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  1. Welcome to the Trump administration Nikki

    You have a young relative helping "MAGA"?......neat Brother Homer
  2. Shameful behavior by America

    No I am not ashamed. Do understand how complicated a program this can be. Point is you dig this stuff up and like the people that write it have one objective in mind. Slam Trump and the so called "Muslim Ban". Read the thing. .Read the book of Genesis. You guys could find a way to blame Eve eating the apple on the Trump administration.
  3. Shameful behavior by America

    Sad story and understand the program is difficult to manage if not impossible. Especially considering who the manager is. " Muslim Ban" Yet even this tenuous lifeline may be out of reach under a new U.S. president who has shown hostility to refugees at every turn. The endemic bureaucratic delays in the visa programs, however, were about to be drastically compounded. Beginning with Executive Order 13769 — the first “Muslim ban” — on January 27, 2017, Another blame it on Trump Article. You should be ashamed of you and publisher of the article as well.
  4. Starbucks and Racial Profiling

    USA Today says 911 call
  5. Starbucks and Racial Profiling

    I don't think Brother Homer was serious Nola.
  6. Starbucks and Racial Profiling

    I am have hard time seeing a 911 call for this type of situation. Is 911 not for emergency only any longer? I do not see it as racial but more "choose your battles" by someone.
  7. Baseball vs UAB

    Crazy on the Florida Gulf coast to. in the 40's past 2 nites
  8. Baseball vs UAB

    Hits tonight doc 0r 64? I did not tune in
  9. Barbara Bush has passed away

    Seemingly great person. Heard earlier that she had requested no more life sustaining measures
  10. Starbucks and Racial Profiling

    Has to be local issue. I have been in the Starbucks at Tigertown just use the restroom, without incidence.......would have stopped at Chic-fil-a across the way but their parking lot was full.
  11. San Fransisco ordinance violates First Amendment?

    Don't know about now but Peachtree City used to have some pretty stringent codes regarding signage and advertising. Have noticed a few place around Tallahassee appear to follow a like standard. I like it.
  12. Golf, most folks rarely get to eat breakfast there.... to crowded and the drive thru is always backed up to the street.
  13. True southerners do not eat boiled ribs, or spicy chicken other authentic cajun every now and then. JMO Loof
  14. I can understand why your dogs stay pissed from your demeanor here. Further, I did not ask for a recap of your day. Do not try shooting the will end up shooting yourself. Good evening Brother Homer.