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  1. I think he got the first down with forward progress but the catch would've been overturned, that's if they would rule it a catch on the field today.
  2. It's tough to trust models when places like NYC consider adding most in home deaths to the virus death toll regardless if they're linked or not. I don't get the issue with Carlson when back in January when this virus was a non issue to most he was covering it. Anyway, so unemployed Americans are supposed to sit back and trust the government to decide what's best for them based off models? I'm blessed to still be able to work but I feel for the people who've been told to go home we're closed until further notice. A good friend of mine is one of these people, luckily he's getting 2 weeks of PTO but that's it and the bills are still coming in the mail. Alot of people have been forced into unemployment from actions made off these models. They've already caused hysteria judging by toilet paper and bread aisles. Then you have a WH reporter asking the president whether or not he's considering closing grocery stores. Really? What a jackass question. Then again everyone has a degree in public health and epidemiology these days while they forget and ignore the people forced out of work. If these experts want more social distancing and stricter stay at home orders from state and local government then the government should order the utility and loan companies to waive payments. Instead of rounds of stimulus checks to anyone making under 100k a year give the utility companies grants to keep families lights and water running and expedite the unemployment process. I don't believe in big government but we've already been told who can or can't work and where we can or can't go so what the hell let's give them control over how long our lights are on and maybe they'll give it back once we've flattened the curve on the models..... what's sickening is the politicizing of the virus and anyone with common sense knew it was only a matter of time, Alinsky would be proud
  3. That was kind of 50/50. From the camera angle on the backboard it looked like Isaac hooked first trying to box him out.
  4. Why? MIZ.ZOU is a swift kick in the ass. Plus the over rated chant. They're old enough to know what matters and what doesn't at this point. 5 seed maybe after losing in Colimbia tonight?
  5. You must be seasoned showing your fandom through the barbee years. Lebo Lunatic?
  6. I guess if they weren't disciplined. I watched a teammate lose 3 teeth in the net going up for a dunk and getting pushed from behind a decade ago. No bench clearing. Just an ejection.The kid was whining about the call on the floor and cambridge stepped on him. Anything can look on purpose in slow motion.
  7. So a flagrant's called while the kid laying on the ground is whining about the call on the floor and cambridge tries to step over him?
  8. Pinson makes the transition bucket look easy, then a floater, and now a 3. Damn
  9. You're right. Should've been a technical but they blew the whistle right after the shot to view the replay
  10. LSU still had both of their timeouts.