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  1. Malik Willis TD run vs. Miss. State

    If you just watch ESPN games that would work, but if you want FS1, FS2, FSRegional, NBCSN, etc those are on a completely different package. I really don't like how they split their sports channels up. PSVue seems more expensive, but they end up being about the same once you add FS and NBCSN.
  2. Chuck Person

    Doesn't seem out of the realm of possibility with the bama guy who was previously with the NCAA.
  3. Tre Williams out for Mizzou

    I was at the game. Tre was in track pants and jersey while Pettway was fully dressed with a black wrap around his ankle. Probably could have played if needed.
  4. Roll call Mizzou

    Plaza Art Fair will still be on Sunday as well. I'd probably hit that. It's a good representation of KC in one of the more well known areas. Jack Stack will have a booth there and their restaurant will also be open on the plaza. Really good BBQ, more of "upscale" BBQ. The original Joe's KC isn't too far from there, but it's closed on Sundays. Q39 is just a few minutes down the road from the plaza in Westport and is often rated as the best in KC these days. Char Bar in Westport is also really good if the wait at Q39 is really long. If you're museum people the Nelson Atkins museum is by the plaza and is a pretty good museum.
  5. Roll call Mizzou

    Depending on when you fly into KC, it might be a good idea to take some time to check out KC as well. Plaza Art Fair is a pretty big event and starts Friday night. There's also plenty of other things going on this weekend in KC and it's always worth a stop at one of the local BBQ joints.
  6. Except a lot of other teams have only played 1, maybe 2 good teams at most. So you generally are comparing apples to apples. It's not like we've played a season's worth of cupcakes and everyone else has been playing power 5 schools.
  7. The SEC

    Lost me when you included Lou Holtz. He hasn't been in the SEC since 2004 and he was never overly successful in the SEC even though he did take a terrible team and get them to at least average I guess.
  8. Roll call Mizzou

    Looks like you can get some pretty good seats in the $25 range. Wouldn't be surprised to see that get down to about $15 closer to kickoff.
  9. Roll call Mizzou

    Live in KC now. Going with a group including Mizzou and Auburn fans. The Mizzou fans have started asking if they can sell their tickets. If you think some Auburn fans are down on our team....have some chats with Mizzou fans while tailgating. Instead of smack talk I imagine both fanbases trying to outdo each other on how bad their team is.
  10. Prediction for Game 3

    We have the next Le'Veon Bell on our team?
  11. Week 2 College Football: Around the Nation

    GSU down 22-0 at half to FCS opponent and really don't look good at all.
  12. Pettway Status vs Clemson?

    You're making even less sense now.
  13. what is conditioning?

    Yes, this is what the goal should be for every strength coach.
  14. Pettway Status vs Clemson?

    That Bill Belichick has really built a weak program with no process up in new England.
  15. what is conditioning?

    In a way we could both be right and are oversimplifying our posts so as to not go into a huge conversation. I found this to be one of the better written articles on my stretching thoughts and the research I've found which has really helped me change the way I train on my own.