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  1. The Other Side of the Coin

    time out for you BB
  2. Quoting Gabe Gross

    Have my doubts about either team needing "bulletin board" material Saturday.
  3. ^^^^^ Interpretation....This new Nola kid is cleaning my clock
  4. or misinformation, once again may, maybe, unnamed...........list goes on and on with your stuff Homer.
  5. I understand what Preacher Raddish is saying. Women have chased me my entire life. I never filed a complaint but contemplating it now.
  6. You assume President Trump is a Russian spy and a money laundering criminal and don't deny it Homer!
  7. Yes Brother Homer, your left leaning biased Obama Clinton loving media.
  8. I am not going to argue with you about the old blind eye Homer, but the facts are President Trump has not committed crime and as you said "target". Seems like a lot of reporting regarding Trump is an investigation. On-going for over a year now. Got to hand to the man. He is tough. Loves this country and really does not give a rats end about your medias thoughts
  9. Sure about that Homer...fact is you do not know. You seem to A**ume a lot involving President Trump
  10. The Victory Song Thread!
  11. Probably a lot of deals with high-rises up and down the coast that involved "laundering "....Nice boats to. developer or seller never had an inkling. CNN or Mueller will get to the bottom of this Homer