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  1. War Damn Eagle. Congratulations to this team and to Coach Pearl.
  2. It'd bring better ratings than any of their championship games. Hell I would call out of work and throw a watch party
  3. They really looked like it didn't matter tonight. It's disappointing
  4. Soft teams get blown out. Before tonight and the OM game AU lost by a combined 5 points. They played lazy down low on D in the 2nd half and too many careless turnovers tonight.
  5. Hell no. He's the reason this program is relevant again. The fact an AU fan would want him to take the heat for a 16th ranked AU basketball team on a 3 game skid speaks for the job he's done.
  6. I definitely agree with you except my 4 and 6 year olds probably deal with sitting in the heat about the same as any kid. I wasn't comparing fan bases but if you have kids then that plays a part in it.
  7. Dang. I was actually thinking about taking my family this year just to check it out but if it's that bad we may go to Columbia or watch AU play Florida.
  8. I don't see what leadership has to do with how expensive it is to stay in Auburn because it's expensive everywhere. AU could go on a bama type run and I still don't think you'd see rows 26 and up in the upper decks full. I sat up there a few years ago and I'll never do it again because I spent most of the time watching a screen trying to figure out what was going on. Things are different today for everybody. I work with a big clemson fan and instead of dealing with traffic or his kids complaining about the heat, his family picks one night game a year to go to and they watch the rest at home.
  9. AU needed a bowl win to make it to 8 wins. That's not deserving of a final top 25 ranking IMO.