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  1. Why did drag show sponsors shoot a substation?
  2. Not sure what you consider a small church but many “community churches” have been in that position for years.
  3. Thank you…..young creeps would probably have us wearing orange jerseys or all navy.
  4. Us old conservatives with money buy the tickets and contribute…..let ‘em whine.😉
  5. Auburn has not embraced “this philosophy”. Until proven otherwise I believe the man to be genuine. Of you are entitled to your thoughts. I agree that Trump is win at all cost. I also believe he is a defeated man.
  6. Not soft toss questioning. Great press conference.
  7. Would think it is more of a title and statement showing respect and appreciation for performance and services. Similar to being named VP in some organizations. Sure his day to day duties will come out.
  8. Yes, take it. Additional practice is a no brainer. Games themselves are meaningless but great opportunity for the players.
  9. ET is saying sola scriptura is not equivalent to interpreting the Bible literally in its entirety. Thus a bad comparison, nothing more than opportunity for Coffee to take a dig at the Bible. Homer is right. Something is way off if we are allowing “originalism” to make guns available for quacks.
  10. Raining so hard the officials couldn’t see.
  11. No he should not be put in front the firing squad. Wouldn’t say Fox, etc., for stupid people. They sure seem to get you and yours attention frequently. Maybe they are simply smart.
  12. Maybe they have changed. Wouldn’t expect you to understand. Stiffnecked and narrow minded I suppose
  13. I wouldn’t necessarily say losing but you obviously know better than I do.
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