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  1. There was an angle that clearly showed space between his fingers and the ball. It actually was a pretty significant missed call at that point in the game. We had just held them i9 on defense and were still in the game. Not to mention all of the holding on our dlne ignored the whole game. You have to play the refs too when you play bammer.
  2. What a great story- the Auburn family at its best!
  3. I have been to hundreds of Auburn games but this one will be high on the list of all time favorites. You could just feel the difference in the energy on campus from the time we parked our car. The pregame videos brought me to tears and seeing Caddy come out locked arm and arm with the players. The crowd never let up cheering for the players and they were so excited! Definitely one of my all time favorite days on the plains. It is always great to be an Auburn tiger!
  4. Great article by Rob! Definitely sums up the feelings of the Auburn family and especially of the players that have worn the orange and blue. War Eagle 🦅
  5. Add Tennison for Ole Miss to the list. Just made a great tackle behind the line of scrimmage. I am so mad that harsin ran all of these players off!
  6. The social media for football has been very bizarre this year. Hopefully we can get some new people there too or at least someone to oversee what they are putting out. The graphics have been like this all season. Just strange
  7. I will be there also. Will always support Auburn and the players!
  8. It is disrespectful to Barfield to compare him to harsin. Harsin is much worse and I lived through the Barfield years
  9. Harsin is an idiot! Our defense had been playing well. Please don’t bring him home from Athens
  10. I was in school during the barfield years. The Dye years were definitely the glory years-those defenses were so good! I have taken my 5 year old granddaughter to a couple of games this year. I was thinking of all the heartbreak she has ahead of her. She just loves Auburn! I wouldn’t trade life as Auburn fan for anything- the highs and the lows!
  11. I agree with everything you said-definitely a great atmosphere! I noticed that with LSU band playing right up to the snap when we’re right in front of them. I am surprised the refs didn’t say something- not really- the refs were awful!
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