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  1. early fishing trip in the morning....think i will just go to bed
  2. Jealous is correct Tex. Did you the entire thread? Elle referred to me as intellectual.
  3. Very disturbing. Heard about it this early this morning. To many tech games to understand reality? Who knows. Sad
  4. Nice place. All of the Russia stuff we have been inundated with would have one believe he would go to the Moscow Country Club.
  5. Every young man needs to learn "fat lighter", a nice fire by the lake, and a cold beer on a cool winter day.
  6. Good stuff, thanks.
  7. In my experience immigrant workers were paid just as well at times better than our native workforce. My only experience with importing labor has been while working in markets with little labor market. We imported labor from other projects and put them up in hotels/apartments. Sad but true our American labor force stinks. I can not speak for other industries but I know the construction industry has no problem paying demand prices for competent labor.
  8. Absolutely no to raising minimum wage. The construction industry pays well above minimum wage and look at the absence of American labor engaging there.
  9. Never demonstrated being not "for immigration". Illegal immigration is what I do not approve of.
  10. I have always been for immigration. Have worked with several immigrants during my working career. Bad day in my life was letting a group go when finding they were illegal. Wish you would not make some statements. You are better than that.
  11. Pay better meaning what Tex? Do you have a clue?
  12. gets old
  13. Tex, looks like they are taking the proper highways. You have no clue and did not even read the article. The next step, a Department of Labor spokesman said, is that the two clubs must take steps to try to recruit American workers for these jobs. That often involves placing help-wanted ads in local newspapers and contacting former workers. If those efforts are unsuccessful, then Trump's clubs can ask for the Department of Labor to certify that it has tried and failed to hire Americans. After that, the Trump clubs can ask the Department of Homeland Security to issue visas for workers it has found in other countries. Try building a section 8 facility anywhere. Or anything in south Florida. Elementary above. Ignorant.