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  1. Gennai has huge problem.
  2. It is not the reality of "Trumps America". We do have a real problem. One denied by Trump opposition for years. Article intends nothing more than a hit on President Trump.
  3. Comrade Putin will assist not leave him out fifty.
  4. These are the same inadequate facilities that have always been used. Not as though the situation and laws are a product of President Trump. Only a few short months ago this crisis was termed "Manufactured". Disturbing how anti Trumpers seize this type of problem and attempt to use it for bashing those they disagree with. After Trump issued an Oval Office address to the nation on Jan. 8 proclaiming the border situation a “crisis of the heart and a crisis of the soul,” Schumer and Pelosi gave a side-by-side rebuttal. “This president just used the backdrop of the Oval Office to manufacture a crisis, stoke fear and divert attention from the turmoil in his administration,” Schumer said in the midst of a 35-day government shutdown sparked by a partisan disagreement over funding border barriers. Other Democrats made similar dismissals.
  5. At least 2,864,904 according to my math 2016 Presidential Election Candidate Party Popular Votes Donald J. Trump Republican 62,980,160 Hillary R. Clinton Democratic 65,845,063
  6. Several Presidents have had the power to address this humanitarian issue. " Dear Leader" is bringing it to the forefront. Something his ball-less predecessors would not address. The additional funds that you speak of to the "northern triangle" have been shelled out needlessly. You guys are using the problem as a tool to bash a president that you can not accept. " The Children" you guys should be ashamed .
  7. Thank you Brother Homer. Your apology is appreciated and accepted again.
  8. Five commentaries and or opinions to support your gibberish. Go down to the local coffee shop in the morning start meeting real people.
  9. You are so kind for weighing in on Brother Homers response to me Alex. I feel sure you parsed all required reading presented. Simple minded?
  10. Your way of saying that if did not like Obama you are a racist or if you like President Trump your a racist. Who knows what Obama loved or did not? He certainly lead the charge in the divisiveness we see today. You could say that his presidency put Trump in the White House.
  11. I have no argument. I am simply pointing out the for support President Trump. Much of it due to people like you obsessed with nothing more than destroying President Trump and belittling his supporters with every opportunity. You guys have really stepped it as far as 2020 goes Brother Homer.
  12. White Nationalism? Hitler and his crowds have nothing to do with it and I have nothing to be ashamed of. Just pointing out the obvious Homer.
  13. This has been a problem long before Trump. He is attempting albeit alone to address the problem. You should also be ashamed of yourself fifty for using the horrible situation for little more than bashing President Trump.
  14. I can understand how that could be your perception Brother Homer.