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  1. I’m glad you’re not God—He at least applies grace and forgiveness.
  2. I suppose I will have to disagree with this--in the NFL, there are some OL that have a zone blocking skill set (e.g., Denver under Mike Shanahan), while others (like Pittsburgh's) are predominantly skilled at power blocking. It's similar in college--Auburn's has been mostly zone blocking, while Alabama's has traditionally been power blocking under Saban. Look how NFL teams recruit free agent OL--it is largely based on what kind of blocking scheme they employ. Of course, there are a select few OL that are both fast and strong and can play either scheme, but they are just that, exceptions to the
  3. I'm a little surprised that no one seems to be overly enthused about Nick Coe making it into school--he looks like he's one of those guys who could be a big contributor, maybe not this year but soon, and the sooner he gets started the sooner he can contribute.
  4. I've only monitored discussions on this forum and have never made any inputs, but I feel compelled to do so this one time. I don't know Kodi Burns personally, and have never met him, but from the outside looking in, and from the one person I know that HAS met him, I couldn't be happier with this selection. This is the one data point I have: A co-worker of mine is also a professional level bass fisherman--he participated in one of those Pro-Am fishing tournaments about a year ago, and Kodi was his partner. This guy is a diehard Tennessee fan, so he didn't have any reason to build Kodi up into
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