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  1. I would say most "conservatives" are not that far right. now that i have sobered up according to you and homer.
  2. suspended sorta like time out. with pay one would assume.
  3. You guys do not get it. Keep beotching.
  4. “people didn’t care”
  5. not a foolish a question. I found your comment interesting.
  6. No, I did not think "cereal boxes, comic books and fortune cookies?" Once again I find that you are easily offended and desire to be combative. I am in complete agreement with your comment regarding reading. i do consider it as much of a hobby as my love for fishing, walking, or bicycles.
  7. Homer, Did you get scared when people stopped reading the newspaper? what reading are we speaking of?
  8. yes. i can not handle trump so i choose to drink. plan on checking into rehab tomorrow
  9. Trumpbot?? haven't sobered up since he was sworn in Friday. bad weather all over the south. wind 40mph on the gulf. locked into fox and weather channel all weekend. life is well.... and interesting
  10. No No TT the truth was your question. most people could care less about the march in DC yesterday. I do not care if you respect me nor have I asked for it. You asked for the truth. Perhaps you should get quit slamming trump and his supporters on this board 24/7 and meet the true world
  11. Got a problem reading tonight Homer?
  12. The truth is that me nor most give a rats a$$ about a it. Madonna disgust me and you should be ashamed for supporting her TT
  13. False news again
  14. you are a very easy poster to offend Homie. But hey, I like it. However stupid some of things the you post. you do it expect others to read it. understand and accept