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  1. Feel better if we had one that proclaimed and settled for the past 3 weeks to be the "new normal" Brother Homer?
  2. Your incessant post speak for them self. A mere few weeks ago the only thing important to you "forward shoulda coulda thinkers" was impeaching the president.
  3. Our local leadership has been great also. The article was not posted to excuse anyone. You should be ashamed for using the situation to play a game of "Gottcha".
  4. Not much leadership from Washington period. Lawmakers have ripped the administration’s bungled handling of the outbreak. But some now wonder if there’s more they could have done when it might have made a difference.
  5. Don't watch all those Hallmark movies with our wives either..... they are all the same with a slightly different twist.
  6. At least "Russia Collusion" is a term of the past.
  7. A lot of that happening Brad and hate it for you. We have a big trip planned for May, looking doubtful today. Not real crazy about getting in virus tube at 33000 feet any time soon. How are you handling your travel requirements? Maybe someone will start a thread on how all is handling personal situations. Be interesting to read.
  8. Bingo Brad. Knew that nothing would be positive about spring break, crowded beaches, ski resorts, travel, and multiple people bunking together. Two physicians I am acquainted with expressed grave concerns about this thing early on. We left the coast two weeks ago and are opting to weather this in Auburn. Know several others from various locales that have the option doing the same. Scary quiet here while spring is normally wide open as you well know. Not real optimistic about things returning to any resemblance of normalcy soon. Our best scenario short term is worded well by you...strain relief on the system.
  9. 1) You are not suggesting I am making this up are you Salty? Listen live here: 2) Seriously? There have been no racist attacks in Auburn or the panhandle, so such attacks are not happening? Not suggesting that you are making anything up Brother Homer and I do not care to hear Bob McClain. Only try to catch "The Drive" out of Auburn. With no sports been discussing old movies and stuff. No college baseball has really got me in a bind. Just saying I have not heard of any Asian attacks. Then again I do not diligently search for isolated incidents to post.
  10. Have not heard it referred to anything but Coronavirus and I am in the middle of "Trumpbot Country". No one attacking Asians in Auburn or the FL panhandle. Hope you are spending as much time washing your hands as you are trying to find ways to fault Trump with this tragic situation.
  11. Happy Birthday you bitter old geezer.....damn virus would run from you.