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  1. Did the guy say how players would social distance in contact sport? Would players and referees be oxygen deprived while wearing mask?
  2. Sure. It has been political by Trump and his opposition. Pandemic of this caliber plus an election year is a recipe for disaster.
  3. Yep, was sorta nuts in hindsight Brother Homer. Shouldn't be anything "political" about our current situation. Unfortunately not the way we operate.
  4. What has not been made political for Trump since pre inauguration? First time any of us heard of the pandemic nothing important to you guys but impeachment. Started with all of the Russia BS. Much "co-responsibility in this disaster Brother Homer.
  5. Sure Trump has made it political. His opponents have as well. You know that
  6. Doctors disagree. Just on NBC " top pediatricians across the nation" say get the little buggers back in school. No problem sending their on kids. Safely of course and school systems are working hard to do that. Of course most of your blabber is about hating Trump rather than the issue. The AAP cites "mounting evidence" that transmission of the coronavirus by young children is uncommon, partly because they are less likely to contract it in the first place. On the other hand, the AAP argues that based on the nation's experience this spring, remote learning is likely to result in severe learning loss and increased social isolation. Social isolation, in turn, can breed serious social, emotional and health issues: "child and adolescent physical or sexual abuse, substance use, depression, and suicidal ideation." Furthermore, these impacts will be visited more severely on Black and brown children, as well as low-income children and those with learning disabilities.
  7. Great to hear wdetx. Wish you and your family the best.
  8. Keep us posted wdetx. Given the time between test and results hope you are whipping it. Trust that you are feeling well and wish you and your family the best
  9. Senate President Pro Tem Del Marsh can kiss my a$$. Do not want any family, friends or myself contributing to the "death spike" while we try to reach herd immunity. Think I will just wear a mask while hoping and praying for a vaccine in the near future.
  10. Have read a few things about pre breakfast workouts and blood sugar benefits. I split time between Auburn and the coast. With you on walking in Auburn this time of year. Prefer afternoon on the coast because the sea breeze always kicks in. When not on the coast miss the breeze about more than anything else. Can not find a fan to replicate it. Big Ass Fans that athletics used to spec may come close.
  11. They do seem to think a lot of it per 12 pack but I buy the case and get a little break. Always drank Bud Lite but changed over a few years ago initially for the carbs. I really do not drink enough of it anymore to be a weight or carb factor. Never have graduated to liquor other than single malt scotch every now and then.
  12. Why has the IRS avoided nailing him?
  13. Florida is mandated to reopen by the education commissioner. Depending on the location seems a lot of parents are for it. Offering the virtual option also. “And all those parents will have the option to send their kid to brick and mortar, or they can choose to go be virtual,” said Assistant Superintendent of Schools, Denise Kelley.