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  1. Same here. Mind telling us what the point of your question is Brother Tex?
  2. You read about it, but did he actually say it? Yep, he did, in that glorious Georgia drawl: "The University of Auburn." It's like getting your wife's name wrong at the altar.
  3. If I had mod powers would have locked the thread after that one Alex. Great one!
  4. Meanwhile the left has been probing, investigating, lying, and avoiding their elected purpose for three years now.
  5. I do understand and I feel that our youngsters have bright and happy future. Just taking a playful jab at you and I apologize. Mrs Salty and I were taking a bicycle this afternoon. She told me that social media brings out the worst in people. Perhaps I had a moment like that this morning. You deflect all problems, present and future, to President Trump and/or the morons that voted for him do you not Brother Homer? Not healthy.
  6. I understand where Homer was coming from and agree with what you are saying. Have three boys myself that have turned out extremely well. Spent my share of time worrying but never had any serious issues.
  7. No, but have seen a boat Brett supposedly owns over at Orange Beach....Wow!
  8. Doubt that a lot of people realize how nice of area that is. Good way of life for the right people IMO.
  9. Believe it will be all LSU tomorrow. Have my reasons to like LSU as fan. Spending the weekend at Mexico Beach and it is overflowing with obnoxious "dawgs". Wanna hear them whine tomorrow night.
  10. Couple of twin 22" Redfish. Bay St Louis MS on Iron Bowl morning. We always win after catching fish morning of game.
  11. Hmmn? telling that you view kids as something to worry about.
  12. Why would Hunter Biden pop into your mind?
  13. I think most of us see the "danger' Brother Tex.
  14. It must be tough for you guys. Living in a country with so many people around supporting President Trump. Did I hear Schiff say that Trump had to be impeached so these good people would not elect him again?
  15. Working right enough to realize this entire impeachment scam. I would not want to see the country go through this with Obama at the helm. Neither would the "brain rot" crowd. Schiff and company should resign. You know they have screwed the pooch big time don't you Brother Tex?