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  1. Can I borrow 10$ Tex? We’re glad you’re enjoying The Washington Post. Get access to this story, and every story, on the web and in our apps with a digital subscription. Keep reading for $10 $1
  2. I think the response was a carryover from another conversation. I thought is was pretty good. Thank you for not calling me a hypocritical tribalist Tex.
  3. You could be correct Golf. If the Dem race were the Derby it would be a complete field of fillies.
  4. "Most important the Framers expressly spoke to the issue of attainting the President and decided to forbid its use.171"
  5. Well Nola, have a little empathy. When you get old with a worn out tractor and back, read is about all you want to do....I suppose.
  6. Have here on the radio broadcast. Great to hear Andy and Rod together. They are the best. Must be a restaurant in the area that wanted to try out today.
  7. That is the case I guess, on message boards only though, because I do not "love" Trump and my two closest life long friends are raging liberals. Not to say that I like liberals. There are three in Mexico Beach and we keep a close eye on them. thanks for explaining rhetorical device.
  8. Made myself pretty clear Brad. You take exception of Trump supporters treatment don't you? What do you think of Trump supporters? The media proved what they think in the Covington "white privileged" kid thing. You are a media guy and respected by me. Are you not ashamed of what has happened the past 2.5 years? Please do not tell me you are proud of the business you grew up in.
  9. I do not have to explain anything to you Brother Homer. My statement was not one defending President Trump yet you seize opportunity like an unscrupulous contractor. This entire thing including the manner that Trump supporters have been treated is disgraceful.