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  1. I've been frustrated with his passing all year. "Philly" style my ass
  2. Is ESPN trying to predict the hangover that'll follow AU's first loss of the season to these clowns for me lol
  3. Mac just stood there and that's a foul? Lol
  4. Danjel set your freaking feet! it's a 2-3 zone
  5. Were down 10 stop the lazy showboat crap and play with fundamentals
  6. A shack in Tuscaloosa?. Whodathunkit? Lol
  7. I stopped doing low country boils against them in 2017, Chili's also off the menu at my house after this year lol.
  8. I know your pain bud, I've grown to appreciate LSU mostly for Les Miles and taking a chance on who at the time was a head scratching hire in Orgeron BUT my one and only CFB nightmare came the night Vaughn missed in OT.
  9. It's hard to compare IMO. Brennan set the SSTD record vs the WAC and Burrow broke it vs SEC talent. By numbers I think yes and yes the talent around him is pretty damn good. Chase, Jefferson, and Marshall are all NFL talent but they needed someone who could get the ball to them, not taking anything from Burrow or what he's done there but Cam had T Zach, Adams, and Kodi. How many times did # 2 put that team on his back when they needed him? Those Clemson, Arkansas, bama games man he came through. 8 comeback wins. Burrow didn't have many of those games. Both of their defenses gave up yards and points, LSU has more next level talent on d but neither could be considered bad. My honest opinion watching both teams is LSU loses 2 games without Burrow ( Texas & uat), AU loses 6 without Cam (Clemson, USC, Arkansas, LSU, uga, uat) maybe 7 considering UK. Burrow was LSU's missing piece, Cam was AU's everything.