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  1. Maybe glasses like LSU got Burrow. His 2018 stats eerily similar to Bo's 2019 stats.
  2. That game turned on dime. As I recall we make what you call a "statement drive". Afterward all Clemson
  3. @augolf1716 can correct me if wrong. Attended all the games in those days and pretty sure we were up on Tech like 31-0 or 34-0 by halftime. For whatever reason we either started or played our #2 and a senior QB. Name was Mike Mann and he had one heck of first half. Miss the Tech rivalry, it was a fun week and and Saturday most years. Never felt that any Auburn fan need defend their fandom. As I recall the "sidewalk fan" originated from Auburn fans referring to "bahr" fans. Some seriously had no idea if the campus was located in Birmingham or Tuscaloosa. Once they infiltrated seem to have bred and multiplied. Hear "Rawl Tahd" quite a bit on the coast just from wearing and Auburn hat. Ask them who their place kicker is this year and they are clueless.
  4. Any case he made would do little to change anyone's mindset about the thing. Politicians are not all the same when it comes to lying. President Trump has made many more false statements than any of his modern predecessors, and only some of his falsehoods pass the test of not being self-serving. This looseness with the truth now hampers him when he makes a claim that there was an imminent threat that legalized the Soleimani killing. Did you ever tell us what this has to do with the impeachment? Just curious. What did you think of Nancy's ceremony yesterday?
  5. Always considered it a part of the game. Like everything changing big time with tech. Always been fascinated by baseball hand sign communications. Interesting article on changes due to tech today. Astros burned and handed out some extreme punishments within their organization for using tech to steal sign. A partial model is already in place: The NCAA's Southeastern Conference has used electronic communication between coaches and catchers during league games for the past two seasons, which allows the coach to talk strategy with the catcher through an earpiece. It's much like the NFL, where an offensive coach tells plays to a quarterback. No hand signals needed. “I don't know why everyone isn't doing it — it's fantastic,” LSU coach Paul Mainieri said. “It allows the coach to speak directly to the catcher and speeds up the game." In the SEC's system, the catcher still has to relay signs to the pitcher the old-fashioned way with hand signals, but Mainieri said there's no reason why pitchers couldn't eventually be included in the conversation. It's more common for coaches to call pitches in college, while catchers usually handle those responsibilities in the big leagues.
  6. yep, one of my sons in MS last week chasing ducks. Think the hunting crew ended up just enjoying a little "guy time".
  7. Love It. Auburn Baseball June 27, 2019 · “This 2020 roster, it's got to be one of the top five rosters ever assembled in our 100-plus years of Auburn baseball.” 🗣 » Butch Thompson
  8. Agree, wish someone would talk about how predictable Gus is or tell us 7 mil is to much money.....seems the new complaint now is "roster management".
  9. So true. Seems that most of the now young working adults that I met as kids yearn to come back and find a career in Auburn.
  10. "While stationed at Fort Benning in 1940, Patton threatened to level the town, and Secretary of War Henry Stimson called it “the wickedest city in America.”
  11. Yep, the entire nation has been on the edge of their seats waiting on this announcement. Heard a couple of the morning news shows mention the timing.