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  1. "Sideshow" everyday - look left
  2. You are so right Raptor. Milo should have never been extended the invitation. just a small bad decision.
  3. I don't know what more i can add...........................Democrat - California - added it for ya 78
  4. Good stuff. Regarding the posters. Was it just a political jab? I often think the confederate flag is by a few
  5. alternative news again President Donald Trump took office vowing to crack down on immigration and ban Muslims from traveling to the United States, should be illegal immigration. never since taking office has he wanted to ban Muslims
  6. sounds good
  7. serious BB never heard him of before the Berkley thing.
  8. Who is Milo or CPAC? Most people that want to see" America Great Again" could care less.
  9. looks like trump wine ok. wonder when trump gets into vodka? russians drink of choice
  10. Just listen to reruns. sounded good after an afternoon of fishing at the coast.
  11. So you are saying trump is not engaging the media by not taking questions from who? I hear him take questions from the media everyday.
  12. what does Trump need to do to engage the media homer?
  13. Good way to begin a great week