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  1. I disagree with you.I am not saying you are wrong or i am right. I believe Gus blames a lot on execution. LSU 2017. Gus initially did not blame the loss on poor and predictable play calling but instead said that if Auburn had connected on a few of those third and longs we would all be feeling a little different. In fact all of Guss' head scratching losses if you go back on youtube and watch his post games he ALWAYS blames lak of execution for the loss.
  2. I like how despite what he has acomplshed reporters still make fun of him like he is some idiot and will eventually tank. Yet Gus is still about to round the corner every year.
  3. yes you are right but you saying that just makes me so angry
  4. It's not a joke. I do not think Gus even is aware of the difference. Gus really didn't like Rhett running "HIS" offense. He brought Chip in but Chip had to run Malzahns version of the HUNH. Gus wants to win but only wants to win if it is running his offense in the manner he likes to run it. Not how Rhett likes to run it or how Chip wanted to run it. So yes Gus wants to be right more than he wants to win. If Gus wanted to win he would hire Kliff Kingsbury and leave him alone. He would get rid of this C-USA Caliber offensive coaching staff and hire offensive coaches that mirror ou
  5. Gus doesn't want to win. He wants to be right about his offense!
  6. No it just means Gus does not know how to coach quarterbacks
  7. Why does everyone want to see Joey Gatewood play so bad? Please explain this to me. Apparently NO ONE on this forum is aware that the same clwon that is coaching Nix is also coaching Gatewood. So Gus puts Gatewood in and Gatewood is also a complete bust!?!?! Then what? GUS MALZAHN DOES NOT KNOW HOW TO COACH A QUARTERBACK. GUS MALZAHN DEVOURS TALENT! GUS MALZAHN STRAIGHT UP SUCKS AT QB DEVELOPMENT! 1. Khiel Frazier aka Baby Cam- eventually transfered to a DIII 2. Nick Marshal- after a year in the system he has finally grasped the play book. He has improved is thro
  8. GUS MALZAHN HAS NEVER ONCE RECRUITED AND DEVELOPED A HIGH SCHOOL QUARTERBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. There was a good article before the season started suggesting that the reason Malik Willis was moved to 3rd on the depth chart was so Gus would have a built in excuse with starting a freshman QB. Which sounds about right. Gus trying to buy time as out HC.
  10. Grimes should have NEVER been hired to begin with. I do feel if Gus somehow does return next seaso he we just replace Grimes with some 28 year old he can control. So t doesnt matter.
  11. The offense just isn't a power 5 offense
  12. I say it's coaching. Name one high school QB Gus has ever developed. I hate seeing a Nix do so poorly when he is capable of so much more. Really, how could his father allow him to come to Auburn when Gus had has such a terrible record developing QB's?
  13. With Gus as the HC....................8-5!
  14. O-line just isn't capable of stepping up in this game. Additionally Guss' big game play calling.
  15. More boosters want Gus gone than ones that want to keep him. Leath is gone. IDK what Green is thinking. But boosters are tired of the offenses constant struggles. Yes we are 5-1 but Tulane and Kent State are already behind us. Three of the four toughest teams are still ahead of us. Gus is suppoedto be a great offensive mind yet the defense has been the only consistency and has carried the team for the last three seasons. Gus is Gus is Gus. He has been the same guy every year. Nothing on offense ever changes. Not really.
  16. I would like to see us play Try and Notre Dame
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