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  1. Damn I had the hots for her back in the day. ”don’t feel like the Lone Ranger”
  2. Heard that one over and over in the past years….gets Brother Homer and Fiddy hyperventilating for no reason.
  3. Loved it when they practiced off Mel at the IT site. Would time my afternoon walks to catch some band practice. Said it before, those young folks work their @ss off.
  4. Different feel early this morning. Showers last night brought in a cool and breathable 69 degrees early this morning. Feels like football to me.
  5. NOLA and MS coast last week. Eagle nest on “booze cruise” Saturday afternoon up Jourdan River FullSizeRender.MOV
  6. There have been cases of pregnant women shot, died, then the baby being saved with emergency C section. Guess it would be double homicide, etc.
  7. Sounds more like a 20 YO student to me. Hilarious story. Coach Jordan used to say when you had one that didn’t get into a little trouble “ you’d better run his a$$ off”.
  8. ICHY is right this time. Good job with movie. Read the book years ago and caught it on Netflix recently.
  9. Great hit and riddance. Good “praise Biden” article. Surely Director Burns wearing more than a protective mask in the July 1 meeting.
  10. Question was directed to ICHY in regards to the thread conversation. Trying to understand how disagreeing with a curriculum relates to “demonizing” gays. You are no help but you thanks for the effort.
  11. I with you on the replacement. Appreciate what Tim has done but great player does not always transition or equate to great coach. When it comes to being an ambassador for Auburn rest assured Tim will continue as one of the best.
  12. Who is “demonizing “ homosexuals in this thread? Just trying to figure why your mind went there.
  13. I have not accused “grooming”. You have. I said perhaps bad terminology. You are correct. Read David’s response to Salty.
  14. Have not “fallen prey” to anything and have not witnessed any “hysteria”. Once again churches are not “grooming”. Can you honestly not understand why parents would be concerned about “sexual variations” being taught in school?
  15. Went through a tennis/baseball size hail storm in Lagrange Georgia 1983. Severe vehicle, roof, window damage. Recall it destroying stained glass windows at local churches. Newly married and the Mrs Salty’s new car was ruined. Crazy afternoon
  16. Perhaps bad terminology. I do understand why parents have a problem with the curriculum. You are welcome to explain the benefit in schools introducing sexual orientation, gender identity…to kids. Please do so without posting a nine page dissertation from someone hoping to get published. Again, churches are not “groomers”.
  17. So thrilled to hear this. Plainsman Park, imho, already best thing going in this area of the world. Understand Butch has been all smiles and frequent at the corner Southside market lately. Not much to say other than “ he is good people”. Think he has become pretty good buddies with my talkative 2 YO grand daughter.
  18. Not “grooming”. Of course a natural place for sexual predators to attempt forming an affiliation.
  19. “I’m sick and tired of hearing the sanctimonious bull**** about the Democrats being the pro-democracy party,” yep
  20. I have no concerns about the “right to contraceptives” being abolished. Once again see nothing more than republicans and democrats butting heads and doing nothing. Also have no problem with subsidized birth control for people that need the help financially. Do have my doubts about any measurable difference it would make.
  21. Please tell me you are not lost as much you indicate. Could understand you pushing abstinence and sex education programs. Do you honestly believe free buckets of prophylactics will prevent “unwanted pregnancies”? You are right about one thing. Contraceptives are cheap.
  22. Printed press was the way to keep up. Those guys bigger than life to a kid. Thought it was so neat when my older Auburn student cousin met and became friends with Freddie Hyatt through an infirmary stay. Just found this on a google search. Another loss and probably deserves on thread. https://www.ocalagazette.com/noted-athlete-and-horseman-dies-at-75/
  23. Definitely added the “human touch” to AU athletics. As a kid if you wrote and requested information on athletics you would receive what was called a “brochure” from Buddy.
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