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  1. Why would you assume anyone here is involved in this Tex? If they are it is that damn Barrack Obama's fault.
  2. Evans was a huge disappointment but I am not complaining. Dye mentioned Evans and Jessie on his radio show couple of Saturdays ago. He recruited a ton of running backs as athletes when he came to Auburn.
  3. I guess not Brother Homer. Very nice gesture of President Trump to be interested in buying Greenland. I mean we could just take it. Understand it is rich in minerals and natural resources. May as well grab them before they melt. What do you think?
  4. And Tim Jessie was no slouch. Probably started on most teams.
  5. The "other receiver" Dick Smaltz comes to mind and there was Roger Mitchell. " the famous 1972 “Punt-Bama-Punt” Auburn–Alabama game. Auburn won the game 17 to 16 as Bill Newton blocked two punts that were both returned for touchdowns by David Langner. Both of these players deservedly became Auburn legends on that day. But what accounted for the one point difference in the game? Auburn had earlier blocked an Alabama extra-point attempt. The extra point attempt was blocked by Auburn’s little known hero…Roger Mitchell."
  6. Does not look like it is melting to me. You guys seems exaggerate at times.
  7. We understand that you are a busy man fidy.
  8. Trump’s trade war is a factor in Germany as is the Brexit he cheered on: Why does Europe depend on Germany as a growth engine? See the article is laying their economy at Trumps feet. Trump was not elected on servicing the European economy.
  9. Well hopefully NBC and USA Today are wrong again......but get their point.
  10. NBC and USA Today say major recession Brother Tex
  11. Love to hear our band. Those folks work their end off and it is a treat to be able to hear them practice around campus. When I was living in Auburn full time designed my afternoon walks so I could pass by the the old practice site behind Poultry Science and listen for a bit this time of year.
  12. Let em be torn about it. That is what they do. Market up a little today
  13. He is in on all of them. Google "Fredo and Trump". BTW, Godfather one of my favorite movies ever. Forrest Gump also hard to beat.
  14. Do not know and never concerned my thoughts with it. You will have to ask him about that one day.