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  1. Thinking of you guys, Bird. Stay strong.
  2. "just a light day at the #westpowerplant 500 for 4!!! We call it Winning!! " Call me when that's his bench press.
  3. That's what you get for brushing your teeth.
  4. I had heard many years ago that Twilitta was the driving force behind the situation. Not that Eric should be completely absolved, of course, but he was young and, as the article/interview says, had no real guidance and fell in with a manipulative person. Nobody should be happy about the situation, but I do think everyone should move on and realize he's remorseful. I was at that graduation ceremony because my older brother was graduating. The way I remember it, Twilitta was the one egging everyone on and flipping off the crowd. Perhaps Eric was doing something, but all I remember was him looking a bit sheepish and seeming like he wanted to get out of there. Was surprised he decided to walk, but perhaps, considering what he said about wanting to fulfill his promise to his grandmother, he thought he should.
  5. Lived at the Extension one year when he was there. Trying to remember the line Bowden used about him. Something like it's not that he had a ton of athletic ability, but "he's like a roach....he falls into stuff and messes it up."
  6. It comes with a cute redhead? Maybe I should go back and get that Masters degree after all.
  7. The difference is four head coaches, three athletic directors, and....oh, yeah.....30 years. Again, I'm not arguing it doesn't happen, but the degree that the schools are complicit is not the same everywhere, and attitudes can change over three decades.
  8. Agreed it happens everywhere, but the extent of schools' knowledge about it would be the real question. And your point might be better made if you hadn't used an example from nearly 30 years ago.
  9. When I click on a post and see that it was started by a4e, right as the screen is changing....
  10. Instead of the visor and vest combo he's going to start wearing a flat cap and a tweed jacket with patches on the elbows. Tally-ho!
  11. Yeah, but then we couldn't include the national title season. What fun would that be?
  12. Huge play, and I certainly remember it, but with Carter I remember thinking a defensive tackle running 40+ yards to chase down a running back was extraordinary. You rarely see effort like that from a DT, especially when that player's team was effectively out of the game. Honestly, who really thought we had a chance at that point?