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  1. I think Thamel wrote an article a month or so ago about who he believed would be hit with major sanctions. Seeing that AU was compliant and it was limited to one coach and 2 players only receiving $2k total maybe it'll be a lesser failure to monitor charge
  2. NM behind center gave the offense a rhythm that would've won more games with a better D. Rotating JJ in would've slowed the pace and taken away from the HUNH Gus was trying to run.
  3. I'm honestly looking forward to the UF game more than any mostly because it brings back old memories with family and I'll be there. AU's lost in almost every way a team can lose in the last 20 years in Baton Rouge. After '17 I think sage oil and incense should be part of the gameplan this year
  4. Yes. I wasn't disagreeing. With everything you mentioned plus the hype of a top 10 start only a few people noticed the OL problems early on.
  5. You're forgetting the O line play through half of the season that did him no favors.
  6. Great examples but it's more than that. Since 2015 most fans can see the writing on the wall before halftime and it's been frustrating to watch in losses and wins
  7. I think he re-enlisted not long ago but from what a friend of mine said the night he saw him he seemed in "marine mode" not like the outgoing person he was. Not sure what he meant by marine mode but I'm guessing Pvt. Pyle from FMJ. There's no excuse for what he's done and he'll answer for this in this life and the next. This thread is for Officer Buechner and it should stay that way. God rest his soul.
  8. Some back home who stayed in touch with him say he had a hard time leaving the NG and one said they saw him not long ago in a Walmart at 1am wearing his gear and he seemed off. Something went wrong in his head. He just had a son and seemed happy with his family. Its crazy
  9. Sorry for your loss and I haven't been able to shake this since early Monday morning. Sadly to say I knew Wayne Wilkes, grew up a mile down the road and were friends through school. He just ruined his life and left his young son to grow up without him. Prayers for everyone involved in this tragedy.
  10. As far as aviation work taking a hit I likely doubt it. Most of those jobs are contract in those two areas and it's usually single people from out of state making per diem or their family is back home. As long as they're getting their hours most out of state contractors couldn't care less what Montgomery does.
  11. I really thought Mallett had a chance to be their next in line. Not sure if the post was derogatory towards the QBs he's drafted but Mallett threw for over 3k and 30TDs his 2 years at Arky. At 6'6 and the trend of bigger QBs I would've taken him
  12. Hackman was the first person who came to mind to play Bruce.