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  1. Baseball vs. Memphis

    I'm trying to decide if that sounds awesome or depressing.
  2. Baseball Rankings - 3/19/18 Update

    With TTech loss, Auburn moves up to #1 RPI.
  3. watchespn like pretty much every SEC game and a majority of college games.
  4. Bracket Projections Talk

    I think I'm more along the lines of AU64 and the seeding for AU and UT will likely have more to do with how both perform in the SEC tournament. I have a feeling the team that goes further (or if either win the tournament) will get the higher seed of the 2. There may be slight variances in teams moving from Q1 to Q2 or vice versa, but the RPIs will likely remain within a few spots of each other and a good way to differentiate between the teams will be their SEC tournament performances.
  5. Bracket Projections Talk

    Not really, they were a group 2 win for UT either way. Probably would have needed to win multiple ACC tournament games to move to group 1. I guess they no longer have the ability to do that, but the single game yesterday made little difference.
  6. Baseball Rankings - 3/19/18 Update

    Northeastern split a 4 game series with Mizzou. Will probably be our best test for a weekend series so far. I've liked how the schedule has gotten progressively more difficult as we get closer to conference play.
  7. Bracket Projections Talk

    How is that news in either direction for us? They were in the 50s in RPI and dropped to 63 with the loss. That game had very little impact on Auburn.
  8. SEC Tournament

    Mizzou could be interesting if they get Michael Porter Jr back, but I'd hardly call 2-3 in their last 5 with losses to LSU and Ole Miss "peaking". They are also down to 2 scholarship guards. Not 2 scholarship PGs...2 scholarship guards.
  9. Time for the homestretch

    The only time margin seems useful is as a tiebreaker in standings or round robin/group tournament. Otherwise, it's such a hard thing to quantify as being meaningful.
  10. Time for the homestretch

    On the other side of that. You could have a game comfortably won and up by 30 and clear the bench and only win by 15 and that also has very little indication of the game when taking score into account. Or a team down by 15 could give up in the last few minutes and the margin reaches 30. I'm not sure margin of victory should matter because there are so many factors outside of winning/losing that can impact the final score margin.
  11. #11 Auburn vs Vanderbilt

    But it didn't...
  12. #11 Auburn vs Vanderbilt

    Depending on which RPI site you're looking at, they dropped 8 for the week which included a home loss to Mizzou. Pretty sure they were in the 20s before that loss then dropped to the 40s and moved back up a bit after beating UF.
  13. Men vs. LSU

    There are multiple teams ahead of us with 4 and 5 losses. How many do they need to lose for us to move up? At this point our schedule isn't bad.
  14. Men vs. LSU

    Ohio St which has gone on a run against a really weak B10 schedule and became overrated after beating Michigan St lost to Penn St this week. If we don't jump them, the SEC/Auburn would still be getting little respect.