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  1. Where was this last game- or, for the last several weeks. Different team.
  2. No excuse. None. All involved better darn well want to make up for it. I want to cuss really really badly. Ugh. Cuss cuss cuss. Where the heck was Okoro? Counting his millions??????
  3. Maybe they are. That is EXACTLY what they do. rtr?
  4. This was likely THE worst game I have witnessed from our staff. Bad bad bad bad coaching. Why the heck do we shoot all the 3s? Why? We are bad at that -bad! Bad! Where was Okoro? *%{%*^#}#£. Why not ever go inside? So now what? Crap, I don’t really believe we win another. Freaking bammer will.....oh, they will. They will win at the SEC tourney and then find their way into the dance. It’s all about them. And all about them being better than us - at anything/everything.
  5. This entire year has been against us by the SEC. I can see it. They believe we cheated. So, no calls at home. Wiley gets called often, Bruce can’t do anything without a T. From the beginning of tonight, I knew...sec. sec. sec. it just means more.
  6. I guess because we cheat? Idk. Feel like we do not get the calls at home. Ever. Like they have it in for Bruce. Have it in for Wiley. Not quite as much for purify ...for some reason. What the f ever. I’m so ticked!!!!
  7. Ridiculous effort against a below average team AT HOME. No excuse ever. None. Fans do not deserve this. Shoot a three ok. I don’t give a crap about the players tonight. WE don’t deserve this bs.
  8. We are just not a good shooting team. Forget the freaking 3. Forget it this year. Go inside more. Why not? We can’t hit layups though... so... hmmm. Slams only from here out.
  9. First time I have ever stopped watching ANY AU game early. Done.
  10. Lacking O for football. Lacking O for basketball It’s a curse I tell you. A curse that bammer must be behind.
  11. I was a little out of it last PM so I posted when I shouldn't have....(hope I didn't get on FB or Instagram....yikes). But - before last night, I hadn't stopped watching a game before the end since .... that NC State game you referenced. That was rough and probably worse than @ UK last year. But last night, I swear it was part of the 'script' and I can't understand why.
  12. So awesome. Bammer is the best. Guess I shouldn’t fight it. Though I hate then
  13. I'm just sad.... seeing those bammy faces in the crowd with those stupid hard hats. That group does not deserve anything positive.
  14. Bull shite Game against cheating refs. Yes we could not hit crap. That’s on us. But no way in heck we were going to be allowed to win. There was no way. Fixed. Fixed. And soooooo obvious.
  15. This was orchestrated. But didn’t help that we played like 5th graders. .
  16. And we can’t do that. I’m so jealous. We have nothing.
  17. No freakin way that happens. We have been exposed and I am now so damn depressed. Not much else to be happy about in my life.
  18. Check that - just got a text from the bammer turncoat that it is now a 7:00PM anticipated start.
  19. I have an AU graduate co-worker there but he's: (A) Pulling for Ole Miss because he has a family member on team and (B) a flippin' bammer still (by birth) which I will NEVER EVER understand how anyone could complete 4 years at Auburn and still be a bammer. I tell him this often. Anyhow -- he says 6:45 start now b/c of weather.
  20. Why do we always take the first pitch - usually strike 1?
  21. Great feel good story. Loved the video, thanks for sharing!
  22. Correct. We have 75% easily.
  23. No idea what the score is and I'm at the game!!! The speakers are covering video board. This place sucks- no other way to say it. Stood in line for 30 minutes and no hotdogs, no popcorn and only warm soda. Garbage.
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