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  1. After watching TJ play there is no doubt in my mind that Bo beats SC and bama and probably Houston-and then we are in a totally different situation in the off-season!
  2. I was there- really a surreal feeling to the game. They asked the bands to go under the stands and the cheerleaders to turn off their microphones. But the fans just stayed put with the sirens going off and thunder and lightning while the teams played on! I can still remember looking up and seeing the light pole swaying. I was young and stupid- it never occurred to me to leave. 🤣
  3. Praying for a successful surgery and recovery🙏
  4. And the irony of saban complaining about paying players! He just doesn’t like that others can now do it legally.
  5. Jimbo went off on Saban in his press conference-pretty entertaining!
  6. Praying for the family🙏 So very sad for his wife and three small children.
  7. Devs just announced he is transferring.
  8. I go to all the home games and try to make at least one away game a year.
  9. This is rather alarming. He has surely had time to at least visit the high schools and meet the coaches. I don’t understand how he doesn’t realize the importance of relationships.
  10. This is the worst possible outcome if he stays- I am afraid the next few years will be worse than the Barfield years😡
  11. How could he possibly be successful if he is retained??
  12. The reality of the situation if we do not embrace the NIL we will not get any highly rated recruits. My understanding is that is why we lost the transfers to Ole Miss and FL. Harsin didn’t want them to talk to Jason Campbell who is heading up our NIL program.
  13. I have heard this also and that is a major issue going forward if he stays.
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