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  1. You can not believe that BS. You are way to smart for that Homie. You know well that three articles would not have been printed had Hill won. Help Trump is laughable. The man or no one else had a clue he could win.
  2. You forgot to add the truth my Auburn Brother Homie. Had Hillary won it would not mean a damn thing. Bidness as usually........
  3. Just the facts PT, Brad says they are debatable.You need to understand the "facts". I tried to find them, unsuccessfully.
  4. ^^^^^ weak^^^^^. very weak^^^^^^^
  5. The " facts" PT. Read the WAPO, google CNN or are you to lazy? Do not depend on us to spoon feed you.
  6. Several great coaches refused to wear those goofy headsets. Ever see Coach Dye wearing them? Big deal.
  7. Good stuff Mikey and thank you for your service. I do a lot of fishing around Tyndall on St.Andrews Sound and Crooked Island. Beautiful place. Some things need no improvement by humans.
  8. Down on the coast adjacent to Tyndall. Great fly overs and feel proud. Love the roar and can't beat the people. WDE. God Bless America and congrats Proud Dad
  9. I agree with you Homie. We need an " Idiocy Forum"
  10. Homer, is something wrong? You are asking 64 to respond to something he said 7 weeks ago. Of course the Russians may have hacked my computer.
  11. no sir but i did see a bull shark today. No Russians though.
  12. Well said Jap. Many supposedly open minded people will not understand. You are simply ignorant per the true history.
  13. Sounds like a Bond movie. WAPO reaching to the bottom of the bait well now.
  14. Fisherman are important to Homie. We posted about the pussyhat march and other protest.