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  1. And we can’t do that. I’m so jealous. We have nothing.
  2. No freakin way that happens. We have been exposed and I am now so damn depressed. Not much else to be happy about in my life.
  3. Check that - just got a text from the bammer turncoat that it is now a 7:00PM anticipated start.
  4. I have an AU graduate co-worker there but he's: (A) Pulling for Ole Miss because he has a family member on team and (B) a flippin' bammer still (by birth) which I will NEVER EVER understand how anyone could complete 4 years at Auburn and still be a bammer. I tell him this often. Anyhow -- he says 6:45 start now b/c of weather.
  5. Why do we always take the first pitch - usually strike 1?
  6. Great feel good story. Loved the video, thanks for sharing!
  7. Correct. We have 75% easily.
  8. No idea what the score is and I'm at the game!!! The speakers are covering video board. This place sucks- no other way to say it. Stood in line for 30 minutes and no hotdogs, no popcorn and only warm soda. Garbage.
  9. Not sold out -- LOTS left. But I just got some decent seats for me, the wife and my youngest boy. Anyhow, great deal! We are excited! The last time I went to this, Bruce saw my kid (then 8 yrs old) waiting for a chance to get a pic. I swear 20+ people had to walk in front of us (SLOWLY) for the space to clear but Bruce waited and my boy will remember that moment for a lifetime (it's on Facebook- my most liked pic ever). Also - I stood right next to Harper and NO WAY in heck he's 5'11 HA! No way, never. I'm only 5'9'' and I was easily his height and maybe slightly taller. Whatever - he can slam it home. WDE!
  10. Westuck. .We stuck so bad. I an so disgusted.
  11. We stuck so bad. P-words.. I an so disgusted.
  12. Our D is uninspired and not that good either. No fire. Nada
  13. Agree. I am just dumbfounded. Our D let us down - where was the D?????????? The O was ehhhh. But ZERO flippin fire in the D and in the crowd. Refs were a factor but why let it get that far. This is as disappointed as I have ever been. Ever. We are not going to recover quickly.....
  14. Ran out of likes.. once again ToraGirl makes me post.... I'm usually just a lurker... great job TG!