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  1. Compared to last year's Vince Young type performance, he doesn't.
  2. No I don't disagree. I've questioned Gus in the past. One example is needing a dynamic QB in order to win championships. We "back doored" into the sugar bowl and lost to another power 5 CC. My point is obviously nothing has changed since the UGA game so why another uproar to fire Gus? Anyone who watched the loss to aTm could tell the writing was on the wall after our 1st drive in the 2nd half
  3. Aren't these same fire gus threads getting old? Talk about beating a dead horse
  4. Did Gus really just call that TO? Come on buddy you're just making it worse
  5. I don't blame him for defending his father in public. I'd never condemn my mother, father, brother, child, etc. in public but between the walls of our home I'd make it very clear how I truly feel. It could be a situation like that.
  6. I agree with the Meyer comment. 11-1 consistently sounds great but some losses hold more weight than others, in this case bama. I just can't see how a coach could keep his job and lose to his in-state/ inter-divisional rival every year. Theoretically if that were the case the IB would decide who went to ATL most years and our 1 loss to bama every year would keep us out. That would get old quick.
  7. Winning every game but the IB will get you fired eventually. Competing and winning are different. Since Gus has been the HC at AU he's competed well in the IB but only has 1 win. We are a top program in the sport why settle for second? That's the issue. To be fair every program goes through transitioning or rebuilding years but to be complacent with finishing 2nd until Saban retires doesn't make any sense to me.
  8. The one common denominator is see with this is the philosophy of needing a star QB for his offense to be at a championship level. Yes certain pieces have to be in place for any offense to be successful but if an offenses success is predicated on a high caliber QB running it then how good is it really?
  9. Exactly
  10. I agree with all of this BUT we haven't won 9 games yet. If our October offense shows up in the bowl game I could definitely see us getting that 9th win
  11. I've pulled for Gus since he was hired but to put all of this in perspective we haven't lost 3 in a row to them in over 20 years. While other AU sports are starting to progress our breadwinner is regressing. 4 wins against our 2 biggest rivals since 2008 is crazy. If LSU and UGA can win 10+ games a year on a consistent basis why can't we?
  12. We lost to UGA and them. We won 8 games, we finished tied for 2nd in a division that was mediocre compared to the last 3-4 years, and we are settling for par in the 4th year of malzahn's tenure.