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  1. Could have been far worse if he'd included the horse.
  2. Perhaps if we had a few plays designed for intermediate throws to the middle of the field, the DBs and safeties might not bias their coverage to the outside, thereby making the throws a bit easier and bumping up the completion percentage? As a bonus, maybe it would even cause a LB to pull back a bit to open up the middle run? *End of dead horse beating session*
  3. Leftfield

    nfl scouting report on stidham

  4. Leftfield

    Is it possible?

    Oh, God, I LOVE Kenny G!
  5. Leftfield

    I saw Georgia in person

  6. Leftfield

    LSU..Season Changer

    I understand your sentiment, but the problem is if the players and coaches keep pushing as hard as they can and are sabotaged by their head coach, there's only so long a person can deal with that level of frustration. As soon as one gives in it becomes a domino effect. Even if you only lose a few players it can be enough to kill a season. It's absurd - our teams used to succeed at least in part because of Gus. Now in order to win they'll have to do it in spite of him.
  7. Leftfield

    Fire Gus tomorrow. Fire Jay Jacobs today!!

    Guys, I'm as mad as anyone, but where does the offensive play calling blame lie here? If we find out Gus took over the playcalling again, sure, run him up the flagpole, but we were all praising the play calling over the last few weeks that Chip was doing. Why now do we suddenly blame Gus for that lack of intelligence on play calling? Whomever it was, it was terrible. Once again, no easy passes and nothing to the middle of the field that wasn't 5 yards past the line of scrimmage. Sick at this point. Yes, LSU deserves some credit, but there is no excuse for losing that game.
  8. Obviously not a problem with weaker defenses, but this will be an issue later...
  9. Leftfield

    Tuberville on SEC Network

    Say what you want about Tuberville, I've long since come to respect what he sees on the field from an analyst's perspective. Best example was in the lead-up to the 2006-07 title game. Tuberville was being interviewed in the ESPN studio and said he thought Florida would win. He flat out said about Ohio State "I don't think they're very good," even though they were the #1 team the entire season. I remember being stunned by that statement, and seeing some incredulous looks on the faces of other people in the studio. Then Florida absolutely pipes State up and down the field. I'd like to hear more specifics as to why Tuberville thinks they aren't very good, but I don't doubt him on it.
  10. Leftfield

    Who Do You Want?

    As long as we're talking NFL coaches (and wishing), I'm expecting Sean Payton to be available at the end of the year...