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  1. MICHELLE OBAMA, on Americans: “They watch in horror as children are torn from their families and thrown into cages.” THE FACTS: The reference to cages is misleading and a matter that Democrats have persistently distorted. Trump used facilities that were built during the Obama-Biden administration to house children at the border. They are chain-link enclosures inside border facilities where migrants were temporarily housed, separated by sex and age. https://apnews.com/article/election-2020-democratic-national-convention-ap-fact-check-immigration-politics-2663c84832a13cdd7a
  2. Thursday night and excited about it ROUND ROCK CLASSIC FEB 26 (FRI) 12:00 P.M. VS OKLAHOMA ROUND ROCK, TEXAS
  3. Meanwhile putting kids in the same cage Trump put them in https://www.aljazeera.com/news/2021/2/24/us-to-allow-migrants-from-mexico-as-critics-slam-kids-in-cages
  4. "Souls to the Polls"? https://www.ajc.com/news/nation-world/black-churches-mobilizing-voters-despite-virus-challenges/P5MLR2GKY5GWJMUZDZHTDK27P4/
  5. Black Fox Squirrel white nose and ears. See him most days off links course right below clubhouse at Grand National. I don't golf but the grill is great for an afternoon beer after a walk.
  6. Great point. Would have been easy to get it over and go to dinner.....nice to be questioning why we win a baseball game by 33
  7. Feel sure they did and saw another post confirming “bench emptied”. Can not ask kids in baseball to “let up”. My thing with the no 12 run rule is as much about potential injury as anything. Guess the A&M coaches wanted their guys to get he work in.
  8. Hard to believe the 12 run lead in 7 was not in place, especially after yesterday. I know it was once as simple as a pre game coaches agreement in non SEC play. In my mind those additional innings and runs serve little purpose.
  9. Cooking some burgers and 18-0 in like the 3rd. Took burgers off and showered....23-0. Hopefully have this one in hand. Leaving the rest of it with you folks
  10. Never said anything about it not leaving death. We both understand it is world wide pandemic.
  11. No, you do not the get the point. He simply thinks there is a media bias. You, as expected, injected the other rant BS. Obviously Trump laid a pretty good foundation for the Biden administration to tweak in fighting the virus. It will soon run its inevitable course and pass. Glad you got your first dose with no side effects hopefully. COVID was not a horror story for me but it sure was no joy ride. Ached in places I did not know I owned and the rebound took forever.
  12. I honestly hated to see that happen. Know you blame Trump while I blame both of the political spectrums. My common sense says a mask has to be of some value in the spread of airborne germs. Would not bother me to see them donned during regular flu season while among crowds.
  13. Didn't realize he encouraged "not wearing mask". Lived the through the entire pandemic in two heavily populated trumpbot areas and my take is that people have been very responsible. BTW, I was a very consistent mask wearing, hand washing, crowd avoider and still had COVID.
  14. Probably some merit for Trumps desire to keep things open in a responsible manner.
  15. Sounds like he lives a life that many folks spend a career trying to attain.
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