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  1. Considering Auburn has had 1 season with 20+ wins since Cliff left and that was over 5 years ago, I'd say just the fact we still have a chance to reach 20 wins at this point in the season should be considered a small success and a step in the right direction.
  2. Beating TCU on the road is a good win. They've only lost 2 other home games and those were to Baylor and Kansas.
  3. I wouldn't compare our resume to Ole Miss last year at all. They had a terrible OOC SOS and overall SOS in the 150 range. Ours is top 100 and our RPI is currently at 70 compared to Ole Miss finishing at 100. They didn't have a single top 50 win as we currently do. They went 3-10 against top 100 teams and we already have 5 top 100 wins.
  4. I'd say with their recent QB track record they aren't as good evaluating QB talent as the other positions. They've had 4-5* QBs every year and needed a true freshman to play average football this year as their best option.
  5. It was on cable.... Maybe not your package.
  6. I feel like I haven't seen as many bubble screens since Lashlee has taken over the past calling. I haven't kept count, but I'd almost say there have been more reverses than bubble screens.
  7. Possibly, but likely won't be anywhere near 100%. It's a surgery now though that for anyone in reasonably good shape can come back to pretty close to full strength in about a month or so.
  8. It was just a torn meniscus, not one of the major ligaments. Normally takes a few weeks to heal. Similar to Ben Roethlisberger who will be back in about 4 weeks after his injury.
  9. Seriously, why would you want him to run more? Ideally, the offense is working so well with just the RBs running and OL blocking well that Sean White can just hand the ball off and make passes from a clean pocket.
  10. For sure. It's definitely when he's trying to throw hard and gets excited so I'm sure it's not something easy to correct as you normally aren't throwing like that in practice.
  11. So he can't get better if he hit a few more of those? A lot of this has to do with the WR as well. Some have clearly given up on routes instead of running them out while others have been dropped as well. But yes, if we can hit 2+ of those per game it would make this offense even harder to stop.
  12. This is exactly what I was going to say.
  13. aTm has the 3rd best rushing offense in the SEC behind Auburn and bama and ahead of LSU. That will likely be a very high scoring game with Ole Miss. I definitely think LSU had a very good chance to beat them.
  14. Auburn up to 6 in both Sagarin and ESPN FPI. CFP on Tuesday should be interesting.
  15. Baylor in a close one