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  1. Thank you for the updates!!! War Eagle ladies!!!
  2. I was at the game and LOTS of empty seats for a sellout. Auburn never really let the crowd into it for the most part. I thought the big factor for Auburn was Wiley having limited minutes because of fouls. We had no answer inside. Fortunately our guys were knocking down the threes! War Eagle! Always great to beat bama especially at their place!
  3. War Eagle! Always great to beat bama!
  4. Yes they have actual text messages so it is pretty clear what happened. This is a terrible situation for the victims and what was allowed to go on by the coaching staff. I can't believe there are still AB defenders.
  5. I agree totally. Their bias is very blatant. Always positive toward bammer and negative toward AU. I wish I had kept a record over the years just of the headlines! A recent example " Bama players not used to losing" after the championship game and "Sore loser Cam Newton leaves press conference" The local sports caster in Bham are just as bad. I just never go to them for Auburn news.
  6. I agree with this. I really want Gus to succeed but sometimes just shake my head(Clemson)! I, for one, don't want to start over again. For Auburn's sake I hope Gus can do it and we are sitting here in 5 years saying this is what we thought Gus could do as a head coach! War Eagle!
  7. Just saying, that living in Birmingham I am really looking forward to a whole year of no tshirts, no dynasty talk etc... because they are the worst winners ever!!! Thank you Clemson­čÉ»
  8. They are the worst. Classless in defeat or while winning!
  9. SEC officials would never have called that hold!
  10. Need a defensive score
  11. Typical classless bammers.
  12. Very excited about going to cheer on the Tigers! Hoping for mid season offense. I haven't been since we played in 2005. Suggestion on best non touristy place to eat in the French Quarter?
  13. War Eagle and Beat Bama! Will be there to cheer on my Tigers!!
  14. Anytime we win but nothing will top 1989 in intensity from the time AU ran onto the field. I can still remember seeing the field in an orange and blue haze from the paper shakers. It was one of those games where I felt like there was no way we could lose. Hoping for an upset on Saturday!!!
  15. I remember dreading the game on the way to Tuscaloosa. Tre Smith was phenomenal as was Robert Johnson. Hoping for the same type of scenario on Sat! War Eagle!