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  1. If the OL isnt moving defenses off the ball then nothing's going to work. Gus' deep PA works when the defense plays up & sells out to stop the run. It's simple this offense hinges on OL play
  2. If AUs 6-3 losing to A&M, UF, and LSU going into November I personally think its a wrap. The W over Oregon? Not at all but it brought back some good memories and made one of its own.
  3. They just aren't communicating, dont mean to pick on the interior line but its rough right now. As good as Tulane was up front it shouldn't have looked as bad as it did.
  4. Some folks would rather question who RB1 is rather than understand who was lined up on DL for tulane
  5. He didnt but neither did anyone on either side of the ball. Growing pains will happen the line of scrimmage is my biggest concern
  6. Not once have i claimed him to be a world beater or legend but to question who's the better fit this week or last sells what he did last week short. True freshman rallys and converts a 4th down to set up the winning throw. Yea that type of stuff means alot to AU people who remember watching his dad with their dad's.
  7. Joey ran 2 or 3 designed keeps against a tired tulane D. Im so tired of the " Gus needs a running qb" talk. What he ran @ Tulsa & AU before and after '10/'13 is what his scheme is. People forget NM ran a simplified PB in '13. Nothing works when the interior line is getting whooped play after play.
  8. So JG settles the team down after the 1st down and completes that throw last week? Not taking anything from either one but why try & take away from what that meant to AU people?
  9. Lol and he earned that 2 spot behind Brady. Give him time to grow is all, I mean he was 19 for 30 something w/ 200 plus yards in his second game.
  10. He had an off night. Hell both O & D had an off night. It happens WDE
  11. Go back and watch the 2nd and 3rd efforts in the 2nd half last week. Nothing is opening inside and Tulane has a draft pick playing Nose tonight
  12. No assumptions to it he was the #1 DT QB. There will be growing pains and tonight's just one of those nights.