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  1. Even though it's not sold out much, we've been top 25 in attendance in the NCAA the last 2 years, right around the 20 mark. It just so happens the other 6 teams in the SECW are ahead of us. Including #1,2,3 and 4 in attendance.
  2. IMO it's still among the best, but it's definitely on the smaller side when compared to many other SECW stadiums.
  3. About 4k which I believe is in the bottom 4 in the SEC. LSU, Ole Miss, Miss St, Arkansas, Texas A&M are all stadiums in the SECW considered to be top 10 in the country by many sources.
  4. WDEKC

    Peyton Glavine

    Uh Sprinkle was a 15th round draft pick out of high school. Glavine 37th. I wouldn't consider them comparable prospects.
  5. WDEKC

    Heron Transferring to St. John's

    Shamorie Ponds was the leading scorer in the Big East last year. Certainly no guarantee Heron will be the best player on that team. I would imagine if he gets a hardship waiver, St. Johns could be a pretty good team next year.
  6. He was there before the tag and I'm not sure how the 2nd base ump could have seen if he came off the bag or not with how he was positioned.
  7. WDEKC

    Hosting/Regional Placement

    Hell we were close to hosting a super last year if it weren't for choking in Tallahassee.
  8. WDEKC

    If this happens, 2018-2019: Final Four run

    If by fading at the end of a season you mean losing in the elite 8 by 1 point to Michigan St, then yeah I guess his teams really faded and fell apart. Or maybe it was losing by a point to eventual National Champion Ohio St in the sweet 16. I'd say the combination of Brown's shoulder injury (I don't think he ever felt comfortable again after that) and Anfernee's injury really did us in much more than overall fatigue.
  9. WDEKC

    Big 12 and SEC challenge

    2 year rotation is idiotic. They now have the 4 worst teams from the SEC last year participating this year.
  10. WDEKC

    Hosting/Regional Placement

    They also had 7 conference series against teams with RPI 50-200.....we had 1.
  11. WDEKC

    Hosting/Regional Placement

    Don't understand Duke as a host, they had a rather easy ACC schedule and are only 6-6 against top 50 RPI teams. Auburn has 7 more RPI top 50 wins than Duke has games played against top 50 competition.
  12. WDEKC

    Hosting/Regional Placement

    I'm thinking it depends on winning tomorrow. If we win, might keep mize in his Friday slot since a loss on Thursday wouldn't be an elimination.
  13. WDEKC

    Baseball vs LSU Game 1

    3 more would be a lock, but I wouldn't be surprised to see us as a host with 2 more wins. 2 would definitely put us on the bubble of hosting, but still possible.
  14. WDEKC

    Baseball at Ole Miss Game 3

    Agreed, even after getting swept, our RPI is still at 12. We get to .500 in SEC play and I'd guess we are hosting.