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  1. It is with your last statement that I scratch my head at Bleacher Report articles asking does Gus have finally have the talent to get back to Atlanta. At any point during the last four seasons he not have the talent? Didn't Chiz bring in some pretty talented classes that Gus inherited. And you know Gus is feeling the pressure. Boosters forced him to part with Rhett or face the boot.
  2. Is Woody Barrett the Next Jalen Hurts? By Zach Taylor on March 24th, 2017 in Football, News 5 Comments » Auburn quarterback Woody Barrett stretches during spring practice. (photo: Julie Bennett/ If one listens to sports talk radio in the South, being subjected to Alabama football is an everyday occurrence because local radio stations are all Alabama affiliates and/or carriers of the Paul Finebaum show. It was the aforementioned show that caught my ear this time last year. Alabama was going to be breaking in yet another starting quarterback, and the question was, “Who would replace the graduated Jake Coker?” It seemed like every day on the radio show, beat reporters gave the pecking order of the three competitors. Still, it was Jalen Hurts who continued to make the conversation. That was awfully interesting for a true freshman that didn’t, in any way, fit the mold of the other players. Just weeks before the Alabama spring game, reported on the projected depth chart, and quarterbacks were the very first position group referenced. Writers had this to say on the most important position on the team: “With Jake Coker out of eligibility, Alabama again has to break in a new quarterback in 2016. The top two options appear to be Cooper Bateman and Blake Barnett. Bateman, a rising junior, should be the early favorite after finishing second to Coker and even starting the Ole Miss game over the fifth-year senior. Offensive coordinator Lane Kiffin likes Bateman, and the Utah native should be a good fit in his offense. Barnett, who redshirted this year, is the highly-regarded former five-star recruit. Barnett had to put on weight after arriving in Tuscaloosa, but coaches like him, and he’s viewed as the future of the offense. The wild card is David Cornwell, who looked to be a serious contender heading into fall camp, but fell off the pack and finished behind Coker, Bateman and Alec Morris.” It is certainly interesting to read the thoughts of the writers plugged into the program. Not mentioned was Jalen Hurts, who, as everyone knows, showed out during the spring game when the other competitors were less than impressive. In the weeks that followed, the same conversations continued. Hurts never left his spot as the dark-horse while the others seemed to fall away. Eventually, Hurts was named starter and went on to be the SEC Offensive Player of the year. Auburn has an interesting situation shaping up in its quarterback race. Most observers believe that the talented former five-star recruit, Jarrett Stidham, will become Auburn’s next starter with oft-injured Sean White being the backup. Like Alabama’s Bateman, White has started games. He has been serviceable and even decent for Auburn. While fans admire his fight and desire to be the man at quarterback, most would agree that they have seen the full scope of White’s ability: a player with a limited arm and limited play-making ability player with good command of an oft-hamstrung offense. Stidham may be likened to Barnett’s measurables and ability and has game film from his time at Baylor. Still, one must cautiously project Big 12 success to the SEC, especially with such a small sample size. Then there is Woody Barrett… Because he is a freshman and hasn’t started a college game, he is automatically dismissed, but he shouldn’t be. It wasn’t so long ago that our own AubTigerman wrote about Barrett as The Forgotten Man and caused some real conversation among our readers. That was before practice began, and not much has changed since. That’s exactly the point. Not only has a pecking order not been named, but both coach Malzahn and offensive coordinator Chip Lindsey have said that a starter won’t be named in the spring. There are only two people this benefits. One is White, still trying to make a comeback from a broken arm in spite of competing against Stidham and his far better arm and physical ability. The other person is Barrett . It appears the true competition is between Stidham and Barrett. Lindsey, himself, is part of the equation. Rhett Lashlee left after a second consecutive lackluster offensive year, and another bad year will likely mean a house cleaning on the offensive side. Lindsey knows that. He also knows what he has with White. Does he want to go that route or trust another? While Stidham has the arm talent to be an Air Raid quarterback, Auburn’s receivers have been less than spectacular the past few years. If this continues, Stidham could become irrelevant. Barrett is the closest thing to a Malzahn-preferred dual threat quarterback. While Auburn’s road-grading run game might factor well into a Stidham-led offense, it is picture perfect for one led by Barrett. Because of that, as long as Barrett remains in the fight while the rest rearrange the deck chairs, he remains a legitimate contender to be the next Jalen Hurts.
