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  1. SaltyTiger

    Kaepernick Won. The NFL Lost.

    I still doubt that Kaepernick will ever play in the NFL again, Doubt? He will not play and was not picked up because he is a 3rd rate player that no team wanted. Another BS post by Brother Homer.....feel sure he holds Kaepernick the "SJW" in great esteem.
  2. SaltyTiger

    Auburn vs Ga Southern game 1

    Checking in and big War Eagle. Hear we had a wet day in Auburn. Sounds like Paul Ellen on the radio broadcast tonight.
  3. SaltyTiger

    President Emergency Powers

    waiting for Rush to advise him Ben. Big mistake if goes the emergency route in mho
  4. President Trump is not asking for a great deal of money to be allocated for a wall. Even he realizes other means to be in place. You know effective barriers will help.
  5. Why do you have a problem with a wall?
  6. SaltyTiger

    Bipartisan Senate collusion

    It is not. Is that the best you can offer? Think of all the time you wasted on Trump/Russia Brother Homer. Glad I did not read all the lengthy stuff you posted.
  7. SaltyTiger

    Leaked Trump schedules

    Would have saved Clinton some trouble had he opted golf during his executive time.
  8. SaltyTiger

    Trump's Approval Rate

    No Brother Homer. It is not a fact and you know it
  9. SaltyTiger

    Trump's Approval Rate

    Just can not see any of the numerous Dems in the mix ousting President Trump in 2020. Can you Brother Homer? I hear Pocahontas Warren saying he may be in jail but that is not true. You have been inferring that for ages. It has not happened and you are a hell of lot smarter than her. Who knows? This economy is great but you guys may be willing to hand those keys over to Casio just to get rid of President Trump.
  10. SaltyTiger

    Trump's Approval Rate
  11. I did not imply that you do not have the right to criticize President Trump. Simply stated that you you have been in crisis mode. What is up with the "MAGAs" bit. MAGA is no more than a campaign slogan. Not one bit different than the "Hope and Change" BS. This is was not a crisis. Also easy to understand
  12. A primer for MAGAs on what does - and does not - constitute a crisis - in easy-to-understand graphs Electing President Trump does not constitute a crisis either Brother Homer. You have been in crisis mode since a beautiful November 2016 night. Who are you to post anything regarding a "crisis"?
  13. SaltyTiger


    The women in white looked like a cult. Where do you go for training and learn to look so sad? Wish I had remembered the BB game.
  14. SaltyTiger


    January 16 around 9:00AM I made a snarkey comment on this board and charged out of the door to meet a public adjuster. 3 hours later would not be here if not for our great healthcare system. Spontaneous Pneumothorax. I do not recall the next 24 plus hours but according to my wife all attention I received was under the pretense that I had no insurance. I do recall handing my keys, wallet and phone to an EMT After two weeks in the hospital and lung surgery I am slowly bouncing back. Thanks to good insurance I will continue to receive the care needed. I would think we have the means to ensure that all people in this country are afforded what I have.
  15. SaltyTiger

    Your Favorite Politician to Dislike

    Yes! This! I remember having very strong negative feelings about Bush, but Trump really puts things into perspective. Trump is not a "politician" Trump is a private businessman that was elected as your president because the majority of Americans hate politicians. Please re-read the question