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  1. Tuscaloosa! Take a good long hot shower when you get home. I do not wish that stench on anyone. Even you Elle
  2. worry not my friend. i have a deal worked out over this type situation.
  3. Calm down Alex. Three deep breaths and exhale slowly. Breath through the nose when inhaling. Now, take a walk around the block. Notice the birds. Feel better now don't we?
  4. relaxed Homer, not removed. I happen to be one that sees that the numbers are there. Lot of dead fish tossed back into the gulf from simply being hooked out of season or overlimit fisherman.
  5. Always been my understanding that she said it.I think Titan posted a link with explanation.
  6. Never said that the regulations have no basis.... good grief man! Just saying that many of us feel that they should be revisited and perhaps relaxed a bit. Do I want to see it revert to regulations or no regulations of say 30 years ago. No sir. Commercial fisherman, hell no? That is dangerous and hard work.
  7. Most of the snapper fisherman are more than miles out here. Think the states pretty much follow federal regulations on those species. . Otherwise would create an enforcement nightmare. Understand that the exactly what the FM enforces. Just complaining about needless regs and new needles regs in general.
  8. Hillary said it?? Everything you guys complain about 100x worse. Grow up. Own it. ok tex
  9. Specific. The federal fishing regulations i.e. Snapper season duration and limits. Although I think snapper are overrated the regulations are a joke. Several regulations in my industry that change yearly and we have no clue until time for the fat lady to sing. Something as simple as say a common patio area in a complex that needs a sign showing occupancy #s, who checks and who counts? who uses it?
  10. That is a good thing. No need to repeal one crap bill and replace with another crap bill.
  11. That time and all is well
  12. About as low as you can go on anyone Tex