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  1. never thought I'd see more basketball 5* recruits on campus than football in the same weekend.
  2. As ellitor mentioned there was a decent amount of movement in the rotation due to the arm issues and rest weeks throughout the season. When both have been healthy (and at least as close to 100% as possible) Keegan has pitched the 1st games. I can understand this because he's normally more of a command pitcher and is also normally more efficient (although Mize has had some pretty efficient games as well this year).
  3. Yes most teams will pitch their #1 in the first game of regionals. Even though Mize has the more dominating stuff, Butch has considered Keegan the "#1" all year and that won't change this weekend.
  4. We aren't on the team, we can think about whatever we want to think about. I personally am thinking about playing some golf this weekend and enjoying eating grilled meats while drinking outside.
  5. Yeah, not great, but we can still steal a regional against just about anyone with our starting rotation.
  6. But this one is from Auburn and has Auburn ranked 8th when they are seeded 7th..... I get during the season picking whichever poll ranks you highest and that definitely happens a lot from school sites, but seems pretty odd to assign yourself a ranking worse than your seed during the NCAA tournament. Either way, even if it happens, it's pretty dumb.
  7. What's the point of writing an article and citing rankings when the teams are seeded in the tournament? I don't think I've ever seen that before.
  8. This, plus I'd rather him work off some rust now instead of in a regional. A regional would still be at least a week out from Tuesday so I don't see any reason not to pitch Mize unless he's still not feeling well.
  9. It was Thursday, P.Marsh incorrectly has it as Friday in the article.
  10. Have you seen some of our bunt attempts this year? I'd rather let them swing away than watch that level of pathetic again.
  11. That hasn't been true for awhile actually. Maybe replace Duke with North Carolina, but Roy Williams has not had a top 10 recruiting class since 2014. Their average recruiting ranking the last 5 years has been 25 (including a year ranked 67 even if you throw that outlier away, they are still averaging the 14th best class). Still not terrible recruiting by any means, but not at the level of Kentucky or Duke who have alternated the best and 2nd best class the last 4 years.
  12. I agree. I'm just saying that development may not be the biggest issue here. It could be much more about talent evaluation and selection.
  13. Has anyone thought it could also be the type of player we recruit that doesn't translate to the NFL and not just a development deficiency? Gus and any college coach's first job is to win games at the college level. Players that fit what Gus wants to do do not necessarily fit what NFL programs want to do. Especially on the offensive side of the ball. This may start changing a bit with Chip involved, but you need to get the best player to fit your need, not to fit an NFL need.
  14. I'm not sure of the source for Warren Nolan's projected seeds, but they currently have us projected as a 1 seed. http://warrennolan.com/baseball/2017/team-rank?team=Auburn
  15. Completely difference offense when he went to GT though. Even Demaryius Thomas started his career at GT before Paul Johnson brought his triple option.