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  1. September 13, 2015 in the Auburn Football film room, Gus Malzahn, Rhett Lashlee, the rest of the offensive staff the and at least the first team offense, sat in the film room reviewing the Jacksonville State game. It was a too close for comfort win over an inferior opponent. Despite a 2-0 start to the season, Jeremy Johnson's struggles and and the inability for the offense to create a big play, an unsettling anxiety and quiet panic set in with Gus and Rhett as they realized Jeremy was not equipped to run the offense, and additional play makers (Duke Williams suspended for fall camp
  2. Honestly I do not see how so many were so optimistic for this season. The offensive line was a single point of failure for the team last year. Let's say we had fired Gus last November and hired Bob Stoops or even Urban Myer. They would still have to deal with the current five starters on the offensive line and their inability to execute effectively. Any coach in college football right now would struggle with these guys. Obviously, Gus gets 100% of the blame for the current situation. I am just pointing out that fans for some reason thought that the Purdue game would translate to this
  3. Hey, you get to question away for two more weeks. After that it will be answers one way or another.
  4. I do not see this offensive line holding up against an SEC front seven
  5. I am still not sold on the oline and the run game. I believe it is going to get rough when we play a&m. Bo Nix is a boss though
  6. I will give you thatbut he and his father knew what Malzahns offense was and what it has done to QB's and he committed anyways.
  7. You need to give Gus time to get into a play calling rythm and mold the offense around the strengths of his QB................... Quit being so impatient..
  8. Do you really think the #1 HS QB in the nation would have committed to Gus if he didn't believe Gus was an offensive innovator and elite developer of QBs?!!??!
  9. It's a strength! Do not make me have to correct you again!
  10. Half time adgustments and we win. Split UGA Bama
  11. You have no clue what you are even talking about! The oline is a strength this season! Gus is back in his comfort zone calling plays. He is the new Gus! Bo isn't buying in. It's not Gus!
  12. Gus is an offensive genius that has developed some of the best QB's. Cam, Nick, Stidham! Bo is just having "mental issues"!
  13. No you did not just say that..............
  14. What are you talking about? Gus's offenses are way better with a mobile QB. Also Gus is in his comfort zone calling plays. I feel bad for Oregon.
  15. Offensive geniuses do not have to rely on intermediate passing routes.
  16. Gus is calling plays now not Chip. Offenses is completely different!
  17. No. Gus is calling the plays for the first time since 2015 so he is back to doing what got him the job. He will be unstoppable. Also he returns all five olinemen who are in their second year being Coached by one of the most technical oline coaches in the business who was previously at UCONN before Gus brought him back. He also has a QB that God made for his offense. So quit haten
  18. This is something I just do not understand. What made people think the oline would be any better? They looked good against Purdue. Troy is better than Purdue. Anyway, Dino Babers for HC
  19. Absolute nonsense. Gus is a great QB developer. Just look at Cam! Problem was Stidham refused too listen to Gus and developed"mental" issues! Right? Am I right?
  20. I love it. Orgeron isnt the better coach but is 2-0 against Gus. Orgeron is 19-7/11-5 SEC over the last two seasons. Gus is 18-9/10-7 over the last two seasons. Yet Gus is the better coach. Gus is on the hot seat Orgeron isnt.
  21. I agree with you right up to the last sentence. One of Gus Malzahns problems is that he has a "base" offense. It consists of five plays. These five plays are what cost us the 2017 LSU game. They also to an extent cost us the 2016 Clemson game. When Gus did his car interview with Brandon Marcello Gus stated that when he was a high school coach a close friend told him to have 5 or 6 plays that you run so well that no one can stop you. Once you have established those 5 plays you can start implementing other plays. Marcello asked Malzahn if that is why we see him run it up the middle so muc
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