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  1. No. The orange is used perfectly. In my opinion it's not a strong base color for a uniform. It's a beautiful, subtle contrast to the navy that sets both off without being glaring or obnoxious. Unlike another orange and blue combination used in the SEC.
  2. Thinking that a certain phrase about wrestling a pig applies here....
  3. Thank you, fifty. I didn't get to watch it.
  4. He had surgery at practice? That seems unsanitary.
  5. Hidden message. Certainly describes our situation...
  6. Sounds like somebody has their dick in the wrong place.
  7. This makes no sense. Gus has always believed he can win a title, but only because he thinks HE can do it. He has never been able to give up control for that very reason. Accepting this deal takes that control away, so why would he believe he can win a title?
  8. Well, the Bills played really well last week and I think the Packer fans are actually going to be pretty excited about this game, so I'll be leaving about 30 minutes earlier than I originally planned.
  9. I'm all for contrast to keep things from being too boring, but what exactly was the thought here? Looks like they went to a few yard sales to save money. I probably matched the furniture in my first apartment better than this.
  10. Could have been far worse if he'd included the horse.
  11. Perhaps if we had a few plays designed for intermediate throws to the middle of the field, the DBs and safeties might not bias their coverage to the outside, thereby making the throws a bit easier and bumping up the completion percentage? As a bonus, maybe it would even cause a LB to pull back a bit to open up the middle run? *End of dead horse beating session*