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  1. As far as aviation work taking a hit I likely doubt it. Most of those jobs are contract in those two areas and it's usually single people from out of state making per diem or their family is back home. As long as they're getting their hours most out of state contractors couldn't care less what Montgomery does.
  2. I really thought Mallett had a chance to be their next in line. Not sure if the post was derogatory towards the QBs he's drafted but Mallett threw for over 3k and 30TDs his 2 years at Arky. At 6'6 and the trend of bigger QBs I would've taken him
  3. Hackman was the first person who came to mind to play Bruce.
  4. 1. Jvon, Jamal, Danjel 2. Jvon/Sharife, Turbo, Jamal
  5. I think McLemore can make up for some of that from what I saw the other night. He played fearless on the defensive end and carried the team on the glass. They will be missed though
  6. Not big on SM, but it doesn't surprise me. The ones I know didnt even know bama made the tourney last year. What a loving die hard fanbase they are only in the fall
  7. I'm so thankful I dont have to deal with that fanbase anymore. The one uga fan at work said man yall got robbed and kept it moving.
  8. Never thought that shade of orange & blue could turn my stomach like this
  9. How do you let that happen? Goodness gracious
  10. It is extremely tough to repeat tournament runs. It's not impossible because we've seen teams like UF and Nova win back to back championships but those teams pretty much returned everybody from the year before. Everything just about has to align perfectly. I don't think anyone doubts AU's ability but we don't even know what 2019-'20's team will look like yet.
  11. AU finished 14th in the AP, yes they were the lowest ranked elite 8 team right behind Purdue who was ranked 13th. Regardless of where this team was ranked, what they accomplished is incredible. I'm going to miss this group something fierce.
  12. Yes there are final 4 banners. The final ranking came out after the conference tournaments. AU finished 16th.
  13. Yes sir, I know the fundamentals of playing D bro and I agree with you. I was trying to defend why he might've done that in the heat of the moment there. It looked like he realized he was too late to the shooter and tried to move his body to avoid contact but the foul was called. By the book it was a foul but sometimes the officials should swallow the whistle and let the guys play. Hell they forgot where they put them for most of the first half anyway.