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  1. We are definitely in the tougher side of the bracket. No team outside the top 10 in current RPI. While the other side includes Michigan and FSU ranked 26th and 33 in RPI respectively. Not sure what metrics they are using to say we are the worst other than purely looking at overall record (which means not taking into consideration our #1 SOS)
  2. So do we know when we play in Omaha yet?
  3. Other than Virginia being in the ACC, I wouldn't consider them a traditional team in a national championship game. This is their first final four in 35 years and they've never won a national championship
  4. It's not like the workout under armour, but a nice comfortable stretchy soft cotton.
  5. Purdue is also not a high tempo team though. They were 268th in the country in tempo. They play a lot more in half court than we do. From a personnel standpoint, Purdue would have been a matchup nightmare for us. There's not a better fundamentally sound team than Virginia, but they are a team that won't beat us with length and athleticism.
  6. The Ball Four More UA shirts are pretty nice. Got mine at the Sprint Center after the game. Good quality under armour shirts, not some cheap quickly printed shirt.
  7. I haven't seen this prediction yet, but I'd guess it's just based on their bpi and this is the computer prediction based on metrics. Virginia has been #1 in most metrics for a while.
  8. Boulevard is great and they have many more great beers than just tank 7. Other really good breweries around town are KC Bier Co (you'll find Dunkel on tap at pretty much every bar around town), Torn Label, Cinder Block, Stockyards, there are a lot of good local breweries now. If you want to explore the city a bit. Crossroads, Westport and country club plaza are good places just a few minutes from downtown. Hopefully it doesn't rain too much this weekend.
  9. KC Live is the open air covered pavilion in the middle of power and light district and yes right next to the Sprint center.
  10. I live in KC now. Obviously the biggest thing you need to do if you've never been is get some BBQ. There are a number of great places. Arthur Bryant's and Gates are some of the iconic old school spots, but if you are truly looking for the best BBQ I'd stay away from these. My current top 5 in KC Metro in no particular order (I also mostly base my rankings on brisket and burnt ends because if you can't get pork right you have no business being mentioned) Oklahoma Joe's (Now Joe's KC) Q39 Blind Box Scott's Kitchen (only open for breakfast and lunch. This is right next to the airport. HIGHLY recommended if you fly in/out and are able to get here before they close) SLAPs Jack Stack (I know this is 6, but Jack Stack is kind of a category of it's own, think the fine dining version of BBQ) Another one I won't include in my actual recommendations because I haven't been to yet, but is supposed to be good and is in the power and light district is County Road Ice House. They are a spin off collaboration with Joe's KC so I assume it's very good, but since I haven't been there I don't know for sure.
  11. I think UW and LSU have similar defenses, but UW seems miles better on offense. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't score 30+, but I will be surprised if LSU's offense gets more than 10 points (not including defense/special teams points)
  12. There were multiple blatant holds, but I'm kind of to the point I expect those to not get called.
  13. Take out their one big play 50 yard run and they are 40/106 2.65 ypc. They seem like the same team as last year to me. Solid defensively, but won't be able to keep up when they play a team with a better offense that doesn't give them free and easy points.
  14. WDEKC

    AP AU #9

    Right Tennessee is the only team in conference other than LSU to play all 3 of bama, UGA, and Auburn and they also play a pretty good WVU team and he has them as the 3rd easiest schedule.