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  1. I really wish Gus would abandon his offense because he has been the standard in every other aspect of running this program.
  2. That was easily the best Malzahn interview ever. Something that finally gives the fans an inside look to the person Allen Green, the players, and the recruits see.
  3. This goes back to a question i had about Gus earlier in the year. He must have some kind of charisma in person.
  4. This is great. I had the honor of serving with his father in the Army. Solid family!
  5. Cochrans' and Smarts' wives are very very close. Smart tried to lure Cochran away from when he first left for UGA and Cochrans wife wanted him to go but Cochran was loyal to Saban. That being said the lack of any kind of life has caused a couple coaches to leave Saban before I suspect that and the wives situation had a lot to do with it.
  6. Reality is this. It does not matter if Jack Bicknell ens up being the best o-lne coach in college football and a phenomenal recruiter. Gus has severely neglected o-line recruiting for years. Gus tried to start correcting this with the 2020 recruiting class with five high school and three JUCO commitments. However, only three high school offensive linemen committed and two JUCO commits. Those three high school players are not going to be ready to contribute, theoretically until next year. Additionally they were recruited by the same guy that recruited last seasons starters as well. I fear Bo Nix's time at Auburn will be wasted due to the fact that Malzahn failed at maintaining his offensive line and coach Bicknell will probably be spending the next four years(Assuming Gus will still be here) rebuilding the Auburn offensive line.
  7. Am I the only one that is more excited about the Jack Bicknell Jr hire more than the Chad Morris hire?
  8. Sorry everyone one. I've been at a meeting. What's up.
  9. This article brought to my attention that I have possibly met one for them.
  10. No need to be redundant.
  11. So after this read I believe it is safe to assume the bag men are far from fed up with Gus.
  12. Unfortunately there is not a mind blown emoji. This cleared up a lot for me too. Explains the several run ins with so called boosters either myself or some of my friends had at Auburn. I had never or since never heard of them.
  13. Even year = 8-5 Gus all the time.
  14. we need to name this group the Heart Attack Kids!
  15. Boobie has failed to hit 1000 yards rushing due poor o-line play. With poor o-line depth going forward and losing four starters i think Boobie is going to seek out a solid line to block for him.
  16. This was not intended to be another Gus bashing thread. If I wanted to do that the thread would be titled "Mr. 8-5 improves o 9-4!" But hey Mikey, keep hanging onto that outlier 2013 season and preaching that one day, eventually, that will be Mr. 8-5's norm. I want to watch Gus Malzahn pregame speech because despite the many criticisms of Gus, to include averaging five losses a season for the last six years he routinely brings in a top 10 recruiting class every year. So how does he engage with recruits? Yet during post game press conferences, win or lose, SEC media days, and other speaking engagements I would rather watch paint dry than listen to Gus. There are reports of Gus with recruits, Gus with reporters behind the scenes, Gus with players, or Allen Greene that paint an entirely different picture. So I figure a VIDEO of a pregame speech has to be out there somewhere that can give some insight.
  17. Appreciate it. I have been to his channel and watched several videos. Only saw post game speeches.
  18. Link? Just watched a few videos. There are post game speeches no pre game
  20. My question is "are outside forces putting pressure on Gus to turn around the offense" or " is deficiencies in his offense something he has realized on his own and if so i assume he does not know how to fix it"?