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  1. No more family shopping Saturdays at the Trump Store on Thomas Drive in PCB.
  2. The Biden theater goes back to the Trump debate when he dramatically ripped his mask off, like a gunslinger readying for a dual, upon heading to the podium. People see through the nonsense. With @AUFAN78 on many younger well educated folks not getting vaccinated. Know several and they are respectful regarding mask and distancing. Just seem to be hesitant or/and in no rush to be vaccinated. Certainly not in the “wacko” classification”. I have been, vaccinated, had COVID, plan to continue with sensible caution and live pretty much the old normal for now.
  3. Who would replace Missouri in SEC East.....never made sense anyway.
  4. One idea here. Like the idea of moving to the “country of choice”. Key seems to be Utah, Arizona, Minnesota, Illinois. I think Florida needs to divided into two state which could be problematic. https://www.leader-call.com/opinion/columnists/time-to-dissolve-the-union/article_0f9ea9be-1565-11eb-9c34-7f9427801c3e.html
  5. Bo would have been an all American at LB. Heard Coach Dye say there was never a time when Bo was on the field that he did not make the tackle after turnover on interception. Of course throwing was so rare it could not have happened often.
  6. As a kid still remember, 1965 vs FL, Buddy Rutledge or one of the broadcasters saying "Alex Bowden's long passes are like Abe Lincoln. Ugly but get the job done." See the approx 23:15 mark
  7. Huge Nick Marshall fan but would never admit Nick better than Sullivan....never thought about. Always found it interesting that lost in the shuffle behind Pat was Ralph “Dieter” Brock. Transferred to Jax State and went on to become a CFL great. Ended career with LA Rams in 85 I think. Had a rifle for an arm......” could throw a football through a carwash and it would never get wet.”
  8. @icanthearyou. Pre-Trump a frequent poster. Since around Trumps election nothing but emojis....most are palm faces or down thumb. I actually got a “like” from him once, probably a mistake. Never likes anything Bird post.
  9. ICHY either does not believe you randomly found the article or finds it funny that the left is trying to overhaul our culture and deem everything they do not believe in unfit. He sorta reminds me “Mikey”. Usually hates everything
  10. Indeed a great Auburn man and a genuine, good person. Thanks for the post tigerman.
  11. You have mentioned technique and properly. More to it than the 20 seconds I suppose?
  12. Pretty sick......coming from a guy that loves a practical joke.
  13. Meaning exactly what Ben said. Warm water makes for a comfortable washing. From my understanding soap along with water also detaches germs from hands and down the drain they go. I do not time my wash. Mrs Salty says to sing happy birthday twice while washing for correct time.
  14. Thanks Ben. Down on the coast right now and a few to many UV rays fishing yesterday. Did fine today. Not that I agree but life looks business as usual here. I have no problem with mask and appreciate the distancing. One positive noted on virus hygiene is that many businesses and institutions have installed point of use and or activated hot water in restrooms to encourage had washing. At A Day Saturday and the hot water side at JHS a bit extreme.
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