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  1. WDEKC

    Baseball vs LSU Game 1

    3 more would be a lock, but I wouldn't be surprised to see us as a host with 2 more wins. 2 would definitely put us on the bubble of hosting, but still possible.
  2. WDEKC

    Baseball at Ole Miss Game 3

    Agreed, even after getting swept, our RPI is still at 12. We get to .500 in SEC play and I'd guess we are hosting.
  3. WDEKC

    Baseball at Ole Miss Game 3

    Our schedule has been brutal when you consider that our 3 toughest series were all on the road. Would have been nice to not get swept in 2 of them, but it's pretty unprecedented to play 3 top 5 teams all on the road.
  4. WDEKC

    Regional projections

    That is another issue considering your, potentially, best defensive option only starts once a week for you. It's not like other sports where your starters are pretty much the same for every game.
  5. WDEKC

    Regional projections

    Polls are so incredibly flawed especially with baseball. There's no possible way to watch all games of all teams involved to form a reliable opinion (even if your job is to cover college baseball fulltime). It's why committees for basketball and baseball often rely heavily on algorithms and indexes because they can apply the same weighting system across the board and don't have any form of bias.
  6. WDEKC

    Regional projections

    I'd say the polls are confusing, not college baseball. Our RPI has been in the top 10 range pretty much all year, but for whatever reason never got much respect from the polls.
  7. WDEKC

    Baseball vs South Alabama

    Think if we get to 40 regular season wins before the SEC tournament we are borderline national seed. Our RPI would very likely be top 8.
  8. WDEKC

    Baseball vs Vanderbilt game 2

    The last 2 midweek games for us will not be easy. USA at home and Troy on the road.
  9. WDEKC

    Baseball vs. Vanderbilt

    Mizzou was successful doing that against us.
  10. WDEKC

    Baseball at FL Game 3

    Agreed about Vandy, but if you look at the schedule, I'd say we had 1 bad weekend where we really should have won the series and that was the home series against Mizzou. Getting swept on the road at Arkansas isn't terrible especially when you consider 2 of those games were 1 run losses and they are the #5 RPI team. So it's not like we got dominated by them. Then we won our series at home against a decent MSU team and won a game in Gainesville which is something only one other team in the SEC can say they accomplished this year and that was the team that swept us.
  11. WDEKC

    The Dan LeBatard Show

    Just read the OP again....."Stu Gatts"
  12. WDEKC

    Baseball at FL Game 3

    Rankings seem to have us very far off our RPI. I'm not sure I understand.
  13. WDEKC

    The Dan LeBatard Show

    Yes, it takes a few episodes to really understand it, but once you do, it's seriously genius on all levels. I think of it like the Seinfeld of Sports Radio. It's the Sports Radio show about nothing.
  14. WDEKC

    Baseball at FL Game 2

    Great win. That was only Florida's 2nd SEC home loss. The only other was to Arkansas.
  15. I'm just trying to help paint the picture of why we aren't in the top 16 draft picks since 2010 and it's not because of Malzahn or Tuberville.