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  1. Instead of the visor and vest combo he's going to start wearing a flat cap and a tweed jacket with patches on the elbows. Tally-ho!
  2. Yeah, but then we couldn't include the national title season. What fun would that be?
  3. Huge play, and I certainly remember it, but with Carter I remember thinking a defensive tackle running 40+ yards to chase down a running back was extraordinary. You rarely see effort like that from a DT, especially when that player's team was effectively out of the game. Honestly, who really thought we had a chance at that point?
  4. What seems to get glossed over far too often is that the comeback almost had to be 5 touchdowns. It barely gets mentioned, but when we were already down 21-0, Antoine Carter chased down Mark Ingram to save a touchdown, and got a turnover to boot. That will always be one of my all-time favorite Auburn plays because that's the heart you wish you could see in all your players, and Antoine showed what can come with never giving up.
  5. Think I'll be able to dig up a bit more....
  6. It's actually going to go into left field.
  7. If everyone's willing to drive that far I'll send all the kids to their friends' houses right now.
  8. Wasn't a full downpour, but it was a lot. Was cold, too. I was so exited to go to that game and it just turned out to be a miserable all-around experience.
  9. A little misleading, as Gus is the only coach (besides Chizik) to have 12-game regular seasons his entire Auburn HC career.
  10. You said there wasn't a team that could play our schedule and only have one loss. You didn't say to name a team that plays five top 10 teams. Of course LSU can't play itself, but they beat Florida and Bama, and will almost certainly beat Georgia. IMO Bama would beat them both, as would Ohio State. Clemson isn't as good as last year, but they would still likely be favored over Georgia and Florida, though not LSU. I admit Georgia wasn't a good example, as they lost to South Carolina.
  11. LSU, Ohio State, Bama. Possibly Clemson and Georgia.
  12. Apologies for misunderstanding. To an extent I agree with you, but I do think Greene should be given the chance to act after the season before any real heat is brought to bear on him.
  13. You've asked this question in several threads, and seem to be using it as evidence that Greene thinks Gus is a better coach than those who believe he should move along. That may very well be the case, but while we're still in the regular season I think it's premature to say that just because Greene hasn't fired him, that equates to Greene supporting him.