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  1. Would not surprise me at all to hear you were saying the exact same things four years ago. If I were a masochist I'd go look at some of the old threads.
  2. Always hopeful, constantly trying to build up your team for something huge, yet inevitably falling on your face. You remind me of a Vanderbilt cheerleader.
  3. Pretty consistent pattern here. You're unwilling or unable to engage in any deep logical thought on a subject, so you get ticked off and resort to personal attacks by trying to pump yourself up as more masculine than whomever you're targeting, using ridiculously outdated and bigoted stereotypes that denigrate a group that disturbs or scares you. How mind-boggling that you'd be a Trump supporter. It'll be so nice when people like you are no longer relevant in the Republican party and they can start putting decent people in office again.
  4. Certainly, Hunter's position looks suspect, and if legitimate evidence of wrongdoing comes out then whomever is proven guilty should be punished, but your continued predilection to call a case closed when it is anything but is absurd. Evidence of a crime isn't clear just because you want it to be. It's absurd because Trump's political dealings are even more suspect and on a much larger scale, yet not only do you think he's squeaky clean, you get on your high horse and try to call out others for not being honest.
  5. I'd laugh, but sadly this is one of the best arguments you've ever put forward.
  6. There's also a monumental difference between a story that immediately falls apart upon basic scrutiny, and a years-long investigation that stalls because of lack of evidence but the lead investigator still remarks "If we had had confidence that the president clearly did not commit a crime, we would have said so..."
  7. So your rebuttal to a list of questions that poke planet-sized holes in a story from a couple of Trump stooges is to post a link to an article where one of those same stooges doubles down? This seemed like a good idea to you? What color is the sky in your world?
  8. Ok if I respond for Trump supporters here? Thank you.
  9. And yet you don't think Trump is politically corrupt. Does that say something about the public's intelligence, or yours?
  10. So in 12 years you've swung from voting for Obama to having Fox News, and in particular Tucker Carlson, as your primary source of political information?
  11. Ah, so there was a revealing opinion there. Thanks for the clarification.
  12. I agree with the movement, not with much of what some are trying to use it for. Would hardly be the first time someone had used an ideology for their own purposes. Like, say, a President who pretends to be something he's not as a means to power and wealth. So, what was that truth again?
  13. This part.... https://www.realclearpolitics.com/articles/2020/10/14/2020_choice_a_man_vs_a_movement___144424.html Wait, I take that back. The first sentence was good.
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