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  1. Great cats. At what point did Hugh Freeze turn into Blaster?
  2. I agree, but there's a logic loop here. The problem is that the person who is responsible for this would have to understand the problem. If he did he would either change it so Bo would be more effective, or give Joey the opportunity. If he changed it there would be no reason to go to Joey. If he realizes he's incapable of changing and goes with Joey, what makes us think the playcalling will adapt when defenses sell out against the run and we have to pass (and since Joey hasn't been allowed to run the full offense, do we even know how effective he would be if he had to pass)?
  3. Agree. I remember back in 1989, the Lions trotted out this 5'8" guy against the Steelers, and he ended up with 5 carries for 1 yard. What the hell were they thinking? Name was Barry something-or-other. Man, that dude sucked. Or something.
  4. Everyone in Florida please stay safe! Hope we didn't jinx you... last year we left our vacation at Dauphin Island a week before Gordon hit. Well, we just got home from Universal Studios this past Monday. Maybe we should try Tehran next year?
  5. From the Rivals article this morning: "Auburn has hosted Bigsby multiple times over the summer. It doesn’t hurt that he has a teammate (Tate Ratlidge) committed to Auburn and that it is the closest school to home." Did I miss something?
  6. No. The orange is used perfectly. In my opinion it's not a strong base color for a uniform. It's a beautiful, subtle contrast to the navy that sets both off without being glaring or obnoxious. Unlike another orange and blue combination used in the SEC.
  7. Thinking that a certain phrase about wrestling a pig applies here....
  8. Thank you, fifty. I didn't get to watch it.
  9. He had surgery at practice? That seems unsanitary.
  10. Hidden message. Certainly describes our situation...
  11. Sounds like somebody has their dick in the wrong place.
  12. This makes no sense. Gus has always believed he can win a title, but only because he thinks HE can do it. He has never been able to give up control for that very reason. Accepting this deal takes that control away, so why would he believe he can win a title?
  13. Well, the Bills played really well last week and I think the Packer fans are actually going to be pretty excited about this game, so I'll be leaving about 30 minutes earlier than I originally planned.