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  1. Have to put your beer down to reel in a stinking fish.
  2. Not really surprised you have never seen one….bet you a bag of Cheetos that a shark has seen you.
  3. Finally October on the coast. Blew in last night after a big Auburn win. Came down for the month and has not been fall like until this morning.
  4. Amazing, talking with an electrical contractor Friday. Needs help and offering a $3000 sign on bonus. Noticed a Wendys on the coast. Sign offering $500 sign on bonus. Game changer for the construction industry starting late 80’s was border immigrants. Primarily republican voting contractors felt blessed to have the resource. Speaking from experience, that resource made life much simpler.
  5. Get our age and we all think “paying for sins”…….just life brother Fiddy.
  6. Thinking of you also Fiddy……enjoy the day
  7. Glad you saw…and we put more points on those 11 players than uga
  8. And Arkansas actually had a defense on the field…….didn’t you watch the game?
  9. Pretty well understood around town that Bo was not a stellar “practice player”. According to Dye he contacted Vince Dooley on coaching a “special one” right after Bo stepped on campus. Can’t recall Dooley's exact response but it was pretty much leave him alone. The late Bud Casey and some assistants did approach Dye once about Bo’s practice habits. They were told not to worry about it, just come up with a damn game plan that got him the ball 25 times on Saturday. Andrea Bruce when asked what it was like to tackle Bo. “ Don’t know, he never had to practice at Auburn.”
  10. Obama bought well above sea level. Wanted no part of Miami I suppose. https://www.miamidade.gov/global/economy/resilience/sea-level-rise-flooding.page
  11. Bahr told Dye Auburn was one of the toughest places to Coach football and advised against the job…..Dye paid him no attention.
  12. Try to make it most Saturdays. Sponsored enough of them in my time so I freeload off my sons, family, and their friends these days. Rarely attend the games anymore and when I do leave at halftime and home by 2nd half. Just do not care for the crowded venue and has nothing to do with COVID. Find the baseball park much more fan friendly.
  13. I hate them when we’re involved. Feels sorta like the “losers bracket”. Winning usually keeps you away from mornings. Understand that all things should be equal for the teams. Good entertainment for tailgaters waiting on the later kickoff.
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