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  1. On 5/27/2020 at 8:17 AM, McLoofus said:

    I feel like maybe Marcello and Malzahn might actually have a solid "working relationship" now, especially with Jimmy Creepy gone. I think Creepy affected how Marcello did his job and how Gus interacted with the beat in general. Not saying Gus is suddenly Bobby Bowden or even Tommy Tuberville but he does seem to trust Marcello now. (Edit: I know Marcello isn't technically on the local beat anymore.)

    Big congrats to everyone involved on all those good grades. Love that we actually prioritize that, along with so much of the culture Gus has built. The academics and culture go beyond football, but I'm not sure the football team has always embraced it and furthered it like Gus's program has. 

    I really wish Gus would abandon his offense because he has been the standard in every other aspect of running this program.

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  2. 11 hours ago, WarDamnEagleWDE said:

    FWIW, Pruitt and Ansley tagged team this kid. Gus didn't offer up or give much effort here. Kid was a HUGE AU fan and lean. Pruitt made him a priority and got him. This new wave of cov recruiting isn't going well with Gus. He needs to be face to face in person.

    HUGE miss on AU here. Steele, T-Will, CRG, Gus, the whole staff.  Huge need for  2021.

    This goes back to a question i had about Gus earlier in the year.  He must have some kind of charisma in person.

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  3. Cochrans' and Smarts' wives are very very close.  Smart tried to lure Cochran away from when he first left for UGA and Cochrans wife wanted him to go but Cochran was loyal to Saban.  That being said the lack of  any kind of  life has caused a  couple coaches  to leave Saban before I suspect that and the wives situation had a lot to  do  with it.

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  4. On 2/29/2020 at 12:36 PM, copper4eva said:

    Gus's biggest issue the past few seasons has been OL. Even in 2017, our OL wasn't that reliable. They got dominated by UCF. Kerryon Johnson made them look better than they actually were. I mean, this past season, against Arkansas, we run power with Gatewood twice in a row on 3rd and 4th short. Got stuffed twice. And that was against... Arkansas.

    If Gus can get an elite OL again, I think people would be surprised by how easy calling plays will become for him again. Think how hard it is to call the right play when your OL consistently doesn't block s***. Every play in football (more or less) requires good blocking from the OL. Run, pass, or screen. Which is of course obvious, but I've seen a lot of fan cry about play calling on plays where there was a DT in the backfield in the first second. You just can't succeed like that.

    Reality is this.  It does not matter if Jack Bicknell ens up being the best o-lne coach in college  football and a phenomenal recruiter.  Gus has severely neglected o-line recruiting for years.   Gus tried to start correcting this with the 2020 recruiting class with five high school and three JUCO  commitments.  However, only three high school offensive linemen committed and two JUCO commits.   Those three high school players are not going to be ready to contribute, theoretically until next year.   Additionally they were recruited by the same guy that recruited last seasons starters as well.  I fear Bo Nix's  time at Auburn will be wasted due to the fact that Malzahn failed at maintaining his offensive line and coach Bicknell will probably be spending the next four years(Assuming Gus will still be here) rebuilding the Auburn offensive line.

  5. On 2/7/2020 at 2:45 PM, copper4eva said:

    It's very fascinating that how you basically become this is by being someone who loves the team.

    " Once properly vetted, your money usually buys you first or secondhand access to information most fans (or journalists) would kill for: player run-ins with the law that go unreported, what certain coaches are really like, what kind of power an AD or president really has, and who really is in charge of your football program. "

    When I saw this part it became clear that there are tons of people who would do this job. Well, I say tons, obviously have you to be fairly wealthy, so you don't miss the money you give away.


    I also don't really view this as a crime. I mean seriously, people who get mad at someone getting paid for something they legally did (in this case, play football) are crazy to me. There's tons of horrible stuff going on in the world are worried about college athletes getting paid? And frankly, considering the size of college football, you could argue they aren't getting paid very much relative to the income they bring in for others.

    This article brought to my attention that I have possibly met one for them. 

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  6. On 2/7/2020 at 9:35 AM, McLoofus said:

    Have posted this a couple times. It really opened my eyes to the biznazz.

    I was also sharing with somebody just the other day a story my bama buddy told me. He was golfing with a group of his fellow bammers. There was a dude there he didn't know, a bit of a simpleton. They told him later that the dude was a bag man and didn't even know it. Just delivered packages for his boss. 

    No need to be redundant.

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  7. On 2/2/2020 at 9:46 AM, Mikey said:

    Don't you know better than to provide an accurate answer? Shame on you! This was supposed to be another mindless Gus bashing thread and now you've spoiled the fun.  :)

    This was not intended to be another Gus bashing thread.   If I wanted to do  that the  thread would be titled "Mr.  8-5 improves o 9-4!"  But hey Mikey, keep hanging onto that outlier 2013 season and preaching that one day, eventually, that will be Mr.  8-5's norm.   I want to watch  Gus Malzahn pregame speech because despite the many criticisms of Gus, to include averaging five losses a  season for the last six years he routinely brings in a top 10 recruiting class every year.  So how does he engage with recruits?  Yet during post game press conferences, win or lose, SEC media days, and other speaking engagements I would rather watch paint dry than listen to Gus.  There  are reports of Gus with recruits, Gus with reporters behind the scenes, Gus with players,  or Allen Greene that paint an entirely different picture.  So I figure a VIDEO of a pregame speech has to be out there somewhere that can give some insight.

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  8. 58 minutes ago, abw0004 said:

    Sure thing.  Here you go.  Each episode at least has one or two lines from his pregame speech.  Or at least the first three.  I didn't check them all.  You can also see Kam Martin's pregame speech in one of them as well as Tega's I believe.  Stat has a few and I will link his YouTube channel as if I post the specific videos they somehow enlarge extremely big and it will take you two days to scroll down.  :lol:



    Appreciate it.  I have been to his  channel and watched several videos.  Only saw post  game speeches.

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  9. 2 hours ago, abw0004 said:

    They are at the beginning of Stat's videos. They were also on the 10 minute episodes Auburn put out every week that I posted on here in a dedicated thread.  They also show each senior that was chosen to give the pre-game speech as well.

    Link?   Just watched a few videos.  There are post game speeches no pre game

  10. On 1/24/2020 at 7:45 AM, WarDamnEagleWDE said:

    Last hooray for Gus to turn his offense around.  Going to be a point here in the very near future that that buyout won't be an obstacle to getting him gone.

    My question is "are outside  forces putting pressure on Gus to turn around the offense" or " is deficiencies in his offense something he has realized on his own and if so i assume he does not know how to fix it"?

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