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  1. WDEKC

    Scouting Report: LSU Tigers Defense

    I think UW and LSU have similar defenses, but UW seems miles better on offense. I wouldn't be surprised if we don't score 30+, but I will be surprised if LSU's offense gets more than 10 points (not including defense/special teams points)
  2. WDEKC

    Did i watch a different game

    There were multiple blatant holds, but I'm kind of to the point I expect those to not get called.
  3. WDEKC

    AU/LSU 2:30 CBS

    Take out their one big play 50 yard run and they are 40/106 2.65 ypc. They seem like the same team as last year to me. Solid defensively, but won't be able to keep up when they play a team with a better offense that doesn't give them free and easy points.
  4. WDEKC

    AP AU #9

    Right Tennessee is the only team in conference other than LSU to play all 3 of bama, UGA, and Auburn and they also play a pretty good WVU team and he has them as the 3rd easiest schedule.
  5. WDEKC

    AP AU #9

    Arkansas at #4 is laughable. They don't play a power 5 in non-con and get Mizzou and Vandy from the East.
  6. WDEKC

    2018 Coaches Preseason All-SEC Team

    This is coaches, but same sentiment for the most part. I think some of our DL don't get the recognition because the group is so deep and they rotate a ton. Put Derrick Brown on Miss St and nobody is likely talking about Simmons.
  7. Thanks for bringing this back on topic. Really shouldn't matter if we are focusing on a game or 2. The OL was flat out bad at least twice last year....Not average or slightly below average, but BAD. That's not really excusable no matter what the circumstances are. I can handle getting out played, but those 2 examples were much more extreme than just getting outplayed by a better opponent.
  8. UCF was worse. At least Clemson had some dudes on that DL and was early in the season. No excuse to not show up in the bowl game. That was embarrassing.
  9. WDEKC

    2020 5* C Walker Kessler

    Historically you could definitely say UCLA is a blue blood, but of those 11 national champs 10 of them were won over a 12 year period that ended over 40 years ago. Since Wooden retired, I'd put them in the good-great program area and just a tier under elite, but not on the level of the other 4.
  10. WDEKC

    2020 5* C Walker Kessler

    Right, there are only 4 true blue bloods in basketball. Those 4 programs are both the only ones in D1 with more than 2,000 overall wins and win percentages over .700. For reference, I have only been able to find top 50 wins all time and win percentages and Virginia is on neither list.
  11. WDEKC

    five position battles to watch

    I feel good about CB with pretty much any of them winning their respective position. Punter is obviously Siposs. The others.....no idea what to expect from those positions. RB will likely be fine just due to the position normally being fine under Malzahn, but the OL....
  12. Well, at least he can admit it.
  13. WDEKC

    2019 4* RB Noah Cain (Penn St.)

    I guess I'm confused about all the doom & gloom around recruiting. This is about where Auburn has always been. 2018 finished borderline top 10 in the country and 3rd in the SEC in recruiting. 2019 so far we have the 7/8th best national and 3rd best SEC avg recruit ranking.
  14. Even though it's not sold out much, we've been top 25 in attendance in the NCAA the last 2 years, right around the 20 mark. It just so happens the other 6 teams in the SECW are ahead of us. Including #1,2,3 and 4 in attendance.