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  1. I think all NY6 bowls will be used on a rotating schedule from what I've read. Four NY6 bowls for the quarters and the other two for the semis. You may be overthinking this
  2. He only led AU in tackles in 2016 after surgery on both shoulders the year before.
  3. It'd be different if it's X's & O's, nowadays it's the same ol' wash, rinse, and repeat hair salon BS. Get's old reading random ass opinions about the man. We all know. What happened to bringing substance to the board?
  4. Can we please kill the Gus convo? Getting old ain't it?
  5. UT's out because of Hooker's knee. As objective as I hope the committee to be, they'd lose all credibility letting a Hooker less UT in over bama. Not the same UT without him
  6. Late to this post but prayers up sis.
  7. Bro, this committee looks at wins the same way most half ass CFB fans look at it. 5 weeks ago Tennessee was the best team in the country until UGA was until Ohio State was until Michigan was. I may take some flack for this but I'd take an expanded BCS over a flawed CFP committee all day every day
  8. TCU would get steamrolled by this uga squad, hate to say it, but they remind me of these bama teams between '09-'15. IMO does TCU deserve a shot with 1 L coming from KState in the CCG? Yes they do. But if we've learned anything over the last 8 years it's that relevancy matter in the eyes of the CFP committee.
  9. Yes Alabama losing w/ 1 loss vs uga would knock their ass out. My point is, the last 8 years have taught us that WHO and WHEN you lose matters. Whether I agree with it or not
  10. Personally NO. But to the CFP committee TCU chose the wrong time to lose. Same as UM if they end losing to Purdue
  11. Can you blame them? Everybody's lost who's needed to
  12. Been saying it for 3 weeks now, they about to end up backing their way into this ****. Everything's been lining up since UT took an ass whooping to SCar, no surprise
  13. Until Ole Miss : 1. Sets a new program record of 11 regular season wins. 2. Wins a 7th SEC title. 3. Hell let alone plays for one. 4. Wins a Heisman or three Do that and maybe I'll entertain a conversation comparing the two programs. Until then it's apples to oranges
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