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  1. Familiar in tone the way Coach Dye talked up Ohio State before we beat them 31-14 in 1989.
  2. Traded the coast for Grand National and deer apparently love golf courses. Do not play golf but golfers are great people and several great fishing lakes around. Great food in the clubhouse grill. One of the better Rueben sandwiches around. Have not asked if they sell PBR.
  3. Thanks fiddy........other than "Bo Over the Top" my favorite AU pic.
  4. Hand raised. Improved since my younger days..... televisions, automobile tires, engines, especially outboard boat engines.
  5. Your must be talking Felton Little. Not sure about a creosote bridge. Probably has an apartment complex built over it now.
  6. Hate to hear that. Sometimes not as bad it initially looks but awful regardless. Love Elberta. Little store there we buy meats and sausage from when visiting the area. Have a friend that my family fishes with in Elberta. He gives us the best honey I know of from his bees there.
  7. Getting reports about flooded roads in PC. Property is fine. Have family with property in Orange Beach that took a hit. I feel for anyone going through that hell after living through the Michael aftermath at Mexico Beach. Thanks for asking. Back in Auburn pretty much full time these days. Love the place but really gnaws at me to drive through and see tower cranes in the sky. Lost the old Auburn of 20/30 years ago. Also miss the coastal sea breeze....can't replicate that with a ceiling fan.
  8. And you have assumed correctly Fiddy. IMO few Trump supporters are like the man morally or in "abrasiveness". Telling and scary regarding just how disgusted so many people are with the whole of Washington DC. Everyone supporting Trump is not an ignorant, gun toting, bumbling idiot. I find no reason to be concerned violence, etc.. due to the election results. Simply to many good and reasonable people in this country.
  9. "Baseball is 90 per cent mental. The other half is physical." Baseball is the toughest sport to coach of the big three. Cheating is nothing more than "clever" in baseball unless you caught.
  10. Not very sharp is she? Think was Russian disinformation operatives?
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