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  1. I said the article refutes social bias. Just not sure it actually verifies it. Just my opinion. I do not believe the election was stolen and find it hard to believe such a high percentage do.
  2. “Social desirability bias” article refutes it but I am not so sure. https://www.washingtonpost.com/politics/2022/01/07/republicans-big-lie-trump/
  3. Of course, 24/7 Russia collusion, etc…. for years will run people “crazy”.
  4. Well it is a political board. Actually a small group that post and b!tch consistently. Welcome aboard.
  5. Tech home/home was regular it seems for a lot of years. Good for both schools a lots of fun. Always a great midweek crowd.
  6. Trump exacerbated “crazy behavior”. Simply saying that all people not trusting the election results are not wacko. Told you in the past that all Trump supporters were not bumbling idiots.
  7. The statement is not true…..of course you are a very one sighted poster.
  8. https://sports.yahoo.com/joe-biden-first-president-failure-110142876.html Inflation is the cruelest and most regressive tax on the poor and middle class. The figures are clear. In December the Consumer Price Index rose 7% from the year before, the fastest rate since June of 1982. The rate accelerated to 9.1% over the past three months and real median wages are down $11.58 since Biden took office. COVID is now lashing our country. We all recall when Biden promised to “shut down the virus” and said, referring to Donald Trump, that anyone “who is responsible for 220,000 deaths … should not be president.” Despite having inherited safe and effective vaccines, more Americans have died since Biden took office than before. Businesses and schools are being closed and the damage to our society and country is accelerating. The administration has horridly managed the success it was given, delayed ordering testing kits and mandated cloth masks when it turned out they are less effective. Administration officials have derided anyone questioning its strategy as anti-vaxxers or worse. They have never given the American people any reason to believe that there is a coherent strategy or that Biden will resign having presided over more deaths than President Trump, whom Biden said should have resigned.
  9. Never thought of Knight and “golf”. Seems a strange combination. Clicked on it yesterday afternoon and Mrs Salty wanted to know what in the heck I was watching. BTW, 32 degrees, cloudy, damp, windy, out a Grand National this morning. First thing I see outside is guy in cart with clubs and headed toward clubhouse.
  10. Been curious about 280 and Veterans. Who would have thought we would complain about traffic around here.
  11. Three times according to the old guard at Anders. Your visits meant quite a lot to them.
  12. The Anders family sold the business years ago. Wouldn’t be heartburn here regardless. Quite frankly thought of the college textbook business as a “racket” in my day. Not to be construed as agreeing to what is happening downtown Auburn….parking decks, more rooms for rent, box stores.
  13. No free suits but do recall making the trip over to Bremen a few times as a youngster. Now deceased Coach Bill Lynn used to tell some funny and interesting stories involving Sewell. According to Coach Lynn basketball coaching duties included recruiting football during his era.
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