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  1. Better question, How many games can we realistically win.
  2. My guess is too many moving pieces results in Gus making it to next season.
  3. Auburn is an always has been unpredictable................................................................................
  4. Kirby really wanted the Auburn job. He was more than willing to take it. However, during negotiations with Jacobs the issues were. Kirby insisted on remaining Bama's DC through the NC game, Jacobs wanted him to leave Bama immediately. Kirby wanted 100% control over his staff, while jacobs insisted on him or others having some say so or allowed to make suggestions. There were two other sticking points but i cannot remember what they are. Anyways, Kirby left the interview feeling good and hoping to meet somewhere in the middle but never got a call for another interview.
  5. We offer enough money they will come. When Muschamp was at Texas he said he would never come back to Auburn as long as Jay Jacobs was there. He eventually came back for enough money.
  6. I am glad to know I was not the only one thinking that last night.
  7. For a serious conversation. I want to know if we all actually think Gus could actually be fired this season? Not do we want him to be fired or should he be fired but would Auburn actually part ways with him. It is safe to say Gus will yet again go 8-4 this year and likely lose the bowl game for his usual 8-5 record. However, as I pointed out before the season started, whether Gus starts Nix or Gatewood, he has a built in excuse for going 8-4 because he had o start a freshman QB. This is redundant of other threads and posts but I felt going into this season Gus was trying to set
  8. Most of us having been saying this about Gus since 2016. Yet the recruits keep coming. I would think 8-5 and inept offenses would scare them away more, but it doesn't.
  9. Yeah, not quite sold on KS as the HC
  10. Three slant routes on the opening drive?
  11. I have definitely noticed this. Brandon Marcello and Phillip Marshal have very noticeably gotten on the Bus. Both very critical of Gus last season and post season. Then righ before Spring practice it is like Gus is this whole new coach that has never had an 8-5 season or has let his ego getin the way with winning. My main take away from this article though i that there is clear evidence of poor evaluation of quarterbacks under Malzahn. As far as our QB issues with Gus, yes his ability to develop them you could go either way, but the evaluation of them has definitely been
  12. AUBURN — When Gus Malzahn confirmed reports that Joey Gatewood planned to transfer from Auburn last Wednesday, the head coach said it was because the redshirt freshman was “just at a point now where he feels like he wants to be a starting quarterback.” When Gatewood released his own statement later that day, he said he “wouldn’t take back any part of my journey to this point” but that “it is in the best interest of myself and my family to move forward.” All of which is completely fair and entirely defendable. The writing was on the wall for Gatewood as soon as true freshman
  13. Your not the guys who design the Coyotes rockets are you? Cause if you are.......................
  14. Gus Malzahn is a borderline world beater thatis unfortunately situated between Bama and UGA and is held to an impossible standard, per Kerk Herbstriet. FSU woud be lucky to have him.
  15. Mullin is the new Spurrier imo. Gatewood wants to be bread into a quality QB then Mullen is the guy to do it. Additionally if the rumors are true that Mullen does not like Gus then what better way to take a stab at Gus then turn Gatewood into a Phenom and win big with him.
  16. Whose to say Rhett hasn't been learning how to?
  17. Makes sense for a lot of reasons. Close to home for Joey. Chance to win the QB Gus ran off for Mullen. JG is just a star waiting to shine
  18. OC: Jake Spavital RB: Move Larry Porter to RB coach TE: John Cooper from UCF Oline: Luke Butkus currently Green bay assistant o-line oach former UI o=line coach. Probably the Rodney Gardenr equivalentof o=line coaches Receivers: Dave Nichol of Washington state
  19. You are not an offensive genius, you would not undertand
  20. Oh yeah?!?!?!?! Ask Kirk Edward Herbstreit ! We are just unreasonable an compare Gus to an impossible standard. HOW DARE YOU!
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