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  1. Tried that argument before 64. Obvious that the IRS gets serious only when you are elected President and liberals oppose. You have way overpaid for years is my best guess.
  2. According to MoveOn this person is an expert. Of course we have our very own expert right here on this board. Not limited to tax law either. @MoveOn FollowFollow @MoveOn More One expert calls the differing numbers of Trump's tax docs "versions of fraud."
  3. it is out there you just did not look hard enough Sure that you and thousands like you found it. Mission accomplished by media headlines like this. Year old and available on you-tube. No telling who plays it in some side room so the NYT or whoever can have you believing it was a centerpiece at a Trump resort.
  4. Nothing to get excited about Sister Sue. Resolution to Censure by repubs will have less effect ole Schiff than a tongue lashing from Tex or Fidy does on us.
  5. What is benefit it in showing it period if not important enough to check prior to airing on national news shows?
  6. I know, read it another post a few days ago. Congrats on all. Buying premium gas fine. Not really that big of a difference. I do not know how important the premium is. Wife used to drive a little Lexus and doubt that she adhered to it. Thing in America is that we are accustomed to cheap gas.
  7. So I am correct. Thank you Sister Sue.
  8. Where did you move to Sue? I am thinking Texas.
  9. I would bet you drive a big truck Ben. Further, I bet your company pays for the gas.
  10. Prayers sent for James and your family Bird. Tough I know. We had a youngster in Auburn several years ago with a similar condition. The kid played youth baseball and made the all star team years running. Never will forget the watchful eyes of adults and coaches aware of his condition.