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  1. Lets give it to them and beat them within an inch of their lives. Gus is so arrogant about his system. UCF is one of the best Group of Fives schools. they are a four win team in the SEC and everyone in the SEC will easily be able to shut down his high school offense
  2. Im still pumped to have coach Mason. I want to see him on the recruiting trail. I was watching the War Report and they pointed at that while recruiting a player to Vandy, his father was in prison and coach Mason visited the father in prison to build that relationship. This man is all over it!!!
  3. Harsin made a comment like "if their within 30 miles of Auburn they are not going somewhere else" Getting this kid is a start. However, I read somewhere he is really wanting a Bama offer. Gus really put us in a hole as far as our image with offensive players. I do hope we get him. O-line is the toughest to evaluate. If you watch the NFL draft most of the top linemen came from no name schools. They were over looked.
  4. Oh look three defensive players that Gus and his "system" have nothing to do with.
  5. Him or someone else. Because there are no consequences for actions.
  6. Agree to disagree with that comment. Gus Malzahns track record with QBs is terrible. The man has no idea how to evaluate or develop a QB. In two years he will have his own QB that he evaluated and coached at UCF and that guy will perform terribly as per protocol for Gus. In fact we might as well say Gus is a legit college coach once an Athletic Director gets him to progress out of his high school habits.
  7. Sorry but I will continue to blame Malzahn for Nix's lack of development. I believe the same problems would have plagued Gatewood. However, you can blame Bo and his father for choosing Auburn despite the obvious warnings that Malzahn would ruin him.
  8. Agreed. Mason is very charismatic. I believe there will be programs before long making him offers. I would like to think that Mason will stick around long enough for us to win a Natty and help his stock go up.
  9. Russell's might have been aimed at preventing injuries in the weight room, I assume, since the emphasis on body weight work. Truly we would have to do a deep dive to see the on field injury differences. I would say we are getting back to the Kevin Yoxall days
  10. It "appears" Bo is getting properly coached and is receptive to new ideas. Obviously, we will see. The o-line is the biggest concern. Gus Malzahn dug a very deep hole with the o-line and now is gone. Harsin needs to make a big splash this years because after this season there is a major rebuilding job. Auburn has signed four high school offensive linemen over the last two years.. NOT GOOD
  11. S&S has been older players big criticism of Malzahn. Gus wanted to revolutionize football. We did more body weight and high rep work under Ryan. We also had, what at least seemed more injuries when Ryan was strength coach. Mental toughness is built in the weight room and during hard practices. We had neither under Gus. Harsins approach isn't new, it's the norm. Our players will be bigger and stronger both physically and mentally with this traditional approach.
  12. We've got some veterans that need to do that as well.
  13. You misread the concept. Next youre going to mistake something like "developement of a intermediate passing game
  14. Break out first season with someone elses players. Then mediocrity will set in.
  15. The only embarrassing seasons Gus had for Gus was 2015 and 2018. Im probably saying nothing new to WarDamnEagleWDE but Gus was always able to justify to himself his 8-5 seasons. 2014 He probably takes blame for because every season up until that Gus truly did not believe he needed a defense. 2015 Gus found out that 1. He doesn't know how to break down film, 2. doesn't know how to attack a zone defense 3. doesn't know how to teach his QBs how to read a zone defense. To this day Gus probably believes he can coach QBs. It has been reiterated to me several times how great of a person Gus actu
  16. It's pretty simple. Harsin has a standard and Nix will have to meet it. We can say this about the entire offense. Players were not getting coached. HHowever talented you were on arriving on campus was how talented you would be the rest of your career at Auburn.
  17. Had a long discussion with one of Coach Dyes old players. He stressed this over and over again. Kept saying how soft strength and conditioning had gotten and how soft practices were. Allegedly, Malzahns soft practices were a sticking point with Kevin Steele with the boosters
  18. Harsin leads from the front. When is the last time we have seen that?
  19. You mean taught something other than drops?
  20. I want the stress of a $49 mil contract
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