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  1. The second blocked punt seemed surreal. In the student section as a freshman. Remember like it was yesterday!
  2. Freddie Smith- he was our entire defense in the Barfield years. Seriously though, I would say Ronnie Brown or Cadillac Williams. Either would have probably won the Heisman if they were the only back!
  3. I try to never miss a play. Usually at all home games and a lot of away games. Would much rather be at the game than watch on Tv. Feel like I can literally help cheer them on to victory! They have broken my heart many times but more than made up for it with thrillers- punt, bama, punt, bo over the top, Reggie slack last second pass in the Fla game, Ricardo Louis against ga and my all time favorite- kick six! Always great to be an Auburn tiger!
  4. He definitely changed the culture at Auburn in the 80s. I will always appreciate what he did for our football program. But geez Coach Dye- never have their tradition in 500 years?? I wish he would just enjoy his farm and let us remember him in his glory years.
  5. War Eagle! Thanks for the updates!!
  6. War Eagle! Great clutch win ladies!
  7. War Eagle!! Great win!
  8. War Eagle!! Thanks for the updates!!
  9. Thank you for the updates!!! War Eagle ladies!!!
  10. I was at the game and LOTS of empty seats for a sellout. Auburn never really let the crowd into it for the most part. I thought the big factor for Auburn was Wiley having limited minutes because of fouls. We had no answer inside. Fortunately our guys were knocking down the threes! War Eagle! Always great to beat bama especially at their place!
  11. War Eagle! Always great to beat bama!
  12. Yes they have actual text messages so it is pretty clear what happened. This is a terrible situation for the victims and what was allowed to go on by the coaching staff. I can't believe there are still AB defenders.
  13. I agree totally. Their bias is very blatant. Always positive toward bammer and negative toward AU. I wish I had kept a record over the years just of the headlines! A recent example " Bama players not used to losing" after the championship game and "Sore loser Cam Newton leaves press conference" The local sports caster in Bham are just as bad. I just never go to them for Auburn news.
  14. I agree with this. I really want Gus to succeed but sometimes just shake my head(Clemson)! I, for one, don't want to start over again. For Auburn's sake I hope Gus can do it and we are sitting here in 5 years saying this is what we thought Gus could do as a head coach! War Eagle!