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  1. “The stunning progress he has made is indisputable, testified to by the professionals who have treated him,” they say. You did not read the article did you PT? Just beating Tex to the draw.
  2. Russian news for Salty

    DKW, please be a bit less point blank ....this type of information upsets Elle, Homer, and Tex
  3. Some thoughts on Mizzou......

    You heard me! taking my meds with a glass of milk and going to bed OtP. WDE
  4. Some thoughts on Mizzou......

    Does Gus or any coach owe you a report of that nature prior to any game? Quit fooling the bookies young man......................
  5. Some thoughts on Mizzou......

    Hopefully the injury bug will not get us this year. Memory serving me, we were playing as well or better than anyone in the nation by mid season last year..
  6. Some thoughts on Mizzou......

    the game dictates Brother 64
  7. Why does the current system need improvement?
  8. Price traveled by private plane at least 24 times

    $17,760. Stayed at Motel 6 to offset the cost Homie (no link). Close to 5 trips a month......working hard
  9. Bashing Gus

    I do not see anyone being a proponent or satisfied with a consistent 4 or 5 loss team every year. I do see some of us not agreeing with "chicken little the sky is falling" so soon assessment of this season. You believe it is falling. It is apparent by your comparison of our current situation to the "Barfield years", you were obviously not around then or have a horrible memory due to aging or whatever. To many post about Bammer in this thread also, and you are responsible for a few. Some of us quit worrying about Tuscaloosa after the "Barfield years". Quite confident that Auburn will take care of that situation.
  10. Bashing Gus

    But Aubie doesn't know how to speak. No one has ever heard him utter a sound. Are you saying...............?
  11. Bashing Gus

    I just wish Aubie could speak nice to hear what he thinks of all this.
  12. Bashing Gus

    Glad to be of help.....just the kind of great guy I am.
  13. Music Thread v.1.5(POST YOUR TUNES!)

    Thursday night and beautiful on the coast. Nature only feeding dolphin show while walking along a crystal clear and calm Mexico Beach, Fl
  14. Bashing Gus

    No, we haven't. Had a coach follow Doug that ensured those days would never return. Reading some of your other post OtP, you seem ok. This one is pretty idiotic.