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  1. And I can agree. You know where to find a wealth of information. With the NRA under such scrutiny just curious as to how their political clout compares to other organizations? ie donations amounts from Planned Parenthood, unions....
  2. attempted good point about the coward guard but you are missing it. What did we have? One security guard out to lunch and to frightened to return? Timing on the shooters part? The shooter was the coward. He did not want a shootout. Ran out appearing panicked with other students from my understanding. Do not even tell me we do not have the means to protect our kids.
  3. He may very well be some wing nut and I read the article. What is wrong with increased security at our schools.
  4. Yep, gone apeshit dub. having increased security at our schools is a stupid idea to.
  5. Nola, Titan just asked the question. Do know not that he supports the "buybacks". I have no answer and not about to pretend.
  6. Titan I have little faith in any legislation reducing this type of violence. The culture today? A 'buyback" would not have prevented the latest event IMO. If reports are accurate this kid was to inherit a nice sum.
  7. I don't feel like I called you out. guess I did in a sense by quoting you a letting you know that I put little faith in "buyback". Sorry Loof. Probably should have kept my mouth shut.
  8. Stated early in the thread resurrection that I do not care for the all back forth on control after these events. Once again I am not going to pretend to have an answer. If feel that you have answers so be it.
  9. Thank you Loof , maybe we have better bad guys than in 1974. United States[edit] What is believed to have been the first gun buyback program was in Baltimore in 1974. Gun homicides and assaults actually rose during the two-month program, and it was deemed a failure,
  10. Geez!! Do they have twin Yamahas or twin Mercury's on them.
  11. I felt that you inferred "criminals, drug users, street types" were bad guys and they would steal each others weapons ( have to kill one to steal ones weapon) and then sell that weapon to the "good guys". Apologies if you did not mean "bad guys". BTW, you did note that responsible people would hopefully have their weapon secured in a manner to prevent theft by "street types". What value is a gun locked in safe. May as well sell it like the criminals, drug users, and street types are going to do and collect $1000.
  12. Go back and read Loofs previous posts. They would be the ones that are not "good guys".
  13. I have no firsthand knowledge. I do have common sense. Deferral back to you "buyback".
  14. Thanks mr trump

    And I agree with you Brother Homer. The return will not come close.
  15. Dream on Brother Homer. Can you not get off this Trump/Russia thing? Mueller is working on that, CNN has been since Nov. 10, 2016. Nada, Nada with President Trump