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  1. SaltyTiger

    Big Profit Involving Immigrant Kids

    "We're not the bad guys,” Sanchez told KRGV-TV. “We're the good guys. We're the people taking these kids, putting them in a shelter — providing the best care that we can for them and reunite them with their families." guess so. read all written this week and you would think family's arrived at border this week in the family van only to have Trump "rip" the kids out.
  2. SaltyTiger

    Holy Cow! Copperhead in Laundry hamper

    Bear Joke Baptist preacher riding his horse down a trail. Big bear runs onto the trail, the horse jumps and throws preacher. Preacher gets up and is facing the bear. Preacher: looks to to the sky, "Lord please let this be a Christian bear." Bear: bows his head with paws clasped, " Lord, thank you for this meal that I am about to partake."
  3. SaltyTiger

    Holy Cow! Copperhead in Laundry hamper

    Better electronics in tracking storms on boats, better off shore communications. Fisherman have also gone to faster boats with the ability to get out of harms way.
  4. SaltyTiger

    How guilty people act

    I agree with whatever Nola said
  5. SaltyTiger

    Return of the Blood Libel

    Think you mean legal and "undocumented". can't say it can you? easy to read this stuff and see the purpose.
  6. SaltyTiger

    Return of the Blood Libel

    Why can't these people say illegal Immigrants.....maybe that is were you people get so confused.
  7. SaltyTiger

    Holy Cow! Copperhead in Laundry hamper

    Same here but it is a wild animal. Probably most often when they assume protecting cubs. The one my wife saw took off running away when it noticed her. Got to watch out for cow kicks to
  8. SaltyTiger

    Holy Cow! Copperhead in Laundry hamper

    Good article. I someway do not finding it comforting that they only kill 2 people per year.
  9. SaltyTiger

    How guilty people act

    see someone peed in your cereal this morning........again
  10. SaltyTiger

    Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    Yes sir.........they don't build like that anymore.
  11. SaltyTiger

    Holy Cow! Copperhead in Laundry hamper

    We have a big population of the Black Bear around Mexico Beach. Wife saw one just a while back while stretching before a jog. Had a big one run across the road in front of my truck few weeks ago. Did not realize how big they get. We do have a city ordinance regarding garbage containers being bear proofed if kept outside. BTW, understand that they love pizza.
  12. SaltyTiger

    Wings on the BGE

    Thank goodness for Zesty Italian. A great go to marinade on chicken, fish, or pork IMO. When comes to chicken I have a couple of great sauce recipes. Supposedly both the official War Eagle BBQ sauce according to a few old timers around Auburn. Know the base in one is Heinze 57, and Ketchup. The other uses mustard, cowboy BBQ sauce, vinegar, and Texas Pete. Will look up and post. Keep forgetting this club. Thanks
  13. SaltyTiger

    All-Encompassing General Discussion Thread

    Get excited and buy what you can afford. Remember the three Rs in real estate, location,location, location. You have responsibility in everything you do. Rent stinks
  14. SaltyTiger

    Trump executive bill to end family separation

    Homer used a shovel........wife and the dogs got mad at him.