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  1. Yet seems to be getting the most attention. Guarantee you it will make a great movie scene some day.
  2. Interesting on hearings https://www.brookings.edu/blog/fixgov/2022/06/23/what-are-americans-thinking-about-the-january-6-hearings/ As yet, there is no evidence that the work of the January 6 committee is changing many minds. In a Quinnipiac survey released on January 12, 43% of Americans believed that Donald Trump bears “a lot” of responsibility for the attack on the Capitol. In the comparable survey released on June 22, 41% affirmed this view. And on the core issue of whether President Trump committed a “crime,” the country remains as closely divided as ever. In April, Quinnipiac found, 46% of Americans said they he had and 47% that he hadn’t. As of June 22, the split was almost identical—46% to 48%. A decision to prosecute the former president for his role in the attack would probably intensify this division. On the other hand, the Economist/YouGov survey found, 79% of Americans now believe that Donald Trump was involved in a wide-ranging effort to overturn the results of the 2020 election, a belief shared by 49% of Republicans and an equal share of those who voted for him in 2020. At the end of the day, the former president may stand convicted in the court of public opinion if not in a court of law. The hearings could intensify the nascent sentiment within the Republican Party to find a replacement for Trump who shares his views but not his defects.
  3. Just afraid you would PM me a bill for answering………😏
  4. I will usually check anything out he is in. Will watch any movie Robert Duvall is in. For whatever reason probably my favorite actor.
  5. The weather that day was nothing typical of fall in the south. More late spring early summer. Recall it being terribly humid and unstable feeling first half. Game would have taken forever given todays lightening delay rule. Guess lightening was not dangerous back in the 80’s.
  6. I think “Nay” is pretty clear. Understand when health is an issue. I also understand that others have different feelings. While comfortable with my thinking I do not feel compelled to shout murderer or throw bombs at opposing ideas.
  7. Dubs informed. Would have asked you or Didba but lawyers are hard to understand and make me nervous. Have a son that is a lawyer. Speak to him rarely and never ask him a question. 😏
  8. Not sure. Always liked Bridges and John Lithglow.
  9. I find Queen South very good. Well made and good actors.
  10. Do the same out on screen porch. Also watching Queen South right now. Have watched two episodes of Old Man, FX Hulu. Looking like it could be interesting.
  11. Great last game/weekend memory and sorry for your loss. Hard to believe almost 40 years ago. Rarely a game I missed in the 80’s if in driving distance.
  12. Still get a sick feeling over the two years you mentioned
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