  3. Well, I know under Les Miles, that LSU told QB recruits that if you don't want to be developed go to Auburn. As far as Cam goes, and this is all rumor, but when he got to Carolina those first few years he had problems understanding how to break down film of opposing defenses to a point where he avoided the film room all together. He didn't know how to make proper adjustments at the line of scrimmage. Shula has worked wonders with him, but things he should have known going to the NFL he didn't have. Fortunately, he is probably the most talented QB alive and that kept him around long enough to learn those necessary skills.
  4. Rhett and Gus needed to part ways. One was always being blamed for the other. Someone once told me that if you marry someone just like yourself that's one too many people in the marriage. Bringing along Rhett did not allow either Gus or Rhett to grow as coaches. I am glad Lindsey is here. I just hope it isn't too little too late. But we will know in December. As far as Cam's Gruden episode, if I was Gus I would have been embarrassed. For all we know he was embarrassed.
  5. AUBURN — After a career that never lived up to its pre-college hype, former Auburn quarterback Jeremy Johnson had a lot to run away from. Whether it was how he lost the starting quarterback job in 2015 and never regained it or the way his senior year started when booed loudly at Jordan-Hare Stadium after a key interception against Clemson, Johnson and the Tigers never quite meshed. This spring Johnson ran to Orlando hoping to fix himself physically and mentally as he prepares for a possible shot in a professional league somewhere. “Coming out of high school, I was coached, but I never had a quarterback coach and (at Auburn) the situation was what it was,” Johnson said earlier this month. “I appreciate them for giving me the opportunity. I love Coach Malzahn and Coach Lashlee. They give me the opportunity and chance. I feel good where I’m at.” In Orlando, Johnson met with private quarterback coach Tom Shaw, noted for working with some of the best quarterbacks currently in the National Football League including New England's Tom Brady and Tampa Bay's Jameis Winston. While at Shaw’s academy, which advertises it has worked with 11 Super Bowl MVP winners, 10 No. 1 overall draft picks and 145 first-round selections, Johnson tweaked his mechanics, including how he held the football. “Coach Shaw taught me a different way of holding the ball, keeping space under the palm of my hand that changed the way the ball came out and as far as following through,” Johnson said. Johnson’s grip was a major problem in 2015. It crested on a humid day at LSU when then-offensive coordinator Rhett Lashlee reportedly ripped the gloves off his hands on a play in which the ball slipped out of his hands as he began his throwing motion. The backwards pass resulted in a significant loss and was made into a social media video. The 45-21 loss at LSU was Johnson’s last game as the starter until Sean White got injured later in the year. “I was coached up a little more as far as being accurate, footwork, mechanics,” Johnson said. “I was around some great people down there. I felt like myself again.” Johnson, who measured just above 6-foot-4 and 232 pounds on Pro Day, said he felt more like the highly regarded prospect who was supposed to be the next great Auburn quarterback. Instead, at Johnson's Pro Day workouts scouts wanted to know how and why his career arch didn't pan out. “I feel like what I’ve been through helped me become a man and mature me. I just love being around these guys,” Johnson said. “The past is past and I’m looking towards the future.” Johnson didn’t go to Orlando to escape who he was at Auburn, rather to rediscover the player coach Gus Malzahn saw as part of his first recruiting class. Even after the ups and down, Malzahn said he hopes Johnson can revive his career. “Jeremy has had his ups and downs but he hung in there,” Malzahn said. “I think that will carry him a long way in life. He's got great character, he's a great worker and I thought he performed well (at Pro Day).”
  6. Regardless the defensive line has some big shoes to fill. That being said Gus has recruited extremely well every year so I do not think the drop off should be that steep.
  7. Good point Morpheus!
  8. I had a few run ins with Kodi while I was at Auburn. Super nice guy but very very shy. Not comfortable in public or around groups of people. Always looked at his own feet a lot. I do not see him having any kind of charisma on the recruiting trail.
  9. So the Scarecrow and Tin-man are out. The wizard turned out to just be an ordinary guy. I don't like this story.
  10. This is about as fair of a statement on this board as I have seen.
  11. I wonder if he will go FCS or stay D-1?
  12. Best of luck!
  13. I can't stop laughing!