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  1. It's pretty simple. Harsin has a standard and Nix will have to meet it. We can say this about the entire offense. Players were not getting coached. HHowever talented you were on arriving on campus was how talented you would be the rest of your career at Auburn.
  2. Had a long discussion with one of Coach Dyes old players. He stressed this over and over again. Kept saying how soft strength and conditioning had gotten and how soft practices were. Allegedly, Malzahns soft practices were a sticking point with Kevin Steele with the boosters
  3. Harsin leads from the front. When is the last time we have seen that?
  4. You mean taught something other than drops?
  5. I want the stress of a $49 mil contract
  6. The first couple of seasons will be rough. Players are going to transfer because they are not used to being coached and having a tough hard nosed aproach to things. Not like the grass is any greener where other coaches are winning. All of the players that stay are about to find out what true work ethic really is. I have full faith in this staff but we must be patient
  7. Well, I know that the Boise St fans wanted the o-line coach to leave with Harsin. Also to consider is that Harsin hired Bobo, sooooo
  8. It's a hire that's a home run
  9. Additionally Mason made a name for himself shutting down Chip Kelleys no huddle spread. IDK about SEC offenses
  10. Whats the Vandy Kicker situation?
  11. After 2020 I wouldnt put money on anything
  12. your suspended for a week. Think about what you said!
  13. WELL I WAS TOLD BY MULTIPLE PEOPLE INCLUDING MODS ON THIS BOARD THAT PAT WAS TOLD GUS WOULD BE AT AUBURN FOR NO MORE THAN TWO YEARS. SO LOOKS LIKE YOURS CANT BE TRUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously your response is that of an angry child. So now that Gus is gone Bo will clearly leave the team and wait for Gus to get his next job and follow him because what YOU were TOLD was BO committed TO Gus AND not AUBURN so BO is ONLY loyal TO Gus.
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