright, we need to get better and we will get better. We had a good week of practice. Do Doubt.