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  1. Leftfield

    Is it possible?

    Oh, God, I LOVE Kenny G!
  2. Leftfield

    I saw Georgia in person

  3. Leftfield

    LSU..Season Changer

    I understand your sentiment, but the problem is if the players and coaches keep pushing as hard as they can and are sabotaged by their head coach, there's only so long a person can deal with that level of frustration. As soon as one gives in it becomes a domino effect. Even if you only lose a few players it can be enough to kill a season. It's absurd - our teams used to succeed at least in part because of Gus. Now in order to win they'll have to do it in spite of him.
  4. Leftfield

    Fire Gus tomorrow. Fire Jay Jacobs today!!

    Guys, I'm as mad as anyone, but where does the offensive play calling blame lie here? If we find out Gus took over the playcalling again, sure, run him up the flagpole, but we were all praising the play calling over the last few weeks that Chip was doing. Why now do we suddenly blame Gus for that lack of intelligence on play calling? Whomever it was, it was terrible. Once again, no easy passes and nothing to the middle of the field that wasn't 5 yards past the line of scrimmage. Sick at this point. Yes, LSU deserves some credit, but there is no excuse for losing that game.
  5. Obviously not a problem with weaker defenses, but this will be an issue later...
  6. Leftfield

    Tuberville on SEC Network

    Say what you want about Tuberville, I've long since come to respect what he sees on the field from an analyst's perspective. Best example was in the lead-up to the 2006-07 title game. Tuberville was being interviewed in the ESPN studio and said he thought Florida would win. He flat out said about Ohio State "I don't think they're very good," even though they were the #1 team the entire season. I remember being stunned by that statement, and seeing some incredulous looks on the faces of other people in the studio. Then Florida absolutely pipes State up and down the field. I'd like to hear more specifics as to why Tuberville thinks they aren't very good, but I don't doubt him on it.
  7. Leftfield

    Who Do You Want?

    As long as we're talking NFL coaches (and wishing), I'm expecting Sean Payton to be available at the end of the year...
  8. Leftfield

    Sean White arrested

    To the people who think Sean should be kicked off the team, should we do the same with any player that has a major illness or disease? Should we not have honored Shon Coleman's scholarship? Hasn't Sean done more for the program than Shon had at the time he received his diagnosis? If the problems go as deep as some are indicating, Sean has a serious problem and needs professional help. Sean has not behaved responsibly and long ago lost the confidence of the coaches in that regard, but he put everything on the line when he was out there playing. He also had plenty of reason to either clam up and withdraw or publicly stew about losing out to Stidham (which has to be hard to swallow), but he instead has done nothing but support the team and Stidham. The least we can do is support him. After all, do we not claim to be a family? I'm not implying the school should pay for his treatment, and he should not be on the active roster for now, but don't pull his scholarship unless he refuses to be helped.
  9. Leftfield

    Sean White should regain his job

    Guys, this is not on Stidham. I am not a "sky is falling" type and I hate to say this, but I'm finally convinced Gus is not the man for this job. He recruits like he will adapt, but then stubbornly sticks to his formula. Was there a single intermediate pass called tonight? If so, I didn't see it. That's inexcusible, because it hung Stidham out to dry. We did not have the run game tonight to open up the long pass, and repeated short passes were not going to get the job done. I've seen enough - if Gus was going to allow the offense to evolve, we would have seen SOMETHING tonight. No, losing to the champions by 8 is not a disaster, but if you had told me going in that Clemson would only score 14, I'd have said all day we win that game. We have far too much talent to only score 6 and total less than 130 yards. There is still time, of course, to turn this around, but I just don't have any faith that Gus will ever let his ego allow what needs to be done. I'm grateful for what he's brought to us, but we have stagnated and are not getting the full potential of what our talent should allow. Say whatever you want about this only being Stidham's second game, the playcalling I saw was not conducive to the success of ANY quarterback. This does not even mention that Pettway, as good as he is, was the only RB to receive carries. He looked tired by midway through the second quarter, and there was no reason to not throw someone else in, if for no reason than to throw Clemson's defense off-balance. I just don't get it. I'm a decently smart guy, and can normally justify playcalling as "well, they know more than I do, so I'm clearly not seeing something," but I've run out of excuses.
  10. Leftfield

    Caption This

    So, was the Waffle House hat design inspired by the 70's Pirates, or was it the other way around?
  11. Leftfield

    Auburn vs. Florida 1993

    Completely agree with this. In fact, this is the game I remember most vividly from that season. The Calvin Jackson play was nuts. We always sat in front of Aubie's stand on the sidelines, and those seats made this game memorable for me for two reasons: 1) The cover of the next "Inside the Auburn Tigers" after that game had Calvin Jackson running the ball back for the TD. He was in front of Aubie's stand so you can see me in the crowd behind him (still have a copy), 2) After Etheridge kicked the game winner he ran over to the student section, jumped up on Aubie's platform, and started swinging around this inflatable gator on a noose that Aubie had been holding all through the game. I yelled at Scott to throw it to me and he did. Went walking through the crowd back to the dorm holding that up, and a couple of weeks later got it signed by Terry Bowden. Still have that in a box somewhere.