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  1. People are still missing the point and I dont understand it. Fans are done with Malzahn not Auburn. The program is bigger than one man, they need to open their eyes and ears and realize Malzahn and Auburn arent inseparable.
  2. Has Gus Malzahn Been Fired Yet?
  3. I thought it was pretty damn unprofessional. If he had an issue he should've pulled Malzahn to the side and explained it, not yelling from 6 yards away where the mics could pick it up.
  4. "That's BS coach, I know it's not your fault. I know it's not your fault but your game manager's gotta take care of it". That's what I got out of it. Kinda funny he was chewing AU's sideline out for it but it was uga's band at that time doing it. Why would AU's band make it hard to hear for AU's offense? OU and Clemson are notorious for this
  5. I doubt it. Malzahn would've lost his job 3-4 years ago
  6. He's done well since and before but he was a bad hire at AU in 08. He's improved offenses every where else he's been
  7. 3-2 vs MSU, 14 against UT, and 13 in a loss at Vandy
  8. If there was ever an excuse to show Malzahn the door after the season this would be it. In Jordan Hare no less
  9. 10 games in and still no progress though
  10. Half his damn arm was in the endzone before the knee touched. Good lord
  11. Lmao theyre digging waaay down deep in the rule book
  12. Inside the 5? Let's try that weird under the center snap thing we did at the 35